Pass Your Test Detox Brand: An Option for Drug Test Challenges?

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Wondering how to clean your system for a drug test fast? The following tips and techniques MIGHT just prove to be quite the lifesaver…

According to Statistics Brain, up to 56% of U.S. employers require pre-employment drug tests. While a single test costs a company approximately $40, it is well worth it in the end because it can lead to savings of over $7,000 if the company avoids hiring an employee with a drug abuse problem. Most employment drug tests are urine tests, and an estimated 4.2% of American employees fail annually.

While marijuana is legal for medicinal use in 35 states and recreational use in 15 states (plus Washington D.C.), there are still a large number of states where it is illegal. And as you surely know, failing a drug test can be grounds for automatic dismissal from employment.

As a result, American workers who enjoy a smoke or two (or enjoy using other illicit forms of cannabis) are turning to companies such as for assistance in “passing” those dreaded (and often times unexpected) weed screenings. These organizations sell ‘cleansing’ products that promise to remove toxins from your body to ensure that you pass your drug test.

Before we review some of the products from PassYourTest, though, let’s see what’s actually meant by the term ‘cleansing.’ Because even though this may be the best way to pass a drug test for marijuana users, it still pays to understand how the products work — and how to use them.

How Does a Cleansing Product Work for Weed?

First and foremost, if you use CBD products with minuscule levels of THC (preferably less than 0.1%), your chances of failing a drug test are minimal — not impossible, but minimal. THC is the most “famous” psychoactive compound in marijuana and in most states, if THC shows up in a urinalysis, you will likely be fired.

Regardless of the drug you take, the active compound doesn’t stay in its pure form for very long in the bloodstream. Rather, it breaks down into smaller units in the body via a series of chemical reactions that work to metabolize the compound. Drug tests focus on measuring the level of these “metabolized” units, rather than the actual active drug compound itself.

In the case of marijuana, for instance, THC is known to break down into THC-COOH after the liver processes it, and this is ultimately what urine tests (and other forms of marijuana tests) look for. Generally speaking the “acceptable” range of THC-COOH in the urine is anywhere from 20 ng/ml to 100 ng/ml, depending on the cutoff limit that the employer sets. For a lot of employers 50 ng/ml of THC is the normal cutoff level, so if your THC urinalysis screening shows up any higher than this, you’ll likely fail the test.

However, it also pays to understand how “frequency of marijuana use” can affect THC levels in an individual’s blood or urine. If you seldom smoke marijuana (i.e. once or twice a month), the active THC compound (or more appropriately the THC-COOH metabolite) will probably stay in your system for 3 to 6 days.

For regular users (people who smoke weed between 2 and 5 times a week), it can stay anywhere from 10 to 12 days. And if you are a heavy, everyday type smoker, it could take up to two months for the THC metabolites to completely leave the system!

While some detox drinks (and other detox products for drug tests) do nothing more than ‘mask’ your THC-COOH levels, the best products (i.e. the ones we’re going to be looking at below) work to completely remove the metabolites.

Most products will typically offer cleanses that work either as a single day detox (best for light smokers), or a full-bore 10-day detox (which is essential for heavy smokers). offers several varieties of these detox options, so let’s see if they are worth your cash.

Who Is PassYourTest & What Do They Offer?

who is passyourtest & what do they offer? is one of several companies owned by Veritas Sales, LLC. The company has been around for more than a decade, and their Nutra Cleanse products on sale are created in FDA Certified GMP Labs right here within the US. Every one of their detoxes contains herbs, vitamins, and other natural metabolic compounds that are known to break THC-COOH metabolites down into smaller, “undetectable” compounds.

We’ve heard a few people out there say that PassYourTest is the fastest way to clean out your system for a drug test, but how true is this? They currently offer four different categories of products with a few selections per category. Let’s take a brief look at some of the most popular ones that cannabis users have been using to pass THC drug tests.

Same Day Cleanse

The Nutra Cleanse Fast Acting “Clean Shots” and “Clean Caps” are short-term drug test solutions that work within 90 minutes (most people take them about 2-3 hours before their drug screening).

Rather than completely removing THC-COOH metabolites like the longer, multiple day detoxes do, these liquid concentrates work to “mask” the metabolites temporarily so that your body is free of unwanted toxins for up to six hours. As such, these are really the only way to go if you have a drug screening spring up on you out of nowhere, and don’t have time to carry out a complete detox.

Many weed users have had success with these and were able to pass their test at the very last minute. In any regard, you can be certain that they’re a better option than just drinking a ton of water and hoping to pass through “dilution.”

The Fast Acting Clean Shot Kit comes with a 2.5 oz drink (many say it is far and away the best detox drink to pass drug test) and four capsules for $59.95. You can also get the Fail Safe Kit (which includes 12 Clean Caps capsules on top of the Clean Shot Kit), for $89.95. The Fail Safe Kit is definitely recommended for heavy weed users that know they’ve got a lot of toxins in their system, and/or user that don’t want to take any chances at all in failing their drug test.

Permanent Cleanse

pass your test

The Nutra Cleanse Permanent Cleanse detox program is definitely the recommended option if you’ve got a little bit of time before you have to take your drug test. In other words, it’s not exactly the fastest way to clean your system. The products incorporate a “pre-detox diet” in addition to the daily capsules and supplements that you’ll be taking to permanently remove all toxins from your system.

The good news is this detox comes in a 5 or 10-day option, so no matter how much time you’ve got before your drug screening, there’s likely a feasible option for you (keep in mind, however, that you’ll have to account for shipping time as well).

The permanent cleanses use both a pre-cleansing formula and daily detoxifying supplements to metabolize and remove all unwanted toxins, rather than simply masking them as the Fast Acting kits do. If you’re a heavy cannabis user and know you have a lot of toxins in your system that you’ll need to metabolize before passing a drug screening, these are no doubt the way to go.

Prices are as follows for the Nutra Cleanse Permanent Cleansing Programs:

  • 5-day Extreme Detox Program – $109.95
  • 10-day Ultra Detox Program – $149.95

While this may seem like a lot of money, just bear in mind that it’s an extremely small price to pay if it means the difference between passing your drug test and keeping your job or not, or getting hired for a new job.

In terms of which detox program would be best for you, we would always advise to get the one in which you have the most amount of time for. For instance if you know have two weeks before your drug test, we would advise going with the 10-day program instead of the 5-day, even though it costs substantially more. *Also, if you’re 250 lbs or more it’s highly recommended to go with the 10-day program over the shorter one (if, of course, you’ve got the time).*

And lastly, be advised that the 5 and 10-day Permanent Cleanses have been developed primarily for urine drug tests. If you want to completely detox your hair and blood as well, you’ll definitely want to go with the Extreme Total Body Cleanse Program. Just for greater ease of mind, every Nutra Cleanse Permanent Cleanse program comes with 2 free home test kits so you can ensure that you’re “clean” before the actual drug screening.

Total Body Cleanse

total body cleanse

The Nutra Cleanse Extreme Total Body Cleanse includes the 5-day Permanent Cleanse, as well as a supplemental bottle of the Two Steps Ahead Cleansing Shampoo. This option is ideal if you know that your hair will be tested for THC in addition to your urine. This selection also comes with two free THC or nicotine at-home tests.

There’s also a more expensive Ultra Total Body Cleanse as well that sells for $219.95. It is essentially the same thing as the Extreme Total Body Cleanse, except that it contains the 10-day program instead of the 5-day and comes with three free at-home tests instead of just two.

Home Testing Kits

home testing kits

In our opinion, home testing kits are absolutely vital if you want to have any peace of mind at all about whether your detox product for drug test is working or not. Nutra Cleanse has tests for THC and nicotine, and the best part is you can buy them separately (i.e. you don’t have to purchase a complete Total Body Program just to get the testing kit).

The Single Panel THC test, for example, costs just $19.95, and detects any THC-COOH levels above 50 ng/ml (which as we mentioned earlier is the normal “cutoff” for a lot of employers). PassYourTest claims that the kits are 99% accurate with results available in minutes, and we’ve got to say that these numbers seem to be pretty on-point and reliable, at least in our experience.

Can You Rely on’s Products?

At the end of the day, regardless of what any company out there claims or is saying, there is no product on earth that can “guarantee” you pass an upcoming drug test. There are too many different factors that come into play, including your size/weight, how much THC you’ve already got in your system, and how accurately you follow the instructions on the detox program.

That being said, the Nutra Cleanse products on honestly seem to be some of the best and most reliable on the market. With marijuana use having skyrocketed in recent years due to increased availability and legalization, dozens of other “detox” companies have sprung out of the woodwork and are now offering cheap, low-quality products. You’ll want to stay away from these, however, as they’re legitimately about as effective as drinking a bottle of water and eating a mango a half-hour before your drug test.

Nutra Cleanse, on the other hand, has been doing this for over 20 years and we feel they’ve mastered the process of what it takes to successfully metabolize THC into smaller components that can be excreted from cell and tissue systems in the body (including blood, urine, saliva, and hair).

One of our team members, for example, combined a Nutra Cleanse 5-day program with the old-fashioned “drink a jug of water before your test” trick, and she passed both of the THC home test kits with flying colors even though she smokes probably more than anyone here.

Again, though, bear in mind that you shouldn’t take any of these products as a guarantee that you’ll pass your test. If you follow all of the instructions to a T then they’ll no doubt increase your chances astronomically. Still, there’s nothing out there that’s a 100% fail-safe (except of course out-and-out abstinence for months at a time).

However, all Nutra Cleanse products are backed by a “Satisfaction Guarantee,” so if you purchase one of the programs and it doesn’t work for you, you can apparently return it for a refund (although we have no experience with this process so aren’t sure exactly how it works).

Is the Best Way to Pass a Drug Test?

Again, this is a subjective question as there is any number of proven methods out there that cannabis users claim will help you pass a drug test. Some OG potheads will swear on their mother’s life that all you have to do is drink a gallon of water and eat half a loaf of bread before your screening, while others say that nothing at all works except 30+ day abstinence breaks (in other words, not smoking weed for at least 30 days).

However, we’ve legitimately heard of heavy weed smokers having failed drug tests even after going on 30+ day abstinence breaks (and if you check out this article on how long THC actually stays in your system, you’ll indeed see that traceable metabolites can remain present in tissue systems for as many as 90 days after smoking).

With that in mind, it is our recommendation that if you want the best shot possible at passing an important drug test, the Nutra Cleanse products from are a great way to go; and a small investment to make if it means the difference of keeping your job or not. In our opinion they’re one of the most reliable brands in the industry and compared to other products that we’ve tried/heard about, they produce far more reliable results; in particular, the multi-day Permanent Cleanse programs.

All in all, if you’re going to buy detox to pass a drug test, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything more reliable or effective than the stuff available on PassYourTest.

Final Thoughts on and Nutra Cleanse Detox Products

We’ll say it again that if you’ve made the decision to spend some money on a weed detox for an upcoming drug test, you’ll be unlikely to find few options more reliable than a Nutra Cleanse product. If you’re in a massive jam and have an upcoming screening in a matter of days, their “Fast Acting” line is probably the way to go.

However, if you’ve got more time to prepare, you really cannot go wrong by using one of their Permanent Cleanse Multi-Day Programs. Just be sure to follow the instructions step-by-step as closely as you can if you want to achieve the best results.

(Pro Tip: The best way you can test ANY detox product is simply to purchase a home drug test kit, and see if you pass before you go and do the real test).

If you’ve tried any of the Nutra Cleanse products on PassYourTest, we would love to hear your experience – feel free to leave your review in the comments below, or visit us on our Facebook page.

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