Paris OG Cannabis Strain [Benefits, Origins, Potency]

Paris OG Strain Overview
Paris OG is an uplifting and sedating strain that will have you feeling as if you’re strolling through the streets of the beloved city itself. It has a flowery and pine-like aroma, which transitions to a sweet blueberry/citrus flavor when smoked. The Paris OG strain acts as a stress reliever, and also as an intense painkiller, so it’s great for medicinal use.
Common usage
Body high/numbing
Growing info
Flowering period is approximately 8-9 weeks, best grown indoors

Every strain has its place; some are perfect for busy days when you are in need of an energy boost and the ability to focus intensely on a project, while other strains are designed to help you unwind after a busy week, clear your mind and give you a sense of deep relaxation. When looking for a strain that falls into the latter category, you are going to want to try hybrid strains that lean more towards the indica end of the scale. Indicas are famous for their strong physical effects which often leave you couch locked and in a deep state of peace and relaxation.

Paris OG is a hybrid strain that causes a strong physical high, ideal for those times when you just need to unwind. Being a hybrid strain, Paris OG also has the uplifting, psychoactive effects that are so popular with sativas. Paris OG is the perfect example of why hybrid strains are so great; allowing you to enjoy a balance between indicas and sativas, creating a mental and physical high at the same time.

What can you expect from Paris OG? Is this the perfect strain for you after a long and crazy week at the office?

What is the Paris OG Cannabis Strain?

There is not a great deal known about Paris OG both in terms of its lineage and its indica/sativa breakdown. It is rumored that Headband and Lemon OG are the parent strains of Paris OG, although this is not something that has been officially confirmed. Both of these are hybrid strains with similar effects and flavors as Paris OG.

Paris OG firmly falls into the hybrid category with its mix of mental calming effects and strong body buzz; however, the exact indica/sativa split is unknown. The physical effects of Paris OG definitely outweigh the psychoactive, causing people to assume that it leans more towards being an indica-dominant hybrid – but this is mere speculation. Despite Paris OG seeming to exist in a cloud of mystery, it has still managed to win a number of awards over the last decade, including 1st place in the 2014 Michigan High Times Cannabis Cup.

Paris OG is best enjoyed during the evening or as part of a lazy weekend because it will leave you feeling sedated and in a somewhat dreamy state. Perfect on a Friday evening after a long and hectic week at work, Paris OG clears your mind from the stress of daily life and allow your body to sink into the sofa and appreciate some much-needed relaxation. Paris OG can also be enjoyed with friends; order a few pizzas, pick your favorite show to binge-watch and chill out together. When smoked with a small group of close friends, there is an increased sense of closeness in the air; with everybody feeling slightly sedated and peaceful, it becomes easier to talk and laugh as all social awkwardness is removed.

Shortly after smoking your first few puffs of Paris OG, you will start to feel a slight pressure around your eyes, which quickly spreads across your head. This is accompanied by an uplifting mood boost which makes you feel chill, and makes everything seem just that little bit more positive. Despite Paris OG only causing a subtle mood change, it is enough to lift your mood and cause you to feel upbeat, putting you in the right mindset to enjoy the physically calming effects of Paris OG.

As the high develops, your limbs begin to feel heavy. When taken in larger doses it can become difficult to hold your eyes open, with your body seemingly wanting to block the world out and drift off into itself. You enter a dream-like state, with everything feeling cloudy and slightly confusing. If you are planning on smoking Paris OG in larger doses, it is recommended that you do this somewhere that you feel safe – for example at home – as the world will seem to move around you and it can feel pretty scary if you are out and among large crowds of people or in a packed bar. Equally, Paris OG is not the best strain to smoke around a group of friends you are not completely comfortable with; instead, stick to close friends that you know you can trust.

Even when taken in smaller doses, Paris OG will leave you feeling couch-locked, unable to do more than watch TV or enjoy long, drawn-out conversations with friends where you are not really saying anything, but it feels like you are having the most intense, in-depth conversation that you have ever shared together. Paris OG can also leave you feeling extremely hungry, so always make sure that you have a cupboard full of snacks, or that you order a pizza just before smoking, because there is nothing worse than being hungry and high with no food to munch your way through.

Paris OG is very much about relaxation, both mentally and physically. It is a very stereotypical strain in terms of its effects, reminding you of the common TV trope where a group characters are sitting around with boxes of pizza while in a sedated state of bliss after sharing a joint. This is not a bad thing, though, as sometimes it is nice to experience a somewhat basic and to-the-point strain that allows you to truly relax and just have a good time.

What can you expect from Paris OG in terms of its aroma?


Paris OG has a complex aroma, with there being a strange mix of smells that hit you in waves as you break apart the buds and burn them. The first sniff of Paris OG tricks you into thinking that it has a simple profile, with a citrus, fruity smell that has gentle floral notes. However, upon further investigation, you start to pick up on the more earthy notes, mixed with a diesel undertone.

Grinding Paris OG further brings out the earthy, pine-like aroma, which mixes with the floral notes to remind you of pleasant afternoon walks through the woods during spring as all of the flowers are beginning to grow and summer finally feels as though it is within reach. Despite the exact lineage of Paris OG not being confirmed, it is obviously part of the OG family given its name; this is also confirmed by the subtle smell that you notice when grinding that is remarkably similar to OG Kush.

Paris OG produces a harsh smoke which can sometimes feel overwhelming for novice smokers, causing uncontrollable coughing as your lungs try to clear themselves of the acrid smoke. Make sure that you have a bottle of water on hand to help reduce coughing, and just remember as your throat and lungs adapt to Paris OG it does become easier. As you exhale, the air fills with a sturdy pine aroma and a surprising lemon freshness, which somewhat helps you work through the smoke-induced coughing fit.

How does the flavor of Paris OG compare?


There are very few surprises when it comes to Paris OG’s flavor profile, with it tasting exactly as you would expect given its aroma. With the first puff, your mouth is filled with a sweet, citrus flavor which leaves a fresh feeling and causes a tingling feeling on your tongue. With further drags you are able to appreciate the deepness of flavors, with notes of blueberry and pine.

Once you have worked your way through Paris OG’s thick smoke and survived the inevitable coughing fit, you start to enjoy the fresh feeling that it leaves behind. The aftertaste can easily be compared to freshly squeezed lemonade which has not had enough sugar added – it is still enjoyable but leaves you feeling as though you need to chug down half a glass of water to settle your taste buds.

What can you expect from Paris OG in terms of its appearance?


Paris OG has large buds, which have a sticky appearance due to the layer of almost cloudy trichomes that smother them. Buds have an interesting color to them, being an almost oversaturated green which reminds you of when someone has tried to be artistic by fiddling with the manual settings on their camera, resulting in an oversaturated photo where everything is that little bit too yellow, and the contrast has been turned up to the maximum. Due to the denseness of the buds, they are hard to break apart and require quite a bit of grinding in order to be useable.

The leaves on Paris OG plants have a fluffy texture, covered in thick, orange hairs. The fluffy texture is caused by the same trichomes that cover the buds, with an even more adhesive layer forming on the leaves.

What are some of the main things you should know before you start growing your very own Paris OG plants?

Paris OG Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to find Paris OG seeds, and therefore, the best option to start growing Paris OG is to obtain clippings. When purchasing clippings, it is important that they have come from a healthy, mature plant in order to give you the best possible chance of growing success. The main advantage of working with clippings rather than seeds is that your plant will be genetically identical to the plant it was taken from, meaning that you should know exactly what to expect.

Paris OG makes for the perfect indoor plant. Due to it being short and bushy, it can be grown even within confined spaces. It can also be grown outside if you live in a semi-humid climate, with Paris OG flourishing in Mediterranean temperatures. When grown outside, you can expect plants to be ready for harvesting during early autumn, having benefited from the long, sunshine-filled days of summer.

Paris OG is a relatively easy strain to grow and definitely one that can be attempted by beginners. More than experience, Paris OG requires somebody who can commit the time and attention to regular trimmings, helping the plant to stay healthy and grow to its full potential.

Before you commit yourself to Paris OG and all of its trimming needs, it is a good idea to be aware of its THC content and ensure that it is the right strain for you.

THC Content – Highest Test

The THC content of Paris OG can vary, with an average of 19% and highs of 28%. With the average THC for hybrids being around 12%, this is definitely not a strain that holds anything back, even at its lowest. The high level of THC explains the strong effects that are felt with even just a few puffs of Paris OG. For anyone who has a low tolerance to THC, it might be best to stick to low doses, at least until your body is able to adjust to the overwhelming effects.

What can you expect from Paris OG in terms of its CBD content?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Paris OG contains around 1% CBD, which given the strain’s high THC content is surprisingly high. Normally when a strain has such a high level of THC, it only has trace amounts of CBD, making 1% much higher than the average 0.05% – 0.5% that you would expect.

The powerful physical effects that are felt with Paris OG go beyond just being used for recreational enjoyment and have been found to have a number of impressive health benefits. So, why might you want to consider Paris OG for medicinal purposes?

Medical Benefits of the Paris OG Cannabis Strain

Paris OG is often found in medical stores in southern California and is a popular choice due to its wide-reaching medical benefits. The number one reason that people turn to Paris OG is to help cope with nervous conditions and severe stress. The deep calming effects allow you to tackle stress-inducing situations in a way that you could not manage alone. It can also be used as a more long-term way of dealing with stress if you are somebody that finds themselves consumed by worries and anxieties. If you are the type who plans scenarios over and over in your head during the build-up to a stressful and panic-filled situation, Paris OG can stop your brain from working overtime.

Some people have found Paris OG to aid them in managing depression and insomnia, clearing their mind and offering a more balanced, positive outlook on the world. Due to its strong sedative effects, Paris OG is particularly useful during the evening and before bed, stopping your mind from wandering down black holes and helping you to achieve a full and refreshing night’s sleep.

Paris OG has a number of physical health benefits, including acting as an intense painkiller, fighting through the pain and leaving your body feeling numb and free from draining aches and pains. It can also reduce muscle spasms, which can make even simple daily tasks feel difficult. When taken on a regular basis, Paris OG can reduce inflammation, allowing your body to heal and preventing future pains.

Patients who suffer from Glaucoma have found Paris OG alleviates eye pressure and eases the pain that can sometimes be experienced. It is also thought that when taken regularly, it can slow down the long term effects of Glaucoma.

Are there any negative side effects that you should be aware of with Paris OG?

Possible Side Effects of the Paris OG Cannabis Strain

The two most common side effects that are felt with Paris OG are dry eyes and cottonmouth, both of which are very normal, especially when smoking rather than consuming through different methods. Neither should be serious enough to put you off trying Paris OG, just make sure that you stay hydrated at all times.

Another commonly felt effect is an increased sense of paranoia, for most people this does not detract from the enjoyment of the high and find that it helps to know in advance that this is something you might experience as it allows you to work through the negative and sometimes scary thoughts. If you suffer from paranoia on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to stick with low doses to hopefully negate such effects.

Some people report experiencing headaches as the effects of Paris OG start to wear off, causing a heavy headed feeling which can be unpleasant. Less common side effects also include a sudden feeling of dizziness and anxious thoughts.

Final Thoughts on the Paris OG Cannabis Strain

Paris OG is very much a calming strain that is designed to be enjoyed as part of a chilled evening at home. Helping you to block the rest of the world out, Paris OG allows you to focus on your immediate surroundings and gives your brain a break from daily worries and stress of life. The strong sedative effects of Paris OG do not make it a great strain for large social gatherings or nights out, but instead perfect for a relaxed night in with a few close friends who are also looking to have a laid back time. So, the next time you are planning a movie night with friends, why not try Paris OG for yourself and enjoy its mellowing effects as you laugh and cry your way through your all-time favorite films together.

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