The Best Weed Containers to Keep Your Bud Fresh & Dry [2021 UPDATE!]

Never live with dry, crunchy weed again!

Weed so dry and crunchy that you have trouble even packing a decent bowl with it? Trust us, we’ve been there too. It’s not ideal, right? Well, what if we told you that maintaining fresh cannabis has everything to do with the packaging it’s stored in? Makes pretty solid sense, right?

That’s the reality – the freshness of your marijuana is related to how well it’s stored, and thankfully in the modern day and age there are soooo many options that are simply incredible, innovative, and so convenient which can be used to protect your ganja from going dry.

If you’re on the hunt for that just-right weed container that’s going to be able to keep your marijuana super fresh, then oh boy do we have quite the list for you! Keep on reading to decide upon a storing option that can become your ideal future solution.

If You Want Super Fresh Marijuana, These Weed Containers Are for You

Every cannabis lover knows, you gotta keep those buds fresh as f**k. Otherwise, they just taste so much worse and end up not burning right half of the time. No one likes crispy, crunchy, dry flower that tastes like it’s been lost in the desert for 10 years. Plus, if your buds happen to get moldy, smoking that stuff can actually cause a number of health and respiratory issues, which is not a good way to treat your body. Easy solution: Find a container that works, like one of the ones we are about to mention, and keep on smoking happily and worry-free.

Weed Container #1: The Good Ol’ Mason Jar

Who would’ve thought that the classic mason jar that our mothers would use to store their homemade jam also works outstandingly as a cannabis storage option. Yep, you heard us right. If you’re on a budget and want something that’ll definitely do the trick – and also has a sleek, classic look to it – opt for a mason jar.

They’re not only versatile, available in various sizes, and affordable, they’re also air-tight, insanely durable, and look pretty sitting up on a shelf, especially if you’d like to be able to admire your buds any time of day, front and center. Pick one up from your local department or grocery store. They’re typically sold in packs of 4 or 6 and will usually cost you no more than $20.00.

Weed Container #2: MedTainer

MedTainer has been around for quite a few years now, but this little cannabis storing, grinding, all-in-one device is actually super clever. Not only does it let you conveniently process your cannabis on-the-go, but it also is a lock-tight method of keeping your reefer delicious and pristine.

Additionally, it has an air-tight seal and is even waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about your cannabis falling into a puddle, or god forbid the ocean, only to become completely ruined. The MedTainer will protect your precious green.

Best of all, the MedTainer is actually advertised as being a “patented, smell-proof, medical grade container.” It is built from FDA-approved plastic that is environmentally-friendly, and once you’ve given your nugs a grind with the built-in grinder at the bottom of the container, you can simply pour the crushed up pieces into the main storage area and pack up that bowl or roll a joint when you’re ready. How simple, especially if you’re traveling and don’t want to deal with a big mess!

Weed Container #3: Herb Guard 1 Ounce Container with Humidity Pack

Advertised specifically for use with herb and cannabis products, the Herb Guard has an interesting UV protection glass design, which not only helps it stand out a bit from other weed containers on the market, it also prevents any product inside from damage. It’s said to keep herb fresh for months, which is pretty great considering that with something like a zip-lock bag you’re lucky to have a couple of weeks.

The jar itself is discreet with an opaque design that does not make it possible to see the contents within, and also it is very streamlined and modern looking, which could make a fancy shelf decoration in your home. Finally, this selection comes with a humidity pack, which means if there happens to be any moisture at all trapped within the air-tight seal, it’ll get dried right up, keeping your herb at that perfect state of equilibrium between being just damp enough to be fresh yet not too dry or too wet.

Weed Container #4: Tightvac Vacuum Sealed Storage Container

This product is technically marketed for kitchen and household pantry storage, but it actually works incredibly for cannabis as well. The retailer could, of course, never admit this, but trust us, lots of stoners are using the Tightvac as their go-to for keeping ganja fresh, and we get why – it has a nifty design, it’s affordable, and it looks chic.

They claim it can hold about 95 grams of “medical herbs” (if ya know what we mean), so the container is quite large, and it has a patented design with a vacuum seal which is why it works so efficiently. What’s pretty cool too is that if you decide you don’t want to use it for your cannabis anymore, you can make use of the container in the kitchen and store basically any dried good that you’d like to maintain as if it’s brand new.

Weed Container #5: SneakGuard 1.0

With an especially inventive design, the SneakGuard 1.0 is said to be able to protect your herb from any potentially foreseeable issues. Built with high-density steel and plastic, the design retains its secrecy and can easily be kept out of sight from individuals you’d rather not make aware of your cannabis consumption.

Next, its design is lockable with a 4-digit, resettable lock code that ensures no one will be accidentally getting into your stash without very serious permission (literally a lock code!). Its design also reflects potency-decreasing light from entering, which keeps your trichomes constantly as strong as the day the nugs were picked, so that you won’t be losing any quality as your weed sits around waiting to be smoked.

The container body itself is double vacuum insulated with an air-tight seal, which is also food safe and BPA-free, all of which helps protect your marijuana from any elements, no matter the outside temperature or humidity. This also keeps out oxygen which intercepts the potential growth of any mold or mildew.

Finally, a built-in hummidicant dries up any excess moisture that enters the container, whether that be due to the exposure from varying elements or simply because your cannabis wasn’t dried properly to begin with. Overall, this is just an excellent weed storage option and definitely is one of the better, more versatile products on the market.

Final Thoughts on the Best Weed Containers for Super Fresh Marijuana

If you weren’t sure where to begin your search for the perfect weed container in order to keep your buds super fresh and lasting a long while, we hope that this list has offered some clarity as well as provided ideas for which marijuana storage option you’ll end up trying out next. The brilliant thing about the cannabis market these days is the extensive list of innovative marijuana products to choose from, and that, of course, includes weed containers.

There are both higher-end options for those looking for something a little more fancy, as well as budget choices for those who just want something that’ll do the trick without all the extra added bells and whistles. Good luck on your search for an awesome weed container and, as always, happy smoking!

It’s important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken, so please smoke responsibly.

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