Sensi Seeds Review – Is It the Best Seed Bank in the Industry?

Sensi Seeds: Quick Summary


  • An enormous range of cannabis seeds and other products
  • An outstanding reputation for providing the best seeds in the world
  • A significant degree of credibility and a high likelihood that the seeds you receive will germinate
  • Ships to dozens of countries around the world
  • A reasonable return policy


  • Some of the seeds are relatively expensive
  • Does not ship to the United States or Canada
  • Fairly limited customer service hours
  • Hardly any special offers or promotions

Sensi Seeds: Full Review

There are few seedbanks with a greater level of international renown than Sensi Seeds. It is one of the world’s oldest seed banks, established in 1985 by Ben Dronkers in Amsterdam. He is a celebrity on the Dutch cannabis scene, having also founded Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam.

Dronkers started to cultivate plants in 1975 and saved any seeds he found in the best batches he grew.

Dronkers was a keen traveler in his youth and first discovered marijuana at a relatively young age. He quickly resolved to learn as much about the plant as possible. Dronkers started to cultivate the plants in 1975 and saved any seeds he found in the best batches he grew. The next step was to embark on years of travel. Dronkers visited most of Asia by all accounts and collected a significant number of seed varieties.

Then he began crossbreeding strains to create unique hybrids. Eventually, with help from the legendary Ed Rosenthal, Dronkers created Sensi Seeds. Six years later, he purchased another seed bank in what was the beginning of an empire.

Sensi Seeds Today

Fast forward over three decades, and Sensi Seeds is the world’s largest marijuana seed producer. It is also the biggest seed bank on the planet, with over 500 varieties. No other seed bank comes close to the number of Cannabis Cup awards won. When you buy products from Sensi Seeds, you know you’re getting premium quality.

These days, Sensi Seeds hosts the Cannabis Culture Awards with the museum Dronkers founded. The company has also worked with activists such as Jack Herer and Howard Marks. It opened HempFlax, its sister company, in 1993. This company created new processing methods and equipment specifically for the cultivation of hemp.

The brand continues to push for the global acceptance of cannabis. One of its main goals is to ensure the cannabis plant’s genetic diversity and accessibility remain preserved for future generations.

While Sensi Seeds is a legendary name in the cannabis industry, how good are its products? Let’s find out in this review.

Sensi Seeds: What Does It Offer?

Simply put, you will not find any seed bank that provides even close to the cannabis seed variety of Sensi Seeds.

Sensi Seeds conveniently divides its products into various categories. These include:

  • Seed Type
  • Yield
  • Climate Zone
  • Height
  • Flowering Time
  • Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis

While most seeds come from Sensi, there are dozens available from White Label, a sister company. You can even focus solely on ‘Cup Winners,’ and there are plenty of options in that category!


When you click on any strain, Sensi Seeds provides a reasonable amount of information. However, it doesn’t provide any specifics on height and yield. This is fair enough since it is challenging to determine precise ranges for those aspects of cannabis strains.

The number of seeds available varies according to the strain. Some only offer a 5-pack of a 10-pack. However, strains such as Sensi Amnesia Feminized also enable you to buy a single seed or a 3-pack.

Cannabis Seeds

There are over 50 ‘regular’ options from across the cannabis spectrum. These include:

  • Shiva Shanti II
  • Master Kush
  • Ruderalis Indica
  • Mexican Sativa
  • Guerilla’s Gusto

Strains that provide a large yield include Skunk #1, Eagle Bill, and First Lady. If you want a compact plant, consider Hindu Kush, Cali Orange Bud, or Black Domina.

Please note that these particular seeds could produce males.

Feminized Seeds

If you want to guarantee no males in a batch, choose one of the 70+ feminized seed options. Popular options include:

  • Purple Bud
  • OG Kush
  • Banana Kush Cake
  • Mandarin Punch
  • Strawberry Kush

Strains such as Nicole Hindu Kush and Girl Scout Cookies provide the heaviest yields.

Autoflowering Seeds

This is by far the smallest selection of the three. Autoflowering strains are known for their short growth cycle. While the yields aren’t as substantial as other options, you can make up for it with several indoors harvests per year. Options include:

  • White Diesel Haze
  • Alpine Delight CBD
  • Black Lights CBD

Does Sensi Seeds Sell Anything Else?

Yes! It has a range of CBD products with the compound extracted from Sensi Seeds plants. Its largest CBD oil concentration is 3000mg and is available for a reasonable price. There are also CBD capsules and CBD coconut hemp oil.

Sensi Seeds also sells vaporizers from top-rated brands like Crafty+, Pax, and DaVinci. You can even buy the legendary Volcano desktop vaporizer and the newer digital version. If you enjoy hemp food products, Sensi has you covered. It sells cold-pressed hemp seed oil, shelled hemp seed, and organic hemp protein.

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Finally, you can show your support for Sensi Seeds by purchasing its apparel. It sells branded hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and jogging pants.

What Else Should I Know About Sensi Seeds?

This brand is one of the most open seed banks in the world. It can legally operate within the Netherlands, so there is no need to hide in the shadows. There are three Sensi Seeds locations in Amsterdam. It also has a shop in Barcelona, Spain.

One of the most important aspects of any company is the quality of its customer service. It says a lot about Sensi Seeds that its customer service team is rarely required given the standard of the products. Disappointingly, however, its team is only available Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central European Time (CMT).

A major downside of this brand is the lack of promotions or special offers. It has such a huge profile that there is no need for Sensi Seeds to cut its prices. Also, it makes the most of its reputation by charging higher prices than some seed banks. For example, it can cost over $12 for a single seed. At least you save money by purchasing a 5-pack or a 10-pack.

The company website has a regularly updated blog. It provides plenty of content regarding growing cannabis, not to mention updates on the plant’s legality.

Delivery, Shipping & Refunds

If you live in a European Nation, you’re in luck. Sensi Seeds ships to most European nations. It also ships to dozens of countries around the world. However, please note that it is legal to buy marijuana seeds in most places, but you can’t grow them! Of course, Sensi Seeds takes no liability if you illegally grow their seeds and get caught.

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t deliver seeds to the United States or Canada.

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t deliver seeds to the United States or Canada. However, there are stores that stock Sensi Seeds products and can send them to North America. Please remember that the terms and conditions on the official Sensi Seeds website don’t apply if you go down this route.

The company pledges to begin processing the order as soon as it receives payment. It accepts bank transfers, cash payments, and credit cards. Depending on where you live, it can take 2-10 working days for seeds to arrive. When they do, you’ll find that the products are discreetly packaged. You can also check your order status at any time.

You can return most Sensi Seeds products within 14 days of receipt of delivery. The company won’t provide any refund if the item is damaged, opened, or otherwise defective.

Sensi Seeds Review: Summary & Where to Buy

The Sensi Seeds brand has been the gold standard for marijuana seed banks since it was founded over 35 years ago. It provides a range of cannabis seeds you simply won’t find anywhere else. Sensi Seeds has developed a deserved reputation for the high quality of its products. When you buy their seeds, you know they are among the best money can buy.

However, the brand uses its reputation to keep its prices moderately high, although multi-packs offer value. It delivers to dozens of countries, but unfortunately, Canada and the United States are not among them. If you can get products from Sensi Seeds, you should try to do so. You’re unlikely to find any company that provides a better range.

Rating: 9.5/10

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