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Need to detox fast for an upcoming drug screening? Have no fear, because Ultra Klean has got you covered for all your cleansing needs. Ultra Klean is a company based out of Dublin, California, U.S.A. that has developed a line of products to help you detox as quickly as possible before an upcoming drug screening.

They’ve been around since 1997 and have been dubbed as the ‘best synthetic urine online.’ Their core product for which the company is named, ‘Ultra Klean Synthetic Urine’, is, of course, their primary synthetic urine! The Ultra Klean urine will help you pass any drug test with flying colors because it’s guaranteed to meet the standards of drug-free pee.

But we get that some companies or employers don’t always opt for urine tests. They may use other such methods as hair follicle tests, blood tests, saliva tests, and so on. That’s what makes Ultra Klean so great! They have you covered no matter the circumstance, with a vast array of products to choose from.

When it comes to drug detoxes, there are lots of brands out on the market, and with all the online sellers, it can be a bit overwhelming to make sure you’re making the right choice. But in this brand review, we’ll give you the ins and out of Ultra Klean to help you find the brand and product that’s right for you! They offer solutions to the wide array of drug tests you may need to get through with simple and easy to use products.

So read on to find out more about Ultra Klean and if it’s right for you!

What is Ultra Klean Synthetic Urine?

To start off, we’ll talk about the flagship product from Ultra Klean, the synthetic urine. The Ultra Klean urine is a synthetic pee that mimics the biological composition of human urine. By using this solution, it will be unable to be told apart from actual pee! It contains many of the same things found in human pee (minus the toxins, of course) and everything that the technician will test for in a urine sample.

With science on their side, the creators of this synthetic urine were able to compose a formula with proportions of chemicals and components of human urine in the perfect amount, that will leave the lab technician with no doubt about the authenticity of the sample. The synthetic urine contains urea, creatinine, correct pH levels, and even heat and foam for an even more realistic appearance.

Urea gives the synthetic urine its color and smell. If the synthetic urine didn’t have urea, it would be identified as fake right off the bat. That’s the main ingredient in this solution. In addition, there is creatinine, which is a byproduct of muscles and excreted by the kidneys. The pH level is also between 4.8-8, so it will not raise suspicions in this sphere either.

There are many coupon codes available for Ultra Klean and can be found online through many of the online retailers that sell synthetic urine and other products for passing a drug test.

How Ultra Klean Synthetic Urine Works – A Step By Step Guide

It’s simple, Ultra Klean works by fooling the lab technician into thinking that you took the pee for the drug screening yourself, by giving you a pre-tested urine sample to switch out with. Passing a urine test has never been easier, as long as you follow all the instructions and do exactly as is described in the instruction manual. To properly use Ultra Klean synthetic urine, just follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1

You need to heat the bottle of synthetic urine in the microwave to reach a tepid 90-100 degrees F. This is the typical temperature of human pee. Depending on your microwave, this is usually accomplished within just 10-15 seconds. You do this step at home! The Ultra Klean drug testing kit comes with a heating pad, which will take care of maintaining that temperature. (No, don’t worry, did you actually think you were going to be heating up your fake urine in the break room of your workplace?) Ultra Klean has got you covered!

Step 2

Shake the bottle of Ultra Klean fake urine until all the contents are completely dissolved and absorbed into the solution. You must make sure that it’s completely homogenous, as any undissolved solids will immediately raise a red flag to any technician testing your pee.

Step 3

You need to then activate your heating pad so you can attach it to the bottle with a rubber band. You activate the heating mechanism in the heating pad by simply shaking it. When the pad starts to become warm, place it around the bottle and secure it in place with the rubber band.

Step 4

Squeeze the contents of the bottle into your drug testing cup whenever administered. If you want to create foam, you’ll need to squeeze hard; this will ensure a very true-to-life appearance.

And that’s it! Simple! Just make sure you practice it a few times perhaps, because when it comes to actually giving the fake urine sample, you may be a wee bit more nervous than you had anticipated. And, of course, it’s good to go through a test run for your own sake.

Why Use Ultra Klean Synthetic Urine to Pass a Drug Test?

Ultra Klean Synthetic Urine is a reputable and trustworthy brand to use when you need a helping hand in passing a urine test. The company has been around for over 20 years – going way back to 1997 – so they have had time to thoroughly test and trial to make sure that the synthetic urine is of high-quality and extremely accurate in terms of correct biological composition.

Ultra Klean offers fake pee for a drug test that meets all the criteria to be passed off as actual human pee. From the creatinine and urea to the temperature and pH, the components of this kit have been thoroughly thought through to guarantee a successful drug testing experience. The Ultra Klean drug testing kit gives you everything you need to recreate this, with a set of instructions to make sure you do it as correctly as possible, ensuring a successful urine drug test every time.

If you need fake urine to pass a drug test, Ultra Klean is a top-notch choice in ensuring that your experience goes as smoothly as possible, due to its long history as being a first-class provider of synthetic urine going back as far as 1997.

Highlights of Ultra Klean Synthetic Urine Kits

Using Ultra Klean ensures a quality result. Reviews of Ultra Klean have generated a mostly-positive reputation as one of the top producers of synthetic urine on the market. Ultra Klean urine is formulated using science and research. Through many years, they have come to perfect their product by producing synthetic urine that contains the same proportions of the ingredients that are found in human pee.

They not only give you top-notch urine, but they also provide you with everything you need to make it as believable as possible! If urine is not at the correct temperature, it can easily be instantly noticed as fake. In fact, incorrect temperature is one of the most common reasons any given person would not pass a drug test! Human pee simply isn’t cold, and it isn’t steaming hot. It’s a lukewarm 90-100 degrees. Any higher or any lower and it will raise suspicion!

So overall, Ultra Klean gives you a quality urine sample, straightforward instructions, and also offers a plethora of other products to help you pass other types of drug tests. Employers will often administer a urine test and warn you in advance, but sometimes they do not! This is why we think Ultra Klean is so awesome, as they have products to help you pass any type of drug test, including a urinalysis.

Top Ultra Klean Products

In addition to the Ultra Klean synthetic urine, Ultra Klean has a line of other products, designed to help you pass other types of drug tests such as saliva and hair follicle tests.

Top Ultra Klean Products

Upon reviewing the Ultra Klean products on the website, our favorites were:

#1 Ultra Klean Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine – (4oz)

This is a little bit bigger bottle of urine. Because it’s always good to be prepared, we recommend this slightly larger size. Because you never know if you might spill or what could come along!

#2 Ultra Klean Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine – (2oz)

ultra klean ultra pure synthetic urine – (2oz)

This is the regular size urine that you would use for a urine test. We, of course, recommend this as a top product because it’s their flagship product. It’s also great to buy this smaller size when testing or doing a trial run.

#3 Ultra Klean Saliva Mouthwash

ultra klean saliva mouthwash

This mouthwash is designed to leave your mouth toxin-free! With just a few swishes, you can get rid of all traces of toxins from your mouth in case of a saliva test being utilized instead of a urine test.

#4 Ultra Cleanse Shampoo

This shampoo will cleanse your hair of all elements of drug usage. When a follicle test is used, it can detect any drugs used within the past 3 months! The follicle test is also deemed the most reliable test when it comes to drug testing. Therefore, some employers may opt for this, but not to be worried, Ultra Klean has a shampoo that will leave your hair detoxed and sure to pass a follicle test.

Where to Buy Ultra Klean

One can buy Ultra Klean online at www.ultrakleanurine.com. This is the official site of the products and the place from which we recommend purchasing. Ultra Klean is for sale on other sites as well, but Ultra Klean coupon codes can be found on the official site when they have promotions going on. This may be of interest to those looking for a discount!

They also offer a 500% money back product guarantee on the official site! So if (for some strange reason) you are not totally satisfied with their products, you can be sure that they will refund and replace any item you may want to return. They also offer many different shipping options, including next day rush shipping, so if you have a surprise test coming up, you can be detoxed in no time at all!

My Personal Experience with Ultra Klean

My personal experience with Ultra Klean drug testing kits has been superb. I ordered the Ultra Klean synthetic urine as well as the shampoo based on the brand reviews, which all pointed to show great results. The urine test was extremely easy to use, and very straightforward. Although I wish the bottle had been a little bit better quality, the urine itself was indistinguishable from the real thing. It even stayed hot for nearly an hour and a half after shaking the heating pad.

The shampoo was also very pleasant and of good quality. It didn’t really have a smell and provided a rich lather, making my hair soft and smooth in the process! I felt great knowing that there are such products for follicle and saliva tests out there, so you are covered no matter the situation that may arise!

Final Verdict about Ultra Klean

If you are looking for a brand to supply you with all you need to pass any drug screening test, then look no further than the Ultra Klean Ultimate Detox Line. From the years of research going into their synthetic urine to their full-body detox supplements, mouthwashes, and shampoos, they have everything you need to pass your next drug screening test in a simple and easy to use manner.

Tried and tested, they have a large following and extremely high success rates with their products as long as they are carried out exactly as instructed. They even have a 500% money-back guarantee, so it really shows the confidence with their belief in their product and that you will be completely satisfied with the results.

They offer all kinds of shipping speeds, so you can be sure you have the product on time, even if on short notice, as they have a next day rush shipping option available. Through and through, Ultra Klean should be a go-to brand for anyone searching for a top of the line and trustworthy source of synthetic urine and detox supplements!

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