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    According to the National Coffee Association (NCA), 64% of American adults consume coffee daily. The average American drinks 3.1 cups of coffee daily, equating to 400 million daily cups throughout the country.

    With the popularity of this energizing drink, it was only a matter of time before the CBD industry infiltrated the market. People attempted to add CBD to coffee long before brands began selling CBD-infused coffee beans.

    CBD isolate products or liposomes are the best to add to coffee, but buying ready-made CBD coffee is much easier. We decided to review the top three CBD coffee products we could find and picked a final winner. Read on to discover the best CBD oil coffee.

    • Ready-made CBD coffee is water-soluble and easy to use
    • CBD-infused coffee may make people more energetic and focused without the jitters associated with caffeine
    • Those who enjoy a cup of coffee every morning don’t have to change a thing to enjoy the benefits of CBD.
    • CBD coffee can take longer to have an effect than other consumption methods due to the difference in bioavailability

    Not in the mood to read the entire review? Check out our Wayofleaf’s Pick for our team’s #1 overall selection:

    Brand nameStravaGreen RoadsCBD Living
    Quality of Ingredients9.5/109.1/109.4/10
    User Reviews9.5/109.2/109/10
    Overall Score9.6/109.1/108.9/10
    Coupon CodeN/A10% off: 10OFFCBD110% off: WELCOME10
    Full Brand ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full Review

    Best CBD Coffee: One Thing We Liked About Each Brand

    1.Strava CBD CoffeeEasily our top pick when considering the three key factors of quality, taste, and efficacy. Strava specializes in CBD coffee and has a good range of blends and potencies. Check Strava prices.9.6 /
    2.Green Roads CBD CoffeeDecent, tasty CBD coffee from one of the most reputable brands in the CBD industry. Check Green Roads prices.9.1 /
    3.CBD Living CBD CoffeeCBD Living also sells decent CBD coffee, but their selection is limited and a little pricey. Check CBD Living prices.8.9 /

    Top-3 Best CBD Coffees | Reviews

    1. Strava CBD Coffee
    9.6 / 10

    Strava provides CBD coffee in several different potencies and blends. The blends include medium roast, dark roast, and decaf, while potencies consist of either 4mg, 10mg, or 20mg per serving (cup). There is also the option to choose ground or whole bean coffee. Our team tried both the medium and dark roast blends and used different potencies depending on their CBD tolerance. The consensus is that Strava coffee is perfect for kicking off the day with a relaxing dose of CBD without sacrificing the taste or quality of your morning cup of joe. Their coffee blend features 100% specialty-grade Arabica beans from Colombia, infused with organic hemp extract. You really can’t beat Strava in quality and taste.

    • Good selection of blends and potencies to choose from
    • There is a decaf option for those who are wary of their caffeine intake
    • Uses broad-spectrum hemp extract that incorporates additional cannabinoids, like CBG
    • Bundle packs available to mix and match blends
    • Tested in an independent lab for potency, heavy metals, pesticides, and mycotoxins.
    • Minimum free shipping charge of $65
    Review Comments
    Tasty. I never drop a bad cup when using these beans.
    You don't even know you're sipping decaf with Strava products. They all taste smooth and make you thankful For the opportunity.
    I actually mix this CBD coffee with my favorite decaf coffee (Vanilla Nut flavor). This gives me the CBD benefits along with the flavor I'm looking for. Absolutely love it!
    2. Green Roads CBD Coffee
    9.1 / 10

    Green Roads is a famous CBD brand with a vast selection of products. They have a loyal customer following and are known for providing the market with premium-quality CBD formulas. Like Strava, their coffee beans are sourced from Columbia and blended with U.S.-grown hemp. There are three delicious blends to choose from; flounders, hazelnut, and french vanilla. On the downside, the CBD concentration is unclear. They refer to it as hemp flower coffee with a unique cannabinoid profile in every batch – total CBD reportedly varies by batch. Nonetheless, our team enjoyed the coffee and reported that it helped energize them for the day. Greens Roads coffee is also very affordable – a 12oz bag of beans sells for $19.99.

    10% COUPON CODE:
    • A highly reputable and respected name in the CBD industry
    • It’s crafted by artisanal coffee makers
    • Columbian coffee and American hemp
    • Well-priced – outranks the other two in terms of affordability
    • Unknown CBD concentration
    • No free shipping
    Review Comments
    It taste good and relaxes you all day.
    I was so glad I got the hazlenut it was delicious
    Excellent taste robust flavor, gives energy and stamina
    3. CBD Living CBD Coffee
    8.2 / 10

    CBD Living is another reputable CBD brand with an extensive collection of products, including CBD coffee. However, their coffee selection is limited. It consists of three blends; black coffee, golden milk, and matcha. Each has a total CBD concentration of 250mg, delivering 7mg of CBD per serving. CBD Living is unique because it utilizes a nano CBD formula for increased bioavailability. Nano CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream faster than “naked” CBD, so you feel the effects quicker. However, our team found no noticeable difference between the effects of CBD Living’s coffee and Green Roads, while they found Strava’s coffee produces more enhanced effects. Nonetheless, nano CBD formulas are often seen as “superior,” and some customers may benefit from them.

    10% COUPON CODE:
    • Utilizes nanotechnology for increased bioavailability
    • Can be served hot or cold
    • Instant coffee that offers an easy and convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD
    • Limited selection
    • A bit pricey – especially compared to Green Roads
    Review Comments
    I love the CBD instant coffee. Can easily find myself becoming addicted to it. My supply is getting low and will be placing another other soon. An additional discount can help also. 🙂
    This coffee is amazing! My husband had to stop drinking Starbucks coffee because he developed chest pain. So we decided to give CBD coffee a try, and he loves it! So far, so good!
    I love it, I can have my cup of coffee at night and sleep well. I'm so glad I made this purchase. I get very restless at night and this coffee has help quite a lot.

    WAYOFLEAF’S CHOICE: Why Strava Makes the Best CBD Coffee


    Overall, Strava’s CBD coffee is high-quality, delicious, and has a great effect. Our team enjoys drinking a cup in the morning because it leaves them feeling refreshed and energized for the day, without the anxiousness that tends to accompany caffeine.

    Strava’s coffee is a bit more expensive than Green Roads, but it’s certainly worth the extra cash since you’re paying for expertly crafted CBD coffee that combines top-quality coffee with superior CBD. After all, Strava is a company specializing in CBD coffee, unlike Green Roads and CBD Living, for whom it is merely an extension to a large collection of products.

    That said, Green Roads is an excellent budget option, especially if you’re not too concerned about CBD concentration. The company is known for crafting premium-quality CBD formulas and offers its CBD coffee in three delicious flavors.

    CBD Living is a good pick for anyone who values nano CBD formulas. However, our team found no significant differences between the onset of effects between CBD Living and the other two brands, and it’s more expensive than Green Roads.

    Strava is a trusted and reputable brand with a good selection of CBD coffee blends and potencies, and the WayofLeaf team found them to be delicious and the most effective.

    What Can You Expect from CBD Coffee?

    CBD coffee provides an outstanding balance between the effects of cannabidiol and caffeine. You can make your own coffee infused with CBD at home by putting CBD oil in coffee, but you’ll quickly learn it’s not a great idea! Since oil and water don’t mix, you’ll get an earthy, bitter layer of greasy CBD floating on the top of your beverage. Not ideal!

    Fortunately, several brands, like our top three picks, now sell ready-made CBD-infused coffee. Manufacturers infuse coffee beans with CBD compounds, creating a water-soluble product with a delicious taste.

    It’s worth noting that CBD coffee works similarly to an edible. Since you’re ingesting it, the CBD must be broken down in the digestive system before use. As a result, CBD coffee takes a while to take effect, and it may have a low bioavailability. However, the effects could last longer than some other forms of CBD, and nano-cannabidiol is supposed to offer a greater absorption rate than its standard counterpart.

    What Are the Benefits of Drinking CBD-Infused Coffee?

    If you’ve ever consumed too much coffee, you’re probably familiar with adverse effects such as increased anxiety. However, CBD oil coffee could mitigate these issues and offer the following benefits.

    Greater Mental Alertness

    You could experience even greater mental alertness with CBD coffee than caffeine alone.

    This phenomenon is due to how caffeine interacts with adenosine receptors. Adenosine is a neurotransmitter that controls whether we feel tired or not. The bigger the adenosine build-up, the slower our neurons become at sending messages.

    Studies show that caffeine attaches to adenosine receptors, thus stopping the neurotransmitter from performing its duty. However, other research suggests that CBD is a modulator of adenosine and can improve the efficiency of its receptors.

    Fewer Side Effects of Caffeine

    Excessive caffeine use often results in jitters and heightens anxiety. However, there is research that documents CBD’s efficacy in reducing anxiety. Cannabidiol could potentially achieve its anti-anxiety effects by doing the following:

    • Relaxing the muscles
    • Boosting GABA activity, thus causing relaxation throughout the nervous system
    • Reducing inflammation in the brain
    • Regulating hypothalamic function; the hypothalamus is the brain region that controls the stress response

    Long-Lasting Benefits

    The liver processes almost everything we consume before it’s eliminated from the body. The liver uses CYP enzymes to metabolize the compounds in our bloodstream, and several of the same enzymes metabolize caffeine and CBD.

    As the liver can only do so much work at a time, consuming CBD and caffeine reduces the speed at which the liver can function. Therefore, when you drink CBD coffee, it prevents the liver from metabolizing either one too quickly.

    Final Summary + Our Team's Top Pick

    As concluded by the WayofLeaf team, Strava sells the best CBD coffee on the market. It’s delicious and comes in a range of blends and potencies, so there is something to suit all needs and preferences. It also delivers enjoyable effects, leaving users feeling energized and focused for the day ahead. It’s a little more expensive than Green Roads but worth the little bit of extra cash, especially for those who appreciate perfectly crafted coffee. The combination of cannabidiol and the finest coffee makes for an excellent morning experience.

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