Green Gone Detox – Is It Worth Your Time & Money?

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Green Gone Highlights


  • A quick and easy process where you take capsules and don’t swallow gallons of water.
  • It comes with handy testing kits that are easy to use.
  • There is no nasty taste from the capsules.
  • The kits are designed by pharmacists who have some claims backed by science and studies.
  • Green Gone delivers packages relatively quickly.
  • Designed to provide a permanent detox rather than merely masking the THC.


  • The refund only applies if you take the kit and don’t pass the home test.
  • Green Gone explicitly says the kit isn’t designed to beat a lab test. It describes the process of overcoming a lab test in this fashion as ‘fraud.’

Green Gone Full Review

Although cannabis is legal in approximately two-thirds of states, it remains federally illegal. Therefore, in most cases, you can lose your job should you test positive for THC-metabolites. This is even the case in states where the herb is legal recreationally. Incredibly, you could get fired for using marijuana during your days off!

Depending on how often you use cannabis, and the amount you consume, THC metabolites can remain in your system for days after use. Products like Green Gone Detox are supposed to work to help quickly rid the body of the presence of THC or any of its metabolites. But does it really work?

Let’s take a closer look…

What is Green Gone Detox?

When you use any THC detox product, you are taking a risk of sorts. The idea is to try and ensure you produce a clean drug test. Your job could depend on it! Therefore, you must exercise caution whenever you put your faith in any product. It helps to learn more about the brand(s) in question.

The trouble with most THC detox brands is that they are ‘faceless.’ It is difficult to find information on them. There is at least a little data on Green Gone. The product was developed by a group of pharmacists operating out of Ohio. Their goal was to create a detox kit that pulled metabolites from a person’s urine for a permanent detox.

According to the brand’s ‘About Us’ page, the pharmacists in question were asked by friends to create a way to remove THC metabolites from their systems safely. The pharmacists discovered that the market was devoid of products backed by science.

Their next step was to check out how the human body breaks THC into metabolites. These THC remnants become stored in your fat cells and are released slowly into your blood. Eventually, you remove them via bodily fluids and excretion.

The trouble is, the process takes time and requires a helping hand if you intend to pass a drug screening.

Understanding the Green Gone Detox Range

According to the brand, its kits are “all-natural permanent THC detox you can rely on when results matter most.” Green Gone also suggests its products are the best on the market because they eliminate THC metabolites from the bloodstream. The company claims its detox kit helps improve your system’s ability to metabolize THC organically. As a result, you can flush the cannabinoid without overwhelming the body.

The pharmacists say they began working on a means of safely and efficiently removing THC from a person’s system. It took two years of trialing and testing before the Green Gone team was confident enough to release their three THC detox kits.

There are three THC detox kits, each of which is designed for detoxification of differing durations. All of them come with five THC test strips. At the time of this review, Green Gone was having a sale, so we have included these prices:

  • 2-Day THC Detox Kit: $59.95

2-day thc detox kit: $59.95

  • 5-Day THC Detox Kit: $99.95
  • 10-Day THC Detox Kit: $149.95

According to the brand’s studies, the kit has increased THC elimination by between 215% and 330%! It also stands by its products by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee (in theory, more on that later.) Though it is great if you get your money back, you will need it if you are out of a job! All Green Gone kits are manufactured at an FDA-approved facility and are GMP-approved.

Green Gone Detox Kits – What Are the Ingredients?

The trouble with some detox kits is that they contain a vast array of ingredients. One benefit of Green Gone THC kits is the minimal list of ingredients. There are only five – and they’re all natural!

Sodium Bicarbonate

This is supposed to help increase your urine’s pH. It can help keep your urine 1-2 pH units higher than normal to ensure the drug screening doesn’t find something suspicious. A study by Lloyd et al., published in the Journal of Analytical Toxicity in March 1996, found something interesting. It showed that sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride, in large doses, were often given to racehorses to increase the pH of their urine. Guess what? The purpose of the process was to mask the drugs given to the horses!

St John’s Wort

There is research that claims this plant is a powerful method of inducing liver enzymes. The THC you consume gets metabolized by the liver through enzymes in the CYP families. St John’s Wort seems to double the activity of these enzymes. Most pertinently, the main affected enzymes are 3A4 and 2C9, which help metabolize THC into water-soluble compounds like THC-COOH. In essence, this ingredient could facilitate the faster removal of the THC metabolites in your urine.

Horsetail Extract

This all-natural diuretic is often used to help patients with urinary tract infections and kidney stones. It could increase your rate of urination and has potential anti-inflammatory properties to boot. There are relatively few studies on horsetail extract, so there is no ‘standardized’ dosage.

White Willow 15% Extract

According to Green Gone, white willow extract helps break the binding of THC and albumin. A failure to do this means you are unable to metabolize or clear the cannabinoid. The albumin is too big to pass through the nephron membrane and into the urine. White Willow enables the THC metabolites to pass through the membrane and leave your system. Once again, there isn’t a massive degree of research to support this hypothesis.

Psyllium Husk

With most THC detox kits, the emphasis is on drinking lots of water and eliminating the metabolites via your urine. In reality, up to 65% of the THC in your system exits the body via your fecal matter. In contrast, approximately 20% leaves through the urine. The rest is removed through bodily fluids.

As THC is stored primarily in fat cells, small bits of THC metabolites are released into the blood. Therefore, you are more likely to remove large amounts of THC by using a laxative than by drinking four gallons of water! This is why so many detox drinks include fruit pectin, which is a type of fiber. It is an ingredient that causes lots of controversies, with many wondering if it is useful at all.

Green Gone has elected to try psyllium husk instead of fruit pectin. It acts as a fiber source and binds THC in your gut. This process reduces reabsorption in the lower intestinal tract, leading to an increase in bowel movements. Psyllium husk is widely used in laxative drugs, so its inclusion has some merit.

As it happens, there ARE extra ingredients despite Green Gone’s ‘five ingredients’ slogan. They are rice flour, microcrystalline cellulose, and silicone dioxide.

How Green Gone Detox Works

The primary goal of the Green Gone Detox kits is to speed up the metabolism and quickly break down the fat cells that store THC. Boosting your metabolism should, in theory, result in the THC in your system quickly leaving your body. Through this process, you have a much higher chance of passing your test. Expanding slightly, here are the main mechanisms at play:

  • Increase your urine’s pH to ensure it seems ‘natural’ when undergoing a urinalysis.
  • Providing a diuretic to help you urinate more.
  • Providing fiber to help you have more bowel movements.
  • Boosting liver enzyme production.
  • Reducing THC blood protein binding. The result is that your kidneys remove THC more effectively.

Compared to many THC detox kits on the market, there is at least a lot of thought being put into this product.

The Testing Kits

There isn’t much difference between the three kits on offer. They all contain the same five ingredients, along with five medical-grade THC test strips. The main reason why Green Gone created three options is to cater to different types of users. Here is who should use each kit:

  • 2 Day Kit: Those who don’t use cannabis more than 2-3 times a month.
  • 5 Day Kit: Users who consume marijuana up to three times a week
  • 10 Day Kit: This is for users who use weed practically every day.

Each kit consists of the same pills. The only difference is that you get more when you choose a more extended detox option. The capsules have no taste and are easy to swallow since they don’t stick to the mouth. There are four capsules in a serving, and every single pill contains:

  • 250mg of Psyllium Husk
  • 250mg of Sodium Bicarbonate
  • 102mg of White Willow Extract
  • 100mg of Horsetail Extract
  • 60mg of St John’s Wort

There are:

  • 24 capsules in the 2-day kit
  • 60 capsules in the 5-day kit
  • 120 capsules in the 10-day kit

In each instance, you must take four capsules three times a day, or 12 pills a day in total. The design of the kit is nice, simple, and discreet. Some people may not like taking a dozen pills a day. However, it is better than consuming two gallons of water as you do with most THC detox products!

Also, you receive a short instruction booklet that outlines what you need to do.

Testing Yourself

The THC urine test strips are a fantastic addition. You get five of them with each kit, and they are medical grade. The strips ensure you have several opportunities to test yourself to get peace of mind. Once you have urinated and removed the strip from the pouch, do the following:

  • Remove the piece of paper at the bottom of the strip. It says, ‘single drug screen test.’
  • Dip the strip in your urine for up to 15 seconds. Make sure you place the narrow tip in.
  • Take out the strip and put it on a clean and dry surface.
  • You should get your results in just five minutes. Green Gone advises users not to take more than this length of time, or else you risk a faulty reading.

At the top of each strip, you can see three labels: Negative, Positive, or Invalid. You will see a red line in the appropriate category, which outlines your result. Please note that these tests are not 100% accurate. You can purchase an additional five strips for $14.99 or ten for $24.99.

Incidentally, Green Gone recommends only collecting the urine you produce using the ‘mid-catch’ technique. You pee for a few seconds first, and only begin collecting the sample after that. You will need to use a sterilized sample cup. It is also essential that you are well hydrated before providing the sample. Finally, make sure you urinate at least once before the real test. Your first urination of the day will likely contain the highest concentration of THC metabolites.

Why Use Green Gone?

It is apparently the only THC detox product formulated by qualified pharmacists. There is no question that they have put a lot of time and effort into creating these kits. Rather than drinking tons of water, you only need to swallow a dozen pills a day. Of course, you should ensure you drink a reasonable amount of water in any case.

The site provides lots of useful information on performing a successful detox, and steers clear of common myths on detoxing:

  • Stop using marijuana first and foremost!
  • Boost your fiber intake to 30 grams a day and cut carbohydrates to under 50 grams a day.
  • Begin an exercise routine while you detox.
  • Stay away from alcohol and drugs.
  • Drink up to eight cups of water each day.
  • Use your Green Gone pills.

There is also an excellent THC Detox Calculator. You can use it as a guide as to which Green Gone kit to use. While it only serves as a rough outline, it is beneficial nonetheless.

Based on the above information, the site recommended that I use the 10-day kit! It is evident that Green Gone is not a company producing an inferior detox kit to make a quick buck.

Green Gone: Additional Highlights

A Semblance of Science

One major positive is that Green Gone has clearly put a lot of thought and research into its detox kits. There is research to back up some of the brand’s claims, though not all. It doesn’t include potentially harmful ingredients, either. It isn’t a ‘masking’ product, it is a permanent detox. Assuming you don’t use cannabis, you should theoretically pass a second test if it happened 24-48 hours after the first one.

Very Easy to Use

The fact that you don’t have to drink gallons of water is a huge bonus. All you need to do is take 12 capsules a day, for the specified duration of the detox. It is simple and stress-free.

Handy Testing Kits

It is always good to know if you are on the right track. You can test yourself up to five times with Green Gone’s kits, and buy extra strips if you need to. Though you can’t rely on these tests to match those performed in a lab, at least you have an idea if you are likely to pass.

Negative Thoughts

It Is Expensive

The 10-day kit is expensive at $150 and was actually $200 before the price drop. Rival detox kits often cost half the price. Then again, Green Gone can argue that your job is worth a lot more than $150!

Refund Comes with a MAJOR Caveat

Green Gone offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, but please read the small print! It is NOT designed to ‘defraud a lab test via CG/MS.’ Instead, it is for a THC detox using the test strips. You don’t get your money back if you take the product, pass the home test, and fail a lab test. You could lose your job and not gain a refund either!

Can I Buy Green Gone Detox Online?

Make your way to the official site to order online. There is a 30-day refund policy, but only if you fail the home test after taking the kit. You don’t get money back if you used a prepaid credit card and refunds don’t include handling or shipping costs incurred on your end.

Purchases made on weekdays before 2 pm EST are shipped the same day. Orders at any other time are dispatched on the next business day. Priority Mail is free, and you could get your package in 1-3 days. You can pay an extra $20 for Priority Mail Express but are not guaranteed next day delivery.

The brand also says Green Gone Detox Kits are only for adults aged 18+, and the FDA does not evaluate what is written on the site. Also, do not use these kits if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Prescription drugs that could interfere with the kit
  • Kidney or liver disease
  • A known allergy to any NSAIDs

You are also advised against using it if you are pregnant or nursing. Hopefully, you are not using cannabis in these situations!

My Personal Experience with Green Gone

First and foremost, I did not try to deceive an official lab test with this product. Instead, I used the 5-day kit (despite the recommendation to use the 10-day option) at home. The package arrived on time, and I had no reason to speak to the customer service team. The pills don’t have any taste and are easy to swallow. It was irritating having to consume that many capsules (60 in five days) because I am not used to taking pills.

I stopped using cannabis and followed the instructions to the letter. I actually failed the test at the three-day mark. However, after five days, I took a test and passed. I decided to try another test, and it also gave me a ‘Negative’ reading. This is fine and well, but it doesn’t correspond to a real-lab test.

Final Thoughts: Green Gone Detox Review

In the end, Green Gone’s THC detox kit contains ‘healthier’ ingredients than many of its rivals. As pharmacists designed it, there is a veneer of respectability attached. It has also featured in a variety of cannabis-related publications. I elected to check for customer reviews and found that they were mixed. Most consumers were happy with the standard of delivery and customer service.

However, not everyone passed their drug test. Green Gone explicitly says that the kit isn’t for a lab test, so why use it? There isn’t much of a correlation between what the kit’s test strips say and what a lab test will find. Again, there is an element of science involved, but there are no guarantees. In fairness to Green Gone, it doesn’t make any claims regarding a lab test. However, it does claim to increase THC elimination by 330% but doesn’t provide evidence on its website.

Overall, Green Gone is likely one of the better THC detox kits on the market. Yet as with the others, you use it at your own risk.

Final Verdict: 7.5/10

You can find more detox brand reviews on our site.

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