Blue Knight Marijuana Strain [Origins, Benefits, and Potency]

Blue Knight Strain Overview
Waiting on a knight in shining armour? The Blue Knight strain may just sweep you off your feet instead. It has fruity and blueberry-like flavor and sedating and stress-reducing abilities, so it’s sure to be an all-time favorite. It even has THC levels that reach up to 27%, so brace yourselves for all it has to offer.
Common usage
Growing info
Flowering period is approximately 8-10 weeks, can be grown both indoors and outdoors

The Blue Knight strain isn’t related to King Arthur and his legendary court, but it may be just as magical. This indica-dominant strain is complex and mellow. It’s a cross between Kryptonite and the deliciously fruity Blueberry. Many users agree that this strain is one that can give your night a gentle and relaxing vibe, thanks to its stress-reducing properties and sedative effect.

What is the Blue Knight Strain?

Blue Knight weed is an indica-dominant cross between the strains Kryptonite and Blueberry. These strains give Blue Knight an exotic heritage, as Kryptonite is descended from the award-winning Mendocino Purple Kush, a powerful indica strain known for its strong sedative effects and high THC levels which can be as high as 20%.


Blue Knight marijuana has a sweet, fruity and tangy aroma. Users have reported that its smell is quite pleasant with hints of blueberry wrapped in layers of creamy vanilla. It also features a light, earthy undertone.


The Blue Knight strain features a smooth flavor that is outlined by sweet blueberries and the refreshing taste of pine, wood, and earth. It has an edge of spiciness that is underlined with a slight hint of vanilla. Users have suggested that this strain tastes a bit like blueberry muffins on the exhale, with a dash of black herbal tea.


Blue Knight weed produces large flowers that contain incredible blue, purple and dark green hues. Its buds sport a conical shape with tapered ends. This strain contains a multitude of trichomes that make the plant especially sticky to the touch. Blue Knight’s unusually bright purples, greens, and blues are due to a large number of anthocyanins formed during growth. Anthocyanins are pigment molecules that work together to create the deep vibrant hues seen in many plants and are usually the result of exposure to cool temperatures during the growth phase.

Blue Knight Strain Grow Info

The Blue Knight strain is not only a cannabis connoisseur’s dream, but it is also hard to find. This particular strain is grown from clippings and for some novices can be harder to grow as compared to other strains. However, the strain can be grown successfully outdoors and inside. Once it has taken root, it requires less maintenance. Blue Knight thrives best in a semi-humid climate. It also has a relatively short growing time of 8 to 10 weeks.

It has a high yield, though growers are advised to trim the strain as it grows. Growers must watch for signs of mold or mildew. It is recommended that growers maintain a constant atmosphere of at least 73 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Colder temperatures can shock the plant into producing its luminous hues.

THC Content – Highest Test

Blue Knight cannabis has potent THC levels that can be as high as 27%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Blue Knight cannabis has a small amount of CBD and at its highest measures about 4%.

Medical Benefits of the Blue Knight Strain

Blue Knight may be especially helpful in relieving stress and alleviating insomnia and other sleeping disorders. This strain has been indicated to have positive effects in treating arthritis, loss of appetite, and bodily aches and pains. It may also be used to manage symptoms of depression and PTSD. Anecdotal accounts reveal that Blue Knight may also be helpful in mitigating nausea.

Possible Side Effects of the Blue Knight Strain

This strain has been reported to induce feelings of intense relaxation and sleepiness. Anecdotal accounts detail tingling sensations and euphoria. Some have even reported amplified sight and sound as well as giddiness, happiness, and calm.

Blue Knight users have taken this strain to alter their current sleep patterns for better rest and to improve moods. It has also been indicated in mitigating chronic muscle pain. However, side effects can include dry mouth and eyes, and for some this strain can trigger paranoia and anxiety.

Final Thoughts on the Blue Knight Strain

Blue Knight is a strain which can help users struggling with insomnia. It is a good option for those who are seeking to alleviate a loss of appetite and any body aches. It has a potent fruity and sweet aroma that most report as being pleasant. Its flavor has been described as tasty, with notes of blueberry and vanilla and earthy notes of pine and wood.

It can thrive both outside and indoors, though temperatures should ideally be held at 73-80 degrees Fahrenheit. This strain is hard to find and growers must use clippings to cultivate it. Growers must also watch for mildew and mold and prune the plants regularly.

The plant can be shocked to release it dark purple, green and blue hues. Once the plant takes hold, it can be easier to grow. The Blue Knight strain has a short growing time and can be harvested in as little as 8-10 weeks. Overall it has been noted as a potent strain with great flavor.