The WayofLeaf Team Weighs in on the Market’s Best CBD Cigarettes

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Hemp CBD cigarettes represent a tiny niche in the overall pantheon of CBD products. For people that enjoy smoking, however, they can be a tremendous joy: smooth draws, classic cannabis flavors and aromas, and none of the high that is associated with traditional marijuana joints. (And, of course, none of the nasty chemicals that exist in tobacco cigarettes).

Like most CBD products, though, the question is where to start. Far and away, the most important thing you want to consider is the quality of the hemp flower that’s in the cigarettes. The best CBD cigarettes, including our favorite brand PlainJane (see Editor’s Choice block below), come from pure, USA-grown hemp that is certified organic. If you’ve never smoked high-quality hemp flower before, you’re missing out on everything that’s so enjoyable about hemp CBD cigarettes. This includes smooth and mild draws that don’t burn the throat, exemplary arrays of classic cannabis flavors and aromas, and calming, relaxing (and sometimes even pain-relieving) benefits from the natural CBD that’s in the hemp.

Of course, there are a lot of brands out there that source their products from good, high-quality hemp. Accordingly, we based this review article on a variety of criteria that came together to shape the overall ‘CBD-cigarette-smoking’ experience:

  • How long did the cigarettes burn?
  • Did they burn smoothly and evenly?
  • How did the flavors and terpenes combine?
  • Were the multiple flavor options available (menthol, terpene blends, etc.)?
  • Were there any effects in terms of pain relief or relaxation?
  • How were the shipping times?
  • Does the brand ship to other countries?

And of course, the key question for (most) readers is, what was the best bang for the buck in terms of quality and quantity?

If your goal is to find truly the best CBD cigarettes on the market right now, this is the comprehensive comparison guide you need to read. Continue below for a detailed rundown on what we feel are the three highest-quality brands you can buy from.

Not in the mood to read the entire review? Check out our Wayofleaf’s Pick for our team’s #1 overall selection:


We narrowed our review down to CBD cigarettes from three different brands (see below for the full rundown), but PlainJane was our team’s top pick. Why? They make these cigarettes from pure, top-of-the-line hemp grown in southern Oregon and are an absolute joy to smoke. Rich in flavor and terpenes, up to 72mg of CBD per cigarette, and reasonably priced at ~$0.65 per cigarette. Click below to order a pack or a carton directly from the site.

How We Broke It All Down

There are several hundred different hemp CBD cigarettes on the market currently. The goal of this article was not to provide an exhaustive encyclopedia of products that regurgitates information you could otherwise easily find online. Over a couple of months, we tried and tested products from roughly 20 brands and ended up with three different brands that we thought delivered the best products overall based on the criteria below. The main thing, of course, was the quality of the hemp flower and the overall smoking experience. If you’re going to enjoy hemp CBD cigarettes, you want a good, even, relatively slow burn. This is crucial as many brands’ cigarettes and pre-rolls are made from quality hemp and taste good on the inhale, but they burn down to the filter in two minutes or less.

PlainJaneTimbrIndustrial Hemp Farms
Where is the hemp grown?Small family farms in southern Oregon, USAUSA (we’ve contacted the company to see which state(s) specifically. Will update if/when we receive a response)Several homegrown farms throughout Colorado and Oregon
Burn time (for one CBD cigarette)~8 mins~6.5 mins~7 mins
Price per cigarette$0.65$0.50$0.90
Top-selling products●     Odorless hemp CBD cigarettes

●     Full-flavor hemp CBD cigarettes

●     Filtered menthol hemp CBD cigarettes

●     Delta 8 cigarettes/pre-rolls

●     Filtered CBD cigarettes●     Filtered CBG cigarettes (for focus/energy)

●     Delta 8 THC cigarettes

●     Lucky Leaf Pure Hemp Pre-Rolls

●     Lucky Leaf Menthol Hemp Pre-Rolls

●     Premium Caviar CBD Pre-Rolls

Amount of CBD per cigarette~60-72mg per cigarette~50mg per cigarette~100mg per cigarette
Satisfaction/money-back guaranteeYes, full money-back guarantee. Returns on unused/unopened products are accepted within 7 days.Return / refund / guarantee policy was not immediately clear.Used/opened packs are not eligible for return. Unused/unopened packages may be returned within 30 days, but you’ll have to email the company. If you’re unsatisfied with the product, email the company and they’ll work out a solution that you’ll be pleased with.
Current price on the website$12.99 (pack of 20)$9.99 (pack of 20)$8.99 (pack of 10)
Link to purchasePlainJaneTimbrIndustrial Hemp Farms
Additional commentsThis was our team’s best all-around option – tons of different strains, flavors, and products to choose from. It’s fun just browsing the website and looking at all the dozens of different smoking options. Blunts, twax blunts (blunts that are dipped in glaze concentrate), menthol hemp cigarettes.. There are way too many options to list.Timbr was our top recommendation if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck. Especially at the current sale price of $9.99/pack you’re not going to find better quality CBD cigarettes at a more affordable price.If you’re looking to take advantage of the health benefits of hemp and CBD, IHF is probably going to be your best bet, even though they’re ~40% more expensive compared to the other options. These are potent CBD cigarettes that contain 100mg of CBD each. In addition to pre-rolled/pre-packaged hemp CBD cigarettes, IHF specializes in hemp flower – they have dozens of hemp strains that you can buy in bulk and roll your own hemp/CBD joints. The strains are very diverse in flavor, potency, effects, and price point.

Why PlainJane Makes the Best CBD Cigarettes

All three of the brands included in this review sell suitable, high-quality hemp CBD cigarettes – you won’t go wrong no matter which of the three you try. So what was it that set PlainJane apart? In our opinion, they offer the best overall value based on a combination of factors: price, potency, flavor profile, and the burn time for a single cigarette. The quality of hemp used is about the same, in our experience, across all three brands. We wouldn’t include a brand/product in our best CBD cigarette reviews if they weren’t made from premium, top-of-the-line U.S.-grown hemp.


That said, PlainJane also has several well-rounded options to choose from that will suit a variety of smokers’ habits. Remember CBD cigarettes do actually smell like cannabis – even though they’re legal and won’t get you high if you smoke one out in public or in a crowd, people will probably think you’re smoking weed. One cool thing about PlainJane is they offer “odorless” hemp cigarette options; using a water dilution process, they can effectively negate the aroma of terpenes that give cannabis its distinctive smell. (*Note: we wouldn’t say the Odorless Cigarettes are 100% odor-free, but they are noticeably “less smelly” than their other “Full Flavor” option, which really smells like cannabis).

Also of note is that PlainJane offers many other cool, smokeable hemp products. If you’ve ever been in an actual marijuana dispensary, they’ve got all the same stuff, just made from a legal hemp-derived flower. For example, they’ve got blunts, joints, caviar blunts with CBD wax glazed on the outside, and dozens of other options in various strains, terpene profiles, and so on. We highly recommend looking at their online store and browsing through it all. They’ve got a product for just about every budget range, and they’ve even got delta 8 cigarettes and vapes for sale, which will produce a mild high.

What About Timbr and Industrial Hemp Farms?

Depending on what you’re looking to get out of your hemp CBD cigarettes, Timbr and Industrial Hemp Farms offer options that differ slightly from what you’ll get with PlainJane. If money is your biggest issue and you’re simply looking for the cheapest CBD cigarettes, we’d recommend Timbr. These are made from high-quality USA-grown hemp, and are currently (at the time of writing) on sale for $9.99 for a pack of 20. Though these burn faster and aren’t as full and flavorful as PlainJane’s, they are a great, inexpensive option.


Contrarily, if price is the least of your concerns and you’re just looking for strong, potent CBD cigarettes that you can use for therapeutic relief, our recommendation would be Industrial Hemp Farms. The Lucky Leaf hemp cigarettes they sell are packed with 100mg of CBD each, and you’ll notice they really chill you out and calm you down. They’re noticeable pricier, however,  coming in at $0.90 per cigarette. PlainJane represents the best medium between these two extremes; hence the reason they’re our best overall pick.

What’s the Appeal of Hemp CBD Cigarettes, Anyway?

Tobacco-Free Smoking

For millions, smoking is a way to take a quick five or ten minutes and relax. Smoking calms you down, it’s enjoyable, and it eases stress. (It’s kind of like having a coffee break… Maybe that’s why coffee and cigarettes go so well together!). Of course, we all know that smoking is extraordinarily unhealthy. While we definitely wouldn’t describe smoking CBD cigarettes as “healthy,” they are certainly far healthier than tobacco cigarettes. Hemp cigarettes are 100% tobacco and nicotine-free and don’t contain any of the synthetic chemicals contained in most big-name tobacco products. The smoke and combustion are still bad for your lungs, but all you’re inhaling is smoke from rich, pure, organic hemp flower.

(Healthy) Benefits?

Again, not to make the claim that CBD cigarettes are “healthy” per se, but the natural CBD from hemp does provide calming therapeutic benefits. Among other things, CBD is known to help tremendously with stress and anxiety. For some, CBD cigarettes even provide mild pain relief – especially for things like headaches and migraines. Scientific studies also suggest that CBD helps to boost the body’s immune system.

Smooth, Flavorful, Relaxing, Enjoyable

Naturally, our favorite draw of CBD cigarettes is that they’re simply a pleasure to smoke. It’s a super enjoyable and calming way to take five or so minutes out of the day, maybe grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy inhaling the rich flavor and terpene profile of some of the best and purest hemp grown on American soil.

Who We Are

Who is WayofLeaf, you might ask? We’re one of the largest and most trusted resources for cannabis product reviews, CBD reviews, and product testing for just about anything and everything related to cannabis and alternative health. We boast a review team that actually tries products, ranks them on specific criteria, and develops clear, concise, unbiased reviews based on our own personal experiences. Yes – like most sites we do receive commissions on some of the products we recommend and link to. But the bottom line is that we would never recommend a product just to get a commission on it. Our reviews are here for you to compare the best options side by side and select a good, safe, high-quality cannabis or CBD product that delivers results and helps you get the most out of your money. If you have any questions at all about CBD cigarettes or anything else cannabis or CBD-related, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team or leave a comment below.

Final Summary + Our Team’s Top Pick

What’s that? You scrolled to the end of the article and didn’t even read the review? Do you know how many hours we spent putting this article together?? Do you know how many CBD cigarettes we smoked in the process!? It’s ok… if you’re short on time and looking for our team’s #1 recommendation for the best CBD cigarette, here it is:

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