The 5 Best Bowls to Try Today

In cannabis jargon, the term ‘bowl’ refers to the part of the pipe that holds the plant matter. It is an essential component when smoking marijuana. Without the bowl, there’s nowhere to ignite the material. It is a feature on a bong, pipe, or any other device used to smoke cannabis. Manufacturers use a variety of materials to create a bowl. These can include ceramic, plastic, glass, wood, or even bamboo.

This guide looks at five of the best bowls on the market. They provide a smooth hit and are extremely durable. First, however, let’s briefly look at how you should use a bowl.

How to Pack a Bowl

It is essential to grind the cannabis before you place it in the bowl. Make sure you have a way to ignite the plant material too. Most cannabis users have a small butane lighter, which offers a quick and easy way to light the bowl. Others use a hemp wick, a piece of hemp string that is easy to ignite.

You can also use a ‘screen,’ which ensures you don’t inhale burning pieces of marijuana. It is possible to create a homemade screen, but don’t use a soda can or aluminum foil. These items contain materials that produce dangerous-to-inhale substances when ignited.

Packing the cannabis on top too loosely might make it harder to get a decent hit.

Once you’re ready, start packing the bowl. Make sure the cannabis added first is packed more loosely than what goes on top. If you pack the bottom marijuana too tightly, it could clog your smoking device. If this happens, you’ll have to empty the bowl to clean it. Packing the cannabis on top too loosely might make it harder to get a decent hit.

Smoking a Bowl

When it’s time to smoke, place your mouth on the pipe’s mouthpiece. Put your thumb over the carb before you start smoking. The carb is the tiny hole next to the bowl. Bear in mind that not every smoking device has a carb. Light the cannabis and inhale the smoke. After you’re done, remove your thumb from the carb so that the pipe’s chamber is cleared quickly.


We recommend performing a quick clean of your smoking device after every session. Leave it too long, and it becomes a difficult chore. Dirty smoking devices often get clogged and reduce the quality of your smoking experience.

Now that you know how to pack and smoke a bowl. Let’s check out five of the best bowls around.

1 – Genius Pipe

This pipe is hailed as the future of smoking. It is a three-piece design that is ideal for smokers who want to imbibe on the move. Heat-resistant magnets hold the two main body pieces together. The interior of the Genius Pipe has a patented air-cooling system that reduces the temperature of the smoke. It also prevents unwanted material from getting into your lungs.

You can easily open and clean the main pieces with alcohol wipes after every session. The third piece is a lid that slides open to reveal the bowl. Using the Genius Pipe is as easy as sliding the lid, packing the bowl, enjoying a hit, and closing the lid. Do it quickly enough, and no one will notice that you had a smoke!

This pipe uses a waterless filter to provide a higher quality of smoke than in a normal device. The dimple design does a fantastic job of cooling the smoke. In general, the Genius Pipe provides an authentic yet smooth smoking experience.

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2 – Friendship Sherlock Pipe

This device is part of the famous Snoop Dogg Pounds range. The legendary rapper only puts his name on the finest cannabis-related items, and the Friendship Sherlock Pipe is a prime example. It is a glass piece that has an exotic design but is extremely easy to use. The main issue with this device is its fragility. The borosilicate glass piece won’t break with the slightest touch, but you should avoid dropping it!

The Friendship Sherlock Pipe is small enough to fit into your pocket and boasts a flattened mouthpiece. The bowl is large enough to hold a reasonable amount of cannabis, and there’s also a built-in honeycomb screen. Overall, this is a beautifully designed piece that’s perfect for sharing marijuana.

3 – Solopipe

This product is marketed as a tobacco pipe, but you can use it for cannabis flower. It also has a built-in refillable butane lighter. This means you no longer have to aimlessly search the house trying to find something to ignite your marijuana. It is small enough to use with one hand, which is extremely convenient.

Using it is as easy as holding it in one hand and pressing the button to light it.

The Solopipe is made from high-quality stainless steel and aluminum. Therefore, you shouldn’t have a problem if you accidentally drop it. Using it is as easy as holding it in one hand and pressing the button to light it. The bowl holds enough cannabis flower to enjoy an entire day’s smoking, making it ideal for regular users. The Solopipe is discreet and comes with cleaning tools, replacement screens, a pouch, and a hard protective case.

4 – KØL

This device comes from a Danish company and has gained a wide range of plaudits. The KØL pipe is made from anodized recyclable aluminum. It also has rare earth magnets and a coated stainless-steel filter. It offers an extremely smooth smoking experience thanks to the unique design.

The KØL pipe strips heat from the cannabis flower and smoke without the need for water. The filter ensures you enjoy an incredibly refreshing smoke with no excessive coughing. The KØL’s shape ensures that air is forced into a vortex, a process that traps a greater number of impurities than other pipes.

After you’re done, it is easy to disassemble and clean the KØL. Pull the two magnetic halves apart, and give it a quick clean with alcohol wipes. Alternatively, you can put it in the sink for a proper clean.

5 – The Grenade Pipe

This pipe from the Daily High Club wins top marks for its design. It is made from borosilicate glass and looks just like a grenade. However, the design isn’t just for show. It allows you to enjoy a comfortable grip, which makes it easy to pack the bowl. Apart from the easy-grip grooves, there is also a fake pin handle bowl to round off a wonderful design.

Of course, having a brilliant aesthetic means nothing if the pipe isn’t fit for purpose. Fortunately, the Grenade Pipe ‘rips like a champ’ according to users. It is just four inches long and fits snugly in one hand. This is one grenade that you’ll never want to throw away.

Final Thoughts on the Best Bowls to Try Today

All of the bowls we have featured in this article ensure you enjoy a pleasant cannabis smoking experience. In each case, the bowl is spacious enough to hold a reasonable amount of plant material. Also, the design of each piece is such that you should also benefit from cool smoke. This means less irritation in the lungs.

There are several options on this list that are ideal for discreet smoking sessions. If you’re looking for a low-cost option, the Grenade Pipe is arguably the best bowl on the list.

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