Know Your Weed Edibles… Become a Pot Pro!

When entering a state where marijuana is legally present, knowing your options is an important factor. Your first step into a dispensary or cannabis club might be a shocking one – there are literally SO many options. If you choose to consume ganja through the edible route, here’s your guide to selecting the right reefer treats to satisfy even the biggest stoner:

Know Your Doses

Each marijuana treat you’ll encounter has a specific dose of THC present, and this is often disclosed on the product packaging or can be asked to attendants working at marijuana shops. THC is measured for edibles in milligrams. 5 or 10 is often seen as a fairly low and safe dose, but some edibles can extend up into the 100 milligram range and are therefore recommended for multiple doses.

It is important to follow safe guidelines when consuming THC products, because there can be extreme side effects if misused.

What Kind of Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis Edibles Brownies

If you can think of it- it probably exists. The art of edible marijuana is a funny one, because you can add weed to almost ANYTHING. At dispensaries and cannabis shops, however, typically more traditional style yummies are sold.

This could include pastries, candies, chocolates, lollipops, chews, plus so much more. Which one should you choose? Well, this is completely up to you. Most treats sold at shops are tasty, so don’t worry too much about flavor. The reefer taste is quite subtle and typically not even noticeable.

Base your choice of treat more so off of the dosage you desire, rather than the type of sweet. If you want something less filling, opt for a candy. If you want to consume your sweet quickly and not wait while it dissolves, don’t choose a hard candy but rather opt for a soft chocolate or pastry such as a brownie or cookie.

How Long Do You Need to Wait For the Effects to Kick In?

The effects of edibles are not instantaneous and sometimes require patience. Often times the THC takes a little while to kick in, and during this time a consumer might be wondering if they took enough. Wait at least 30 minutes-1 hour before deciding whether or not you need to up your dose, otherwise you may overdose and the feeling of this is usually not very comfortable nor exciting.

Most edibles take 30-60 minutes to begin working their magic, and these trips often last long- we’re talking 4-12 hours depending on the treat. Be sure to put aside an entire day where you can just chill when you plan on consuming edibles, because their high does not dissolve quickly.

Be Extremely Careful Not to Overdo It

Cannabis Edibles on Tray

Although a marijuana high can’t kill you, it can certainly turn your good day into a bad one if overdone. Overconsumption is no fun- trust us. You can sometimes have such strong effects that visuals begin occurring, you become dizzy or you can even pass out. Be on the safe side and stay conscious of your dosing if you make your own edibles. If you are buying treats, read doses carefully. Know that numbers such as 100 milligrams equals a high dose and likely shouldn’t be taken all at one time. Use your discretion wisely.

Don’t be confused by variety during your next trip to your local dispensary or ganja shop. Instead, discover now that you have some clarity regarding a few types and terminologies presented in the world of edibles. It is important to remember too that consuming marijuana may have some negative side effects, so it is the user’s responsibility to use discretion when consuming cannabis.

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