Nuggetry OG | Marijuana Strain Review

Nuggetry OG Strain Overview
With all the great qualities and effects of a typical indica and a hearty dose of intense, almost psychedelic time dilation, the Nuggetry OG strain is a thing of beauty that everyone needs to try at least once.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Body high/numbing
Growing info
A longer growing time of about 10 to 14 weeks, this is not a strain for beginners. Needs a firm hand and frequent trimming.

Hybrid strains are known for providing a balanced experience that is ideal for novice users who are looking to sample the highs of both an indica and sativa at the same time. Not all hybrid strains are the same, though, and while one hybrid might provide this ideal balance, others do the very opposite.

When choosing a hybrid strain, it is essential to consider whether you prefer the physical effects of an indica or lean more towards the uplifting mood high of a sativa. Knowing what you enjoy the most helps you to ensure that you are going to have the very best experience possible with every puff.

Nuggetry OG is one of the many hybrid strains available that does not conform to the 50/50 split that you would expect from a hybrid. With Nuggetry OG, you instead get the very best of an indica with almost none of the sativa.

For those who want to experience a stereotypical hybrid, Nuggetry OG might not be your best option, but for anyone looking to see just how potent an indica can be, it might just be a perfect strain.

Let’s take a closer look at Nuggetry OG and find out just how close to an indica this hybrid strain is.

What Is the Nuggetry OG Strain?

Nuggetry OG was initially named after its breeder and became an almost instant success when it entered the market due to its robust, full-bodied high. While Nuggetry OG might have a 70% indica / 30% sativa split, making it a hybrid strain, very little of its sativa genetics seem to be present. This causes people to mistakenly label it as a pure indica.

The Nuggetry OG strain of weed is everything that you would expect from an indica, providing strong cerebral effects along with an impactful, full-bodied high. Nuggetry OG is not a good strain for those who are new to cannabis or who do not smoke regularly. The effects of Nuggetry OG can feel extremely overpowering and are often too extreme for novice smokers.


You first notice the effects of Nuggetry OG taking hold as your thoughts start to feel cloudy, making it challenging to connect ideas and reach definite conclusions. Your perception of the things around you start to become altered, almost as though everything is moving at half speed.

Nuggetry OG can leave you feeling spacey and confused at first. In some cases, people describe feeling as though they are merely observing events unfold around them, and as though they are not present.

As the physical effects of Nuggetry OG start to set in, you feel as though your energy levels have been drained, making it difficult to complete even basic tasks. As the effects of Nuggetry OG work through your body, your limbs feel increasingly heavy. It becomes difficult to move and you notice a tingling sensation across your body, which makes pain melt away before your eyes.

It is best to enjoy Nuggetry OG at home when you know that you have no commitments for the rest of the day. Some people find that they prefer to be alone when smoking Nuggetry OG, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the spacey effects of the high.

Other people, however, find that they need at least one close friend nearby to help ground them and prevent them from feeling lost during the most intense parts of the high.

Nuggetry OG has long-lasting effects, and so Nuggetry OG is best for late afternoon or early evening use. This gives you ample time to enjoy the entire high.


The Nuggetry OG marijuana strain has a pungent aroma, similar to the smell that hits you when you first step out of your car and into a gas station. When you first smell Nuggetry OG, it can feel a little overpowering, much like its effects, but with time its aroma grows on you and starts to become quite pleasant.

Breaking Nuggetry OG buds apart intensifies the aroma, filling the entire room with a harsh chemical smell that has subtle, earthy notes. The bud’s aroma sticks to surfaces almost instantly, making it difficult to hide even hours later.

As Nuggetry OG buds burn, you can detect a subtle note of fresh citrus hidden behind the cloud of dense, earthy smoke. This citrus aroma feels very much out of place, not seeming to fit with anything else that you have experienced up to this point.

The lemony freshness is a welcome change of pace for many, brightening the air and making the experience slightly more enjoyable. Unfortunately, the smell of citrus does not last long, as Nuggetry OG continues to burn, the sour gas aroma dominates the air around you, pushing all other smells into the background.

For those who are not used to smoking Nuggetry OG, its dense smoke might not be the best place to start. It can be cough-inducing. Even the most experienced smokers often find themselves having to fight off uncontrollable coughing fits at first.

As you exhale, the air is filled with a thick cloud of smoke that hangs heavy in the space with its harsh and pungent aroma.

Is Nuggetry OG’s flavor profile just as harsh and hard to swallow as its aroma?


Nuggetry OG’s flavor profile is just as strong and hard to breathe through as its aroma. This strain takes a little getting used to; it’s rare to enjoy your first puff. As you get used to the sour mix of flavors, though, Nuggetry OG becomes much more comfortable to smoke, even becoming enjoyable over time.

When you first inhale Nuggetry OG’s thick smoke, you notice an earthy taste mixed with a bitterness that is not to everyone’s liking. As the smoke works its way around your mouth and down to your lungs, you can soak up the different flavors that come with it.

The main flavor is similar to what you would imagine wet earth to taste like after a full day of rain. Luckily, Nuggetry OG improves over time, giving you get a chance to pick up on the more subtle notes hidden underneath. The strain’s more chemical side starts to become much more noticeable, appealing to those who enjoy harsh diesel flavors.

Nuggetry OG lingers in your mouth even after taking a swig of water. It can have an effect on the taste of food for up to an hour after smoking. The good news is that the impact of Nuggetry OG takes hold so quickly that you are unlikely to care that your mouth tastes of gasoline and mud.


In keeping with Nuggetry OG’s harsh theme, the buds have a bold impression, making them look slightly intimidating. Nuggetry OG buds have an emerald green coloring to them, with the addition of delicate orange pistils that weave throughout, forming into clumps upon the surface. These pistils seem almost out of place on such large and dense buds, but their coloring does add a fiery quality that suits the overall feel of Nuggetry OG.

Nuggetry OG leaves are thicker than the average leaves on an indica plant, making them stand out strikingly. The leaves have a similar emerald green coloring as Nuggetry OG buds, giving the plant a uniformness to its appearance.

Nuggetry OG Strain Grow Info

Nuggetry OG is not a strain for beginners, both in terms of its effects and as a growing project. While Nuggetry OG plants are resistant to most common molds and garden pests, they can be temperamental and require consistent care. The slightly longer growing time also means that they are not the most rewarding of plants for novice growers.

A warm, humid climate is optimal for keeping Nuggetry OG plants, meaning that you can keep them both inside and outdoors, depending on your local weather. For those who decide to keep their Nuggetry OG plants indoors, it is important to regularly trim them to avoid them becoming too tall.

Outdoor plants usually are ready for harvesting around early fall and produce a larger than average yield, making the extra time that you put into caring for them worthwhile. Indoor plants can take anywhere from 10 to 14 weeks before harvest-time and produce a slightly smaller yield than outdoor plants.

You can purchase Nuggetry OG strain seeds online, but it may require some intense searching to find a trusted retailer that ships to your particular location.

Some people prefer to purchase clippings from mature plants, as it is much easier to detect a low-quality product straight away. Clippings have the additional advantage of being much easier to grow and saving you the time that it takes for seeds to germinate.

Before you decide whether you should start growing your own Nuggetry OG plants, it is a good idea to know what level of THC you can expect.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Nuggetry OG cannabis strain has an average THC content of 20%, although some tests have shown this to be higher. A THC content of 20% places Nuggetry OG at the higher end of the spectrum and explains why Nuggetry OG produces effects that last much longer than you would expect.

Nuggetry OG’s high THC content is also the reason that the strain’s effects take hold quickly and often feel overwhelming. For those who are not used to strains with a high THC content, Nuggetry OG is likely to feel too intense, potentially even shocking your body into a state of panic.

How does the CBD content of Nuggetry OG compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

There is very little information as to the exact CBD content of Nuggetry OG. Being primarily a recreational strain, people have given much more attention to Nuggetry OG’s THC content.

Given that Nuggetry OG has a higher than average level of THC, it is safe to assume that there is very little CBD within Nuggetry OG. However, despite containing what is probably mere trace amounts of CBD, Nuggetry OG still manages to have several different medical benefits. This means it should not be completely dismissed by those looking for a medicinal strain.

Medical Benefits of the Nuggetry OG Strain

The intense physical effects of Nuggetry OG mean that the majority of its medicinal benefits are focused around physical conditions – in particular, pain – rather than mental health conditions.

The main reason that people look to Nuggetry OG as a medicinal strain is for pain management. Within just a few minutes of smoking it, a calming numbness spreads throughout your body, reducing even intense pain. For those who struggle with chronic pain, a small dose of Nuggetry OG could be enough to keep pain at bay and allow you to enjoy a new sense of freedom.

Nuggetry OG may be particularly useful when treating migraines and headaches. This strain can cause spacey effects that result in you feeling as though your body is a separate entity, freeing you from the pain and eye strain that can occur with migraines.

However, the sedative effects of Nuggetry OG can make it difficult to complete basic tasks, and its effects may only be useful during the evening when you are looking to block out pain and sleep. These strong sedative effects make Nuggetry OG the perfect solution for tackling insomnia and falling asleep with ease. Larger doses of Nuggetry OG allow you to skip the consequences that come with the long, drawn-out high and instead place you in a sleepy state, making it easy to drift off.

While Nuggetry OG mainly focuses on its physical effects, it can still be useful for those with depression. Nuggetry OG transports your mind to a place free from negative thoughts, making it difficult to focus on any one particular thought for too long. Users often recommend Nuggetry OG as a way of enjoying a relaxing evening, free from the thoughts that generally limit enjoyment.

Possible Side Effects of the Nuggetry OG Strain

Nuggetry OG has a higher than average THC content, and it shows in terms of the strain’s potential side effects.

Experiencing sudden dizzy spells and anxiety are common for those who smoke Nuggetry OG and are not used to a stronger THC content. To minimize such effects, it is best to stick with a lower dose and to ensure that you are in an environment where you feel safe.

Another common side effect of smoking Nuggetry OG is dry mouth. While not quite as scary as an anxiety attack, it can still be pretty annoying. Dry mouth can cause the inside of your mouth to feel intensely dry and irritated, even once the effects of Nuggetry OG wear off.

For those who are not familiar with the powerful effects that can occur with an indica strain, Nuggetry OG can feel incredibly overwhelming at first. We recommend that first-time smokers avoid Nuggetry OG altogether, instead opting for a slightly more balanced hybrid strain.

Final Thoughts on the Nuggetry OG Strain

Nuggetry OG is an intense strain best enjoyed by those who smoke regularly and enjoy a potent indica. It offers a long and intensely sedative high, while also managing to take you on a mental journey through space and time. It is best to enjoy Nuggetry OG when you have the rest of the day ahead of you and a comfy couch to melt into.

Nuggetry OG is equally as ideal and potent whether you enjoy it as a medicinal or recreational strain. Whether you are looking to treat chronic pain or consistent insomnia, Nuggetry OG might just be the answer. The strain’s heavy, full-body sedation makes it ideal for targeting even the most persistent of physical conditions.

Why not try Nuggetry OG for yourself and experience everything that a potent indica should be?