Everything You Need to Know About Recycler Bongs

If you enjoy cannabis, you have an enviable number of consumption methods at your disposal. From the classic joints and blunts through to edibles and topicals. The humble bong also remains a favorite amongst marijuana aficionados.

Over the years, designers have created different versions of the bong. Some brands enjoy the challenge of creating aesthetically pleasing masterpieces. However, the primary goal is to improve user experience by providing a means of enjoying a cooler smoke. The recycler bong is one of the best examples yet. Find out more about it in this article.

What is a Recycler Bong?

If you’re a novice bong user, you might think it is a piece made from recycled glass. In reality, a recycler bong gets its name because it constantly recycles the water inside it. This piece completes this process while you use it. The result is smoke that is more filtered and cooler. You’re less likely to experience a harsh throat hit or coughing fit when using a recycler bong than its standard counterpart.

It is a two-chambered percolator that is also found in bubblers and rigs as well as bongs. This system provides an additional layer of smoke filtration. The result is a smoking experience that is smoother on the lungs and throat. Crucially, a recycler bong potentially reduces the level of pollutants and carcinogens produced by cannabis smoke. Whether you like it or not, combusted marijuana does produce harmful materials.

Apart from providing a cleaner hit, a recycler bong stops splashback by ensuring water doesn’t get into the mouthpiece. Also, the smoke doesn’t go stale since it has less contact with the air. This means you also enjoy a nicer flavor, so choose a flavorful strain! The smoke remains in contact with the water for longer, giving the smoke time to cool. Ultimately, a recycler bong permits maximum filtration.

How Does a Recycler Bong Work?

This type of bong is generally made from glass and consists of two chambers. These compartments work together to provide the smooth and intense smoking experience you desire. Tubes connect the chambers.

The bottom chamber, which is the largest, is where the water is kept to remove contaminants and cool the smoke. The water from this chamber is pulled into the second compartment along with the smoke that builds up in the base. This recycled air and smoke combine to produce cleaner hits.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

  • Fill the recycler bong with water and load your bowl.
  • When you light the cannabis, the smoke goes to the large compartment and mixes with the water.
  • The water filters the smoke. Both get pulled upwards into the second chamber via a tube. There, some of the water gets pulled through and becomes a ‘pool’ where your smoke gets ‘recycled,’ which means it is filtered once more.
  • As you inhale this smooth smoke, it is also filtered through the percolators.
  • The recycler repeats the process by constantly filtering the smoke back through the perc and chambers. This happens the whole time that you’re taking the hit.

A lot of experienced users find that the smoothness of the smoke enables them to take bigger hits. The result is an even more intense level of intoxication. We don’t recommend doing this if you’re a relatively inexperienced user, however. The smoke is inhaled smoothly and doesn’t irritate the throat.

The Different Types of Recycler Bong

There are three main types of recycler bong: Internal, External, and Klein. Let’s look at all three.

Internal Recycler Bong

Occasionally called the ‘incycler, this form of recycler bong has a pair of chambers in the main tube. It looks akin to a small bottle inside a larger bottle. It protects the glass and is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing option. The internal recycler bong is smaller and easier to carry. It is also more durable than its external counterpart, and cleaning it is simple. However, it is also more expensive.

External Recycler Bong

This is the most commonly used recycler bong and has a more basic design than the internal version. It consists of one chamber sitting above the other. The chambers are connected by interlinking arms where the water travels. The external recycler bong is the cheapest of the three to buy. However, it doesn’t provide the same level of filtration.

Klein Recycler Bong

This is a combination of internal and external recyclers. It consists of one tube for intake and a second tube for drainage. The Klein recycler bong is regarded as the best of the three for filtration. However, it is extremely tough to clean and is also very expensive.

What Does a Recycler Bong Actually Recycle?

There is some debate as to whether this device recycles the water or the smoke. One school of thought suggests that only the water gets recycled. This is because only the water goes through the multiple compartments.

Others claim that the smoke also gets recycled multiple times since it travels through both chambers and percolators (depending on the design). This is why we get smooth and cool hits.

What’s interesting to note is that, in general, the more diffused smoke or vapor is, the less intense the flavor. However, users of recycler bongs claim that they experience a potent flavor.

Recycler Bongs – Pros & Cons

Before you decide whether to buy a recycler bong, check out this list of advantages and disadvantages.


  • A recycler bong looks amazing when it is operating. You can see the water and smoke travel from one chamber to another via the tubes. A lot of people buy this type of bong in clear glass just to see it in action.
  • Despite the setup, a recycler bong works just as fast as a typical bong. It then provides a smoother and more flavorful smoke.
  • The smoke goes into the second chamber at the last moment before inhalation. As a result, there is minimal air contact which benefits flavor.
  • The second chamber ensures that you don’t accidentally inhale bong water.
  • Typically, a recycler bong has a larger maximum water holding capacity than a standard bong. The smoke is surrounded by water constantly as it moves between chambers. This process draws out the heat, which means you get a cooler hit. This is the ideal bong for the inexperienced cannabis user.


  • Recycler bongs are more expensive than the standard version. This is especially the case if you want an internal or Klein recycler bong.
  • Although the internal option is portable, the other versions can be large and bulky. Recycler bongs look great but also have rounded edges and curved tubes. As a result, they are better for use at home than when you’re traveling.

Final Thoughts on Recycler Bongs

If you have money to spare and want a smoother smoking experience, a recycler bong could be exactly what you need. Its innovative design means you get cool and pleasant smoke that shouldn’t irritate the throat or lungs. With no danger of consuming bong water and the ability to provide a flavorful smoke, the recycler bong is fast becoming the weapon of choice for the marijuana lover.

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