The Official Sharpstone Grinder V2 Review: Is It Worth It?

The Sharpstone brand is one of the most popular when it comes to grinders, and its original version was extremely popular. However, the company recently released Sharpstone 2.0, also known as V2, which is an upgrade. First and foremost, we recommend being very careful when purchasing one of these grinders because numerous disreputable sites sell counterfeit Sharpstone products.

Be sure to read customer reviews and avoid grinders with relatively few holes. In any case, today I am reviewing the V2 grinder from Sharpstone, which you can purchase on Amazon for around $36. The question is, should you pay extra or persist with your $4 grinder?

The Difference Between Cheap & Quality Grinders

Before beginning the review, I would like to outline the differences between the grinders you find for a few bucks and those that cost $30+.

Expensive Grinder

  • Pegs on the inside should be more squared off than cheap models and are almost rounded. As a result, the higher-grade model will do more grinding than shredding.
  • Catches more kief. For the record, kief is the crystals that are thrown off the weed as you grind it. There is a screen beneath the grinding part where the kief gets filtered through.
  • It is typically made from metal or another material that lasts a very long time.

Cheap Grinder

  • Does not have a kief catch. As a result, you have to thoroughly clean the grinder to get the maximum amount of kief.
  • Tend to have pointed teeth which results in shredded weed rather than marijuana that is ground. You end up with coarse weed. Suitable for joints but not for bongs.
  • Usually made from cheap material such as plastic which means it isn’t durable and won’t last very long.
  • In some cases, one of the teeth will fall off as you try to grind the weed!

Sharpstone Grinder 2.5” V2 Features

First and foremost, the kit consists of five parts:

  1. The magnetic lid which holds in place but isn’t difficult to turn.
  2. The grinding teeth which grind your weed.
  3. The fine mesh screen made from stainless steel.
  4. The bottom chamber designed to collect kief.
  5. The scraper tool which helps collect the kief.

One of the first things you notice right out of the box is the quality of the construction. The V2 is made from anodized aluminum and, while it is tough and durable, it also has a beautiful design and finish. The body has been CNC milled which explains the lovely symmetry. It is definitely a grinder you would be proud to display.

It is a 2.5-inch grinder and weighs around five ounces, so it feels nice and light in your hands. Overall, the Sharpstone V2 consists of four chambers. The first includes the magnetic lid which fits perfectly on top of the grinder and is designed to prevent spillage as you grind your weed, even if the grinder is upside down.

The unique grip design allows you to have complete control and enables you to grind the toughest marijuana. You won’t even notice the poly ring at first, but you can hear the noise when you put the top on as the magnetic lid stays firmly in place.

Once you open the grinder, it is clear that you are dealing with a high-quality product. The teeth are ultra-sharp titanium coated blades that look a bit like jagged diamond edges. If you run your finger along one of the blades with force, there is an excellent chance that you’ll cut yourself.

The second chamber also consists of sharp blades and holes that are plentiful and wide. The third chamber has a stainless-steel pollen screen which enables the pollen to fall to the fourth chamber. This kief catcher beneath the grinder helps you collect those precious crystals for future use.

The grinder comes with a branded tool which you should keep in a safe place. Use it to help gather the kief which you should then store safely.

When you get the grinder, check the third chamber for a number. Sharpstone has engraved a number on the side, presumably to prevent counterfeiting. Mine was an 11-digit number, but I am not sure if that is the standard number of digits.

Does It Grind Well?

I placed a gram of weed into the Sharpstone grinder to see how well it performed. Obviously, it isn’t a good idea to place the entire nug in the chamber! I broke the gram into four sections and placed them in a cross shape inside the second chamber. Then, I put the top on and started to grind the weed.

To achieve a fine grind, I twisted and turned the lid for around 30 seconds. It was very easy to operate the grinder, and I was able to turn the lid extremely quickly. When using it for the first time, you might find that it feels ‘sticky.’ Don’t worry, that feeling will pass after you have used it a few times.

Once I opened up the lid, I was delighted to find a gram of perfectly ground weed. It was ready to use for joints, bongs, or any other purpose.

Final Thoughts on the Sharpstone Grinder V2

Overall, it is a high-quality grinder that will turn your nugs into perfectly ground marijuana ready for use. It doesn’t take much effort to grind, and the magnetic top ensures that there is no need to worry about spillage. The Sharpstone Grinder V2 has sharp edges, a well-designed mesh screen, and a bottom chamber that does an effective job of collecting kief. It is beautifully designed, durable, and while it isn’t the cheapest grinder on the market, it offers value for money.

Rating: 8.5/10

Sharpstone Grinder V2 Pros

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Well-designed and built to last.
  • Does an excellent job of catching kief.
  • Ergonomic design with a smooth finish.
  • Available in several colors.

Sharpstone Grinder V2 Cons

  • There are reports of inconsistency in the Sharpstone brand.
  • Some customers say their grinder did not have the important poly ring which secures the magnetic lid.
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