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It has become common practice for companies to include drug testing as part of their recruitment process. It is an easy way to decide between the last few candidates, and learn a lot more about future employees than what can be revealed in an interview.

Companies tend to use urine samples in order to carry out these drugs tests, with it being the cheapest and quickest method. A small cup of urine can provide your employer with a lot more information than you would think. This includes your medical history, and any drugs in your system. Some companies do not stop at a straightforward drug test to secure the job; they carry out surprise drug tests on employees with little warning at any point during employment.

Being asked to take part in a drug test is nerve-wracking, even when you know you are completely innocent. All it takes is a poppy seed muffin on the morning of the test and your dream job could vanish before your eyes. Even when your job is not dependent on passing the test, a sample of urine could give your employer more information than you care to share.

Quick Fix has come up with a solution, providing customers with a guaranteed method of passing urine-based drug tests without having to use their own urine. Quick Fix synthetic urine has been carefully designed to resemble real human urine so that laboratory technicians cannot tell the difference.

While Quick Fix urine is not the first brand of synthetic urine to exist, it is the only company that guarantees a 100% success rate. Let’s take a look at what makes Quick Fix synthetic urine so special.

What is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

Quick Fix specializes in products designed to ensure you can walk into every drug test with confidence and pass with flying colors. The brand has become famous as a result of their Quick Fix synthetic urine, guaranteed to get you through any urine-based drug test. Quick Fix urine has a 100% success rate when used correctly, and Quick Fix is so confident in their products that they offer a money-back guarantee.

Quick Fix urine has been designed to be indistinguishable from human urine in terms of its appearance, smell, and chemical structure. Lab technicians are not able to tell the difference between Quick Fix urine and human urine due to its identical molecular structure, correct pH balance, and creatine content. Quick Fix urine is sometimes even used in laboratories to calibrate machinery and testing equipment because of its identical chemical structure.

With Quick Fix becoming the most popular brand of synthetic urine, it is easy to bag yourself a bargain; a quick Google search reveals a huge range of different Quick Fix coupon codes that could save you both money and your job.

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How It Works | Quick Fix Explanation

Quick Fix synthetic urine has been designed with convenience in mind, turning a stressful experience into an act as simple as pouring a glass of orange juice. Sometimes using your own urine is just not an option when it comes to passing a urine test, or maybe you do not feel comfortable with sharing such personal information with your future employer. Regardless of your reasons, synthetic urine is your only guaranteed way to pass a drug test, worry-free.

Quick Fix synthetic urine could not be easier to use, simply follow these quick steps and you are ready sure to pass even the toughest of drug tests.

Step 01

Preparing your Quick Fix fake urine on the morning of your drug test should take less than 5 minutes, slotting perfectly into your busy morning routine. Remove the bottle of synthetic urine from the packaging and pop off the cap. Place the bottle in the microwave for 10 seconds, if you do not have access to a microwave, do not worry; you can still use Quick Fix’s fake urine. Each package contains a heating pad. Attach this to the bottle and leave for around 45 minutes until the bottle reaches the desired temperature of 92-98 degrees. While this method might not be as quick as using a microwave, with a little advanced planning, it works perfectly.

Step 02

Remove the bottle of urine from the microwave and check that it has reached the correct temperature using the temperature strip provided. You should be aiming for a temperature of 92-98 degrees, as this is the same temperature as human urine when it leaves our bodies. If the temperature strip shows less than 90 degrees, place it back in the microwave for a further 3 seconds. If the temperature strip does not work, this means that the bottle is too hot and you will need to leave it to cool down before testing.

Step 03

Once you have achieved the correct temperature, place the lid back on the bottle and unwrap the heating pad provided. Shake the pad to activate the heating elements and then attach the pad to the bottle, on the opposite side to the temperature strip. The heating pad has the ability to keep the bottle of urine at the correct temperature for 8 hours, meaning that you can prepare your synthetic urine before work even when you know the test will take place in the afternoon.

Quick Fix recommends that you attach the bottle of urine to your body; this not only keeps the urine warm meaning you do not have to use the heating pad, but it also allows you to discreetly take the bottle into the testing room without anyone noticing. You can, of course, pop the urine bottle into your pocket or bag, but this could cause problems if you are searched or you are not allowed to take anything into the testing room with you.

Step 04

During the test, you will be given a small container for you to urinate into and should be directed towards a cubicle. Rather than actually urinating into the provided pot, take your bottle of Quick Fix synthetic urine, give it a shake and empty it into the container. Shaking the bottle creates small bubbles just like in real urine, adding an extra layer of authenticity. All that is left to do is hand in your urine sample and wait for results showing that you passed the test, thanks to Quick Fix drug testing solutions.

Why Use Quick Fix?

Companies choose to drug test their employees for a number of reasons; the main one is to detect any illegal substances such as cocaine, cannabis, and amphetamines. Urine tests can also be used to test for medical conditions and to get a better understanding of a person’s overall health. It is a clever way for a company to ensure they are not hiring someone with undisclosed medical conditions that could affect their work performance.

When you consider that urine samples are often used by doctors to diagnose a wide range of conditions, you start to get a better idea of exactly how much an employer can learn about you from just a small pot of urine. Using Quickfix urine not only makes passing a urine test a stress-free experience, but it also prevents your employer from snooping through your medical history and potentially discriminating against you for health reasons you do not even know they are aware of.

By choosing Quick fix drug testing products, you are guaranteeing that you will pass a urine drug test and that no matter how thorough the lab technician is, no one will ever suspect that you used fake urine to pass a drug test.

One of the great things about Quick Fix’s urine is that it has the most extended shelf life when compared to other brands of synthetic urine, lasting up to two years after purchase. You can even reheat bottles of urine as many times as you wish without the chemical structure of the urine becoming compromised. This means that if you work for a company that has a habit of surprising employees with same day testing, you can simply reheat your bottle of Quick Fix urine every morning and take it with you to work ready for testing.

Other Brand Highlights

Quick Fix is aware that using fake pee for drug tests is not something you want to shout from the rooftops, and so it packs all of its products in discreet packaging with no brand labeling on the outer box. Your purchase will also appear under a nondescript name on your credit card bill, preventing anyone from asking unwanted questions.

Quick Fix has your back and knows that companies love to surprise you by announcing that they will be carrying out random drug tests the following day, this is why they offer an overnight shipping option. The express service ensures that you receive your package before 10am and are ready for testing.

Quick Fix fake urine is not limited to passing work-based drug tests; it actually has a number of other uses which you might not automatically think of when you hear the words ‘synthetic urine’. Game hunters often use fake urine as it masks human scent and prevents animals from becoming scared and running away. Wildlife photographers also use it for similar reasons, allowing them to get the perfect shot. Another popular use is to repel certain animals and stop them from damaging plants.

Manufacturers of cleaning products sometimes use fake urine to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products, and with Quick Fix urine being chemically identical to human urine, it works perfectly. Fake urine is also used in medical schools for training purposes, as well as in labs during trials and to calibrate equipment.

Quick Fix Highlights

Discreet packaging and billing: Quick Fix has carefully designed its packaging and billing system so that you do not have to worry about anyone finding out you used quick fix synthetic urine to pass a drug test.

Guaranteed to pass screening: When used correctly, Quick Fix urine has a 100% pass rate; it is almost impossible to find another brand of fake urine that offers this guarantee. Being caught for using a fake urine sample is just as bad as failing the test, and so Quick Fix’s confidence really goes a long way in removing the anxiety of a urine test.

Super easy to use: Quick Fix advertises its urine as being easy to use with only a few quick steps to follow. Quick Fix synthetic urine reviews have shown this to be one of the top reasons that people choose Quick Fix, worrying that a simple mistake could be the difference between passing and failing. With Quick Fix, there really is no room for error.

Top Quick Fix Products

Quick Fix is best known for its synthetic urine, with it being the most popular product. Synthetic urine from Quick Fix has been specially formulated to act as a substitute for real urine during drug tests so that you can keep your work life and personal life separate. Quick Fix synthetic urine comes with everything you need to breeze through the testing process with confidence, including a bottle of fake urine, a heating pad, a temperature strip, and clear step by step instructions.

Another best seller is the Synthetic Urine Belt, allowing you to discreetly carry around a bottle of fake urine and pass through security checks with ease. The belt fits comfortably around your upper thigh and can be easily adjusted. As well as being super discreet, the belt also allows your natural body heat to keep the bottle of urine at just the right temperature all day.

Quick Fix Products

Quick Fix also sells a range of other products tailored around the drug testing industry and ensuring that you never fail a drug test again.

This includes extra Synthetic Urine Heating Pads, because it is always a good idea to have back-up pads on hand to prevent your fake urine from getting cold.

Other products include a detoxing shampoo, removing all toxins from your hair follicles for up to 5 hours, allowing you enough time to pass a hair drug test.

You can also purchase detoxing drinks to flush your system, as well as your very own home drug testing kit so that you can see exactly what your employer can find out from your urine. Of course, it’s always helpful to have a Quick Fix product review so that you know exactly what you should be buying.


quick fix synthetic urine 6.2 plus 3oz

Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine comes in a 2-ounce bottle, the exact amount needed to fill a standard-sized drug testing container. The 6.2 range of fake urine now includes pre-mixed uric acid, making it the closest liquid to real human urine and guaranteeing that you pass every test without detection. Containing all of the compounds that are found in regular urine, Quick Fix urine can be used by both males and females.

A 2-ounce bottle of Quick Fix synthetic urine normally costs $39.95 but is currently on sale for only $34.95, a small price to pay for securing your dream job.


quick fix synthetic urine 6.2 plus 3oz

Quick Fix synthetic urine is also available in a 3-ounce option; there are no chemical differences between the two size options with them both containing the same mix of compounds resembling human urine. The extra ounce is recommended by Quick Fix as it allows for accidental spillage; after all, it is always better to have too much rather than not enough.

For an extra ounce and the peace of mind that even if your hand slips you are covered, the 3-ounce version costs $45.95, but is currently on sale for $39.95.


For those who always like to be prepared, Quick Fix offers a ten-pack option for $179.99, or $169.99 as part of their current sale. By buying in bulk, you not only save money but ensure that you are never caught off guard and have to use your own urine during a surprise drug test.


The same ten-pack option is available for the 3-ounce bottles as well, with the standard price being $209.99 and the current sale offering this excellent deal for only $199.99. Buying Quick Fix urine in larger quantities is an excellent option for those planning on using it for gardening, commercial use, or hunting, as you are likely to work through multiple bottles at a time.

Where to Buy Quick Fix

You can buy Quick Fix synthetic urine directly from the Quick Fix official site, with a range of different discreet delivery options including express overnight shipping. The Quick Fix website has a wealth of information, from how to use the products to actually understanding the science behind drug tests. It is worth dedicating some time to read through the site learning about their products, all of the different ways they can be used, and why your employer is so keen to carry out regular drug tests.

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Before you buy Quick Fix synthetic urine or any of the other products, it is a good idea to carry out a quick Google search, as this is likely to bring up a range of Quick Fix coupon codes, saving you money on your order. Quick Fix also runs limited-time offers on their website such as ‘Buy 3 Quick Fix 2oz bottles and get a 4th automatically for free’.

My Personal Experience with Quick Fix

I have always been skeptical of using fake urine in order to pass a drug test, worrying that I would be discovered and end up in more trouble than if I had used my own urine. Having read a brand review for Quick Fix synthetic urine and reading countless positive reviews, I had to try the Quick Fix drug testing solution for myself. The instructions provided are clear and easy to follow, and I was filled with confidence rather than the normal fear of doing something wrong and failing. Following the steps as instructed, I handed over my bottle of prepared Quick Fix urine to the test leader and was delighted to learn only a few days later that I had passed, no questions asked.

The level of customer service throughout the entire process was outstanding, from the super-easy ordering process and fast, discreet delivery to the almost instant response when emailing customer support a long list of questions. Quick Fix has a great deal of confidence in their products, and rightly so, they are passionate about ensuring their customers receive excellent service and are satisfied with their purchase.

Final Verdict about Quick Fix

Quick Fix synthetic urine is the perfect solution to passing urine tests without having to worry about everything you have consumed over the last few weeks or unknowingly providing your employer with personal medical details. Quick Fix urine is easy to use and discreet to carry around, even when strapped to your thigh; no one is going to notice what you have planned.

If you are someone who finds themselves getting stressed over urine tests or simply does not appreciate how often your employer feels the need to check up on you, Quick Fix has the perfect solution for you. So the next time you are faced with an unwelcome drug test, why not try Quick Fix synthetic urine for yourself?

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