Growing 1 Marijuana Plant (Just for Fun!) – Part II

Part II: Harvesting Your Crop

Now that you know how to begin growing your medical marijuana buds, the harvesting process is where the real fun begins and you get to try your final product that you’ve worked so hard growing and waiting patiently for.

It’s important to make sure your cannabis is completely ready before snipping down branches and hanging them to cure. A useful item for recognizing when your trichomes are in full force, is known as a magnifying tool. You can choose a jeweler’s loupe, a handheld magnifier, or if you’re really wanting to invest, a digital microscope. It would be helpful to purchase one of these options, and you can especially find a jeweler’s loupe for an inexpensive price on the internet.

marijuana loupe

Harvesting Your Crop:

Once your magnifying tool is in your hands, this process is actually rather simple.

You Can Check the Pistils, or Hairs of the Buds to See If They Are Ready:

This method is not as accurate, but is a nice precursor before you decide to start using your magnifying tool to check trichomes. When the hairs of the buds begin to darken and curl, you know they’re ready. The plant can fool you a bit, making you believe it’s time when truly only 50 percent of the hairs are curled and showing signs of harvest. Make sure you wait until about 50-70 percent of hairs are curling and darkening before determining if the crop is truly harvestable. If you harvest when 50-70 percent of the plant has curling pistils, this means the plant has high levels of THC and will therefore be a batch of buds with more of an energizing high. Now, if you want more CBD infused weed, wait till 70-90 percent of the pistils are curling. This will strengthen the CBD content.

Use Your Magnifying Tool to Check Trichomes:

This method will give you a truly accurate reading of whether or not it’s time to harvest. Trichomes look like teeny tiny little mushroom caps underneath a magnifying tool. They get coated with frosty crystals if they are resin glands, giving marijuana buds their sticky texture. There might be other trichomes that don’t look like tiny mushrooms, but the only ones that determine potency are the mushroom appearing glands.

trichomes marijuana

Here’s where the identification process begins:

Observe your buds trichomes with a magnifying tool, one of the types listed above will work great. If your trichomes appear clear when you observe them, they are NOT ready to harvest. Leave the plant alone and let it keep developing for at least a few more days, possibly a couple more weeks. When your trichomes appear milky or cloudy and not clear, this is when you can begin to determine whether or not you want to harvest your buds.

The time many choose to finally harvest is when most of the trichomes have become milky, but some choose to wait until their trichomes become amber, this type of bud giving a more narcotic-like high. It’s truly up to preference, but it’s important to decide at what point you would like to cut the growing process, so that you can determine the feeling of the bud you’d like to harvest. It’s important to note that with some strains, these trichomes become pinkish purple instead of amber or gold, so keep an eye out for this variation.

Once your trichomes look to your preference, give the branches a snip and find a room with air circulation to hang your buds and begin the drying and curing process.

You are getting closer and closer to the having your final product. Find out in Part III how to properly dry your bud, cure your herb, and trim it down for the perfect smoke.

Although many benefits exist from marijuana, there are still some detrimental effects. The consumer or cultivator is solely responsible for his or her own affiliation and consumption of marijuana.

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