Green Roads CBD Oil Review + Coupon Code

Green Roads is a Florida-based CBD company that offers a wide array of CBD oils, topicals, and edibles. They have a mission to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of its consumers, and do so by offering high quality CBD products that are pharmacist-formulated and third-party lab tested for verified purity and potency.
Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Kosher-Grade Vegetable Glycerin
Recommended use
Place 0.5ml -1ml under tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing.
Extraction process
CO2 Extraction
Medical benefits
Pure, potent formulation designed to enhance your overall well-being

*All the data provided is for oil products only

Potency range
Price range
10% Coupon code:

Green Roads CBD Oil Quick Summary


  • Outstanding quality CBD products
  • Formulated by licensed pharmacists
  • CO2 extraction for purity and potency
  • Wide range of products and sizes
  • Gifts and Bundles options offer great value for money


  • A little bit on the expensive side
  • No vape products

To see the full range that Green Roads have on offer, head over to their official site. Don’t forget your 10% coupon code for some fantastic savings.

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Green Roads CBD Full Review

As the U.S. CBD market continues to gain traction and become more widely accepted across the country, we’re beginning to witness the emergence of a handful of truly top-quality hemp oil manufacturers.

These organizations are taking their place at the forefront of the blossoming CBD industry. This is great news for the thousands of customers who would otherwise have no idea how to identify a proper, high-quality CBD oil.

As you may have guessed considering that this is a Green Roads CBD oil review, Green Roads is one of a handful of companies that have established themselves as a dominant force on the domestic hemp market.

Established in 2011, the Florida-based company has turned into a veritable “CBD oil powerhouse,” providing its unique form of CO2-extracted, pharmacist-formulated oil tinctures. In most circles, they are classed as one of the top brands in the U.S.

Of course, Green Roads CBD for sale is not just limited to the state of Florida. In fact, the company has grown so much over the past few years that their goods are currently found in over 8,000 store locations across the United States.

What started as a small Florida-based family business has quickly morphed into an empire of sorts. This simply comes down to the brand’s high-quality products, as well as their excellent quality assurance and long-term customer relationships.

Furthermore, Green Roads has taken the selling side of CBD oil one step further and established a user-friendly website that transparently showcases all of their products. The brand also provides information on what cannabidiol is, how it should be sourced, and what it can be used for.

If you’re wanting to buy Green Roads CBD oil, their entire product range is available online for shipment across the country. This is because they extract from industrial hemp, which is now a legal crop here in the US.

Want to find out more? Continue reading to see what our review team had to say about the company’s most popular products.

Green Roads CBD Oil Review: Why Are They Included on Every “Top-10” List?

If you’ve done your online research, you’ve probably noticed that Green Roads CBD is a mainstay on most of the “Top-10 Best CBD Oils” lists out there. Why is this?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Not only is the brand’s cannabidiol (CBD) extraction process top-notch, but each and every one of their products are formulated and compounded by a licensed pharmacist. To our knowledge, they’re the only company in the industry that can boast such a claim.

Moreover, Green Roads CBD is extracted from Certified Organic Hemp that they cultivate to the highest standards in Colorado. Plus, their CO2 extraction process is one of the best in the game. We’ve actually never seen a company with so much expertise and knowledge when it comes to the extraction and compounding process.

Our Green Roads CBD review made it pretty clear that when it comes to the extraction and compounding of hemp-based cannabinoids, few do it better.

For these reasons, Green Roads CBD has been known for producing one of the best full-spectrum tinctures in the industry. You are essentially getting top-range CBD, along with a host of other phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Our research team suggested if you’re ready to buy Green Roads CBD oil, but are completely new to the CBD market, their ‘Beginner’s Bundle’ packages are an excellent place to start. These packages combine an assortment of different products, so that you can try several things and find out what works best for you – without having to spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in the process.

How does our Green Roads review work?

You might be asking: how did we go about putting together this review? Well, after checking in on the purity and content of various Green Roads products from a third-party lab report, we dished out several Green Roads products to our review team.

The verdict? Top-notch feedback nearly across the board.

As far as effects, Green Roads is (like other USA CBD companies) quite restricted in terms of the health claims they say their products can have. But this comes more down to FDA compliance more than anything else. CBD is still not regulated on a broad scale, which means that companies – even top ones like Green Roads – can’t make “undocumented” claims as to the health effects of their products. But believe us when we say that these are some of the most well-made and effective CBD products on the current market.

Common Uses for Green Roads CBD Oil

People use CBD oil for a wide variety of reasons, including to help with:

  • Quality sleep patterns
  • Calm and relaxation
  • Hectic, stressful days
  • Muscle soreness and joint discomfort
  • Focus and mental clarity
  • General balance and wellness

Green Roads Highlights

If you’re in the market to buy Green Roads CBD oil, there are a few things you should know before you head on over to the nearest store (or even their online store) to pick up a bottle:

  1. While their prices aren’t the cheapest on the market, we firmly believe Green Roads offers the best price-to-value ratio of any of the top companies. Prices are very affordable for entry-level customers, and as we outline above, Beginner Bundle’s are a great place to start.
  2. Our Green Roads review cleared up any doubt about industry-wide best customer service practices. Every time we called the company up (sometimes we contact companies to see how legit their staff is), team members were courteous, patient, and most importantly – super knowledgable. Moreover, they were also easily accessible via both email and Facebook.
  3. Green Roads is fully transparent when it comes to product safety and effectiveness. Not only is every one of their hemp-extracts compounded by a licensed pharmacist, but they are also 3rd party lab-tested. This ensures CBD content and purity, as well as the absence of things like fertilizers, pesticides, and heavy metals. Lab tests also verify THC content (all Green Roads CBD oil for sale contains 0.3% or less THC).

Green Roads CBD Oil Review: Available Products

Generally speaking, we prefer brands that prioritize quality over quantity. This is in terms of CBD oil, but also in terms of other CBD-based products like gummies, capsules, topicals, and so on. Case in point, while some companies out there offer dozens and dozens of different products for sale, many of them end up sacrificing quality to focus on things like taste, flavor options, etc.

However, our in-depth review proved that Green Roads CBD is one of the few companies (perhaps the only company) out there that offers a very large range of products while still maintaining levels of quality and effectiveness that are unmatched across the industry.

If you’re looking to buy Green Roads CBD online, be sure to familiarize yourself with their product lineup. There are a lot of products to choose from, so make sure you’re selecting the most appropriate item for your specific needs.

Green Roads CBD Oils

green roads cbd oils

Green Roads CBD oil is the company’s flagship product. These are the oral tinctures that put the brand on the map and are the products that so many customers prefer. Just have a look at some verified reviews online to see what we’re talking about.

Green Roads CBD oil for sale comes in a variety of strengths and potencies (aptly labeled ‘Mild,’ ‘Moderate,’ and ‘Mighty’), but the administration technique remains the same: Use the dropper bottle to place drops of oil under your tongue, then wait about 60 seconds before swallowing.

Small blood vessels below the tongue will absorb the CBD and allow it to travel all throughout the body. Unlike edibles and capsules (see below), this reduces the metabolic loss of CBD in the gut and allows for more of the active compound to become available in areas of the body that need it most.




7MG / ML

1 oz (30 mL) (approx. 0.35mg CBD per drop)


17MG / ML

1 oz (30 mL) (approx. 0.85mg CBD per drop)


23MG / ML

1 oz (30 mL) (approx. 1.15mg CBD per drop)


37MG / ML

1 oz (30 mL) (approx. 1.85mg CBD per drop)


10mg / mL (Broad Spectrum – ‘MILD’)

1 oz (30 mL) (approx. 0.5mg CBD per drop)


25mg / mL (Broad Spectrum – ‘MODERATE’)

1 oz (30 mL) (approx. 1.25mg CBD per drop)


50mg / mL (Broad Spectrum – ‘MIGHTY’)

1 oz (30 mL) (approx. 2.50mg CBD per drop)


Green Roads CBD Capsules (Softgels / Pills)

CBD capsules are a great, convenient alternative to standard (oral) CBD oils. They don’t involve you having to measure out a drop-by-drop dose or require you to awkwardly hold the oil underneath your tongue for a minute before swallowing. Simply pop the pre-dosed capsule in your mouth, and swallow whole with a drink of water.

Green Roads CBD capsules for sale come in bottles of 30, and each capsule contains 25mg of CBD for a total CBD content of 750mg (this is typically a 1-month supply for most individuals who take on a daily basis). Capsules come in several different variations, including:

  • Vitamin E
  • Fish oil
  • Sleep
  • Relax
3025mg CBD per capsule$8.99 – $49.99

Green Roads CBD Gummies (Relax Bears, Sleepy Z’s, and Other Green Roads Edibles)

green roads cbd gummies

Without a doubt, our Green Roads review showed that the company has one of the most extensive edibles ranges of any brand currently on the market. Most of the products are some variation of “traditional” gummies or chocolates, but the real value lies in the fact that so many different price ranges and potencies are available.

Whether you’re looking for a single edible gummy or CBD chocolate bar to try out, or you’re looking for a full month’s supply (or more), Green Roads has likely got a product – and a price range – for you.





Green Roads ‘Relax Bears’ CBD Gummies

Pack of 5 gummies

10mg per gummy each (50mg total)


Green Roads ‘Relax Bears’ CBD Gummies

30-count bottle

10mg per gummy each (300mg total)


“Sleepy Z’s” (CBD gummies w/ melatonin)

Pack of 2 gummies

25mg CBD each (plus 0.5mg melatonin each)


CBD Dark Chocolate Bar


180MG (15mg per square)


Green Roads CBD Topicals (Muscle and Joint Cream, Cool Relief Roll-On, Etc.)

green roads relief cream

CBD-infused topical creams and lotions have already been pretty popular for some time. But with the advancement of product reliability, safety, and effectiveness, more and more folks will start to use them in the future.

In fact, some professional athletes are already beginning to use them in their training and recovery regimens. Professional fighters and other high-intensity athletes have endorsed specific brands (probably for a handsome paycheck), citing side-effect-free support.

In the grand spectrum of topical cannabidiol products, Green Roads CBD cream is no doubt one of the best on the market. And the good news for customers is that they are available in several different strengths and formats — as well as a wide range of price brackets.

Here’s just a small selection of what’s on offer in terms of Green Roads CBD topicals:

CBD Skin Relief CreamMoisturization and skin nourishment200mg CBD per 1 oz bottle$39.99
CBD Muscle and Joint ReliefGreat choice for stiff joints and tired musclesVaries$27.99 – $69.99
Cool Relief CBD Roll-OnCool and soothing for general discomfortVaries$29.99 – $54.99

Wanting to Buy Green Roads CBD? Check Out Their Range of Other Hemp-Based Products

If the massive range of Green Roads CBD products for sale above doesn’t interest you, don’t fret. They’ve got loads of other products on offer, all of which contain the top-class Green Roads formula with CO2 extracted full-spectrum cannabidiol.

In fact, as we’ve mentioned earlier Green Roads is one of the only companies able to offer such a complete range of products while still ensuring quality and safety. Hopefully, effectiveness will remain their #1 priority no matter how popular and successful they become.

In addition to the brand’s line of CBD oils, capsules, topical creams, and CBD edibles, here are some other Green Roads products that you’ll be able to find available on the company’s website, as well as select retail stores across the USA.

Green Roads CBD Tea and Coffee

cbd tea and coffee

Green Roads CBD tea, and especially their line of Green Roads CBD coffee, are an absolute staple to daily work productivity here at our team. You will absolutely love this stuff. Products include the Green Roads CBD-infused Chamomile tea ($5.99), as well as CBD-infused Founder’s Blend Hemp Flower Ground Coffee ($14.99).

  • CBD Chamomile tea: $5.99
  • Hemp Flower Ground Coffee: $14.99

CBD Bundle Packs (Including the Green Roads Beginner’s Bundle)

In the likely event that you can’t make up your mind on a single product to buy, Green Roads came up with the ingenious idea of offering “Bundle Packs” that can save you money, while at the same time allowing you to try several different products to see which one works best for you.

  • Beginner’s Bundle: $67.99
  • Mom Care Bundle: $69.99
  • Mom Care Deluxe: $99.99
  • My Furry Pal Bundles (CBD for Dogs Bundles): $19.99 – $69.99

Green Roads CBD Indulgence Line

Like a lot of other brands out there on the market, Green Roads has taken a keen interest in the ‘CBD hygiene’ department. These supplementary ‘CBD Indulgence’ products are both affordable (they’re a lot cheaper than a full-size bottle of CBD oil, for instance) and can work extremely well for your evening relaxation routine.

Products include the new line of Green Roads CBD Essential Oil Roll-Ons (applied to the temples, forehead, and behind the ears and wrist), as well as the new line of CBD Bath Bombs. Prices range from $17.99 to $24.99, and all products come in a variety of scents, aromas, and specific CBD formulations.

Green Roads CBD Oil for Dogs and Pets

Slightly different than the line of products available with the ‘My Furry Pal’ Bundles options, the new line of Green Roads CBD for Dogs has become immensely popular in recent months. They even offer a specific line of CBD oil for Cats, which to our knowledge is one of the first major brands to do so.

  • Pet CBD Drops (Cat): $19.99
  • Pet CBD Drops (Small Dog): $19.99
  • Pet CBD Drops (Medium Dog): $39.99
  • Pet CBD Drops (Large Dog): $59.99

cbd tea and coffee


Green Roads CBD Review: What’s the Best Way to Purchase?

If you’re looking to buy Green Roads CBD online, the online purchasing process honestly could not be easier. Simply go to their website and select the product(s) you think would work best for you and your needs. (Hopefully this review will have been able to help you do just that!).

Once you’ve zeroed in on what you’re looking for add the product(s) to your cart and checkout. You can purchase Green Roads CBD for sale online using a variety of payment options, including all the traditional credit and debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and so on.

And of course, as we mentioned earlier Green Roads products can also be found in many physical storefront locations nationwide. If you prefer to do your shopping in-store instead of online, chances are you can buy Green Roads CBD oil at a retail location near you.

Always remember, however, that you should speak with a health professional before implementing CBD supplements into your daily routine. While CBD oil is thought to be safe and widely void of side effects, it is still wise to speak with someone before jumping right in.

Final Thoughts About Green Roads CBD Oil

green roads coupon code

In all truthfulness, Green Roads CBD oil really does stand out from the rest. If you have been thinking of giving CBD a try, this would be a more-than-appropriate place to start. Even you’re not wanting to spend a ton of money right off the bat, they’ve got some lower-priced products, as well as the Beginner’s Bundle packages which we highly recommend.

In fact, Green Roads has managed to create a line of products using the highest-quality cannabidiol ingredients while still maintaining some of the most affordable prices out there. Their products contain a pharmacist-compounded CBD formula and come in isolate (THC-free), broad-spectrum (THC-free), and full-spectrum (less than 0.3% THC) options for an all-encompassing range of uses.

We hope that this in-depth Green Roads review was able to highlight the company’s quality points. From everything we can see, this is a brand that spares no expense in formulating world-class hemp extract. Their efforts certainly show in terms of quality, reputation, and effectiveness.

Final Verdict – 9.5/10

To check out the full Green Roads product range and browse current sales and promotions, head over to the official Green Roads website.

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