4 Personal Stories That PROVE Sex Is Better When You’re High

For our premium content, WayofLeaf has been exploring some of the kinkier sides of cannabis.

We’ve already looked at what science says about weed and sex, and the research suggests cannabis can certainly help.

However, for this unique article, we thought we’d go a bit deeper and bring to light some of the personal stoned sex stories sent in by email from our followers that prove how being high can make sex better for some.

From new orgasm experiences to romantic get-aways, read below to look through some of these stoned and sexy tales.

For anonymity, the identity of each author will remain undisclosed.

Like The Whole Thing Was A Dream

This tale reveals how somebody’s stoned sex experience transforms them from a “shy, insecure girl” to a “sex goddess”.

“I was out drinking with some friends one night when this guy who I’d had a crush on for a really long time walked into the bar. We’d spoken before, but I never really thought he was interested in me at all. I was super nervous when he came over and sat down next to me, but I held it together, and we chatted for a while.

At some point, he opened up his bag and showed me that he had his stash tin inside and was like, “hey, do you wanna go get high?” Me being me, I was like, “of course!” So, we went back to my place since it was closer. I was feeling so awkward the whole way there, not really sure whether I was dreaming and just trying not to say anything too dumb.

When we got there, we sat down on the living room floor, and he rolled what was probably the ugliest joint I’ve ever seen. Honestly, this thing barely even held together as we were smoking it, but it did the trick!


So, we were sitting on the floor, absolutely blazed, and just chatting away. I had relaxed a little bit at this point, and I remember that, for some reason, we were comparing socks when he leaned over and kissed me. In that second, any remaining nerves and self-doubt just vanished. I was just like, “OK this is really happening, bring it on!”

Without even thinking about it, I turned around and straddled him, and we made out like that for a few minutes. Then I led him to the bedroom, kissing all the way and peeling off different layers of clothing as we went.

By the time we got there, we were already naked, and things were getting pretty steamy. Every time he touched me, I felt this electricity jolting through my body that felt so good but at the same time almost too intense to bear. Needless to say, the sex was incredible.

Afterward, we lay in each other’s arms until morning, exploring each other’s bodies with our fingers and staring into each other’s eyes while we bathed in the afterglow. Part of me still felt like the whole thing was a dream, but I knew it wasn’t.

We hooked up a couple more times after that, but it never went anywhere. The experience revolutionized the way I saw myself, though. Overnight I went from being this shy, insecure girl to feeling like a sex goddess. And I know it was the weed that helped me relax and be myself to the point where it was allowed to happen.”

My First Sex Orgasm on Weed

In this story, the author reveals how they had never experienced an orgasm during sex until they combined the weed and sex experience.

“For me, it seems the orgasm has always been more difficult than for others. It wasn’t until I was about 20 that I started to explore my body and gave myself the big-O for the first time. But with partnered sex, it took a while longer. And for the first time, weed definitely played a significant role.

It’s not like I wasn’t enjoying partnered sex while I wasn’t orgasming. I always felt a sense of satisfaction after somebody else came. But I think sometimes I was focused too much on their pleasure rather than my own.

I’ve never been a regular weed smoker, but it’s something I generally enjoyed whenever I’d tried it. So this one time, when I was around at a guy’s house, who I’d only just started casually dating, and he offered me some of his joint, I thought, “Hey why not.” Although I was a bit skeptical at the time that if I turned into a couch potato like I often tended to do on pot, then I might end up a bit useless in bed.

But lo and behold, quite the opposite.


When the weed first kicked in, it was a bit stronger than what I’d normally experienced, and I felt a bit anxious. I told the guy I was feeling a little sketchy, and he came to comfort me. Cuddling not only helped calm my nerves, but his touch felt 10x more amazing than usual. We started making out, and one thing led to another.

We’d been intimate before, but this felt like something else. I felt much more sensitive, and everything felt more pleasurable than usual. I’d normally lacked the confidence to be verbal during sex and say what I want, but in this weedy dream-like haze, I felt uninhibited to state when things felt particularly good. I’d gone from feeling shy in bed to feeling more like a sex God and allowing myself to bathe in my own pleasure instead of focusing too much on what I would do next to pleasure the other.

And then, yep. My first partnered-sex orgasm.

Since then, I feel like I’ve become better at communicating my own wants during sex. I don’t orgasm each time, but I think the weed helped made me realize that letting myself be pleasured is a pleasure for somebody else, so I should just really allow myself to fully engage in the experience, and voice when things feel better or worse so I can be more authentic.”

Super Sex Powers

In this raunchy story, the author describes how eating edibles before sex gave him new “super sex powers.”

“One time, me and my girlfriend took some edibles that I accidentally made a little stronger than normal. We were sitting on the couch, listening to some music and waiting for them to kick in, when we started cuddling and kissing, and one thing quickly led to another.

She peeled off my shirt and started kissing me all down my chest. I noticed that I was starting to feel super sensitive – the edibles were kicking in! I’m pretty ticklish anyway, but this was something else. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing as she kissed and licked me all down my abs. She was laughing too as she pulled off my pants and started to give me the best head of my life.


She was moving up and down to the rhythm of the music, and I just felt completely absorbed in the moment, almost like I was floating, until I lost control. But when I came, she just kept going and going. I didn’t think men could have multiple orgasms, but I’m pretty sure I did right then. In the end I had to get her to stop because it was so intense!

We rolled over, and I returned the favor. After that I was ready to go again and we had some of the best sex we’ve ever had, again and again! It was like we were finding all these new positions that we never even knew existed and touching each other in ways we never had before. I lost count of how many times we both came by the end of the night. It was like the weed had given us super sex powers!”

There Was No Separation Between His Face and Mine

In this romantic getaway tale, a couple eats edibles in Amsterdam, and one thing leads to the next….

“For our year anniversary of dating, my boyfriend and I went to Amsterdam together for a little romantic trip.

 He wasn’t really a big weed smoker, and normally when I offered bits of my spliff to him, he’d say no. But after a fun day out wandering around canals and checking out a bacteria zoo, we passed a coffee shop, and he suggested we take some edibles.

I was pretty surprised and also super hyped because I’d always wanted to eat weed together, but he’d never been interested before.

The weed kicked in pretty fast for me, but it took him about an hour and a half before he looked at me and said, “woa I feel high as f**k.”

I was worried being in the coffee shop might make him freak out a bit cause it was super loud and busy, so I suggested we go back to our hotel.

The weed was pretty damn intense. Even as a regular pot smoker, I was feeling super trippy.

At the hotel, I asked if he was alright, and he was like, “yeah course, what do you think I’m not strong enough to handle my drugs? Maybe I should be asking if YOU’RE alright??”


We started laughing hysterically and playfighting. The fighting turned pretty raunchy, and then before we knew it, we were stark naked kissing super passionately.

We normally had pretty good sex, but this was next level. When we kissed, it felt like there was no separation between his face and mine, and whenever I touched him, it was like I could feel into all the body sensations he was feeling as well as my own.

It’s like we became one unit, and we didn’t even need to speak because we both knew what positions we wanted to go into and when. There were also a few moments where it got pretty intense, and we’d stop just to cuddle for a bit. But then we’d build up slowly again to this mega passionate sex.

I felt like the whole time we were wrapped in a bubble of love, and after about four hours of going in and out of sex, then cuddling, then laughter, then repeat, we eventually collapsed on one another and passed out like babies.

When we woke up in the morning, we both felt a little groggy, but it didn’t matter because there was this super nice afterglow, and we both still felt really connected.

He’s still not picked up my stoner habits, but since Amsterdam, we now have a tradition of eating weed together on every anniversary (we’ve been together for three years now). Every time the sex is great!”

So, Cannabis and Love-Making: A Perfect Pair?

The writers of these stories highlight the unique ways in which their sexual encounters have been influenced by cannabis.

The variety in their experiences highlights how yes, cannabis certainly can play a big role in sex, but the way it might affect someone’s sexual experience is much more variable.

This uniqueness in their experience is also a reminder that the way weed affects somebody may be totally different from another. If it feels like cannabis isn’t for you, then that’s perfectly okay.

If you are new to the cannabis and sex combo, then be sure to check in with yourself before engaging in anything and see whether it feels right to you.

Ask yourself some questions like:

  • How is your baseline mood?
  • Are you feeling stressed or anxious about anything which the weed could heighten?
  • Do you feel comfortable around this person?
  • Are you in a comfortable environment?

Both weed and sex can be great, but what’s most important is that you feel at ease to get the best out of either or a combined experience.

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