The Best CBD Shampoos of 2020: Way of Leaf Recommendations

Brittle. Lank. Dry. Lifeless. If any of those words describe the state of your hair, you’re not alone. Busy work schedules, hectic home lives, and other constraints can wreak havoc on your mane. Typical shampoos on the market may leave behind residue and an assortment of unwanted chemicals.

Consumers on the lookout for an alternative have begun looking at CBD. CBD has many potential benefits that bode well for hair. Read on to find out the best CBD oil shampoos on the market in 2020.

What Is CBD Shampoo?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a significant compound found in hemp. Unlike THC, CBD does not induce psychoactive effects. This is due to a difference in molecular structure. While CBD shampoo won’t cure or treat any conditions, it may help the hair in several ways.

First, the CBD may lock in moisture. Hemp has some essential proteins and fatty acids that help to hydrate strands and prevent moisture loss. CBD also has amino acids that may encourage shine and protect the hair from split ends.

What Is CBD Shampoo?

Pros and Cons of Using CBD Shampoo

CBD shampoo boasts significant advantages. Users worldwide seem to agree, as evidenced by the millions of bottles sold. However, hemp shampoo may have some downsides and adverse effects. We’ve created a list below of the pros and cons of using a CBD shampoo.


  • Collagen Building: Regular shampoos may strip the hair of collagen, a protein that provides essential structure and form. Collagen is vital to hair growth and health. CBD oil shampoos are chock full of amino acids, chemicals that are the building blocks of collagen.
  • Hydration: Moisture loss can cause severe damage to the hair shafts. Dry hair can lead to brittle strands and breakage. CBD may assist in bolstering moisture levels and locking in crucial fatty acids. This results in hair that is supple and soft.
  • Plant-Based: Most quality CBD shampoos come from hemp. In addition to a hemp oil base, many of these shampoos may also contain essential oils, vitamins A, C, E, and a host of other naturally occurring ingredients.
  • Won’t Hurt Your Color: The harsh ingredients of standard shampoos can damage a great dye job. If you’ve spent a lot of your time getting the perfect shade, you can protect it with a hemp shampoo. CBD oil shampoos often contain tyrosine, an amino acid that may protect and regulate hair color.
  • It’s Versatile: CBD shampoos work on a variety of hair types. Whether you have fine, curly, or straight hair, CBD-infused shampoo can benefit your hair.


  • Allergic Reactions: While rare, there is a slight risk of an allergic reaction. A small number of individuals may experience itching, burning, and irritation.
  • Lather Problems: CBD shampoos lack much of the artificial ingredients of typical shampoos. While this is mostly a good thing, it can also limit the lathering power. Lathering helps to distribute the shampoo throughout the hair. A low lather can make this challenging.  
  • Too Much Oil: While oils are essential for moisture, for a few with oily hair types, it can overwhelm the hair. It can also weigh the hair down.
  • Sulfates: Some CBD oil companies may not operate at the highest levels of quality. Their products may contain substandard materials and compounds such as sulfates. Sulfates can strip critical oils from the hair and scalp.
  • Cost: Some CBD shampoos may cost much more than a standard bottle of shampoo. While it may be worth it for some, it could break the budget for others.

Editors Choice – Best CBD shampoo for 2020

Want to skip to the #1 choice for Best CBD shampoo for 2020? Emera CBD shampoo won for quality, aroma, and price. Read on to find out why.

How Does CBD Shampoo Work?

Cannabidiol is one of many compounds in hemp. Although most people associate CBD with THC, the two compounds operate in different ways. Both THC and CBD impact the body’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS.

The ECS is a complex system of nerves, cells, and receptors that work alongside the brain to promote homeostasis. Signals about movement, temperature, and position in space originate in the ECS. Nerve cells in the skin, hair, and the body transmit information along nerve endings and into the brain where receptors lie.

When a person uses CBD shampoo, it goes into the hair follicles and the scalp’s skin. CBD then interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the skin. Receptors act as doorways. Chemicals that function as messengers, called neurotransmitters, deliver messages that receptors accept. The messages act like keys, bonding to the receptors, and sending information for the brain to interpret.

While THC binds directly with receptors in the brain, CBD does not. Instead, many experts think that CBD modifies receptors, allowing them to accept chemical messages more readily. Neurotransmitters that regulate mood, temperature, and other functions may have an easier time communicating with the brain.

The results may include a person feeling more uplifted and balanced. However, even though CBD does not directly affect most receptors, it does directly impact the TRPV1 receptor. This receptor modulates pain and pain signals. Experts feel that CBD may help to regulate pain and how pain is interpreted, allowing people to feel less pain and keep focused.

What Are the Benefits of a CBD Shampoo?

CBD shampoos may feature a 3-to-1 ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Fatty acids are essential to the upkeep of the hair. These compounds help to moisturize, protect, and promote shine.

Fatty acids also have another vital function–prevent moisture loss. Moisture loss is the main culprit in split ends and tangles. It can also contribute to scalp conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

CBD shampoo may also assist with scalp conditions such as folliculitis. While it doesn’t treat or cure them, CBD may soothe inflammation and quell pain, allowing for a person to pursue conventional treatments in comfort.

CBD also encourages and promotes relaxation. A CBD shampoo can calm and soothe frayed nerves and release tension. Tight muscles in the scalp may contribute to headaches and other pain. In addition to these advantages, hemp shampoo may also provide an essential service – cleaning your hair.

Users of CBD shampoos state that they often clean better than standard shampoos. In addition to built-up dirt and oil, our hair also becomes a dumping ground for everyday pollutants during the day. A layer of grime, dust, and dirt can build up and cause the hair to become lank and dull.

CBD Shampoo – Things to Watch out for

There are a few things that CBD shoppers should be wary of. First, purchase from a reputable seller. A respectable CBD manufacturer will adhere to specific guidelines. They will have taken their hemp from a high-grade source – this most often includes American hemp farms.

Many of these farms stick to highly regimented ways of growing and cultivating hemp. American hemp is typically rich in CBD, terpenes, and a host of other phytocannabinoids. Consumers should also have the ability to go online to the company site and check for lab tests.

Lab tests have become a standard for most respectable CBD companies. These test results include the presence of pesticides, solvents, and other unwanted chemicals. Test results will commonly contain the level of CBD and cannabinoids found in their products.

Consumers should also look at the label on their CBD shampoo. It should be free of sulfates, parabens, and other harmful ingredients such as sodium chloride. These materials can make hair dry, limp, and damaged.

If you’re wondering what shampoo brands to purchase, read on and see our list of best CBD shampoos of 2020.

CBD Shampoo - Things to Watch out for

Editor’s Picks

Choosing brands was a hard decision. However, we’ve trimmed the list down, and you can read all about the best picks! Take a look at how Emera CBD, Dr. Hempster CBD, and Pure CBD shampoo stack up.

1 – Best Ingredients (Enriched with Vitamins and Nutrients)

Choosing the best ingredients was a bit of a struggle. There were so many great brands. Emera CBD has some fantastic elements. Emera CBD’s 8 oz. bottle contains some top-shelf compounds. It boasts a hefty dose of CBD oil, vitamins A, C, and E and is brimming with antioxidants. It also has green tea, peppermint, and chamomile.

Pure CBD shampoo by CBD for Life has a ton of herbal ingredients and is free of parabens, sulfates, GMOs, phthalates, and artificial additives. It also has hints of jojoba and coconut oils, as well as avocado and rose extract. Dr. Hempster CBD is free of sulfates and silicon and is cruelty-free. It also contains biotin, wheat protein, argan oil along with CBD.

Despite each having solid ingredients, after using these shampoos for a few days, we decided on a winner: Emera CBD.

Winner – Emera CBD

2 – Best for Dandruff or Dry Scalp

Dry scalp can be aggravating, itchy, and in some cases, painful. Dandruff flakes can be embarrassing and can show up unannounced on clothes and atop the hair strands. We decided to check our three brands and see which one came out on top.

Some members of our team have severe dandruff and have to battle with their flakes constantly. So finding a good shampoo was an important challenge. We put the three brands to the test. While all three of them contained ingredients that helped to seal in moisture and wicked away dirt and sweat, there was one that made the most significant impact.

Dr. Hempster came out on top. Members of our team loved how the essential oils soothed their scalp, gently removed existing dandruff, and made their hair feel lush, moist, and soft.

Winner – Dr. Hempster

3 – Best CBD for Moisturization

This category was a difficult one. Dr. Hempster nearly edged out another brand as it helps with dry scalp and prevents flakes. Pure CBD shampoo came close as well with its use of jojoba oil. However, when we compared notes, we were clear about the winner.

We chose a shampoo that smoothed cuticles, and rough split ends as well as made the hair feel loose and pliable. As many on our team had different hair types, we wanted one that could positively impact everyone. Emera CBD came to the fore with its focus on fatty acids that locked in moisture. Its essential oils help to make all of the hair types feel supple.

Winner – Emera CBD

4 – Best CBD Shampoo for Strengthening Hair

For those suffering from brittle hair, CBD shampoo could be the answer. However, instead of you trying to find the right fit, we’ve done the work and compared the three top brands. One member of the team, in particular, struggled with chronic breakage. We set out to find out which of the three would help.

Pure CBD beat out all the others in this category. After washing for a week, Pure CBD’s ingredients seemed to make the hairs more robust and less prone to breakage. As a plus, our hair felt nice as well. This shampoo works well in strengthening a lot of hair types, and even beat back frizz, a primary culprit in breakage during combing or brushing.

Winner – Pure CBD

5 – Best Budget Pick

Anyone on a budget knows that personal care can prove expensive. However, it doesn’t have to. You can take great care of your hair and won’t have to break the bank. If you’re thinking of using a CBD shampoo, we’ve got you covered! We reviewed the three brands and came up with a price comparison.

Ultimately there is a winner that goes well with a variety of budgets and works well for a variety of hair care goals. If you’re looking for an affordable but effective option, you should check out the winner of this category! While each brand had its merits (and this pick was a tough one) ultimately, the budget pick was Emera CBD. It had everything in one bottle: price and affordability and effectiveness.

Price Comparison: (Lowest Price)

  • *Emera CBD: $25.00 per bottle
  • Pure CBD: $25.00 per bottle
  • Hempster: (depending on seller) $25.00 – $40.00 per bottle

Final Thoughts

If you want to upgrade your shampoo experience, CBD may be the way to go. CBD offers a variety of benefits, including taming hair that is dry, brittle, prone to breakage, or under-moisturized. CBD shampoos are the latest in a long line of innovations and can offer a good way to nourish your hair without breaking from your usual routine.

If you’ve had some misgivings about CBD, you should give it a try. CBD helps with many different symptoms and can work on all types of hair. So whether you have chronically dry hair, fine or thick hair, CBD may be the best bet for revitalizing your mane.

Final Thoughts

Overall Winner – Emera CBD