Best Rolling Papers for Marijuana

When smoking cannabis, there is much more to the experience than the quality of the marijuana itself. Cannabis connoisseurs know that even seemingly insignificant elements make a huge difference. While the standard of the bud IS pivotal, so too is that of the rolling papers you use.

A low-grade rolling paper can cause unpleasant tastes, lead to coughing fits, and burn quickly. As a result, you lose more cannabis than you would with premium papers. Also, the best rolling papers make it easy to roll a joint.

When it comes to marijuana, experienced users are often subjective regarding the best strains, equipment, and brands. Rolling papers are no different! In this guide, we offer our opinion on the five best brands around. We also provide some tips on what to look for when searching for rolling papers.

Why Roll Your Own Joints?

In an era where finding pre-rolled joints is an incredibly easy process, it is easy to succumb to the convenience. However, it remains cheap and straightforward to roll joints.

The only equipment necessary is rolling papers, a grinder, a lighter, and of course, marijuana. Purchasing loose flower is less expensive than pre-rolled joints.

The entire cannabis-smoking experience takes on greater resonance when you roll the joint yourself.

Whether or not you want to admit it, the entire experience takes on greater resonance when you roll the joint. The vast majority of users enjoy the ritual of grinding the cannabis and rolling it into a perfect joint. Try it just once, and you’ll see what we mean.

The Best Rolling Papers for Weed: The Different Types

We will detail the five brands that provide the top rolling papers for weed a little later. However, we’re now looking into the different rolling paper types, sizes, and materials used. First up are the four types of marijuana papers widely available online or in physical stores.

weed roll paper

Standard: These basic rolling papers enable discretion. Once you roll your joint, it looks virtually the same as a hand-rolled tobacco cigarette. While many brands persist with rice paper for standard rolling papers, hemp is becoming a popular material.

Flavored: The benefit is a range of cool flavors such as watermelon and strawberry. This enables you to customize your experience. However, there is a chance that flavored rolling papers are less healthy than their standard equivalent as they may contain chemicals.

Gold: Yes, you can add some ‘bling’ to rolling papers! Brands such as Shine claim to provide 24-carat gold in their gold papers. However, you can expect to pay a lot of money for the privilege.

Clear: If you plan to smoke your joints in private, clear rolling papers let you show off your marijuana bud. They are usually made from biodegradable cellulose, which is safer and healthier than most other rolling paper materials.

What to Consider When Buying Weed Rolling Paper

There are some other things to consider when choosing the best papers to roll weed which we now outline.


Don’t assume that rolling papers are a one-size-fits-all affair. There are various options depending on what you need, and the size you choose has a significant impact on your smoking experience. Here is a look at the most common sizes:

Single: These are the smallest you’re likely to find on the market. When you roll using a single, you’ll notice that it is around half the diameter of a typical cigarette. Its dimensions are approx. 68mm x 34mm.

1 1/4”: The classic 1 1/4 paper is the most popular option and is akin to that of a regular cigarette. Its dimensions are approx. 76mm x 48mm.

1 1/2”: The 1 1/2 gets its name because it holds up to 50% more than a single. They are often the same length as a 1 1/4 at 76-78mm but are also up to 62mm wide.

Double Wide: As the name suggests, this paper holds up to twice as much product as a single. The size varies significantly but is up to 78mm x 88mm.

King Size: As a general rule, king-size rolling papers are the biggest on the market. They are approx. 105mm x 60mm.

King Slim: These papers are just as long as their king-size counterparts at up to 110mm. However, they are just 42-46mm wide.

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The next decision, after size, is to choose between the growing range of rolling paper materials. What your rolling papers consist of plays a huge role in taste, the speed of burning, ease of rolling, and how long the material remains lit.

Unfortunately, some rolling papers on the market contain toxic chemicals such as chlorine and calcium carbonate. Be extremely wary of thick, white rolling papers as these are usually the ones with nasty toxins. Here are the most common materials used in the creation of rolling papers:

Wood Pulp: This option remains the most popular. It is the same material used to create cigarette papers. Once again, some brands are a lot healthier than others. Look for all-natural papers that are unbleached. Also, if you’re a novice, look for thicker papers, as thin ones are tricky to roll. You might find that a wood pulp taste is noticeable as you smoke.

Hemp: Papers made from hemp are easy to roll and environmentally friendly. Hemp papers are also slow-burning. However, not everyone likes the strong taste.

Rice: Rice papers are famed for their slow burn and great taste. However, some brands use additives. As they don’t provide much grip, rice papers are hard to handle for newbies. On the plus side, the compressed rice doesn’t impact the taste of cannabis, so you benefit from a smooth, flavorful smoke.

Flax: Made from flax plant fiber, these papers are smooth and relatively easy to roll. Flax papers also don’t impact the flavor of your cannabis.

Clear: Being able to see your marijuana in a joint is pretty cool. Clear papers might look as if they’re made from harmful material, but in reality, they consist of plant-based cellulose. Some users say it doesn’t affect the flavor, while others claim they can taste the cellulose. Also, you might find it challenging to roll a joint using clear rolling paper at first.

Now, without further ado, here are our picks for the best rolling papers around.

#1 – Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

If you want something a little classy, you will find it hard to improve upon the Shine brand. Its 24K Gold papers include a blend of 24K gold and hemp. This option is the right one if you are having a celebratory smoke. Each pack comes with a certificate of authenticity and burns rather slowly, so you get to enjoy every moment. The papers measure 1 1/4” and include a hemp base.

The main downside is the price. You pay up to $50 for a dozen papers! Therefore, you don’t want to entrust these to a friend who isn’t the best roller around. Shine 24K is the luxury rolling paper, and it makes you feel important. However, most people can only afford a pack now and then!

#2 – RAW Papers

Perhaps one of the best-known rolling paper brands, RAW, has been around for some time. The industry favorite offers unrefined and natural products that provide a large canvas to work with. Whether you opt for classic or hemp papers, RAW is the OG option for those who want to showcase their ‘experience’ as a marijuana user.

You can even get RAW papers without the crease. They are easy to roll, cost a few bucks at most, and are ideal when new to the process of rolling joints. Occasionally, RAW papers don’t burn proportionally and be careful not to use too much saliva.

#3 – Elements Rice Papers

Taking the crown as one of the most environmentally conscious brands, Elements offers something unique for those who prefer a natural approach to cannabis smoking. Made from rice and sugar, Elements’ rice papers don’t produce ash. Instead, they caramelize as they burn, making them a delight to smoke.

Originating from Spain, these papers burn faster than your standard. However, they are incredibly well priced, considering the quality and quantity you get in a pack. They also offer a pure bud taste – perfect for saving for those delicious high-end buds! The caramel undertones provide a pleasant flavor without overpowering the herb.

On the downside, novices may find it a struggle to roll with Elements. The paper tends to curl in high humidity, and these papers don’t work that well with a rolling machine.

#4 – Zig Zag Rolling Papers

Up next is the reliable Zig Zag brand. These papers are ultra-affordable, easily accessible, and offer a wide range of options. The brand has a history spanning over a century, and it retains its position as a market leader. Zig Zag’s White Single Wide Rolling Papers remain among the brand’s bestsellers.

At 70mm wide, they are excellent for rolling tobacco and weed. These papers offer a slow, reliable burn, and the joints are extremely easy to roll. It is a brand that seldom disappoints, whether you want an ultra-thin paper or a product suitable for blunt wraps.

#5 – Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers

If you have a few dollars to spend because you mistakenly purchased mediocre cannabis, Juicy Jay’s is the brand for you. Whether you have schwag or older marijuana, the likelihood is, you won’t derive much enjoyment from the flavor. Juicy Jay’s mask the taste by providing intensely flavorful rolling papers.

While Juicy Jay’s are expensive, they are worth it if you have low-grade cannabis. Flavors include strawberry kiwi, birthday cake, and tequila. The brand triple dips its papers to guarantee an infusion of taste. As fun as Juicy Jay’s papers are, we don’t recommend them if you have premium-quality marijuana, although they allow for smooth hits.

Rolling Paper Alternatives – What to Do if You Run Out

Picture the scene: You have half an ounce of high-quality marijuana, only to discover that you have nothing to roll a joint with! You don’t feel like driving to a store but are eager to relax with some cannabis. At this point, you think to yourself: “What can I use as rolling paper?”


As it happens, there are a few alternatives:

Cigarette Paper: Empty a cigarette, replace the filter with a cardboard one, and fill the paper with cannabis flower.

Tracing Paper: Believe it or not, thin, high-quality tracing paper works well as a rolling paper substitute.

Chewing Gum Paper: The silver foil that covers gum can work in a pinch. Rub the foil part off without damaging the paper beneath, and you could roll a decent joint. Also, the sugar residue may make it easier to stick the paper together.

Corn Husk: Yes, a corn husk can work because it is soft, fibrous, and flexible. It is also easy to roll when dry.

Other options include:

  • Using fruit as a pipe
  • Hot knives
  • A bucket bong
  • Hookah pipes
  • Dab rigs
  • Soda can
  • Water bottle

As you can see, there are plenty of options if you’re willing to take the time to be creative and experiment!

Final Thoughts: Are You Cutting Yourself Short with Your Rolling Papers?

The biggest thing to remember when it comes to smoking cannabis is that it is a personal experience. It is down to your taste and preference on everything from bud to paper. Therefore, you may have a favorite we haven’t talked about today.

We will love to know if you have a go-to brand that isn’t on our list! Let us know your top five in the comments section and review any brand we haven’t mentioned in this piece.

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