Our 10 Best Bowls to Try for 2020

If you are looking for ways to spice up your cannabis experience, smoking with a bowl can be a great way to do so! As the marijuana industry grows, more and more “tools” are coming out to maximize the way we get high. So, if you are bored of smoking joints, or perhaps you are new to the cannabis world and don’t feel confident rolling yourself – a bowl can be the perfect alternative.

There are thousands of varieties out there on the market, but we have managed to pull together our top 10 best bowls that we think you HAVE to try in 2018!

#1 – 6” GRAV Sherlock

It might look a little cliché, but who doesn’t love a good bit of showmanship? The Sherlock pipe delivers a functional experience that not only allows for a perfectly smooth smoke (due to its shape), but also allows you to become Sherlock Holmes for the entirety of your smoking session! One of the more versatile bowls on our list, the GRAV Sherlock’s all glass design comes in a range of colors so there is something there to suit everyone, and price-wise it is incredibly affordable at just $19.99.

#2 – GoGo Pipes – Gandalf Pipe

Following in the theme of famous pipes, the Gandalf Pipe by GoGo Pipes not only looks great, but also has a large bowl and an extra long stem. This fits perfectly in your hand and makes for a stylish looking smoke. However, we would say handle with care here, as the glass on this baby is extra thin and delicate! Coming in at a reasonable $45.00, this pipe is a must have for any movie aficionado who is after a powerful hit!

#3 – American Helix – Classic Helix

Moving away from the “Hollywood” bowls, The Classic Helix is one of the most innovative bowls on the market. Equipped with a unique “Venturi Chamber” that uses well-placed holes to control the direction of air-intake, smoke is directed in the most controlled and manageable way directly to your lungs. Also, this device allows the smoke to cool before it hits you, which makes it a less harsh hit on the lungs. Our priciest bowl up to now, cashing in at $112.50, this would be classed as a “luxury smoke” by some, but the thick, sturdy glass design makes it a wonderful investment for the long-term!

#4 – The Original Six Shooter

The industrial looking six shooter allows you to pack up to 6 bowls at once, making it perfect if you are experimenting with strains, or having a group smoking session. Not only this, but the all-metal design makes this perhaps the most indestructible bowl in our top 10, and it looks great too! If you are on the market for a pricier bowl, the six-shooter comes in at $52.49 — not the cheapest, but like we said given its durability, is a great option for the clumsy stoner amongst us!!

#5 –Chameleon Glass – Ashcatcher

A more modern twist on the traditional spoon-shaped bowls, the Ashcatcher by Chameleon Glass offers a smoother smoking experience. The unique mouthpiece has an indentation that catches ash (and other debris) from going into your mouth! The experienced smoker will tell you how annoying it can be to be fishing out bits of ash, so this is ticking some boxes! The design itself is all glass, and fairly sturdy – with a price tag of $22.99 we’re not complaining!

#6 – Raw Earth Gems – Green Aventurine

If you are big on crystal healing, then this pipe is the one for you! The stunning crystal design makes it a steady choice that is less likely to break or be damaged than glass. Raw Earth Gems offers a wide range of crystals that you can choose from, and each one smokes like a dream! You will turn some serious heads with this beautiful piece, and with a price tag of $45.00, we hope you love showing it off! This is somewhat less easy to transport with as it is heavier and less streamline, so perhaps bear this in mind before purchasing the Green Aventurine!

#7 – PUK – 6 Chamber

Being that the PUK 6 chamber is one of the only bowls out there that provides six full-sized bowls, it had to make our top 10! This innovative design means that you and your friends (or just you if you’re a veritable weed-pro) can get high with ease. Also, it’s perfect if you are a beginner in the industry as there will be no messing around trying to ensure everyone gets a generous amount of green. Available in a range of colors, and coming in at around $79.99, the discreet design of this bowl means it looks less like a way to smoke weed, and more like an ashtray!

#8 – Prometheus

Wonderfully designed, the beautiful Prometheus pipe offers a sturdy, stylish smoke that is a perfect fit in your hand. The glass of this pipe is encased in aircraft-grade aluminum, which offers a unique design and makes it virtually indestructible – not to mention the shock absorbing rubber gaskets! This product looks heavy, but it is just the perfect weight in your hand, and it even comes in a variety of colors! At $85.00, we would say that the Prometheus is worth every last cent!

#9 – Marley Naturals – Marley Glass & Walnut Wood Bubbler

This gorgeous Marley Glass & Walnut Wood hybrid water and dry pipe is one of the most aesthetically pleasing bowls we have ever seen. It is also one of the most luxurious in our top 10, coming in at a pricey $159.99. However, the high-quality material and design make this well worth the price. Moreover, the deep reservoir reserved for water combines with a good medium sized bowl to make this a wonderful smoker, and an easy one to use as well! If you are looking to splash the cash, this very well might be our go-to choice!

#10 – Empire Glass – The Avocado Hand Pipe

We wanted to finish up with something truly unique, and there seemed no better bowl to mention here than Empire Glass’s Avocado Hand Pipe! This novelty piece is an all-glass design in the shape of, you guessed it, the humble avocado! Surprisingly enough, though, this is a phenomenal smoke! It has an exceptionally deep “pit” bowl for the herb, and an easy to reach thumb carb which makes it much more than a gimmicky choice! The Avocado Hand Pipe comes in at a relatively steep $89.99, but it is stunningly made and fits in your hand perfectly!

Final Thoughts

Whether you are new to the smoking world or an old hat pot-lover, it is always a great idea to switch up your smoking methods to keep things exciting. For us, there is no better way to do this than with a shiny new bowl, and these 10 are our top picks for 2018!