UPass Synthetic Urine Review [2020 Review!]

Worried about passing an upcoming drug test at work? Depending on which type they administer, it can easily be bypassed. Although we can’t help you with hair follicle tests, a urine test is definitely something that can be faked. With the UPass synthetic urine test, you can pass a drug test easily with the help of the masterminds behind this synthetic urine test.

The UPass urine test replicates real human urine, including the temperature. After carefully analyzing the properties and external conditions of urine, scientists have been able to recreate a solution you can put into a cup to get past any random drug screenings. With the right amounts of creatinine, urine, pH, color, and gravity to create foam, your urine test will be unable to be differentiated from a real sample of urine.

Synthetic urine tests are almost 100% accurate, as long as they are done properly and you choose a reputable brand. The technicalities of synthetic urine tests are a bit complex, but if you follow all the instructions exactly as they are, you should have no problem submitting a successful fake urine test.

Because passing a drug test is no laughing matter, it’s important to choose a reliable brand such as UPass and do it right! That’s where we come in. We will give you the ins and outs on all you need to know about using UPass, what it is, and how you can ensure maximum results. We will also tell you our personal opinions on our experience in using the Upass Kit.

If you’re facing an upcoming drug screening and need to find a reliable synthetic urine test, we will supply you with all the information you need to have a successful and smooth experience and pass that test!

What Is Upass Synthetic Urine Test?

So by now, you’re probably wondering – what exactly IS the UPass synthetic urine test? The UPass synthetic urine test is a step-by-step kit that gives you all you need to successfully pass a drug screening. Whether you need it for work or for sports, or whatever occasion arises, UPass urine will be sure to help you pass those tests.

It starts off with a lot of science and research. The people behind UPass have put a lot of time into finding the perfect amount of all key components of human urine, as well as the external conditions of it.

One of the first and main ingredients in human pee is urea, also known as carbamide. Urea is the substance gives pee its smell and color. A test without urea in it would be instantly identified as fake.

The next substance that’s in UPass is creatinine. Creatinine is a chemical waste product produced by your muscles and excreted through your kidneys. Without creatinine, your pee is also sure to be seen as a fake by the drug tester.

All of UPass fake urine has a balanced pH as well. The pH content of urine is usually between 4.8 to 8. To make it past inspection, it needs to be within this range. UPass is sure that all their products meet these criteria.

In addition to this, the right temperature and foam can be replicated with a little work from the user. The kit comes with a hand-warmer you can use to heat the pee sample to the realistic temperature of 98 degrees F (the usual temperature of pee). It also comes in a squeeze bottle, so you can create pressure and gravity and make real foam (as if you just took an intense whizz).

How UPass Synthetic Urine Test Works

UPass works in a very simple way: It tricks the drug testers/laboratory into thinking the pee sample you have just given is authentic. The UPass urine kit will help you with passing a urine test as long as you follow all the instructions very carefully. You may even need to practice it a few times, as you will probably be nervous when the time actually comes to give your fake urine sample.



The first step is to heat the bottle of urine included in the kit in the microwave. The internal temperature of the urine should be anywhere from 94 to 100 degrees F. Depending on your microwave and its wattage, the time to reach this temperature varies, but it’s usually around 10 to 15 seconds. You do this at home, and simply keep the hand warmer around the bottle to maintain the temperature throughout the day.

The handwarmer will keep the temperature for around 2 hours. So, if you don’t take it within this time frame, you can purchase additional hand warmers to extend the time.

Note: Heating at home in the microwave with the usage of hand warmers is the best way to make sure you do not get caught microwaving something suspicious before your drug test. This allows for ultimate discretion.


After the bottle of urine from the UPass drug testing kit is thoroughly heated to the precise temperature range, you need to shake the bottle until all its contents are thoroughly incorporated and dissolved. There can be nothing grainy still remaining, as that will give away all your efforts.


You need to secure the heating pad to the bottle of UPass fake urine. This can easily be done with a rubber band.


The amount of UPass fake urine in the synthetic drug testing kit contains exactly 3 ounces of fake pee. When you take your test, be SURE to dump a little, so it’s not a perfect 3 ounce sample. This will raise suspicions if it is, so it’s best to play it safe and go with just a little bit less to make it an imperfect amount.

Why Use UPass Synthetic Urine Kit?

The UPass drug testing kit should be used when you need fake urine to pass a drug test. It will not work for other methods of testing for the presence of drugs; it only works for passing a urine drug test. The urine drug test is the most commonly used amongst employers, so it should not be hard to get past as long as you have a UPass kit on hand and are prepared for it if you are a regular cannabis/drug user.

UPass urine goes through rigorous inspections to make sure of the most successful and hassle-free synthetic test. The fake pee for a drug test will not be able to be differentiated from a regular sample of pee due to all the science and testing that goes into the product to ensure a high success rate. With the pH, creatinine, foam, heat, and all the internal contents of pee, it will look as if you just took the urine sample yourself.

If you are looking for a synthetic urine testing kit, UPass is an excellent choice due to the simplicity of usage and quality of the product. It has a high rating and success rate from other users and can be used to fake any drug screening. It could save your job in a society that has not all come to accept the many medical benefits of medical marijuana, even when it’s legal in the state.

UPass Synthetic Urine Kit Highlights

The UPass synthetic urine kit is a great choice when wanting to bypass the pesky drug screenings that are so common in today’s work world. The UPass urine kit contains all you need to do this successfully.

The synthetic urine inside the UPass kit contains a nearly exact chemical replica of human pee, minus the toxins. It has the adequate levels of all the main components of human pee; the smell, color, pH, creatinine, and more. The upass urine will be sure to fool any technician testing your pee, because it will be so identical to the real thing!

UPass synthetic urine reviews have given us insight into the many people who have used this product successfully to submit a fake drug test. Many users have complimented the product on its mere simplicity to use, as well as how well it just looks like actual urine.

As long as you do it properly, there should be no reason for the fake urine to fail on you. The temperature, foam, and shaking should all be done with carefulness, so as all the conditions are met. If it is too hot, too foamy, or not completely dissolved, this will immediately alert the technician testing your urine that something is not up to par.

So overall, the UPass kit has many great pros to it. It is easy to use, comes with simple-to-follow instructions, and is tested to ensure a chemical composition that will leave no suspicion of a fake urine test if done correctly. There should be no problem in achieving the optimal results with all the essential components in the test. Just make sure you practice well in advance so you are prepared, as you may get nervous when the time comes.

UPass Synthetic Urine PRODUCT

UPass Synthetic Urine PRODUCT



UPass synthetic urine is an excellent product to turn to if you are facing an upcoming drug test at work or for sports that is executed through means of urine. The UPass product also goes by the name ‘UPass 8.4,’ so don’t be confused if you see two different names; they are still the same great product.

Included in the UPass 8.4 kit is everything you need for a successful fake urine test.

You get:

  • 3 ounces of UPass synthetic urine
  • A special bottle to store the urine in that helps in retaining all the heat from the microwave
  • A heating pad
  • A rubber band to secure the heating pad to the special heat-retaining bottle
  • Complete and simple instructions on how to use upass 8.4

The UPass product runs for about $30 on average, but has been seen for as low as $18 if you have the right coupons, or if it’s on sale. UPass product reviews have shown many users using discount coupons on the product to bring the price down, but overall, it’s not too badly priced considering that it could potentially save your job and livelihood.

Where to Buy UPass 8.4 – Online retailers

You can easily buy UPass synthetic urine for sale from online retailers. UPass 8.4 is for sale on websites such as buyfakeurine.com and upasssyntheticurine.com. The best way to buy UPass synthetic urine in our opinion is from the official site, which is upasssyntheticurine.com. However, if you find UPass coupon codes or discounts, you could just as well buy it from other sites.

On the official site, the price for upass urine is $29.95. It is the same price on buyfakeurine.com as well. It’s pretty much up to you where you feel is best to purchase it, based on price, but these two sites seem to be the most reputable in our opinion.

UPass, unfortunately, cannot be bought in stores at the current moment. If you are planning on using cannabis and currently have a job that may drug test you, it’s best to stock up on some synthetic urine kits beforehand. This will ensure you are always prepared and can easily fake your drug test whenever the time should come, should they decide to test you.

With the information provided, you can order yourself a synthetic drug testing kit. They do not ship to P.O. boxes, so be prepared to give a home address. On buyfakeurine.com there is a deal of buy 3, get the 4th free – an excellent idea to save money and have plenty at your disposal for your own use or to give away to some of your friends.

The products ship from Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. And have the option for 2-day express shipping! They also have a plethora of other products to help you pass the test such as a leg strap, for an even more realistic approach, because you never know the circumstances under which the test may be administered.

My Personal Experience with UPass Testing Kit

Upon trying UPass out myself, I found it to be a very straightforward and simple kit. I ordered mine from the official site, upasssyntheticurine.com, and it arrived within about 4 business days under the standard shipping method. The UPass drug testing kit was nicely packaged and had all the items stated on the website. The UPass synthetic urine looked exactly like real pee! It smelled like pee and had the same consistency, too. A definite plus to see this in person for myself. The brand review was right, and it checked out to be exactly as I had hoped for.

I followed all the steps, first putting the UPass urine in the microwave and then shaking it up. Everything in the bottle fully dissolved and was homogenous. After strapping the heat warmer, I tested to see how long it stayed warm, and it was a little under 2 hours. All fairness to the company, it was pretty cold in my apartment, so that may have had an effect on the lasting of the heat pad. But in any case, you can always buy more hand warmers to extend the temperature maintenance.

After the heating experiment, I squeezed the bottle into a little cup, to make sure it would foam up and look like real pee. I just had to double-check that the final product I would hand in would be perfect, and it was pretty much just as if I had taken a real pee into a cup. This is definitely a great product and will leave any lab technician with no suspicions that your pee is synthetic.

Final Verdict about UPass Synthetic Urine Kit

Overall, the upass synthetic urine test is an effective and easy way to get past those pesky drug screenings and potentially save your job. The UPass kit contains all you need to do so as hassle-free and simple as one could ask for. The UPass urine contains all the essential chemicals and substances that a lab technician would find in a real urine sample. The heat and the squeeze bottle also give you the effect of having just taken the pee.

The price is not bad either, and it can be ordered quickly and discreetly, with the option of 2-day rush shipping. So go ahead and give UPass a try on your next drug screening – it definitely should do the job, as long as you follow the instructions and, of course, have it on time before you get tested; so order soon!