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According to the National Coffee Association (NCA), 64% of American adults consume coffee on a daily basis. That’s the highest rate of consumption since 2012. The average American even drinks 3.1 cups of coffee per day, equating to 400 million cups throughout the country.

With the popularity of this energizing drink, it was only a matter of time before the CBD industry infiltrated this market. People were attempting to add CBD to coffee long before brands began selling CBD-infused coffee beans, and so the best CBD in coffee has long been a question.

In general, CBD isolate products or liposomes are the best to add to coffee, but these are hard to come by. However, it’s much easier to buy ready-made CBD coffee. We decided to review the top three CBD coffee products we could find and decide on a final winner. Read on to discover the best CBD oil coffee.

What Is CBD Coffee?

CBD coffee, as you can probably tell, refers to coffee infused with CBD. You can make it at home by putting CBD oil in coffee, but you’ll quickly learn that it’s not a great idea! Since oil and water don’t mix, you’ll get an earthy, bitter layer of greasy CBD floating on the top of your beverage. Not ideal!

Fortunately, several brands are now selling CBD-infused coffee. Manufacturers infuse coffee beans with CBD compounds, creating a water-soluble product with a delicious taste. It helps you to easily create the drink you know and love, all while taking CBD at the same time.

It’s worth noting that CBD coffee works similarly to an edible. Since you’re ingesting it, the CBD must be broken down in the digestive system before use. As a result, CBD coffee takes a while to take effect, and the bioavailability may be low. That said, the effects may last longer than some other forms of CBD.

While we’re on the subject of effects, you should be aware that CBD coffee isn’t for everyone. Some advocates swear by it, but others find that the combined effects of caffeine and CBD make them feel nauseous. It’s perhaps worth trying a small amount of CBD coffee to see how you get on before drinking three cups of the stuff every day.

Plus, since CBD coffee can be pricey, it works better as an occasional treat.

cbd coffee

Pros and Cons of Using CBD Coffee

  • It tastes like coffee, masking the flavor of CBD.
  • It’s easy to fit CBD into your morning routine with CBD coffee.
  • Proponents say that it offers energy without the caffeine jitters.
  • Ready-made CBD coffee is water-soluble and easy to use.
  • It’s hard to judge how much CBD is in every cup.
  • CBD coffee can take longer to take effect than other consumption methods.
  • It can be expensive long-term.


If you’re short on time, then you should know that Green Roads is our winner of best CBD coffee for 2021. You can check out the delicious Green Roads founder’s blend on the brand’s official website.

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Why Do People Use CBD Coffee?

The reasons people use CBD coffee are similar to reasons for using CBD in general. Advocates of cannabidiol insist that the compound supports general health and wellbeing, helping you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But why choose CBD oil coffee over other consumption methods?

Those who use CBD coffee regularly and enjoy it say that it has several advantages. For one, it can provide you with energy thanks to the caffeine content. Some say that CBD itself can also be energizing, but in a slightly different way from caffeine. When combined, CBD coffee can provide a large burst of energy, but without the same jitters that coffee may cause.

In other words, the CBD-infused version may make you less anxious than coffee does alone. If you regularly suffer from the caffeine jitters, then you might want to give CBD coffee a try.

Another advantage is that CBD coffee is super easy to introduce into your routine. Some CBD users find that they forget to take their morning CBD oil or capsules, but coffee provides a way around this. With CBD coffee in your kitchen, you’ll be able to take CBD without even thinking about it.

Possible Issues When Using CBD Coffee

Although CBD coffee has many potential benefits, there are also some potential issues. For one, everyone’s body is different and there is no guarantee about how CBD coffee will affect you. While some feel calmer after using CBD coffee, it could make you feel jittery and anxious.

The effectiveness of CBD coffee may also depend on the dosage. Most CBD-infused coffees contain very little CBD, somewhere in the 5-10mg range. Typically, daily users require more than this. If you’re someone who reacts badly to caffeine, this low amount is unlikely to counteract the caffeine jitters.

What’s more, it’s tricky to measure out your desired amount of CBD. The labels of coffee with CBD provide a rough guideline, but you rarely get a precise dose.

Finally, one of the major downsides of CBD in coffee is the expense. It’s much pricier than regular coffee, and so frequent consumption can make quite a dent in your wallet. As an occasional treat, however, CBD coffee has its place.

How to Make CBD Coffee

It’s technically possible to make CBD oil coffee at home. However, it can be tricky because oil and water don’t mix, and you will often end up with a floating layer of CBD oil. It won’t taste good! It’s better to use water-soluble CBD or an isolate and mix it into a really frothy, creamy latte. But is this really worth the effort?

In many areas, you can now purchase CBD coffee from cafes. The downside here is that you don’t know what type of CBD was used, nor how much.

It’s much better to buy CBD-infused coffee beans, like the ones we’re reviewing in this guide. They provide convenience and peace of mind.

Which Brand Sells the Best CBD Coffee?

We decided to review the three top brands currently selling CBD coffee – you’d be surprised at just how many brands are now stocking this beverage! We settled on:

  • Green Roads
  • Diamond CBD
  • CBD Living

which brand sells the best cbd coffee?

We compared each product according to popularity, CBD content, quality, taste, and price. Read on to discover our top pick.

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CBD Coffee by Popularity

Judging the popularity of CBD products is hard because the top-rated brands have die-hard followers that swear by its products. We decided to take a look at the reviews.

Green Roads’ Hemp Flower Coffee has a 4.5-star rating on the website, with fourteen reviews in total. The same can be said for Diamond CBD’s Chill CBD Coffee pods, which have twenty-one reviews. CBD Living’s Instant Coffee, meanwhile, has a five-star rating with five reviews.

Of course, these ratings are from the official websites, so we ventured over to TrustPilot. Green Roads is the only brand that has been reviewed on TrustPilot, and it has a 4.5-star rating. None of the reviews are below four stars.

Green Roads is renowned for its consistently high-quality and pharmacist-formulated products, so this was our winner in the end.


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Best for CBD Content

We mentioned earlier that it’s difficult to judge how much CBD is in one cup of CBD coffee, but manufacturers can usually make an estimate.

CBD Living currently has three flavors on offer, all of which contain 250mg of CBD. That works out at 7mg per serving. It’s worth noting that CBD Living uses nano-CBD, which supposedly has higher bioavailability.

Green Roads states on the website that the amount of CBD per serving varies per batch. At the time of writing, each serving contains 9.67mg of CBD. That’s a little higher than CBD Living, but this isn’t nano-CBD.

Diamond CBD is our clear winner in this category. This brand offers coffee pods, which means you need a coffee machine to enjoy them. However, you get a carefully controlled dose of CBD with every cup – and its 25mg each time!


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Best Quality

Diamond CBD says nothing about where it sources its coffee beans from, so we can’t be sure how ethical and high-quality this coffee is. Unfortunately, CBD Living is in the same boat.

Green Roads offers a Founder’s Blend of coffee made using Colombian coffee beans. Colombia is renowned for high-quality coffee, and this blend definitely delivers. As far as we know, Green Roads attempts to ensure that all the coffee is ethically and sustainably sourced.


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Best Tasting CBD Coffee

The best-tasting CBD coffee is a pretty personal decision. In our opinion, the Diamond CBD coffee pods, while enjoyable, were nothing too special. They’re ideal for those who enjoy decent quality coffee but are actually drinking it just for the caffeine hit.

CBD Living offers three varieties: Instant Coffee, Instant Golden Milk Coffee, and Instant Matcha Coffee. Although an acquired taste, the matcha coffee is quite delicious! The golden milk option is quite like a latte, and is also delicious and frothy.

However, Green Roads is some way ahead. This coffee blend is really tasty, with notes of caramel and chocolate and a lovely, nutty aftertaste. Green Roads’ Hemp Flower Coffee is a more luxurious experience than the other brands we tried.


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Best Budget Pick

The prices for each brand are as follows:

  • CBD Living: $30
  • Diamond CBD: $19.99
  • Green Roads: $14.99

Although, the Diamond CBD coffee pods were on sale at the time of writing for just $12.99.

Since each brand is offering a different quantity of CBD, it’s a good idea to compare the price per milligram of CBD.

  • CBD Living: $0.1 per milligram
  • Diamond CBD: $0.2 per milligram
  • Green Roads: Approx. $0.2 per milligram

By these estimates, CBD Living gives you the most bang for your buck, but Green Roads offers the highest quality bag for the cheapest price overall – and we can’t ignore that fact.


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As CBD becomes increasingly popular, we are seeing more CBD-infused coffee products on the market. Some of these are higher-quality than others, and we enjoyed trying all of the brands in this review.

However, Green Roads came out on top as the overall winner. If you want you try out #1 CBD oil coffee for 2021, make sure you head over to the official Green Roads website. This brand has an amazing range of products, so be sure to check those out, too.


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Final Score – 9.3

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