WTF – Cannabis Flavored Condoms

If you are a safe sex practitioner who also happens to be a cannabis enthusiast, welcome to what may be described as one of the greatest days of your life. A company in Amsterdam, known as Cannadom, is now selling cannabis-flavored condoms. They have actually been around for quite a while, but there aren’t many people who know about them.

According to the company website, they smell and taste like the real thing. But, let’s be real – whoever thought of this idea must have been completely baked. Also interesting, the color of these condoms is green. You know, just to keep with the theme.

So, giving the term “sexual high” a whole new meaning, Cannadoms are one of the most innovative inventions to come out of the marijuana world. Whether you’re looking for a conversation piece, a fantastic way to win the heart of your stoner girlfriend, or a cool way to show your pot-head boyfriend that you still love him, Cannadom has introduced a way to achieve this by means of a cannabis flavored condom.

Can You Get High from Cannabis Flavored Condoms?

THC, the chemical in weed that is responsible for making users high, is fat soluble, which means that if it were present in a condom, it would need to be in oil form. Since we know that many condoms are latex, exposing them to oil would be a complete disaster. For example, hemp-infused lubes are typically made from coconut oil and aren’t condom safe in the least bit.

Instead, cannadoms are just flavored like weed, and as the website claims, inspirationally so.

Unless you or your partner is one of those people who smokes for the taste – and let’s face it, that’s highly unlikely – you may want to give these a miss and just save them for the novelty. Sure, they’re an interesting thing to have a laugh about with your stoner friends, but many people won’t actually enjoy the taste. And that’s what cannadoms are all about – the flavor, not the effect.

Other Types of Cannabis Flavored Condoms

 For those who live in a state where marijuana is legal, you can take your oral sex experience to the next level by adding cannabis oil to a lambskin or polyurethane. But, DO NOT add oil to a polyisoprene or latex condom because it will break the condom.

As marijuana legalization becomes increasingly prevalent, we expect to see these kinds of things popping up all over the place. But, before you go crazy buying as many as you can, you need to make sure that they are not marketed for “Novelty Sale.” This means that they may not be FDA-approved and tested, and potentially not safe for sex.

Condoms aren’t the only thing being infused with cannabis, but they are certainly the most interesting. Hemp lotions have been around for quite a while now. They are marketed as being great for the skin, and usually don’t contain THC (or very small traces). This makes them perfectly legal for sale.


Cannabis and Sex

One of the most underrated benefits of weed is great sex. Cannabis has shown to be a natural aphrodisiac, but it’s also great for helping you to relax and get more into your body. Weed lube became a popular concept with the advent of Foria, and now cannabis condoms are a thing.

Cannabis has a bit of a mixed reputation when it comes to sex. While some consider it to be a natural aphrodisiac, offering nearly mythical libido-boosting powers, some research suggests that cannabis could reduce sperm count or contribute to erectile dysfunction. In reality, the whole issue is far more complicated than any of these assumptions.

But what you can be sure of is that cannadoms are a way to spice up your sex life. Cannadoms hail from Amsterdam, the original mecca for everything pot-related, be it actual weed or gimmicks like this.

These condoms may bring positive attention to the notion of cannabis sex, but they have received quite a bad rap. Cannabis alone isn’t exactly everybody’s favorite flavor, never mind the taste of artificial weed, so the issue of how they would enhance oral sex is dubious.

Other Things to Know About Cannabis Flavored Condoms

Cannabis condoms may be more of a novelty item, but they do have the potential to get the sex industry to start thinking more creatively when it comes to integrating weed into their products.

However, it’s important that sex products don’t contain too much weed in them. Weed can make sex better until it doesn’t. Remember, getting too high can put you to sleep, make you anxious, or if you are a male, it can impair your ability to get an erection.

In some scenarios, weed has been shown to lower the levels of testosterone when the THC blocks the release of the hormone GnRH, and this may lead to erectile dysfunction.

Nevertheless, cannabis flavored condoms are certainly an interesting invention and have got people talking.

Cannabis Flavored Condoms: Cost and Order Details

Cannabis flavored condoms are by no means cheap. A single condom will put you back about $1.50, but there’s also a pack of 100 that retail for about $70.00. It is a little pricey, especially since you are not going to be getting high. Essentially, you are turning your man parts into a fetching shade of green, and you definitely aren’t going to have the same sensation in the sack. But still, who cares, they’re cool!

Just remember that they are cannabis flavored, so you aren’t going to be getting high, but you will get the taste.

Lastly, if you do want to purchase some cannadoms, keep in mind that they are not made in the U.S, so you should expect a slight delay in delivery time.

Luxembourg, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany: 2-3 business days

U.K, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland: 2-4 business days

Finland, Norway, Poland: 2-5 business days

Spain, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, USA, Israel: 3-6 business days

Australia, South Africa, Japan, Brazil: 4-8 business days

Rest of South America, Thailand: 5-10 business days