How to Get High and Orgasm Without Even Touching Yourself

Orgasming without masturbation or sex is a times-old tantric practice, which can require months to years of practice. However, by increasing sex drive and interfering with some of the biological machinery of orgasms, cannabis may be able to offer a shortcut.

Hands-Free Orgasms: Climaxing Without Touch

In the brain, orgasms originate from an area called the thalamus. Not only does the thalamus register sexually pleasurable sensations from the body, but it receives messages from other parts of the brain about sexual fantasies and memories.

This means orgasms originate both in the body and brain, and in some instances, people can orgasm by input from their brain alone. These experiences are called hands-free orgasms (HFOs).

HFOs are a great way to discover new sexual terrains and explore a deeper mind-body connection when it comes to sex.


Wet dreams, when people orgasm during the night without any physical stimulation, are common examples of HFOs.

Although commonly people associate wet dreaming with pubescent boys, it can happen to everyone. Even pregnant women have reported experiencing waking up having orgasmed in their sleep, probably because of all the pregnancy-related hormonal changes happening in their bodies.

But whereas wet dreaming tends to be unintentional, giving yourself a HFO can be a valuable erotic experience and tantric schools of thought have practiced this form of pleasure for hundreds of years.

How to Achieve a Hands-Free Orgasm

Erotic Breathing Techniques

In tantra, an esoteric Hindu tradition, breathing techniques are key in cultivating the mind-body-breath connection during sex and masturbation.


A breathing technique you could try to achieve a HFO is as follows:

  • Lie down comfortably with your feet flat on the floor
  • Breathe in and out forcefully through your mouth without pausing between inhalations and exhalations
  • Lift your hips on the inhale and bring them back to the ground on the exhale
  • Contract the pelvic muscles on the inhale and relax them on the exhale

Try this method for about 15 minutes, and adjust the speed up and down depending on how you’re feeling.

Achieving an orgasm with breathing techniques alone can take a while, but it will become easier the more you practice this method. You can also combine breathing techniques with erotic visualizations.

Erotic Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a technique that has been used for hundreds of years and involves being guided into a trance-like state.

Because hypnosis brings someone to a deep state of relaxation with lowered inhibitions, the hypnotist may be able to guide someone into an orgasm with erotic speech, visual imagery descriptions, and sound.


For erotic hypnosis, you could find a professional hypnotist or find online erotic hypnosis audible files. Although more costly, working with a real hypnotist is likely to produce better results because they can work directly with your own kinks.

Muscle Exercises

To achieve HFOs with your muscles, you first need to learn to contract your pelvic floor muscles, also known as kegel exercises. To do this, you essentially need to repeat the same muscular action you would use if you needed to hold in a pee.


Utilizing a steady breath and combining sexual mental imagery, contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles can bring you to orgasm. Speeding up the rate of contracting can help build up sexual tension as you come closer to the point of orgasming.

How Weed Might Help

It’s been widely established that cannabis can alter someone’s sex drive and sexual experiences.

Psychologically, CBD – one of the key cannabinoids in cannabis – can help people relax more and decrease any anxieties that could get in the way of their libido.

Physiologically, cannabis is a vasodilator meaning it can increase blood flow to the genitals. Restricted blood flow can interfere with somebody’s ability to orgasm, so cannabis can help improve any issues people may experience with orgasm.

Increasing blood flow to the genitals will also increase sensitivity to touch in these areas.


Furthermore, cannabis interacts with oxytocin – a chemical messenger in the nervous system that plays an important role in intimacy and bonding. Because oxytocin levels in the blood increase before and during orgasm, researchers believe oxytocin also plays an essential role in orgasm.

In one study – male and female participants with experience combining sex and cannabis answered an online questionnaire about their experiences. Out of 202 participants:

  • 59% reported cannabis increased their desire for sex
  • 8% reported increased sexual satisfaction
  • 3% reported increased sensitivity to touch
  • 7 reported increased intensity of orgasms

Another questionnaire study found that women who used cannabis before sexual activity were significantly more likely to report satisfactory orgasms.

Additionally, women with frequent cannabis use, whether used before sexual activity or not, had an overall increased likelihood to report satisfactory orgasms than non-regular cannabis users.

Cannabis and Hands-Free Orgasms: A Summary

By increasing somebody’s sex drive, ability to relax, and blood flow to the genitals, cannabis may be able to help people orgasm hands-free.

However, psychologically, cannabis doesn’t have the same effects for everybody. So, if you’re somebody that experiences paranoia or any other adverse effects from cannabis, then maybe you just want to stick to some of the other tricks for hands-free orgasms mentioned above.

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