UPass Synthetic Urine Review

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Drug tests are the bane of many workers’ existences. It can be scary trying to pass a drug test and fearing for your job just because you used weed on a day off. The UPass synthetic urine test is just one product on the market attempting to make life easier. It works by replicating the chemical composition of human urine.

While we are not advocating for dishonesty (there are other ways to detox), the reality is that fake urine kits are used by millions. Unlike hair follicle tests, urine tests are relatively standard across the country and are more likely what you will encounter. It makes sense that synthetic urine exists.

What Is The Upass Synthetic Urine Test?

UPass aims to replicate real human urine with everything down to the temperature. By carefully analyzing the properties and chemicals in actual urine, scientists have been able to recreate a synthetic formula almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

The urine kit replicates the specific conditions of creatinine, pH, and even color. By most accounts, the kits work with fantastic accuracy.

The technicalities of synthetic urine tests are complex. Still, the instructions provided with the UPass kit are straightforward to follow and allow almost anyone to submit a fake urine test.

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Why Upass?

Believe it or not, these types of urine kits are big business. There is an assortment of different brands and products to choose from, but Upass is an old hand in the industry, and its product line is easily one of the most reputable on the market.

In this brief product summary, we will highlight the details of using UPass successfully. We talk about what the product is and how it can be used to ensure maximum results. We will also share our personal opinions on our experience using the Upass Kit.

UPass synthetic urine kits replicate the actual chemical conditions of urine and help most cannabis users easily pass their drug test.

Again, we are not advocating for the use of a synthetic urine test. The reality is, however, that these products are readily available for order online, and they’re used by millions. Our simple goal is to inform readers on how to use them safely so they can have a successful and smooth experience when the time comes to pass their test.

How the UPass Synthetic Urine Test Works

Despite learning the basics, you may still be wondering; what exactly is the UPass synthetic urine test?

The UPass synthetic urine test is a step-by-step kit designed to help people pass a drug screening. People use it for work, sport, and other occasions where drug testing is mandated. UPass is regarded by many as the best kit on the market.

But how does it all work?

It begins with a lot of science and research. The people behind this brand have put a lot of time and effort into mimicking the critical components of human urine.

Key Ingredients

One human urine’s first and primary ingredients is urea, also known as carbamide. Urea is the substance that gives pee its smell and color. A test without urea in it would be instantly identified as fake.

Another key ingredient in the UPass formula is creatinine. Creatinine is a chemical waste product produced by the body’s muscles and excreted through the kidneys. Without normal creatinine levels, a person’s urine sample is also sure to be seen as a fake by the drug tester.

UPass fake urine kits also do an incredible job of mimicking balanced pH levels. The pH content of urine is usually between 4.8 and 8; to make it past inspection, it needs to be within this range. UPass has done an incredible job making sure its products meet these various criteria.

There are other parameters (i.e. replicating temperature, foam, and specific gravity) that need to be executed by the user in order to mimic the exact conditions of a natural urine sample. The kit comes with a hand-warmer that is used to heat the sample to a realistic temperature of 98˚F (37˚C), which is the usual temperature for pee. The kit also comes with a squeeze bottle to recreate stream pressure that generates foam.

Put simply, a lot of thought has been put into the UPass product line. The synthetic urine basically tricks the drug testers/laboratory into thinking the sample is authentic. As long as you follow the kit’s instructions carefully, the UPass urine kit will almost certainly help you pass a urine test.

You will want to practice the process a few times, especially since you’re likely to be nervous when the time actually comes to give your fake urine sample.

How to Use the UPass Synthetic Urine Kit


The first step is to heat the bottle of urine included in the kit in the microwave. The internal temperature of urine is anywhere from 94-100˚F (34-38˚C). Depending on your microwave and its wattage, the time to reach this temperature varies, but it’s usually around 10 to 15 seconds. Do this at home, then use the hand warmer to maintain the temperature (it lasts about 2 hours). If you need to maintain the temperature for longer, you can purchase additional hand warmers to extend the time.


With the bottle of urine from the UPass drug testing kit heated to the precise temperature, you’ll then need to shake the bottle until its contents are thoroughly dissolved. There should be nothing grainy remaining.


Secure the heating pad to the bottle of UPass fake urine. This is easily done with a rubber band that’s included in the kit.


The amount of UPass fake urine in the synthetic drug testing kit contains exactly three ounces of fake pee. Most users dump a little out so it’s not a perfect three-ounce sample (which may raise suspicions).

Why Use the UPass Synthetic Urine Kit?

In short, people use the UPass drug testing kit when they need to pass a drug screening. Of course, this kit only works for urinalysis and not for other methods like hair or saliva screenings. However, since urine tests are the most commonly used screening method, products like UPass are very widely used.

UPass urine also goes through rigorous inspections to make sure each sample is accurate. This is of course crucially important when using fake pee for a drug test.

UPass urine kits go through rigorous inspection to make sure all internal components are accurate.

All in all, the rigorous science and testing that goes into the kit ensures a high success rate. By replicating conditions of pH, creatinine, foam, heat, specific gravity, and other internal urine contents, it will look as if you just took the urine sample yourself.

For those looking for a reliable synthetic urine testing kit, UPass is a good option. The kits are simple to use, and many regard their quality as the best on the market.

The kits can be used to fake a variety of drug screenings, and have helped save the job of many in a society that has still not yet come to accept the benefits of medical marijuana and other therapeutic substances.

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UPass Synthetic Urine Kit: Additional Highlights

We’ve covered most of the basics of the UPass synthetic urine kit, but depending on your budget and what exactly you’re looking for, the company does offer other Upass urine products. The synthetic urine inside each UPass kit is more or less the same, but some kits contain supplementary components, like biocide, which work to inhibit unwanted bacteria that may show up on a screening.

To find the right UPass urine kit for your needs, you’ll want to go to the company’s official website and browse the complete product line.

You’ll also want to be sure to read plenty of reviews. UPass synthetic urine reviews have given us insight into the many people who have used this product, and by most accounts, the kits work very well in terms of helping successfully submit a fake drug test. Users also compliment the product’s simplicity and ease of use.

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As long as you carry out all steps properly, there should be no reason for the fake urine sample to fail on you. The temperature, foam, and shaking should all be done with carefulness in order to meet all requisite conditions. If the sample is too hot, for example, or too foamy or not completely dissolved, this may alert the technician testing your urine that something is not up to par.

As you can see, the UPass kit has many pros. It is easy to use, comes with simple-to-follow instructions, and is tested to ensure a chemical composition that leaves little-to-no suspicion of a fake urine test. There should be no problem in achieving optimal results with all the essential components in the test – just make sure you practice in advance and are prepared, as you may get nervous when the time comes.

UPass Synthetic Urine 8.4 Kit

The UPass synthetic urine product line has undergone several variations over the years. The UPass label has been around for years, and the current version of the kit is the “UPass 8.4,” though this is likely to be updated again in the future.


Included in the UPass 8.4 kit is everything you need for a successful fake urine test. You’ll get:

  • Three ounces of UPass synthetic urine
  • A special bottle to store the urine in that helps in retaining all the heat from the microwave
  • A heating pad
  • A rubber band to secure the heating pad to the special heat-retaining bottle
  • Complete step-by-step instructions on how to use Upass 8.4

The UPass product is currently on sale for $38.95 (it’s usually $48.95) on third-party sites or $29.95 from the official website, but we’ve seen it for sale for as little as $18 if you have the right coupons, or if there’s a promotion running. For the best deal, be sure to shop using the link below to activate any available discount codes.

And lastly, be sure to read other UPass product reviews from people that have actually bought (and used) the product themselves. This will provide you with an additional range of insight so that, when the time comes to use the kit, you’ll be more than ready.

Where to Buy UPass 8.4 Online

You can easily buy UPass synthetic urine and find it for sale in a few different online stores. The most popular sites that offer UPass 8.4 for sale online are buyfakeurine.com, and upasssyntheticurine.com.

The best way to buy UPass synthetic urine, in our opinion, is from the official site – upasssyntheticurine.com. Of course, if you find UPass coupon codes or discounts, you could just as well buy it from other sites.

Currently, Upass urine is on sale for $29.95 via the official site. It’s a little more expensive on buyfakeurine.com. It’s pretty much up to you where you feel is best to purchase it, based on price, but if you’re wanting to order a synthetic drug testing kit online, these two sites seem to be the most reputable.

UPass urine kits are safe, affordable, and available for rush two-day shipping.

Unfortunately, UPass cannot be bought in stores at the moment. If you are planning on using cannabis and currently have a job that may drug test you, it may be best to stock up on synthetic urine kits beforehand. This will ensure you are always prepared and can easily fake your drug test whenever the time should come.

It is worth pointing out that neither of these above-mentioned sites ship to P.O. boxes – you’ll need to give a home address. On buyfakeurine.com there is a deal of buy 3, get the 4th free – this is an excellent way to save money, and have plenty of kits at your disposal.

UPass products ship from Cincinnati, Ohio, and have an option for 2-day express shipping. They also have a plethora of other products, such as a leg strap for an even more realistic approach to help you pass a test. You never know the circumstances under which the test may be administered, so it’s always best to be prepared.

Our Personal Experience with the UPass Testing Kit

After trying UPass out ourselves, we found it to be a very straightforward and simple kit. We ordered from the official site, upasssyntheticurine.com, and it arrived within four business days under the standard shipping method. The UPass drug testing kit was nicely packaged and had all the items stated on the website.

And make no mistake – UPass synthetic urine looks exactly like real pee! It smells like pee, and has the same consistency, too. This was a definite plus to actually see this in person. Every review we had read was accurate, and it checked out to be exactly as we were expecting

When using the kit, we followed all the steps to a tee; first putting the UPass urine in the microwave, and then shaking it up. Everything in the bottle fully dissolved and was homogenous. After strapping the heat warmer, we tested to see how long it stayed warm, and it was a little under 2 hours. In all fairness to the company, it was pretty cold in the room where we did the test, so this may have had an effect on the lasting of the heat pad. In any case, you can always buy more hand warmers to maintain a consistent temperature.

After heating, we squeezed the bottle into a little cup to make sure it would foam up and look like real pee, and it was. It honestly was as if we had just urinated into a cup. This is no doubt a great product, and if used right, is sure to leave lab technicians with little suspicion that your pee is synthetic.

Final Verdict About the UPass Synthetic Urine Kit

All in all, the Upass synthetic urine test is an effective and easy way to get past drug screenings – and potentially save your job. The UPass kit contains everything you need and is as hassle-free and simple as one could ask for. UPass urine contains all the essential chemicals and substances that a lab technician would find in a real urine sample. The heat and the squeeze bottle are also important for helping replicate temperature, foam, and specific gravity.

The price is not bad either, and kits can be ordered quickly and discreetly with the option of 2-day rush shipping. If you’re wanting to give UPass a try on your next drug screening, it definitely should do the job – as long as you follow the instructions and, of course, have it on time before you get tested.

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