Purple Afghani | Cannabis Strain Review

Purple Afghani Strain Overview
A culmination of some great genetics, this attractive and flavorful strain is well worth a try if you get the chance.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
Incredibly easy to grow for yourself, expect to find this plant produces a huge yield at the end. Don’t forget to shock it with cold to get that pretty purple hue at the end.

There is a multitude of classical strains that breeders have combined together to make even more potent and flavorful strains. While endless experimentation has been going on for years, it is a definite truth that some of the best-mixed strains come from the oldest parent strains.

A great example of this is the Purple Afghani strain, a cross between Purple Kush and Afghani #1. Let’s take a better look at this impressive, purple bud and find out if it really is better than some of the more carefully engineered strains out there.

What Is the Purple Afghani Strain?

The Purple Afghani strain comes from the Canadian growers at BC Depot, responsible for a myriad of other classic strains. The critical element of this strain, as you might glean from its name, is its beautiful purple hue. However, as an indica-leaning hybrid strain, Purple Afghani is also well known for its super potent and pleasant effects.

The best way to think of Purple Afghani’s indica-leaning high is one of calm serenity. Most indica highs tend to leave you feeling like some sort of couch potato, gently drifting into unconsciousness.

However, Purple Afghani is more about providing that intensely deep, thoroughly pleasant feeling of gentle euphoria. Your face will not be able to stop smiling, while you will also find you are totally incapable of thinking of anything.

Another critical feature of Purple Afghani, alongside its blissful state of stupefaction, is some serious munchies. You will not be able to hold yourself back from snacking on anything around you. You might want to make sure that your pantry is well-stocked before enjoying Purple Afghani, as otherwise, you will end up chewing on your pillows.

But as long as you can avoid eating your pillows, you will end up using them to sleep comfortably towards the end of the high. Just like with most other well-known indica strains, this high will end in intense sleepiness that simply won’t go away. All feelings of pain, irritation, or inflammation will utterly disappear thanks to this strain’s absolutely insane THC levels.


The aroma of this strain is truly something worth sampling at least once because it’s both standard and exciting at the same time.

There are plenty of hazy and spicy aromas that all Kush strains possess, but there is plenty more to smell besides.

There are notes of woodiness, too – so much so that it seems like you almost forget the flavor of Kush after it hits your nose. It has tinges of herbs and flowers, as well as fruity flavors that seem to linger long past when you would expect them to. Breaking open the bud only amplifies these flavors, leaving your nose slightly tingly.


The taste of the Purple Afghani strain is remarkably similar to its aroma in its initial burst, but transitions after only a few moments.

As your mouth fills up with the vaguely purple and rich smoke, you will immediately notice the familiar Kush flavor hitting your palate. Alongside this, though, you will notice a big burst of pleasant fruitiness, almost like a tropical drink.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what tropical fruit it is; some might describe it as pineapple, others as a tart mango. Regardless of how you place it, the flavor is intensely juicy and rich.

As you begin to exhale, there is plenty of that semblance of Kush, with a bit of earthiness and a tingly spiciness that leaves you feeling exhilarated.


The bud of the Purple Afghani strain is an exciting combination of purple and white. The white comes from a deep and speckled coating of trichomes. These frosty white clouds provide a lot of its flavor and aroma, as well as a delightful texture.

The purple coloration that adorns the bud comes from its unique genetics, as well as a very interesting reaction with cold temperatures that require super careful growing techniques.

So, what do you need to know to grow your own Purple Afghani and give it that proper purple hue?

Purple Afghani Strain Grow Info

To begin, you first need some Purple Afghani strain seeds. You can pick them up at most dispensaries, as well as from online growers.

For those who are afraid of struggling with growing this purple strain, you needn’t worry. This is, by far, one of the easiest strains to grow out there. It is an excellent grower, remaining hardy in a variety of different temperatures.

Keep it tethered and trimmed, alongside some pretty basic pruning and topping to help encourage a higher bud yield at harvest time.

The critical thing to do is to try and subject it to a colder temperature when you are approaching the end of its growth. This is a lot easier if you cultivate indoors, but one of the easiest ways to do this for outdoor growers is to time it so that harvest time comes towards the end of fall.

This is so vital because the burst of cold is what creates that signature purple coloration. While this purple quality might seem like nothing more than vanity, it is actually vital for its final flavor. A myriad of tiny chemical changes occurs in the bud that help provide ts final flavor.

THC Content – Highest Test

Most indica-leaning hybrid strains, regardless of their origin, tend to be made from high-THC strains and come with an almost endless amount of cannabinoids. Purple Afghani cannabis carries this tradition forward, with an almost ridiculous amount of THC.

You can expect a maximum THC content of about 25%, with an average somewhere between 18% and 20%. It’s one of the most potent marijuana strains out there for you to enjoy.

CBD Content – Highest Test

It’s an unfortunate truth that, when you get a cannabis strain with a huge amount of THC, you are also going to end up with basically no CBD alongside.

This is because breeders remove all of the CBD over countless generations, leaving room for the huge amount of THC within the bud.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use Purple Afghani for plenty of medical reasons, though. So, let’s take a long look at a few of the beneficial medical benefits of this bud.

Medical Benefits of the Purple Afghani Strain

The primary conditions that Purple Afghani users struggle with are mental ailments. The fact that Purple Afghani leaves you feeling incredibly pleasant and relaxed is perfect for battling mental issues.

For those struggling with any kind of depression, anxiety, or other similar mental disorders, Purple Afghani is a great option. Furthermore, thanks to its high THC content, you can expect it to be really useful for inflammatory conditions, as well as general issues arising from chronic pain.

The main thing, however, is sleep. This is a strain that is really excellent at helping you fall asleep, and stay asleep, no matter what’s stopping you from getting your rest. Make sure that, if you take Purple Afghani for other effects, you are also ready for its potent sleepiness.

It won’t shock you into unconsciousness like many other potent indicas. However, it will lull you into a totally sleepy state at the end of its effects.

Possible Side Effects of the Purple Afghani Strain

As with most high-THC strains, one major problem with Purple Afghani is its tendency to induce feelings of anxiety when you smoke a huge amount. This tends to happen when a strain has a lot of THC because it can induce overstimulation in your brain, leaving you feeling paranoid and anxious.

To best avoid this, make sure that you only ever smoke as much Purple Afghani as you can handle. Smoke a small amount at a time, so as to avoid dealing with the potential negative effects of this strain.

Furthermore, you can expect plenty of both dry mouth and dry eyes with this strain. Keep yourself well hydrated to avoid suffering too much.

Additionally, the munchies are so strong with this strain that many would rightly consider it a side effect, as it can feel almost overwhelming. Make sure that you keep plenty of snacks nearby, as you might find that your high is severely diminished in enjoyment if your stomach is rumbling while you attempt to enjoy yourself.

Final Thoughts on the Purple Afghani Strain

The Purple Afghani strain is a great example of a strain that exists as a combined effort of endless growing programs and careful selection. Through manipulated cultivation of a myriad of intriguing, classical strains, the Purple Afghani strain was eventually created with its potent effects in mind.

While the purple coloration is as much a side effect of its reaction with sudden cold temperatures as it is to do with genetics, it is still a marvel to behold if you have ever had the chance to see it.

Pick up some Purple Afghani if you want to taste a really potent and pleasant high that leaves you feeling spacey, comfy, and, towards the end, super sleepy as well. If you have space in your growing area or are looking for a strain to grow as a first-timer, then consider finding some seeds to grow yourself.

As a first time strain for cannabis newbies, it might not be the best option. However, it is certainly an excellent choice for those looking for something to get them started with their marijuana growing enterprise.

Just make sure you remember the snacks – you will regret it if you don’t keep something salty and something sweet nearby.