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Any cannabis user will know that a bong is an essential piece of equipment. Its centrality to the cannabis-using process means that it can sometimes be worth spending a little extra for a good product.

It’s a common myth that smoking from a bong is better than a joint, but this isn’t necessarily true. Inhaling any smoke can be harmful due to the carcinogens in burned materials. However, a bong hit is indeed a lower temperature than the smoke from a joint, which could mean a very slight reduction in harm.

Whatever your reasons for using a bong, it’s vital to get a good one that will last you a while, is easy to clean, and provides you with a pleasurable experience. There are loads of brands out there, but today, the WayofLeaf team reviews Grasscity and its range of bongs.

Grasscity: Quick Summary


  • A vast range of bongs, including silicone and glassware.
  • It suits a massive variety of price ranges.
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee with a 100% refund policy.
  • Discreet shipping around the world.
  • Discounts are commonplace.


  • Some Grasscity customers have had a bad experience with customer service.
  • Lots of the bongs feature brand logos, which are not to everyone’s preference.
  • Grasscity does not accept PayPal.
  • The website is a bit messy, and it can be hard to find what you’re looking for.

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Grasscity Bongs Review

Grasscity calls itself the “world’s best online headshop.” It sells in multiple countries around the world, offering a vast range of bongs from various brands. Having been around since 2000, Grasscity has a firm footing in the cannabis paraphernalia industry, with plenty of experience.

It’s incredibly highly rated by customers, suggesting that it’s doing something right. There are over 44,000 reviews online, earning the brand a 4.5/5-star rating on average. To achieve such stellar reviews, Grasscity must be making strides in the industry.

The brand sells various equipment, including bongs, bubblers, smoking pipes, glass pipes, herb grinders, and more. It really is one of the biggest shops out there, and customers could spend hours perusing the website.

It really is one of the biggest shops out there, and customers could spend hours perusing the website.

Speaking of the website, it doesn’t have the sleekest, most professional design. That said, it’s rare to find a headshop that doesn’t appeal to the stoner aesthetic.

Grasscity states that it is focused on customer satisfaction. It offers discreet packaging and free shipping as a result, ensuring that each order is packaged safely and arrives at your doorstep promptly. However, a few online reviews have stated problems with shipping and issues when dealing with customer service. These reviews are in the minority, but it’s worth noting that a few customers have encountered issues.

In terms of the products, Grasscity appears to be dedicated to quality. Below, we check out some of the best bongs available on the website right now.

Grasscity: Best Products

Although you can find a range of other brands on the website, Grasscity also produces its own wares. Prices range from cheap bongs of under $30 to expensive, blown glassware that’s well into the thousands. The WayofLeaf team has reviewed some options for all price ranges, so let’s check them out.

Glasscity Beaker Ice Bong | 10 Inch

The Glasscity range is, unsurprisingly, Grasscity’s line of glassware bongs. This option is a 10-inch-tall number made from borosilicate glass. The base design mimics a science beaker, giving it a sleek, sci-fi appearance that looks good on any shelf. It’s a simple design, but it works. It bears the Glasscity logo in black on the stem, which measures 4.3 inches. The herb bowl is 14.5mm.

glasscity-beaker-ice-bong-10 inch

The bong is one of the bestsellers for a reason. It retails for $64.99, but Grasscity regularly hosts sales on this item that push it under the $50 mark. At the time of writing, it cost just $44.99, which is a bargain for a glass bong of this quality.

In terms of usability, the Beaker Ice Bong features a separate glass handle beneath the bowl, ensuring that you can avoid burning your fingertips. The black mouthpiece is comfortable, and the slitted diffuser provides optimal percolation and a nice, smooth hit.

Black Leaf – ELITE Beaker Base 6-Arm Perc Bong Complete Set

If you’re willing to spend a little extra, then the Black Leaf ELITE bong retails at $199 for the complete set. It is regularly on sale at Grasscity, too.

This clear glass piece is really stylish and fits nicely on any shelf. It features a glass funnel bowl with roll stoppers, a glass oil adapter, ice notches, a carb hole, and a 6-arm slitted tree percolator. The kit itself features multiple pieces to try out, as well as a cool box.


Having a 6-arm perc is really beneficial, as it ensures creamier, smoother hits. This is what was missing with the cheaper Glasscity bong, but you can’t expect a multiple-arm perc for such a low price. Therefore, this one is a great step up.

The Black Leaf ELITE bong is really high-quality, again made from borosilicate glass. With the proper care, it will likely last you a lifetime, so it’s worth the investment.

Jerome Baker Designs Mini Mothership Glass Bubble Base Bong

Customers with money to spare and a blossoming bong collection need to check out the Jerome Baker Designs options. These are not just bongs but genuine works of art. The Mini Mothership Glass Bubble Base Bong features stunning blown glass in multiple colorations, providing the appearance of something that is out of this world.

Its usability is definitely not the same as the other bongs. The other two mentioned here feature excellent user-friendly design; the Jerome Baker Designs bongs, however, focus on stylish appearance. The bong itself is not all that comfortable to hold, although the mouthpiece is still quite comfortable. It also features a 3D glass decoration, putting it at risk of breakage. That said, it uses 5mm thick borosilicate glass, making it reasonably durable.

At 15-inches tall and featuring a random coloration (it’s handmade, after all), this bong is one you’ll probably want to keep for display rather than actually using. Still, it’s nice to see that Grasscity is providing a kit for everyone to use, no matter their price range or preferences.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Grasscity?

Based out of Amsterdam, Grasscity is an international brand. It ships worldwide, so make sure you are on the correct website before shopping. It’s worth noting that you need to be at least 19-years-old to use the Grasscity website.

Grasscity takes a variety of payment options, although you cannot currently use PayPal.

Grasscity takes a variety of payment options, although you cannot currently use PayPal. This has bugged a lot of customers in the past who would like some extra security on their orders. This is particularly the case of a handful of customers who had a bad experience with the brand. Comparing the wealth of positive reviews with the few negative ones though, it’s unlikely that most consumers will run into issues.

The brand actually has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, so in theory, returning products for a full refund should not be a problem.

Final Thoughts on Grasscity Bongs: Worth the Cost?

Grasscity has grown from a small brand in the Netherlands to a massive brand that caters to marijuana lovers around the world. On the online site, you can find a variety of bongs, dab rigs, and more to suit all budgets and preferences. From small silicone bongs to handmade glassware, the site has it all.

Although there are a couple of negative reviews, it’s clear that this brand is a trusted and reputable option in the industry. Most customers seem to trust it thoroughly, making it perhaps worth a look.

Do you have experience with Grasscity bongs? Let us know how you found this bong company in the comments below.

Final Verdict – 8/10

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