Voodoo Marijuana Strain Review | 2020 Update

Voodoo Strain Overview
The Voodoo strain is a 100% sativa strain that will surely leave you feeling like you’re under a spell. It offers a simultaneously euphoric and sedating high, with little to no desire to do anything. So it’s definitely one to use in the evening. Voodoo also has a spell-bindingly nutty and spicy vanilla flavor that will leave you in a state of awe.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, average flowering time is approximately 8-9 weeks.

In the modern era, we are blessed to have so many marijuana breeders working hard to create strains with incredibly high THC levels. It isn’t unusual to find a strain with a THC of at least 25%. It is a long way from the 4-5% weed we endured back in the 1970s! Alas, with so many new strains on offer, it is all too easy to forget classics like Voodoo.

What Is the Voodoo Cannabis Strain?

In marijuana terms, Voodoo is a relatively old strain since it was created more than 20 years ago. It is a dank phenotype of a Thai landrace that is believed to have been created in 1997. Its THC content is the subject of fierce debate. Most experts suggest Voodoo’s THC is in the 8-12% bracket, while others claim certain breeders have created Voodoo with a THC that is almost triple that potency. Its CBD level is about 1%, and it is almost entirely sativa.

Voodoo Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

As soon as you get close to this strain, you will notice the delightful fresh and fruity aroma that compels you to have a sample. The dense, thick nugs carry a dark olive-green color, and the gold and deep purple undertones ensure that Voodoo is one of the most aesthetically pleasing strains you’re likely to find.
The furry nugs are laden with thick gold and amber hairs and are coated in gorgeous crystal trichomes, along with thick resin. The nutty and spicy flavor with a vanilla aftertaste is pure bliss and will make marijuana lovers very happy.

Voodoo Marijuana Grow Information

Voodoo is a relatively easy strain to grow. It is flexible enough for indoor and outdoor growing. As it is an almost pure sativa, Voodoo grows short and thick, which means it is sensitive to mold and mildew in humid conditions. If you decide to grow indoors, make sure your room is properly air conditioned. We also recommend regular pruning and trimming to ensure moisture doesn’t build up on the leaves. Once its vegetative cycle is finished, Voodoo’s flowering stage lasts 8-9 weeks.

Voodoo Effects

The Voodoo high is something to behold! Although it isn’t an especially potent strain, you should feel an almost immediate rush behind the eyes, followed by a euphoric head high. All of this is accompanied by a tingling sensation behind the eyes and in your face. Eventually, the high drifts down into the body.
Before you know it, you are sitting on the couch with no desire to get up. As a result, we wouldn’t recommend using Voodoo in the morning before work! On the plus side, it makes an excellent evening strain.

Medical Benefits of Voodoo

Voodoo goes against the ‘conventional’ effects of sativas in some ways and adheres to them in others. For example, sativa strains are often associated with an energy increase. However, Voodoo begins by providing energy but then offers a sedative effect and enables you to relax without feeling drowsy and lethargic. Users report that this strain’s capacity to induce a feeling of happiness means it is ideal for people suffering from an anxiety disorder or depression.

It is also suggested that Voodoo is an excellent analgesic because it provides smooth relief from aches and pains. As a result, this strain is potentially a useful alternative to addictive and possibly harmful opioids. Voodoo is also popular amongst users with muscular strains, chronic body pains, and arthritis.

Another interesting use of Voodoo involves bedroom antics! Although it ultimately causes couch-lock, the initial euphoria can help you rise to the occasion. As long as you start to have sex quickly after using Voodoo, you’ll find that it could aid your performance by lowering inhibitions. If you are normally nervous about sex, Voodoo could be the mistress that alleviates your mental block and ensures a fantastic night between the sheets.

Possible Negative Effects of Voodoo

Although it is a relatively mild marijuana strain, there is a possibility that Voodoo will result in paranoia if you use it in large amounts. Other side effects include dry eyes and dry mouth. It can occasionally make you feel dehydrated which could result in the onset of a headache. While it is an excellent evening strain, using it right before you go to bed could result in restlessness. Make sure you use it about two hours before bed and drink water before and after use.

Final Thoughts on Voodoo Child

Voodoo is almost entirely sativa which is a rarity in the age of the hybrid. It is a temptress that lures you in with a seductive appearance, aroma, and taste, and keeps you under her spell by first inducing energy before relaxation creeps slowly throughout your body. With a moderate THC level, Voodoo is a good option for first-time users, but remember to use it in the evening a couple of hours before bedtime.