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Our aim is to offer invaluable resources pertaining to cannabis, CBD, and now psychedelics, and supplements. For us, nature and cannabis are more than just a bunch of leaves, they are a way of life.

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Fast Growing Company
We are just over 5 years old now, and our company has grown so rapidly over the course of that time. We are continuing to expand every day, which means opportunities for our employees to grow also.
Great Coworkers
All of us genuinely like each other at WayofLeaf! This fact makes our digital space a pleasant work environment for all our employees.
Completely Digital Environment
Almost our entire company works remotely within our digital work environment. Even though we all have the freedom to work from any location we please, this does not stop the flow of work ethic and productivity – if anything it makes our team stronger.
Accommodating & Flexible Hours
We do our very best to always be extremely accommodating with each team member, and this includes flexible work hours and understanding communication.
Room for Growth & Learning
We never stop growing and learning – and anyone who joins our team would be given the freedom and space to grow and learn both individually and together with us.
Additional Perks
We want to show each of our team members how important they are to us, so we often throw in additional perks like educational workshops and even sometimes company trips.
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