The 10 Best CBD Lotions, Creams, & Topicals

Falling under the broad umbrella term of CBD topicals, CBD creams are fast becoming some of the most popular products on the market. Given the convenience of being able to apply directly to the skin, CBD-infused creams and lotions offer substantial differences in terms of the effects that they provide compared to oil tinctures.

There is an increasing market and demand for cannabidiol topicals in the vein of luxurious skincare products, but the best CBD cream is still most likely to be specifically engineered for soreness relief. That being said, the range of effects experienced will largely depend on specific supplementary ingredients that are used in the topical formulation.

Choosing an effective product can be quite a task, especially when faced with the overwhelming number of brands that are out there currently. In this guide, our team of experts has sifted through dozens of hemp-derived products and put together a practical, unbiased review for users looking to achieve a variety of benefits relating to specific conditions.

Don’t feel like reading the entire guide? Skip down below to our WOL Expert’s Pick (below the Pros and Cons list) for the best CBD topical cream of the year.


  • CBD creams often provide a dual-range of benefits (i.e. soreness relief combined with deep skin cell hydration)
  • The best CBD creams are functional and applicable for all skin types
  • Use of CBD creams is simple, convenient, and relatively fast-acting
  • Creams allow users to target specific areas of the body, including sore joints
  • CBD creams are conveniently portable for on-the-go use
  • It can be hard to tell how much CBD you’re using per application
  • The overall cannabinoid content tends to be lower with creams compared to other (oral) CBD products


Don’t have time to read the full review but still want to see our number #1 pick? Although it was a tough choice, we selected Fab CBD as the best all-around cream due to a combination of potency, ingredients, and price point.

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What Is CBD Cream?

In the most basic sense, CBD cream refers to any cosmetic product that contains cannabidiol. Most often, this is hemp-derived CBD. To use cannabidiol infused cream, simply rub it onto the skin until the topical is fully absorbed.

Topical application allows users to more accurately target localized areas. For this reason, they are often the ideal choice for a particular set of symptoms – namely things like localized joint discomfort and muscle soreness.

what is cbd cream?

Of course, much of the range of effects offered by infused topicals will depend on the specific inclusion of supplementary ingredients. For example, many of the best products on the market today contain cooling menthol infusions, or natural anti-inflammatory aids such as turmeric.

When choosing the right product for you, it’s vital to check the ingredients and know the specific use and application for each ingredient that is included.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Cream?

While research into cannabidiol and its use for specific ailments is ongoing, anecdotal reports suggest that topical products specifically can be extremely helpful for localized joint and muscle soreness. In fact, some would agree that they provide better, more enhanced relief than orally-ingested products.

As far as skin conditions, some users find that moisturizing creams can provide a reliable, positive range of benefits. Many CBD products are even suitable for sensitive skin, as long as they are absent of things like aromatic perfumes and chemicals. That being said, many individuals suffering from pain will opt for products that contain warming or cooling agents, as these are known to help reduce inflammation.

All in all, the range of CBD cream benefits is immense. Like we said, most users rely on creams for targeting muscle soreness and joint discomfort. Direct application focuses the active CBD component on a desired area, meaning users can adopt a more integrated CBD approach to localized inflammation. Additionally, when topicals are used, less of the active compound is lost due to digestive breakdown.

Here are some of the key benefits of CBD cream:

  • Allows for direct, localized use
  • Provides an excellent option for soreness and inflammation
  • Practical use for joint and muscle soreness
  • Simple and direct application
  • Reduced risk of CBD loss due to digestive breakdown

It’s also worth mentioning that there are active clinical trials ongoing to further understand the benefits of these unique cannabidiol products. While scientists have developed a strong foundation knowledge of CBD-based dermal application, we still have a long way to go in order to fully understand the physiological implications of CBD on the human endocannabinoid system.

How to Choose the Best CBD Cream

There are a variety of CBD creams to choose from, as outlined by our range of expert selections in the review below. Some of the more progressive products on the market today include things like bath bombs, bath salts, and massage oils, but these would fall more under the category of cannabidiol hygiene products. However, we are increasingly seeing brands offering various moisturizing skincare products, which can work wonders on skin cell rejuvenation.

In terms of texture, the best CBD cream will have a light, delicate appeal that is not heavy like other moisturizing-specific products. These can adequately be applied on any area of the skin, including dry, sensitive, and oily skin.

You may see different names and terminologies floating around the market that seem to apply to the same general product type. There is a marginal difference between salves and ointments, the key variation lying in their manufacturing preparation. Typically, salves are made using fresh or dried herbs, and are infused into a carrier oil before being mixed with fatty waxes. Ointments, on the other hand, contain essential oils and are often added to a melted oil and/or a wax blend.

Since they are so similar, salves and ointments are often used interchangeably. Both have a thick, balmy texture. They can feel greasier on the skin than creams, but like creams, they’re often ideal for symptoms like joint soreness. Ointments also tend to have a stronger scent, which can be really pleasant depending on the essential oils that are used.

At the end of the day, each topical is slightly different. It all comes down to personal preference, and finding a topical with the right ingredients.

Best CBD Cream Review: The WOL Team Weighs In

When putting together this CBD cream review, our team of experts decided it was vital to search out products that did not contain a barrage of artificial ingredients. Any skincare guru knows that chemicals and artificial ingredients can be harmful to the skin. Since the skin is the body’s largest organ, you need to take care of it – and this means using healthy, all-natural ingredients.

Many of the topical options you’ll find on the market today have ingredients common to regular skincare products. This includes things like shea butter, cocoa butter, and various essential oils. Of course, cannabidiol is always going to be the primary ingredient in any quality topical.

This brings us to our next topic of critical consideration: the milligram content of cannabidiol that is included in the product. When considering the number of CBD cream reviews that are out there, it is astonishing to realize that so few outlets consider milligram potency as a key factor in the effectiveness of a cannabidiol-infused cream. A quality third-party lab report can tell you so much about the contents of a product – including CBD content down to the thousandth of a milligram.

Fortunately, the expert WOL team took all of these factors into consideration when putting together this review. (See below for more detailed information on how our team made the list of top selections).

Criteria for Selecting the Market’s Best CBD Cream

According to our team of experts, there are three key considerations to take into account when focusing on criteria for the best CBD creams:

  1. What is the overall milligram CBD content (and does the product come with a legitimate third-party lab report or Certificate of Analysis to verify the milligram amount)?
  2. What is the complete list of ingredients that are present? Are there any unnecessary or unnatural ingredients used in the product?
  3. Is the product made from full-spectrum hemp extract, broad-spectrum hemp extract, or CBD isolate?

which brand offers the best cbd cream?

When selecting a CBD cream that will suit you and your personal needs, be sure to ask yourself these three questions before settling on any one product. Below, our team outlines what we believe to be the best and most effective user-specific products currently available. If you have additional selections to add, be sure to get in touch with us via our Contact page, or by leaving a comment below.

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Best CBD Cream Overall

Most CBD creams contain similar ingredients. Of course, there are slight differences between each brand. For this particular selection, our team narrowed it down to two specific brands.

Fab CBD Cream

Fab CBD cream is made with cocoa butter and coconut oil, along with various essential oils. The ingredients are pretty standard, but the addition of coconut oil does add a superior moisturizing quality that we love. These products are also vegan, by the way, which is a major consideration for many potential customers.

CBDPure CBD Cream

CBDPure CBD cream comes in a single 250mg Muscle & Joint formula. This formula represents a fantastic amalgamation of quality, potency, and authentic plant-based ingredients. We also like the fact that CBDPure products are made from hemp grown in Colorado on a small family farm. In today’s often over-saturated market, there’s a lot to be said for this.

It was hard to pick a winner in this category. In the end, we opted for the incredibly moisturizing, vegan blend from Fab.


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Best CBD Lotion by Potency

It was a little more difficult to come up with our selections for the market’s best CBD lotions. These products compromise mostly moisturizing and skincare products, which there is less of a market for. What we focused on more were CBD-infused topicals that boasted very high milligram concentrations of CBD. If you’re looking for potency, the following selections from PureKana and Medterra are hard to ignore.

PureKana CBD Lotion

Judging by percentage strength, PureKana CBD lotion easily beats out our selection from Medterra. If you’re looking for the highest CBD content in milligrams, there are probably few better options out there. We gave the marks to PureKana due to the percentage strength of its 2,000mg Pain Relief topical. This is an incredibly well-made product that is used by some of the most elite athletes, fighters, and trainers on the planet.

Medterra CBD Lotion

The precision-crafted Medterra CBD lotion is an incredibly well-made product from one of the market’s most progressive labels. It’s slightly less expensive than the above option, but again, if you’re looking for maximum potency in terms of milligram CBD concentration, the best bet is to go with the Green Roads label.


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Best CBD Topicals by Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy isn’t something many people consider when weighing in on the market’s best topical CBD products. However, aromatic compounds (which largely come from the presence of terpenes), can have immense benefit in terms of their calming, relaxing effects. They can even have a supplementary impact in terms of helping with inflammation. Here, our team considered two extremely well-made products that boast a wonderful blend of natural hemp-derived terpenes.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Topical

The Charlotte’s Web CBD topical lineup includes a variety of exclusive aromatic skincare products. They offer formulations in a unique Soothing Scent, as well as Lavender and Peppermint. In our opinion, the lavender formula specifically offers a supremely relaxing, calming aromatic profile.

Charlotte’s Web topicals in general have a long list of ingredients, many of which are 100% plant-based. As a result, they’re likely to suit even the most sensitive skin types.
Additionally, the presence of supplementary compounds are included to help the skin maintain a youthful glow and a bright, healthy complexion. And of course, the blend of aromatic compounds may offer supplementary support to damaged skin caused by stress and inflammation.

Fab CBD Topical

Fab CBD topical comes in an admittedly unoriginal ‘Fresh’ scent. The product features a light floral fragrance thanks to the addition of lavender oil, and those who have a sensitive nose will find the aroma pleasant and calming. This is a very well-made product overall, but the intensity of the aromatic blend is mild (if unexciting), so it was relatively easy for our team to pick the winner here. We decided to give this one to Mary’s Nutritionals, simply on account of the therapeutic power of their aromatic blend.


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Best CBD Ointment by Texture

If you go online and search for the best rated CBD ointment, you’ll be met with literally thousands of different search results — and thousands of different products to match. To make things simple here, our team selected two different products based on texture alone. Unlike other types of topicals, ointments are not balmy, and they rarely feel greasy on the skin.

Fab CBD Ointment

Fab CBD ointment is probably the thickest available, so it takes a little longer to absorb than some of the others. Still, it doesn’t feel heavy or unpleasant when you apply it. It massages into the skin with incredible ease, and leaves you feeling moisturized and very well-hydrated.

Premium Jane CBD Ointment

Premium Jane CBD ointment is even lighter than Fab’s formulation, and it sinks in easily and seems like it gets to work a bit faster. We particularly loved the 1500mg Cocoa Butter formulation, as it was immensely effective and contained a perfect blend of supplementary compounds. The brand also offers additional products designed for general skincare and skin cell rejuvenation, including a line of facial care products that we feel offer the lightest and most luxurious texture on the market. For that reason, they take the top spot here for best ointment.


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Best CBD Salve by Price

Unlike our other categories, choosing the best CBD salves based on price alone presented a bit of a selection headache. Given the precision-crafted formulation that goes into make a truly top-quality product, there simply aren’t that many inexpensive products out there to choose from. We again ended up settling on a product range from Green Roads and Fab, and we think you’ll be surprised with who we ended up choosing as the overall winner.

Fab CBD Salve

In terms of the best budget pick, we calculated the price per milligram in the cheapest product offering from each brand:

  • JustCBD (250mg): ~$0.06 per milligram
  • Fab CBD (600mg): ~$0.08 per milligram

At first glance, it appears that JustCBD Salve gives you a slightly better bang for your buck. Look a little closer though, and you’ll see that the Fab option – since they both come in 2-ounce jars – actually offers the better value of the two in terms of overall cost. For those on a budget that are looking for the cheapest available option, the obvious choice here is Fab.

JustCBD Salve

Surprisingly, there is an even cheaper option available in the form of a Travel Size Green Roads CBD Salve. This option contains 50mg, and costs $0.23 per milligram, which is of course more expensive than the full-sized product on a cut-and-dry price per milligram basis. If you’re looking to try it alone, though, it costs just $11.99.

Overall, the cheapest full-sized selection comes from Green Roads, with their $24.99 Muscle & Joint Relief Cream – one of the best current values on the market, in our opinion.


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Bottom Line on the Best CBD Cream

It was a tough decision, but in the end, we awarded the best CBD topical cream to Fab. Due to the available options that the brand offers, it was just impossible to ignore the overall value that’s on the table here. Whether you’re looking for a CBD cream that’s highly potent in terms of milligram concentration, or if you’re simply looking for the lowest possible price to get you started on your CBD journey, Fab has a quality option available.

Fab CBD also uses the high-quality ingredients possible, and still manages to beat other brands when it comes to price. Plus, the creams have a pleasant scent that elevate the overall user experience compared to most other product selections. Make sure you head to the Fab CBD website to discover the brand’s full range of topicals currently on offer.


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