CBD Vape Oil UK: The 2021 Review + Guide

You would think by now that our CBD E-liquid UK laws would be up to snuff with the rest of the modern world’s – at least with regard to non-psychoactive, hemp-derived cannabinoids like cannabidiol.

However, we’re not quite there yet. Similar to our quest to win a World Cup this past summer and ‘bring football home’ to where it rightfully belongs, it seems that we’re having a hard time coming to terms with the safe and therapeutic benefits of hemp-based compounds.

As such, CBD vape oil UK laws have been largely lagging behind, and many customers across the country are finding it difficult to purchase high-quality, well made products.

In this article, we discuss all things UK CBD vape oil-related, where you can find the best (and safest) products, how much you can expect to spend on them, and whether or not these tasty (and potent) vaporizing devices are even legal in the United Kingdom.

Our reviews of the best UK CBD vape oils have been built with a singular purpose in mind: to help you pick out top-shelf products, and to help ensure that you get the most out of your hard-earned money.



  • Vape oils can be faster-acting than other types of CBD products
  • UK CBD vapes and eLiquids can offer an incredible range of flavour options
  • Many UK CBD vape options are more potent in terms of milligram strength
  • CBD vape oils in the UK can be found in a variety of retail shops, as well as online
  • The long-term effects of vaping are not yet clear
  • UK CBD vape oils can be more expensive than products like CBD oils and capsules


Don’t want to read the entire review? That’s ok. For those of you that want to get right to our top pick, our team’s #1 selection for the best UK CBD vape oil goes to Provacan. This is a company that produces incredibly effective, high-quality products, and their prices really aren’t that bad. If quality is your top concern, you can’t go wrong with Provacan.

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CBD Vape Oil UK: Is it Legal?

If you’re looking for the best UK CBD e-liquid, it’ll help to understand the laws a little bit before you hop online or waltz down to the high street to buy the first random oil you come across.

Simply put, CBD vape oil in the UK is legal, so long as it is derived (extracted) from hemp plants that have less than 0.2% THC by volume. (This ruling seems to be fair enough, given that THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that gets us high).

However, there is a bit of a caveat here. While UK CBD e-liquid is legal (as long as it comes from hemp and not marijuana), it is NOT legal to for companies to advertise it as having medicinal benefits.

Why is this, you might be wondering?

Well, back in 2016 the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) finally decided to recognize the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), but according to their “legal outlook,” any medicine being sold in the country must be properly licensed and approved before it is able to be marketed and sold to the general public.

In the case of cannabidiol, the kicker is that there is currently no authoritative program available (at least that we’re aware of) that licenses CBD products to be used as a medicine.

As such, CBD vape oil for sale in the UK can be marketed and sold legally, as long as it is NOT advertised as having any medicinal benefits. If you look closely, you’ll notice that not a single CBD vape oil UK brand lists their products as having medicinal benefits.

If this sounds odd given the obvious health benefits of CBD, it is. And if you’re confused about a product that is listed by the UK government as a medicine, but is not allowed to be sold as such, don’t worry — you’re certainly not alone. (We’re pretty confused too).

Anyway, as a resident of the United Kingdom, be advised that it is legal to buy UK CBD vape oil and have it shipped to your home – as long as it meets certain extraction and production criteria for use.

CBD Vape Oil UK: What is it?

Now that you at least know it is legal to buy CBD vape oil in the UK, let’s talk a little bit about what makes a high-quality e-liquid, and how CBD vape liquids differ from regular cannabis e-liquids.

Basically, if you’re talking about cannabis vape liquids, you’ve got two different kinds: actual marijuana e-liquids (that have high amounts of THC in them), and hemp-derived e-liquids that contain mostly all CBD and no THC. As you should know by now, only the latter are legal on the UK market.

But how is the CBD extracted from the natural hemp plants and turned into a ‘vapable’ e-liquid?

Well, there are a few different ways this can be done. Really the only way to do it properly, however, and to ensure that you end up with the safest and most effective end product, is to use a technique called CO2 extraction.

Because CO2 (carbon dioxide) is capable of adopting a unique state between liquid and gas phases (known as a ‘supercritical’ state), it is able to become pressurized without being heated to extreme temperatures. For this reason, it is the perfect compound to use to extract CBD from hemp, as it pulls virtually 100% of the active cannabidiol from the plant material, without denaturing the CBD in any way or leaving the extract laden with toxic solvent residue.

Once the CBD is extracted from the plant, it then must go through multi-stage purification processes before it is able to be put into a vaporizer and inhaled. It is crucial that you look at both the ingredients used and the extraction process when browsing CBD vape oil for sale in the UK, as some manufacturers are still using butane (lighter fluid) to extract the compound from the plant material.

While effective in regard to its chemical extraction properties, butane is dangerous because, in addition to being explosive and flammable, it can also leave behind traces of solvent residue in the end product – probably not something that you want to be inhaling through a vape pen.

How to Determine the Best CBD Vape Oil UK Brands

With the assortment of products out there and the radical disparities between price and quality, how are you supposed to be able to pick out the best CBD vape oils in the UK without getting ripped off and completely wasting your money?

Well, there really are only a handful of things that you need to ask yourself when shopping for CBD e-liquid for sale in the UK, as evidence by the table below:


Question to ask yourself before buying

The answer to look for

Where was the CBD sourced from?

When buying UK CBD vape oil, you’ll want to make sure that the oil has been sourced from industrial hemp, as this is the only kind of cannabis plant material that is legal in the United Kingdom.

Does it contain THC?

While you likely won’t be coming across any CBD vape oils in the UK that contain THC, it is still important to double-check as you could get in serious trouble if found in possession of high-THC marijuana.

Is it advertised to treat medical conditions?

As we said before, CBD vape e-liquids in the UK are legal as long as they are extracted from industrial hemp and used as “nutrition supplements.” In other words, they can NOT be advertised as medicine.

Was there a thinning agent used?

Often, UK CBD vape oil is unnaturally “thinned” with a thinning agent to make the thick mixture more compatible with a modern vape pen. Be sure to look out for products that contain PG or PEG, as these have been known to break down into formaldehyde when heated.

Is the CBD content lab-verified?

One thing that you’ll ABSOLUTELY want to look out for when considering UK CBD vape liquid is whether or not the product’s CBD content has been verified by an independent third-party laboratory. If it hasn’t then stay away.

5 Best CBD Vape Oil UK Brands: Our TOP Picks

WayofLeaf works hard to earn your trust and provide you well-researched and accurate information. Here you can read about How we select our products


Realistically, it was a simple choice picking Provacan as our #1 top option for the best CBD vape oil in the UK.

The e-liquids that this brand produces are truly top-shelf, and are crafted with a level of care, quality, and potency that we have yet to see in any other company’s products.

Moreover, Provacan is an affiliate company of CiiTECH biosciences, which is currently sponsoring two clinical research studies out of the Hebrew Univeristy of Jerusalem – one of the most prestigious cannabis research facilities in the world.

Simply put, these guys know how to craft world-class CBD vape oils in the UK.

And surprisingly, they currently offer 300 mg and 600 mg CBD eLiquids at very affordable prices, starting at just £27.99 £42.99, respectively. Be sure to visit their official online store to buy CBD vape oil (UK shipping preferred) at: provacan.co.uk


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OK, so full disclosure here – PureKana has actually been our #1 leading CBD oil seller for the past two years in a row, and their quality is unmatched across the board in terms of purity and overall value.

Just this past summer, however, PureKana introduced their very first line of CBD vape pens, which as you might expect, are nothing but the purest quality.

PureKana is actually another U.S. brand, but they have been known to ship to the UK (depending on price and the amount of content you’re getting shipped over of course), for a small fee. Definitely a brand to check out if you’re seriously looking into the best CBD vape liquids UK has to offer.


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Hempura is a company that we have come to know and trust over the years, and their UK CBD vape oil was an obvious pick for our #2 slot as they combine some of the most affordable prices in the industry with a clean, potent, effective e-liquid.

Like Provacan they only offer two different potencies of vape juice (250mg and 500mg), but unlike Provacan, they are slightly cheaper – coming in at £19.99 and £36.99, respectively.

This is a company that we cannot recommend enough, as we’ve become accustomed to the rich, smooth taste of their CBD vape oils (which unlike other brands, do not come across as overly ‘earthy’ or hempy).


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CBDistillery is actually an American owned and operated company, but guess what, they ship to the UK as well!

Actually, CBDistillery has an exclusive agreement to be sold in the Hemp Botanics online store, which is without a doubt one of the best places to buy CBD vape oil in the UK. CBDistillery vape products are amazingly affordable, and our favorite thing about them is that they come in an array of options and flavors, including CBD “dabs”which are one of their most popular items.

If you live in the country and are looking for an inexpensive, high-quality CBD eLiquid for sale in the UK, be sure to give CBDistillery a nod and check-out their entire product lineup.


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As we just mentioned with CBDistillery, Hemp Botanics is actually an online cannabis “megastore” that sells a couple of different brands. If you’re not into the CBDistillery vapes and dabs (why wouldn’t you be?), they also offer plenty of product from a brand called Extract Labs, which we have heard makes a tasty, top-quality product as well.

Overall, definitely a place to at least stop in and browse around, as they’ve got an amazingly large number of hemp-based products for sale, all of which are able to be shipped throughout the UK.


CBD Vape Oil UK: Final Thoughts

All in all, it’s true that CBD vape oils in the UK may not be up to snuff with other parts of the world (namely the U.S. and Canada) in terms of the number of high-end options that are available on the legal market.

However, that certainly doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on quality – or pay an arm and a leg – to get yourself a safe, well-made eLiquid. In our opinion, the Provacan label is one of the highest-quality CBD operations in operation today, and their UK CBD vape oils for sale easily rival some of the best products being sold in North America.

Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before our laws here catch up with other parts of the world, but at least it’s nice to know there are high-quality options available, and we are not entirely subject to the subpar products being sold in high street grocery stores.


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