Martha Allitt

Martha Allitt

Martha is an event coordinator for the Psychedelic Society UK where she runs events based around science, culture and policy. She is a writer for The Psychedelic Renaissance, where her content aims to engage the psychedelic community, and beyond, in the spectrum of cultural issues accompanying the ongoing psychedelic movement and writes also for WayofLeaf, providing evidence-based content on the therapeutic applications of psychedelics.

She is concerned with spreading important harm-reduction education and a proud volunteer for Psycare UK. Driven to aid drug policy reform and patient-access to plant-medicines, she also volunteers for the medical cannabis patient working group Patient-Led Engagement Access (PLEA).

Martha’s background is in Neuroscience and she is fascinated by the profound neurobiological effects psychedelics can offer. She is also trained as a yoga instructor and enjoys making art and music with her band Delta 9.

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