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Many of you may be wondering about natural detox products, which have risen in popularity with the rise in people who have started smoking cannabis. Although cannabis is legal in many states throughout the US, many workplaces still disapprove of its usage and regularly drug test their employees. There are ways around that, however, and with a little research and effort you can be prepared for that upcoming or surprise drug test which could have detrimental effects on your career and livelihood. There are many natural ways to detox your body from traces of THC and other commonly tested for substances in a drug test, so do not fret.

Although there are many detox products on the market, many have different ways of working and have different effects. Some of them work by flushing out the unwanted toxins rapidly, and others work by pushing toxins into the fat cells temporarily, for instance. What type of detox you need depends on what kind of test you will be given, as well as the kind of substance you have been using. In this review, we will be taking a look at Alpha Clean Natural Detox and seeing what it’s all about. So if you have been searching for a detox supplement, read on to get to know Alpha Clean Natural Detox a little better and see if it’s right for you.

Alpha Clean Natural Detox Review: A Brief Overview

Alpha Clean Natural Detox is a sub-brand of its parent company Elevate Recovery Supplements. Neither Alpha Clean Natural Detox nor Elevate recovery supplements have an official website, so there was very limited information as to the origins or background information on the company. The only information we have about the company’s origins is through the address on the box, which says states that it is from a city in Texas. But that is it. Most of the products from this company are sold through third-party retailers as well as websites such as Amazon, eBay, and Jet.

The description of the product is minimal as well, and only contains a small amount of information about the product’s purpose and how it works. It currently states that Alpha Clean Natural Detox helps to eliminate toxins and substances such as caffeine, sugar, and nicotine, as well as prescription and over the counter medicines and drugs.

Often, when trying to withdraw from substances or detox, the body will go through a purging process where many unpleasant side effects may occur as your body is expelling the toxins. But with Alpha Clean Natural Detox, these toxins are expedited faster, leaving fewer uncomfortable side effects from the elimination of these toxins and substances.

Although it does not state explicitly how it works, it does say that it purifies the lymph system to restore the body’s natural balance. The product contains only all-natural ingredients and no synthetics, stimulants, or laxatives. Nutrition facts and ingredients are listed on the product description, so this was a plus at least. The main ingredients are mostly herbs and different roots.

The Alpha Clean Natural Detox supplement is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee – so if it did not work for you or you are simply unhappy with the product or quality you can return it and get your money refunded. So, it is pretty much risk-free if you are on the fence about purchasing it.

There are not many reviews of the product, and there seems to be generally very little information about Alpha Clean Natural Detox on the internet and its parent company as well. But with the ingredients being listed directly on the websites, as well as a money-back guarantee you can at least give it a try, and if it’s not for you, simply request a refund and they will give you your money back.

Alpha Clean Natural Detox: How it Works

Not much information is listed on the websites where Alpha Clean Natural Detox is sold as to how it works. It merely states that it works by cleansing the lymphatic system and restoring a healthy balance to the body, as well as providing energy and supporting the immune system. It doesn’t really touch upon any of the biological explanations as to how it works but simply gives a general overview of what it is supposed to do.

Based on the ingredients, however, it may be inferred that the primary mechanism is to absorb the toxins and flush them out, since there are ingredients like Bentonite Clay, Milk Thistle, Goldenseal Root, and Burdock Root.

Alpha Clean Natural Detox Review | PROS

They were many positives about Alpha Clean Natural Detox, mainly:

  • It is comprised of all-natural ingredients
  • It isn’t too pricey
  • It is simple to use
  • The providers offer a 100% money-back guarantee

Alpha Clean Natural Detox Review | CONS

But just as there are pros, there were also a few cons. Some of the things we didn’t like about Alpha Clean Natural Detox were that:

  • There is not an official website for the product and very little information about the company’s origins and values.
  • It doesn’t state how the product exactly works and the mechanism behind its functioning.
  • There are not many reviews to validate its credibility.

How to Use Alpha Clean Natural Detox

Using Alpha Clean Natural Detox is not as complicated as most other detox regimens. The directions on the box that the bottle came in simply state to take one to three capsules of the alpha clean detox per day with 8 oz of water. There were no other instructions or specifications ,such as how far apart to take them, or if there is any waiting or fasting time before or after taking the capsules either. There are 100 capsules per bottle, and no option to downsize. But there are no instructions as to how long you should take the product for. Many users personally report using the product for 10 days and seeing successful results, however.

With there not being many instructions, it can pretty much be taken whenever, which may or may not be affected by other factors. It is simply unclear as to whether there are any other interactions with these capsules.

Where Can I Get Alpha Clean Natural Detox?

Getting your hands on a bottle of Alpha Clean Natural Detox seemed a little bit ambiguous and unclear. The company does not have an official site or online retail provider. It seems to be just randomly sold on eBay, Amazon, and other third-party detox websites, so many people have concerns if the product they are getting is official and trustworthy. Based on the reviews, though, it seems that it is legit and people have received it in the full, and it is what it says it is. But it would be nice if they had some sort of official site that allowed people to verify the producer and manufacturer.

A few of the third-party detox websites that sell Alpha Clean Natural Detox are Cambridge LSAT,  as well as lifeIRL. The product is double the price on at a total of $50.99. The same product and capsule amount can be found on the Cambridge LSAT website for half the price at $24. I’m not sure as to why there is such a huge price discrepancy, but if you can get it from Cambridge LSAT, then that would seem like the way to go since it is half the price there.

Cambridge LSAT also offers a 10% discount for new customers with the coupon code 7XLFTGE7. The same coupon code can also be used on, but considering that the price is lower on Cambridge LSAT, we suggest getting it there because you can get an additional 10% off of the already more economical price of $24.

Alpha Clean Natural Detox: Final Thoughts

The Alpha Clean Natural Detox is a detox regimen formulated using all-natural ingredients to help flush out your body of unwanted toxins and substances. There’s not a lot of information about the company or it’s provider, so that was a definite minus in our book. There is also no official site or guidance as to how to find the best provider of Alpha Clean, so it could leave many potential consumers confused and in the dark as to a trustworthy way to get the product.

The product did, however, seem to work for many people who did end up purchasing it and managed to pass their drug tests after using the product for 10 days. So, the fact that it worked for a lot of people seemed to be a good sign. The fact that they also provide a 100% money-back guarantee is also a plus because it shows that they stand by their product and will give you your money back, which they do not really want to do – they want it to work.

So overall, Alpha Clean Natural Detox seems to be a good solution for getting rid of unwanted toxins to pass your next drug screening. With all-natural ingredients and the money-back guarantee, there isn’t much to lose since it’s pretty much risk-free. Despite there not being much information on its providers, people do report good results with it based on their reviews. We aren’t exactly super enthusiastic and ecstatic about this product due to the many reasons listed above, but we say it’s worth a go due to it being risk-free and relatively cheap.

If you are looking for a detox product, we’ve tested quite a few different products. Below are the results from products we tried out.

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