Mandarin Dreams Marijuana Strain [Complete Review]

Mandarin Dreams Strain Overview
A great example of a perfect split between sativas and indicas, the Mandarin Dreams strain offers up incredible highs and a perfectly balanced experience.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Weight loss
Growing info
Best grown indoors with great temperature control, this strain is an easy grower if you are comfortable with trimming it occasionally.

Hybrid strains are a popular choice for many – and for a very good reason. A well balanced hybrid strain is able to combine both the energy-packed, uplifting experience of a sativa with the mellow peacefulness of an indica.

Hybrid strains are perfect for those times when you cannot quite decide on exactly what it is you want from a strain, allowing you to enjoy a little bit of everything. Hybrids are almost like ordering a tasting menu, rather than having to choose one dish and missing out on all the other options.

The Mandarin Dreams strain is a much-loved hybrid. Users enjoy its perfect balance and high that offers a little taste of everything on the menu. Mandarin Dreams is able to take you on a journey, from energy-packed and motivated, through to calm and sedated.

Let’s take a closer look at Mandarin Dreams and find out precisely what you can expect from this packed hybrid strain.

What Is the Mandarin Dream Strain?

The Mandarin Dreams strain of weed was created by crossing Stormtrooper, #12, and Mandarin Sunset. The three different strains came together to create a strain that is both long-lasting and uplifting. Mandarin Dreams is perfect for those who want to experience a burst of energy, while still being able to enjoy a mellow high later on.

Mandarin Dreams lives up to its 50% indica / 50% sativa split, somehow managing to combine a burst of energy with a sense of deep physical relaxation. It is this mix of polar opposite effects that make many people want to try Mandarin Dreams and experience the drastic mood shift that occurs over the course of a few hours.


The initial effects of Mandarin Dreams settle your mind, helping you to focus and think clearly. It is during this early stage of the high that you are going to want to make the most of the strain’s uplifting and energetic effects. Some people find that the early impacts of Mandarin Dreams are ideal for pushing your limits either at the gym or in other physical activities.

Mandarin Dreams can also help to clear your mind and unlock your creative potential. The sense of clarity allows your brain to focus on creative ideas. Meanwhile, the energetic feelings that are racing through your body give you the motivation to actually complete creative projects.

As the effects of Mandarin Dreams start to settle, you notice that your energy levels begin to drop and that you are slipping into a state of complete relaxation. This is an excellent time to put all physical tasks to one side and curl up on the sofa, either with a chill movie or some of your favorite music.

It is in the latter part of a Mandarin Dreams high that you start to feel truly relaxed, with the world around you feeling as though it is a million miles away. Some people find that, when they smoke larger doses, they drift in and out a peaceful sleep, waking up the next morning feeling refreshed.

Mandarin Dreams is ideal for use during the early evening, giving you a chance to enjoy the entire high while still having enough time to get a full night’s sleep.


The Mandarin Dreams marijuana strain has a strong, pungent aroma that might not be to everyone’s liking and definitely takes a little getting used to. The primary aroma that you notice when you first handle Mandarin Dreams is a strong chemical smell, similar to the smell that hits you when you open your car door at a gas station.

As you grind Mandarin Dreams buds apart, the smell of diesel can feel a little overwhelming. The air feels as though it has suddenly gained weight, almost holding you down from the strong smell. It is always a good idea to open a window to let the aroma dissipate and avoid a lingering smell that could last hours.

As Mandarin Dreams starts to burn, you notice a spicy scent creep its way through the dense chemical aroma. This pleasant smell seems out of place among the thick diesel smoke, taking you by surprise.

As you inhale Mandarin Dreams’ thick and almost choking smoke, you start to notice some of the more subtle aromas that are hidden underneath the durable diesel.

Some people describe the smell as being similar to damp earth, reminding them of winter walks when there has been heavy rainfall. Others have said that it is more of an herbal scent, which combines beautifully with the spicy tones.

How does Mandarin Dreams’ flavor profile compare?


Mandarin Dreams has an interesting flavor profile and one that almost feels like it is trying to be two things at once. On the one hand, Mandarin Dreams has a strong, sour diesel flavor – something that you almost expect, given the strain’s aroma. However, there are also a number of different flavors, including citrus, fruity sweetness, and cream, which just do not seem to belong together.

As you inhale your first puff of thick Mandarin Dreams smoke, you notice a strong diesel taste. The intense flavor can be quite a shock to your system at first, although it is something that you quickly become used to. As you adjust to the overpowering flavor, you are able to pick up on some of the more delicate flavors.

With each puff of Mandarin Dreams, you notice a new layer of complexity. The more fruity, sweet side of Mandarin Dreams starts to come out, making a refreshing change to your taste buds. More observant users will also be able to pick up on a slight creaminess, almost as though cream has been poured over fruit and been allowed to mix with the fruit’s juices.

Mandarin Dreams leaves a somewhat confusing taste in your mouth, mixing both sour and sweet with a cloying chemical taste that persists no matter how much water you drink.


Mandarin Dreams’ buds instantly grab your attention as a result of their large size and bright coloring. The buds have a vibrant, almost garish green coloring to them, helping them to stand out among other strains.

The vibrancy of Mandarin Dreams’ buds is enhanced by orange pistils that creep their way through each bud. A layer of frosted crystals gives buds a shine, almost like a top layer of varnish.

Mandarin Dreams plants grow tall and thin, giving them a slightly unbalanced appearance, much like the leaning tower of Pisa. Despite their shaky outwards appearance, Mandarin Dreams plants are extremely robust, able to withstand even strong winds.

The structure of a Mandarin Dreams plant is, in part, supported by its small leaves. The leaves on a Mandarin Dreams plant blend into the actual plant, quickly going unnoticed. They have a deep green color, which stands in contrast to the rest of the plant and is the only thing that really makes them obvious.

Mandarin Dreams Strain Grow Info

Mandarin Dreams plants are of moderate difficulty to grow. However, beginners who are prepared for a slightly steeper learning curve could attempt them too. Although Mandarin Dreams plants might be resistant to harsh weather conditions, they do not fare so well against common pests and molds. It is, therefore, essential to have some knowledge of how to deal with these potential problems.

A warm and humid climate is best for anyone who wants their Mandarin Dream plants to grow happily and to their full potential. Many people opt to keep Mandarin Dreams plants indoors as it allows for better temperature control and reduces the chances of encountering molds.

As Mandarin Dreams plants can grow extremely tall, they require regular topping in order for them to stay healthy and develop to their full potential. Topping plants is going to be even more critical when keeping them indoors, as it allows you to keep them within the space limits that you are working with.

You can find Mandarin Dreams strain seeds online, although they are not as easy to come by compared to similar strains. A good option, especially for less experienced growers, is to try and find clippings from mature plants for sale. Clippings are an excellent way to start growing your plants as they are much more predictable, and you do not have to worry about seeds failing to germinate.

THC Content – Highest Test

Mandarin Dreams cannabis has a higher than average THC content, with lab results showing an average of 25%. With the average for a hybrid strain being around 12%, Mandarin Dreams packs a punch that many do not expect when they first smoke the strain.

The high THC levels present in Mandarin Dreams are part of the reason why the effects of this strain last much longer than you would normally expect from a hybrid. The extended high is one of the major selling points of Mandarin Dreams, giving you maximum time to enjoy every stage of its effects.

How does Mandarin Dreams’ CBD content compare to its extreme THC levels?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Mandarin Dreams could have a CBD content of 1%, which is surprisingly high given the strain’s higher than average level of THC. When a strain has a THC content as high as 25%, you can typically expect only to find trace amounts of CBD, but Mandarin Dreams is not a strain that likes to follow the rules.

CBD is the main cannabinoid responsible for many of the medical benefits that we think of with marijuana. Most people mistakenly believe that because Mandarin Dreams contains just 1% CBD, compared to 25% THC, it does not have any medical benefits that make it worth using as a medicinal strain.

However, this strain has a number of different strengths that make it a powerful medical option for many. Why might you want to consider Mandarin Dreams for medicinal reasons?

Medical Benefits of the Mandarin Dreams Strain

Mandarin Dreams is mainly used to treat physical conditions, although may also be useful when dealing with stress.

One of the main reasons that Mandarin Dreams is useful as a medicinal strain is to help combat the effects of treatments such as chemo. The strain acts as both a nausea suppressant and an appetite enhancer. Smoking a few puffs of Mandarin Dreams before mealtimes can make all the difference, creating an enjoyable meal out of what used to be an uphill struggle.


Mandarin Dreams can also be useful as a long-term treatment for those who suffer from chronic pain. The numbing effects of Mandarin Dreams help to reduce even the most stubborn of pains. Smoking Mandarin Dreams in small doses throughout the day is enough to numb the pain without triggering the more sedative effects that can occur, allowing you to enjoy your day pain-free.

Some people have found Mandarin Dreams to be an effective way of managing stress and depression. The relaxing sense of euphoria makes it easier to focus your mind on positive thoughts. The early stages of a Mandarin Dreams high are perfect for completing tasks and doing things that leave you feeling productive and uplifted.

It is rare to find a strain that does not have at least a few potential side effects, and Mandarin Dreams is no exception. So, what can you expect from Mandarin Dreams?

Possible Side Effects of the Mandarin Dreams Strain

The most common side effect that people notice when smoking Mandarin Dreams is an annoying dry mouth feeling. Dry mouth is one of the most common side effects of most strains and can cause the inside of your mouth to feel intensely dry and fuzzy for a few hours. The good news is that dry mouth has no long-term effect on your health and will typically disappear within a few hours.

The higher than average THC content found in Mandarin Dreams can cause some people to experience a sudden sense of anxiety, as well as dizziness and a tendency towards paranoid thoughts. These effects are much more common when smoking larger doses and very rarely occur from just a few puffs.

Some people find that they naturally have a low THC tolerance and that Mandarin Dreams can feel overwhelming as a result. Given the high THC level in Mandarin Dreams, it is always a good idea to start with a small dose and see how you react before upping your intake.

Final Thoughts on the Mandarin Dreams Strain

Mandarin Dreams is an exciting strain and one that definitely does not get enough attention. The ability to shift from feeling motivated and energetic, to relaxed and mellow with just a few puffs can feel pretty amazing.

Mandarin Dreams is ideal for late afternoons and early evenings when the shift in energy levels and mood perfectly fits with the time of day, resulting in maximum enjoyment.

Mandarin Dreams is not just a recreational strain, managing to pack a range of different medical benefits among the roller coaster high.

As long as you can work through Mandarin Dreams’ pungent aroma and flavor profile, it is a strain that definitely does not disappoint, managing to include a little something for everyone.

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