Cherry Margarita Cannabis Strain [Full Review]

Cherry Margarita Strain Overview
What could be better than sipping on a refreshing margarita on a hot summer day? A margarita-inspired cannabis strain, of course! With the Cherry Margarita strain you get the same relaxation as the cocktail, plus the added benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes found inside the bud. This strain is perfect if you’re ready for a calming and uplifting high with bursts of creativity. It also has an amazing fruit punch/berry taste for a realistic cocktail experience.
Fruit punch
Common usage
Chronic pain
Lack of appetite
Growing info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, average flowering time indoors is approximately 8-10 weeks, or mid-fall if growing outdoors.

There is nothing quite like heading home after a long day and enjoying a refreshing margarita before settling down for a relaxing evening.

What if you could have the flavor of a fruity cocktail and the uplifting effects without having to worry about the potential hangover the next morning? It sounds almost too good to be true, but thanks to the Cherry Margarita strain, it is actually a possibility.

The Cherry Margarita strain has become a popular strain in part due to its attention-grabbing name, but also as a result of its fruity aroma and reputation for its relaxing yet uplifting effects. Why face the effects of alcohol the next morning, when you can instead wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a productive day?

Let’s take a closer look at Cherry Margarita strain and find out if it is as sweet as its name suggests.

What Is the Cherry Margarita Strain?

Cherry Margarita weed strain is an indica-dominant hybrid known for its strong cerebral effects and physically calming high. Very little is known about how the strain was created, but its fruity flavor and aroma give some hints as to its lineage.

The effects of Cherry Margarita set in quickly. You start to notice a wave of calm that starts small but quickly spreads throughout your entire body, making you smile and feel uplifted. As the effects of Cherry Margarita continue to work their way through your body, your limbs start to feel light, and movement seems much more comfortable than normal.

Some people find that they are able to think more creatively when smoking Cherry Margarita. This makes it an excellent option for days when you have creative projects to work on and you are in need of a little extra inspiration to get you started.

Cherry Margarita often surprises people the first time they use it. Being an indica-dominant strain, most people expect a strong stoned effect that leaves them feeling sedated. What you instead get with Cherry Margarita is an uplifting sense of euphoria and a tangible feeling of freedom, without any of the sedation that is associated with indica strains.

Cherry Margarita’s high lasts longer than you would expect from a hybrid strain. The length of a Cherry Margarita high makes it an ideal strain to smoke during the late afternoon or early evening.

Cherry Margarita is the perfect strain for a relaxing day at home when all you want to do is enjoy some stress-free time to unwind and forget about your daily life. Cherry Margarita can also be enjoyed with a close group of friends, freeing you from the worries of life and allowing you to talk openly and have a good time.


The Cherry Margarita marijuana strain’s aroma lives up to its name with a fruity smell that instantly lifts your mood. As soon as you breathe in Cherry Margarita’s sour cherry scent, you understand how this strain came to get its name.

Cherry Margarita’s buds give off a strong cherry smell that somehow reminds you of opening a bag of candy as a child; that rush of intense excitement filling you as you breathe in the sour, sugary aroma. As you break the buds apart, this smell intensifies further, leaving a fruity scent on your hands that is almost impossible to wash off.

As Cherry Margarita burns, the air is filled with an aroma similar to that of baked goods fresh out of the oven. You almost expect a tray of cherry cookies to appear in front of you as you breathe through Cherry Margarita’s pleasantly smooth smoke.

How does Cherry Margarita’s flavor profile compare? Does it manage to pack the same fruity punch?


As its name suggests, Cherry Margarita has a strong cherry flavor, similar to that of a fruit punch. From the first puff of clear smoke, you become hooked on the delicious flavor profile, making it difficult to stop at a sensible dose.

The warmth from the smoke mixes with the strong cherry flavor, resulting in a fruity, smoky taste with a hint of bitterness. The warming cherry flavor works perfectly with the strain’s aroma, tricking your mind into thinking that it has actually eaten a tray of freshly baked cherry cookies.

Cherry Margarita leaves a sour taste in your mouth, reminding you of fresh cherries. This flavor sits somewhat in contrast to the sweetness that tingled your taste buds only seconds before, but it’s also a welcome change from the sugar.


Cherry Margarita plants have an eye-catching appearance, with brightly colored leaves and unique bud coloring. For those who are looking to grow plants discreetly, Cherry Margarita plants may not be the best option. If, on the other hand, you appreciate plants that stand out from the crowd, Cherry Margarita is the perfect pick.

Cherry Margarita leaves are thin and long, making them easily stand out from other crops. Healthy leaves take on a bright, light green color, giving the overall plant a vibrant appearance. The leaves have jagged edges that give the impression that they would be painful to touch, but actually, they feel delicate in your hand.

Cherry Margarita’s buds are dense and can be difficult to break apart without a grinder. The thick layer of hair that covers Cherry Margarita buds adds an extra layer of color, ranging from a rusty orange color to a vibrant purple. These hairs further add to the bud’s structure, almost as though they are protecting the nugs.

Cherry Margarita Strain Grow Info

Cherry Margarita plants are classified as being of moderate difficulty to grow and require some previous knowledge of how to grow cannabis plants. That being said, novice growers should not be deterred as long as they are prepared to put the time and effort into their plants and are not simply looking for a quick way to grow their own weed.

The plants grow to an average height of around 50 inches, meaning that you can keep them indoors but they tend to prefer being outside. Outdoor plants have complete freedom to grow as they wish. When you keep Cherry Margarita plants indoors, you can expect an average flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks. Cherry Margarita plants growing outside will generally be ready to harvest around mid-fall.

Cherry Margarita plants grow best when kept in warm, dry climates, where they have access to extended periods of sunshine. This climate can be recreated indoors but does require a little more knowledge and, of course, equipment.

While Cherry Margarita plants might require more attention than your average hybrid plant, they give back what you put in by producing an abundant yield.

Cherry Margarita strain seeds can be easily purchased online and used to grow your very own plants. Less confident growers, who do not have experience growing plants from seeds, can opt to buy clippings from a mature Cherry Margarita plant. Starting with clippings means that there is less room for error and the chance that you are left with an empty pot and a pile of failed seeds.

THC Content – Highest Test

There is very little agreement on the exact THC content of Cherry Margarita cannabis. Some lab tests have shown Cherry Margarita to contain as little as 13% THC, while others have shown highs of 26%. The general consensus seems to be that the predictions on the higher end of the scale are more accurate.

The experts consider a THC content of more than 12% in a hybrid strain high, placing Cherry Margarita firmly at the higher end of the scale.

How does the CBD content of Cherry Margarita compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Given that Cherry Margarita probably contains higher than average levels of THC, it is not surprising to learn that Cherry Margarita contains almost no CBD. It is extremely rare to find a strain that includes high levels of both CBD and THC. A general rule is that when a strain has a high THC content, you can generally assume that it contains very little CBD.

Lab tests have shown that Cherry Margarita contains less than 0.1% CBD. However, some tests have been slightly more generous, stating that this figure should be 0.2% CBD.

CBD is the main cannabinoid that we associate with the health benefits of cannabis. With this in mind, how does Cherry Margarita’s low CBD content affect its medical benefits?

Medical Benefits of the Cherry Margarita Strain

Those who suffer from stress and anxiety often use Cherry Margarita. The calming effects of Cherry Margarita help to clear your mind and allow you to work through anxiety-inducing thoughts from a place of calm and clarity.

When dealing with stress, Cherry Margarita can help you to look at the sources of stress from a more objective point of view. This positive approach to managing stressful situations allows you to deal with stress at its source, rather than to struggle with its effects.

While the physical effects of Cherry Margarita might not be overwhelming, they can still help you manage mild cases of pain and muscle stiffness. Those who suffer from regular headaches have found Cherry Margarita particularly useful. It may also ease muscle strain after a long workout.

Cherry Margarita is true to its indica origins in that it acts as an appetite enhancer. This makes Cherry Margarita a useful medical strain for those who suffer from eating disorders, as well as those who are undergoing treatments that alter your appetite.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find a strain that does not come with at least a few potential side effects. Cherry Margarita is no exception, and it is essential to be aware of the strain’s side effects when trying to decide if it is the right medical strain for you.

Possible Side Effects of the Cherry Margarita Strain

Despite having a higher than average THC content, Cherry Margarita manages to keep the list of possible side effects to a minimum. Even those effects that can occur when taking Cherry Margarita normally only happen when smoking large doses and have no long term effects on your health.

Top of the list of effects to be aware of is dry mouth. More of an annoyance than a real health concern, dry mouth can cause the roof of your mouth and tongue to feel fuzzy and dry. The dry mouth usually only lasts for a few hours and you can quickly deal with it by staying hydrated.

Another annoying but utterly harmless side effect of Cherry Margarita is dry eyes. As the name suggests, dry eyes can cause your eyes to feel intensely dry and irritated for a short period of time.

Much less likely to occur are sudden headaches, dizzy spells, and paranoid thoughts. All three effects arise due to the high levels of THC in Cherry Margarita and, as a result, tend to affect those with a low THC tolerance.

Final Thoughts on the Cherry Margarita Strain

Cherry Margarita is a strain that provides a well-rounded and wholesome experience. From the first puff of Cherry Margarita’s sweet, warming smoke, to the sense of euphoria that takes hold of your mind for hours at a time, this is a strain that is a joy to smoke all the way through.

Cherry Margarita goes beyond just being just a tasty, fun strain that can help you relax after a long day. It is also a powerful medical strain that can help you to cope with both a number of mental and physical health concerns in a completely natural way.

Why not try Cherry Margarita for yourself and enjoy the great taste of a cocktail without the alcohol?