Is Amsterdam Weed Better Than Colorado Weed? [The Ultimate Test]

We’re here to weigh the pros and cons…

Both considered staples of the world of marijuana, Amsterdam and Colorado have made names for themselves as frontrunners in the cannabis scene. Amsterdam became notorious long before Colorado, because weed has been tolerated (yet not completely legal) since the opening of its first coffee shop in 1967, but Colorado has quickly caught up to this European 420 hotspot, gaining massive popularity throughout North America and for some Europeans who would like to get a more American cannabis experience.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for both Amsterdam and Colorado, so you can decide for yourself which place you think is better for their marijuana scene.

Keep reading to discover if Amsterdam weed is better than Colorado weed, or is it the other way round…

Cannabis in Amsterdam:

The first coffee shop opened its doors in 1967 in Amsterdam, and ever since a multitude of locals and tourists have gone mad for cannabis in this old Dutch city. The coffee shop movement has come a long way since the late ‘60s, but what still remains is the historical scenery of old Amsterdam and the ability to find tasty pot, which is always just a short journey away.


The locals hardly care about cannabis, so you can smoke just about everywhere.

Funny enough, they actually joke about the cannabis tourists in Amsterdam. The locals find the whole ordeal relatively silly, and some of them even indulge in marijuana themselves. This 420 positive environment is a beautiful type of condition to experience weed in.

They’ve got stoner food all over, so you won’t need to worry about your munchies problem.

They are clearly tailoring their delights towards their market. If your city is full of stoned tourists, why not supply them with dank burgers, pizzas, chocolate, treats, pastries, ice cream and other satisfying treats.

The experience of smoking is relaxing and public, a.k.a. coffee shops.

You won’t need to worry about staying ultra discreet in Amsterdam. The locals accept pot consumption and some even partake in it themselves.

18 years old is the legal age for purchasing marijuana in Amsterdam, meaning that any legal adult can buy some green.

Enough said…

Amsterdam has a ton of culture and attractions to offer, rich in history and plenty of interesting activities, even if you’re high.

With a multitude of museums, attractions and historical monuments, not only is Amsterdam a gorgeous city with tons of history, but it also has plenty of interesting activities to offer, some of which are a lot of fun – especially when you are stoned. If you’re looking for something to do, check out the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, the Jordaan, Vondelpark, Museumplein, Westergasfabriek and the Eye Film Institute, or if this does not seem exciting consider taking a city bike tour, going on a beer tour, or riding a boat down one of the gorgeous canals.

Coffee shops stay open all night, so no matter the hour you’re bound to find a place to hang.

Many of the coffee shops close around midnight-4am, which is pretty late in itself. However if you’re in a central area, there’s a highly likely chance that a cafe in your proximity will be operating past 4 in the morning.

Smoking weed in Amsterdam is much more of a social experience, and less alienated or personal.

Coffee shops are a social experience. They’re filled with talkative, fun-loving adults that are enjoying good weed, good laughs and plenty of social time, if that’s what they desire. At the same time, a marijuana cafe can also be a place to people watch, relax, unwind and maybe even open up a nice book, so long as you don’t mind a little noise.


The quality is not always great — but there’s a clear explanation.

Because cannabis is not technically legal in Amsterdam, most cannabis is grown indoors in sometimes questionable setups and environments, including maybe sketchy basements. For this reason, the quality is not very well regulated. Additionally, people are not usually cultivating outdoors for various reasons (including weather conditions, privacy, etc).

You might be paying a hefty price, especially with exchange rates.

It seems the euro is becoming much stronger against many other currencies, including the dollar which has been dropping in value. This circumstance – in addition to the already high price of weed in Amsterdam – can result in an expensive tab at the end of the day.

You might not get the same kind of variety, including various edibles and consumable goods.

Edibles are actually illegal in Amsterdam; although you might be able to allocate some of them at certain coffee shops, it is not always possible.

Sharing is not caring; in Amsterdam, you cannot legally gift your friends weed, which is not the case in Colorado where it is totally okay.

In Amsterdam, gifting marijuana to others is illegal, while in Colorado you can gift up to 1 ounce of weed (at least in Denver).

You cannot legally grow your own weed in Amsterdam, which means if you reside here, you’ll always have to seek it out, or face possibly getting caught by authorities.

Amsterdam is certainly not a friendly place for those who don’t want to pay for weed and would rather grow their medicine themselves. This could result in heavy expenses for those who need cannabis for serious medical purposes.

Cannabis in Colorado:

Cannabis became medically recognized in Colorado in 2000 and recreationally legal in 2014. Since this point in time, the marijuana scene in CO has expanded quickly in all directions, with thousands of dispensaries now existing throughout this scenic and mountainous state.


You’ve got beautiful nature at your disposal.

Ahhhhhh, fresh air and mountains everywhere. Sounds like paradise, especially when you’re lighting up a fresh joint.

Prices can be reasonable, especially when considering quality.

Considering the value of the US dollar is not as strong these days, in addition to the fact that dispensary prices tend to be quite reasonable in Colorado to begin with, you can get a gram of cannabis for anywhere between $5-$20, but even the cheaper and low priced ganja is still quite good.

The variety is literally AMAZING.

Most dispensaries offer dozens of different strains, some of which are quite avant garde or rare batches, in addition to offering an immense variety of edibles, consumables and other marijuana goods.

Depending upon the dispensary, many budtenders in Colorado are quite knowledgeable and act professionally, taking their jobs seriously.

The best dispensaries in Colorado have some knowledgeable and professional staff members, including brilliant budtenders who can recommend the right medicine for you.

It is possible to regularly find some of the more obscure strains at dispensaries, which is not always the case in Amsterdam.

With this increased variety, there’s always something new, exciting and delicious to try.

You can purchase way more weed in one day legally.

In Colorado, you can legally purchase 1 ounce of weed in a day if you are a resident of CO, and ¼ ounce in a day if you are from out-of-state. This differs greatly from Amsterdam, where they only allow 5 grams to be purchased at a time.

If you choose to settle down in Colorado, it is legal to grow your own cannabis.

In Colorado you can legally grow up to 6 marijuana plants for personal use, so long as they are being cultivated in a discrete and enclosed location on your own property, or with permission from the property owner.


You have to be especially careful and responsible, because driving under the influence of cannabis is 100% illegal, and could get you a hefty fine or a loss of your license for some time.

We know, it’s tempting to jump in your car after smoking some cannabis, but this action is extremely punishable by law in Colorado, and could cause you to end up with a DUI and having to cough up quite a bit of cash for a dumb mistake.

The dispensary going journey can be a bit stiff and formal, and you’ll have to take your herb home to legally enjoy it.

In Colorado, herb needs be consumed on private property with the permission of the owner. Furthermore, dispensaries have somewhat of a pharmacy vibe to them most of the time, feeling formal, sometimes stiff and a bit more like a doctor’s office than the relaxed atmosphere of an Amsterdam coffeeshop.

Not all locals agree with the legalization of cannabis, so you can’t just walk around acting high and smoking – at least not without getting a few weird looks (and maybe even some legal or social confrontations).

Believe it or not, some residents of Colorado are still opposed to the legalization of cannabis. For this reason, they don’t take lightly to those running around acting high and may even get in your face about it or call the cops. For this reason, Colorado is maybe a bit more of a threatening environment to be openly smoking pot in – not to mention it is illegal to do so openly on the streets.

You have to be 21 to legally purchase cannabis.

This can be a real bummer for those who are legally adults (18+), but still cannot legally get their hands on some green.

Although there are some activities to do around Colorado, these options are more modern and not as rich in history.

You certainly are not going to find historical museums and old-European style houses in Colorado. There’s of course plenty to do, but all of these activities are quite modern and might not appeal to everyone.

Final Thoughts:

At the end of the day, both Amsterdam and Colorado share pros and cons, and even if these two locations both serve cannabis relatively openly, they are intensely different from one another, for their own special reasons. Both Amsterdam and Colorado have a lot to offer, in addition to good weed, it just depends on what you desire. It is hard to say if Amsterdam cannabis is better than Colorado marijuana- essentially both places shine on their own.

If you’ve been wondering about the pros and cons of Amsterdam weed versus Colorado weed, then this article is for you. We hope you found this read to be not only entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.