5 Top Marijuana Strains to Smoke Indoors

In these times of quarantine, we are all discovering just how inconvenient and surprisingly tricky it can be to remain trapped in place for so long. Whether it is struggling to make consistently healthy meals when you can’t get to the supermarket or realizing how much you hate not being able to go outside, there are more irritations than you could have possibly imagined.

A problem that people are only just considering is that you can’t go outside to smoke weed. Whereas it was always a given that you would go outside to enjoy your favorite strain, now you frequently find yourself trapped indoors.

So, for those brave few that want to risk it and smoke indoors (assuming you won’t be at risk of eviction!), then what strains should you smoke?

Here are the top five strains you should smoke indoors during these days of self-isolation.

Strain #1: OG Kush

Everyone has heard of OG Kush; it’s called the OG marijuana strain for a reason. Though it has its origins from a Hindu Kush plant in Amsterdam, OG Kush is considered the original hybrid strain.

Since you are basically trapped indoors for the foreseeable future, you should definitely try and experiment with some of the classic weed strains out there. This makes sense because, with dispensaries all over the world running out of stock due to panic buying, you may only be able to get hold of the most popular and well-known strains.


OG Kush has this incredibly unique flavor profile, which comes with its blend of terpenes. You can expect that rich diesel smell, plus plenty of skunk and spice to hit the back of your throat on the exhale. The high is perhaps the perfect combination of an indica leaning hybrid, hitting you solidly at first, eventually smoothing out to a rich and placid high as it goes on.

The only problem with smoking OG Kush indoors is that not only is the smell incredibly recognizable, but it clings onto whatever it touches. This means that you might want to avoid OG Kush if you are at risk of someone discovering that you are enjoying weed indoors.

So, to avoid this, you should smoke something with a more general flavor profile that doesn’t immediately draw attention to itself.

Something like…

Strain #2: Northern Lights

While you might be committed to smoking indoors to avoid going outside, you still don’t necessarily want other people to know what you are doing.

After all, you might live in rented accommodation, or still live with your family that abhors marijuana. It might be best to try and dodge any questions by picking a strain that is not as immediately recognizable as many other strains are.


Northern Lights is a bit lesser-known but is an excellent strain to consider if you are trying to keep your smoking under wraps. It has a super discreet aroma; it’s vaguely fruity, yet remains earthy, both in its smell and taste.

You can smoke it to your heart’s content, and no one will really notice. Other than a vaguely rich fruit flavor, no one would be able to guess that you are smoking weed indoors.

The effects of Northern Lights are also well worth it, giving it a really smooth, indica forward high. You can expect to feel your eyes falling heavy and your limbs desperate to sit down until you eventually succumb and drift off to bed. Keep this strain as a nighttime solution to any difficulty falling asleep, especially as you can’t always get a good deal of exercise during the quarantine.

Strain #3: Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is just one of those things that is completely loaded with meaning, yet differs greatly depending on the type of person you are.

While Girl Scout Cookies, for most people, means the arrival of the late spring season and the hordes of girl scouts selling their uniquely delicious cookies, for weed lovers, it means a really tasty strain.


Those who miss smoking up and the arrival of Girl Scout Cookies in springtime should definitely smoke some Girl Scout Cookies to fill the gap.

Girl Scout Cookies is a delicious strain that comes from a cross of the original strain itself, OG Kush, and another exciting hybrid. However, it has developed its own fandom and following, becoming a parent strain in its own right.

Thanks to its sweet yet intensely complex flavor profile, it is a perfect replacement for those who really miss the sweet taste of real Girl Scout Cookies. It’s sweet, earthy, and vaguely nutty, offering up a really diverse and varied flavor profile that leaves you desperate for more.

Plus, thanks to this typically sweet flavor profile, anyone smelling your Girl Scout Cookies smoke would assume you are just enjoying some sweet treats, and not smoking cannabis.

It doesn’t really cling to your carpets or curtains, so it’s a great thing to keep on hand for emergencies like this. Even better, Girl Scout Cookies has a myriad of different phenotypes, allowing you to pick the specific type of weed you want for yourself, with their own twists and differences in flavorings.

Of course, not everyone in the world is looking for the same THC-rich experience. Where do you go for an excellent, CBD-rich marijuana experience?

Strain #4: ACDC

Not just an excellent rock band that has sadly fallen out of fashion these days; ACDC is also an incredibly potent strain well known for its great effects.

However, this is not a regular THC-rich strain like so many others. Instead, this is rich in CBD. Boasting 14% CBD levels and almost no THC, this is a strain for those who are looking for plentiful medical benefits while in isolation.


Things like anxiety, epilepsy, and the nausea or pain of chemotherapy are common reasons for enjoying ACDC. After all, with all of this isolation and quarantine forced on us, it can be hard to seek more conventional treatment options from your doctor. So, if you struggle with any conditions that ACDC can help with, you might consider using it to help you through these hard times.

However, another reason that people love the ACDC strain is to do with its great taste. With a richly earthy and ever so slightly skunky aroma, this strain smells like a freshly dug patch of earth. If anyone were to question the smell, you could simply say you were doing some potted plant experiments to help fend off impending starvation from the collapse of society – they’d likely believe you!

Plus, while it does contain at least some THC – as it is a primarily medical strain – you have a solid medical reason to use it. Who would stop you from using something that may help you while in isolation?

Strain #5: Cheese

During this time of isolation and frustrating existence, it makes sense to try and keep a low profile no matter what you do. To try to avoid everyone’s attention and enjoy your weed in peace and quiet.

But what if you don’t want to do that? What if you have a particularly annoying neighbor you want to get back at? What if you’re going to declare to the world that you don’t care what they say? You smoke weed, and you’re proud of it.


In that case, you need the Cheese strain.

As the name implies, Cheese has an incredibly potent, sour, and sharp aroma of freshly opened cheese. While some varieties focus more on the blue cheese aspect, this strain is well known for its strong, almost off-putting aroma. It is the perfect example of a stinky cheese strain and is perfect for declaring to the wider world that you are a proud marijuana smoker.

Its effects are also perfect for self-isolation, as its primarily indica-leaning hybrid effects make it great for sitting back and relaxing. You will feel a wave of pure bliss, happiness, and relaxation, allowing you to mellow out and enjoy yourself. It works wonderfully as a way to keep you indoors, to make sure you avoid being exposed to the outside world.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that this strain will absolutely stick to everything it touches if you aren’t careful, so you need to make sure to take your curtains down before you smoke.

Not a problem though, as you don’t care what people see if they look through your windows, do you?

Final Thoughts on Smoking Weed Indoors

Unless you are one of the daring few that fits the category of smokers that don’t care what other people think, you definitely need to keep a few things in mind when smoking marijuana indoors.

For starters, make sure you turn on any ventilation that you have in your home. This includes bathroom ventilators, but also windows and exterior doors. Crank them on and open to allow as much airflow as you can. This is important not only for secrecy but also to stop the smell sticking around and hotboxing your room for weeks.

While you might enjoy the smell of your freshly smoked weed, you probably won’t feel the same way about it after a couple of weeks. Even the nicest smelling strain out there will still smell of rancid skunk after a few days of clinging to your carpet or curtains.

Furthermore, maybe consider smoking away from windows and open areas. No matter how much intense effort you put into concealing your marijuana use, you will still get found out if people can see you smoking.

While you should take down your curtains, consider smoking away from any windows or open doors to keep yourself hidden. Maybe even smoke adjacent to the window, just out of sight?

Unless you truly don’t care about anyone else finding out about your marijuana usage, keep your windows open, and smoke out of eyesight.

Now would not be a great time to get kicked out of your home just for smoking weed!

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