5 SWEET Cannabis Strains You Need to Try!

Not that long ago, it didn’t really matter what marijuana tasted like. As long as it helped you get high or alleviate pain, consumers didn’t care if their weed tasted like old boots. If it helped you achieve your goal, that’s all that mattered. Now that marijuana has hit the mainstream and millions of people have legal access to the herb, breeders have come under pressure to deliver herb that provides an exquisite taste to go along with its potency.

Indeed, the growing popularity of vaporizers means that the taste of weed is among the most important things a person seeks. When you use a vaping device on a low temperature, you sacrifice clouds for flavor, and the modern marijuana connoisseur is no longer willing to settle for fatty hamburger meat – they demand fillet mignon!

With several hundred strains widely available (and many more that are not so common), marijuana lovers can enjoy a symphony of flavors ranging from diesel to sweet rose. In this guide, we aim to point you in the direction of five fabulous sweet-tasting strains.

1 – Strawberry Cough (One of the World’s Most Potent Marijuana Strains)

strawberry cough strain

Looks can be deceiving, and this is certainly the case with Strawberry Cough. It was created by Kyle Kushman, and no one would have dreamed that the dismal looking clone he held in a paper bag would one day become a 13-time Cannabis Cup winner! Its origins are something of a mystery, although we know that a Haze strain is involved.

It is one of the strongest marijuana strains on Earth. Although you can find versions of Strawberry Cough that have 18% THC, lab tests have uncovered versions with 25%+. It is a strongly sativa-dominant (80%) strain that yields around 14 ounces per plant outdoors or 14 ounces per square meter when planted indoors.

The name of the strain gives you an indication of what to expect. It is a consistent strain with a high that creeps up on you rather than blasting you out of your mind. It makes you feel happy, relaxed, and uplifted overall. It is an ideal strain if you’re feeling stressed out, but still need to get things done. Its effects last for hours, and some users have claimed they experience what feels like a ‘sugar high.’

Strawberry Cough smells and tastes like delicious strawberries. Once you inhale, this strain is sweet on your tongue with a delightful berry aftertaste. There is also a lingering, earthy-spice taste, along with sugar. We must warn you that this strain is also likely to promote a coughing fit, especially with the first puff, so be careful! You may feel dehydrated, so make sure you have a glass of water handy as this can soothe the throat after coughing.

2 – Blueberry (The Trend-Setting Marijuana Strain)

Certain strains follow other trends, while strains such as Blueberry set the standard for everyone else to follow. It is a strongly indica-dominant (80%) hybrid which remains as one of the most beloved marijuana strains in the world, even over 40 years after it was first created. Blueberry is a cross of a Thai & Purple Thai Sativa, and Afghani Indica. It won the High Times Cannabis Cup award for Best Indica in 2000.

Even today Blueberry is classified as a superstar strain, and it has resulted in the creation of countless new strains such as Blueberry Cheesecake, Blueberry Kush, and Blueberry Haze. It has a decent THC content of 16%, but its 2% CBD helps reign in the psychoactive effects somewhat. While indoor growers can get 18 ounces per square meter, outdoors growers are rewarded with an enormous yield of 25 ounces per plant!

As it is primarily an indica, Blueberry is a marijuana strain to take when you’re in need of relaxation. Therefore, we recommend using it to unwind after a hard day’s work. After consuming Blueberry, you should feel an almost immediate high which could result in a fit of giggles. It also induces euphoria, and when its indica effects fully take over you’ll feel sedated and ready for sleep.

As you can guess from the name, this strain smells and tastes like a barrel of fresh blueberries. You will be astounded by the myriad of flavors that dance on your tongue, and for a short period, everything you eat will seemingly carry a blueberry and vanilla aftertaste! Its CBD content means it is widely used in the medical community as a treatment for depression and insomnia.

3 – Tangie (The Citrus Delight Marijuana Strain)

tangie cannabis strain

If you like citrus flavors, you will adore this sativa-dominant (70%) hybrid. It is a cross of Skunk No. 1 and California Orange, and as a result, Tangie remains one of the most coveted strains on the market; it once won ten marijuana competitions in a single calendar year!

Tangie is a potent strain, with a THC content of up to 22%. If you decide to grow indoors, it provides up to 18 ounces per square meter. If you elect to grow it outdoors, you could receive up to 18 ounces per plant. Unlike a lot of new strains which work best when using a hydroponics system, Tangie flourishes when soil is used as the growing medium.

If you are using Tangie for the first time, be prepared because its glorious fresh, citrus fruit scent is disarming. You will be shocked by how quickly the euphoria sets in to lift your spirit and clear the mind. Many users experience an overwhelming sense of happiness. Although it can be used as a social strain, Tangie starts to impact the body within a few hours, so you may feel a little tired due to the level of relaxation you feel, although it does not cause couch lock.

Tangie provides you with a sensational citrus fruit and mango taste, with the undertones of orange potentially taking over your palette. Its fresh taste is a genuine treat for the senses, but be warned; you could enjoy it a little too much and over-consume. As Tangie helps you feel that little bit happier, it’s hardly a surprise that it is used to treat mood disorders.

4 – XJ-13 (The Mysterious Marijuana Strain)

This is an extremely rare strain, so don’t be upset if you’re not able to find it. It is a clone-only strain that’s a cross of G-13 and Jack Herer. XJ-13 is a balanced hybrid with a THC content of up to 22%, meaning it provides an array of unique effects. Its indoor yield is 18 ounces per square meter, with a 21 ounce yield per plant outdoors.

If you get your hands on this strain, expect to see your mood elevated within a short space of time. One of the great things about XJ-13 is that you receive a body and mind buzz like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. You will feel euphoric to begin with, and your mood will improve no matter how dark it was beforehand. Eventually, it starts to relax the muscles, but your mind will remain clear which means you can focus on important tasks.

One of the surprising facets of XJ-13 is its creamy, citrus taste that provides a mouthwatering experience. Its strong pine flavors mix well with the lime, lemon, and pear aftertaste. Even the aroma has a sour bite that gets right up your nose. In the medical community, XJ-13 is recommended for the treatment of various ailments including chronic pain, back aches, migraines, and muscle spasms.

5 – CBD Kush (Timeless Genetics with a Super Sweet Twist)

Surely you’ve heard of Kush cannabis strains. As one of the most iconic genetic varieties of marijuana ever grown (think OG Kush, Pineapple Kush, etc), Kush strains are a landrace breed that originally hail from the mythical Hindu Kush mountains on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. (A ‘landrace’ strain implies a strain that grows and exists in the wild in a certain geographical area).

Typically, due to their potent THC content the effects of Kush marijuana breeds are synonymous with couch-lock, numbing mind and body highs, and very heavy sedation. CBD, of course, produces no such effects. In fact, if you’re unfamiliar with the effects of CBD, you’ll be surprised to learn that it doesn’t produce a high at all. Rather, CBD is known for its therapeutic potential and its ability to promote sleep, calm users down, and mitigate things like anxiety, stress, and panic.

That’s what makes the CBD Kush strain so interesting. A relatively new breed from Dutch seed companies CBD Crew and Dutch Passion, CBD Kush produces up to a 4:1 CBD-to-THC ratio that combines the sedative qualities of Kush with the therapeutic qualities of CBD.

But where does the ‘sweet-tasting’ part come in, you’re probably wondering? Well, one of the parent strains of CBD Kush is Kandy Kush – a strain that delivers a sensational and incomparable sweetness that would satisfy most any sugar craver out there. The only problem is, this is quite a rare strain so good luck finding it.

Final Thoughts on Sweet-Tasting Marijuana Strains

Experienced users know there is a lot more to using weed than getting completely stoned. While it is nice to find a marijuana strain that takes your mind to another level, it is also great to enjoy the entire experience, which includes inhaling and exhaling the weed. In a bygone era, users had no choice but to take what was available; it didn’t matter if it tasted like gasoline as long as it did the job.

Today, users are spoiled for choice. First of all, users in over 30 states can now smoke freely without fear, as long as they possess a medical marijuana card or live in a state like California where cannabis is legal recreationally. Secondly, there are hundreds of strains readily available. As a consequence, breeders can no longer provide users with strains that taste appalling. In the modern era, consumers expect delightful tasting strains that also provide a high.

So if you like sweet things, check out the five strains above and start toking today!

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