5 Cannabis Strains with a Berry Flavor [Our Top Picks]

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While some marijuana users enjoy potent skunky strains, others love a fruity, berry flavor. Such cannabis types offer a different user experience. Not everyone has the opportunity to try various strains, but it is worth exploring what cannabis has to offer if you do. In this article, we provide you with five outstanding marijuana strains with a gorgeous berry flavor.

1 – Blackberry

This famous mouthwatering strain is a cross of Black Domina and Raspberry Cough. Nirvana Seeds created Blackberry, and it became an instant hit. With a THC content of 20-25%, this is a strain that commands respect.


It is a balanced hybrid but seems to lean sativa in terms of effects. It is an excellent bud for daytime use because it provides a slight rush of energy at first. The cerebral high can last for hours, and many users say Blackberry boosts their mood. However, this strain eventually creeps up on you and can cause sedation if you use too much.

Blackberry is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cannabis strains around. It is also one of the best smelling and tasting. The fresh berry scent carries over into the flavor. It is an absolute must for individuals with a sweet tooth!

2 – Berry White

As the name suggests, this indica-dominant hybrid is named after the iconic singer Barry White. Berry White’s parentage is legendary. The strain is a cross of White Widow and Blueberry. Users of either strain will tell you that they are extremely potent, and their offspring is no different. Berry White’s THC content can reach 22%, and you only need a little to feel the effects.

This is a relaxing and invigorating strain and makes you want to chill out for the rest of the day.

You can expect a powerful body high that improves your mood and often makes one feel euphoric. It is also the right strain for anyone struggling to get to sleep at night. Users try it an hour or two before bedtime and surrender to the high.


Berry White is a treat for the olfactory senses. All it takes is a single smell for you to become eager to try it. It provides a sour and fruity smell with hints of earthiness. Even better is the fact that Berry White tastes like its aroma promises. You get the blueberry hit right off the bat, along with spiciness and sweetness.

3 – Blueberry

This is a superstar strain and won the High Times Cannabis Cup two decades ago. However, people have enjoyed Blueberry for almost half a century! It is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s a cross of a Thai sativa, Afghani indica, and Purple Thai sativa. Blueberry’s THC is moderate by today’s standards at 14-19%. It also offers up to 2%, which makes it a popular medicinal strain.


It has gained fame as an effective strain for relaxation purposes. Blueberry is the go-to strain for people who want to relax at home after a hard day. The intoxicating high provides a mood uplift almost immediately. You may also experience euphoria and generally feel good about life. Once the high switches to the body, you will have an earnest desire to find somewhere comfortable to lie down and sleep.

The sticky and fragrant scent is akin to freshly picked blueberries. Blueberry’s delightful fruity taste also resembles what one would expect from fresh fruit. A strong hint of vanilla lingers luxuriously with the strong berry taste.

4 – Blue Haze

This strain is yet another winner of the famed Cannabis Cup. Blue Haze is a cross of Haze and Blueberry. It is a strongly indica-dominant hybrid that offers a THC content of up to 24%. This is yet another case of a breeder taking two exceptional strains and creating worthy offspring.


Users of Blue Haze usually note its potency and benefit from an initial mild cerebral high. It doesn’t take long for the indica effects to take over, however. You will soon feel the impact of a strong physical high that gives you a more positive disposition. Blue Haze is extremely popular amongst individuals with depression and anxiety.

The intensity of the high means that this strain is best for people with a high cannabis tolerance.

Given its parentage, it isn’t surprising that Blue Haze offers a strong smell of blueberries. The exquisite flavors match the pleasant aroma. Besides the delectable berry taste, you also get spicy, sweet, and herbal flavors that tingle the tongue.

5 – Sherbet

Also called Sunset Sherbet, this indica-dominant hybrid is a cross of Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies. The former comes from Blackberry Kush, which explains the smell and taste of this berry sensation. It is a fairly strong cannabis strain with a THC of up to 24%.


Sherbet’s indica effects don’t take long to present themselves. Users often report feeling relaxed after a few minutes. Already at this stage, you are unlikely to want to do much besides lounging on the sofa. The droopy relaxation caused by Sherbet hits your arms and legs and leads to almost complete sedation.

It is a strain that lures users with its tantalizing sweet berry scent mixed with orange zest. Once you grind the buds, you find that the power of the scent intensifies. When you start smoking Sherbet, the berry flavor takes over, along with a tart aftertaste. We have to offer one warning, however. This strain has a harsh smoke that could induce coughing.

Final Thoughts on the Best Cannabis Strains with a Berry Flavor

Marijuana users in the modern era are utterly spoiled for choice. Whether you want a high THC strain that sends you into space or weed that gives you a burst of energy, breeders have you covered. This is also the case with taste. There are dozens of cannabis strains that appeal to lovers of sweet and savory. There are also fruity offerings like what’s on this list. If you adore the taste of berries, you will love each of the five strains above.

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