Sherbet Strain [Origins, Potency, Benefits]

Sherbet Strain [Origins, Potency, Benefits]

Though it is named after a sweet and tangy dessert, this strain is able to offer up incredibly intense, complex flavors and enjoyment. With mesmerizing effects and an incredible appearance to boot, this is not a strain you want to miss.

Dominant Terpene:
Calming, Creativity, Energy
Common Usage
Growing Info
A little tricky to find the seeds and even trickier to keep the temperature right, this strain takes about eight weeks to flower and isn’t for beginners.

There are lots of different sweet treats out there, with all kinds of different taste profiles and levels of sweetness. Out of all the different sweets in the world, there is none more uniquely interesting than sherbet.

Sherbet is a Persian dessert that is powdery. It can be eaten alone or added to drinks for a sugary, effervescent twist. Sherbet is renowned for being incredibly sweet.

If you feel like tasting such a pleasant flavor at the same time as enjoying some weed, then you need to try the Sherbet strain. This strain offers all the incredible intensity of sherbet flavor, while still getting you blissfully high.

Let’s find out all the information there is to know about the Sherbet strain.

What Is the Sherbet Strain?

The idea of sherbet itself is a pretty strange one – eating a powder seems downright weird. It is sweet, alluring, and just a little bit tangy all at the same time; the entire experience of eating it can feel a little bit odd. The Sherbet strain of weed is very much like that sensation, offering an intense, almost slightly dazzling effect that leaves you a bit mystified.

Sherbet is a new, all-encompassing strain, as it offers a bit of the best of both worlds. It offers mind-blowing flavor and aroma, as well as a really serene, almost too enjoyable high.

An indica-leaning hybrid, this strain belongs to a long line of strains with the word sherbet in their names. Though the precise genetics is a bit unclear, the most likely parents are Girl Scout Cookies and any number of Kush strains.


The high offered by the Sherbet strain is interesting because, while it is most certainly primarily an indica, it provides a great number of sativa effects as well. After your very first puff, your body will begin to feel the powerful effects resonating deep within your very core.

It will take a while before you fully notice the complete intensity of its effects, but you will begin to see it after a while. There is a subtle pressure around the eyes and forehead, pouring down into the rest of the body and seemingly overwhelming your very bones.

Your limbs will start to relax, reminding you of many other indica-leaning hybrids and pure indicas alike. However, to offset this sensation, there is a continuous mellowness that persists throughout this body high, invigorating you and leaving you mentally able to keep going, regardless of the relaxation in your limbs.

Despite the fact that you will start to gravitate towards the couch and prefer to sit down, your mind will still race and remain wide awake. This makes this strain absolutely perfect for a pleasant social situation where everyone just wants to chill out.

You can all smoke some Sherbet, then lie back and relax as the high takes hold, transporting you to a realm of complete relaxation. You will all remain talkative and engaging, as well as very open and sharing, while still endlessly relaxed.

As the name might imply, this strain is also great as a wonderful after-dinner treat to mellow out the evening after a dinner party.

Considering that it seems to hold the same place in a menu as a dessert, what kind of aroma and flavors does it offer?


The initial aroma of this strain has that distinctive touch of sweetness that you would expect from any strain with a dessert-like title. There is a little bit of citrus that mingles with that base sweetness, lending the Sherbet marijuana strain significant depth far beyond that of Girl Scout Cookies.

There is also a fair amount of tart berries just behind the initial aroma, taking a little longer to develop after that saccharine flavor.

Additionally, its Kush heritage begins to rear its head just as you start to break the buds apart. There is just a touch of diesel and skunkiness that lets you know that, when you do start to smoke Sherbet, you are in for a pleasantly indica-rich experience.

What about its actual flavor, though? How does it taste on the tongue?


As you light up your Sherbet and begin smoking it, there is a very noticeable burst of flavor that is quite like the tart acidity of a lemon. However, it isn’t so much like the flavor of a lemon; instead, it is similar in that strangely acidic, almost biting sharpness that takes you by surprise.

In place of the typical harsh citrus quality of lemon, there is instead a rush of bountiful berries and uniquely sweet flavors that overwhelm your tongue.

You will also notice a memorable skunk and diesel flavor that any experienced marijuana lover should immediately recognize. After taking a deep, enriching breath of Sherbet smoke, you will notice that it is pretty much the same as its aroma on the tongue, only it comes with far more intensity.

The flavors are richer, more vibrant, and overall far more noticeable than you would immediately expect. Just like its high, it mounts slowly but surely, eventually reaching its zenith as your mouth becomes almost wholly coated in the unique flavor.

What about how it looks? What kind of appearance does the Sherbet strain have?


Considering its name and flavor, it would seem to make sense for Sherbet to have a colorful, almost candy-like appearance to fit its effects. However, the initial appearance of this strain is almost depressingly regular. It has plenty of attractive coloration, but most of it is in shades of green that persist no matter how much you open the bud.

Looking more closely, you will begin to notice the occasional flicker of alternative color. There will be dark brown-red spots, as well as an occasional burst of bright violet. Additionally, if you happen to find a really pristine example of Sherbet bud, then you get to experience a vaguely silver coating that comes from the shimmering trichomes.

This excellent coloration, as well as the unique trichome coating, only occurs when the plant is grown in slightly colder temperatures just as it ends the vegetative process.

To make sure you get buds of this type, you need to try and grow it yourself. But what kind of specialized knowledge do you need to grow your own Sherbet?

Sherbet Strain Grow Info

To be able to grow your own Sherbet, you need to try and find some Sherbet strain seeds. Unfortunately, that is probably where you are going to run into some problems, as it can be pretty tricky to find them online. To make it easier, try and find a grower that already has some Sherbet plants growing, as you can then take a cutting from them and grow your own plants.

Once you obtain a clipping, you can grow Sherbet either indoors or outside, but remember that you need to really watch its temperature. As so much of its beautiful coloration and flavor comes from the temperature at which it grows, if you keep it outdoors, you might miss your chance to get the right kind of color you are looking for. By growing it indoors, however, you can easily manage the precise temperature at just the right time, as well as controlling the ambient humidity with a dehumidifier.

To help increase your eventual bud yield, make sure to periodically trim away the larger leaves that prevent the lower parts of the plant from getting sufficient sunlight. You can also snip off the very tip of the plant as it grows. This helps encourage the plant to dedicate more energy to growing more colas for buds.

After finally trimming it and getting it to the right state, you need to subject it to colder temperatures – far more chilly than you would expect. Try and do this only for a few days just after it starts flowering, as this will bring out that gorgeous color.

Once you get it all harvested, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect from your Sherbet bud?

THC Content – Highest Test

As might be expected from a strain with such prolific effects, Sherbet cannabis has a pretty fantastic THC content. Ranging from around 20% to 25%, this strain offers up a genuinely incredible potency that will leave you reeling for hours.

This level of THC would generally be pretty overwhelming for most people, but it is surprisingly quite a chill strain, one that doesn’t induce too many feelings of discomfort. It’s just strong enough to let you know its effects without making you fall over unconscious.

What about CBD content? Does it have a comparable amount?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As any regular marijuana user will have grown to expect, when you get a strain with potent THC levels, it stands to reason that it is not going to have high CBD levels as well.

Most tested samples of Sherbet don’t have any CBD whatsoever. Instead, it only contains trace amounts of other cannabinoids. This has happened because of the sheer extent of its growth history and the intensity that has gone into breeding as strong a strain as possible. When growers dedicate so much effort to making sure their buds are as healthy as possible, CBD tends to fall by the wayside.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that it has zero medical benefits!

Medical Benefits of the Sherbet Strain

When you get a strain that can offer up such relaxing, soothing effects, it makes perfect sense when you find out that people typically use it to treat mental conditions.

After smoking the first hit of some Sherbet, it is almost impossible to suffer from feelings of anxiety, stress, or even depression. Many people use this strain to cope with things that they are not mentally or emotionally equipped to handle.

Furthermore, while you are intensely relaxed, it also gives you a huge motivation to complete creative projects and focus your mind. This makes it great for people living with ADHD, as well as those who struggle with motivation and trying to get things done.

On the physical side of things, the higher than normal levels of THC in this strain make it great for treating pain, as well as chronic irritations that seem to never go away.

You don’t tend to get strong feelings of the munchies with this strain, at least when compared to many other indicas, but it may help you if you are struggling with eating disorders.

What about side effects, however? Are there unpleasant consequences to taking some Sherbet?

Possible Side Effects of the Sherbet Strain

Despite the incredibly high levels of THC within an individual sample of Sherbet, there are surprisingly few side effects of smoking it.

You can certainly expect the regular pair of irritations – dry mouth and dry eyes – to rear their ugly heads after about 5 minutes of smoking. This can quickly be dealt with by keeping a glass of water handy, so it isn’t too much of a problem.

Usually, when people are concerned about the side effects of high-intensity strains, there is the assumption that some form of paranoia or anxiety attacks will follow a substantial hit. However, even though there is tons of THC in this bud, very few people report these feelings of paranoia or anxiety.

The only real consequence that many people can reliably report after taking Sherbet is a dull throbbing pain behind the eyes. However, this only lasts for the initial stages of the high, quickly dissipating just as you begin that endlessly relaxing portion of the Sherbet experience.

Other than this mild annoyance, there aren’t really any significant side effects of the Sherbet strain.

Final Thoughts on the Sherbet Strain

A strain named after a slightly different, tangy and fruity dessert carries with it some inherent stereotypes. Most people will assume that it is going to be nothing more than sweetness and acidity. People may assume that Sherbet is there to cater to those that enjoy marijuana like some people enjoy cigars – just for the taste.

However, while this strain serves incredibly well as an after-dinner treat, quickly taking the place of the dessert course, it is so much more than that. It can offer intense relaxation, massive quantities of soothing sociability, and a little bit of external confidence that makes social situations so much easier.

Its taste is magnificently deep and rich; instead of monotonous sweetness and nothing else, there are copious amounts of those pleasant flavors that keep you coming back for me.

Though you might find it hard to find it yourself, Sherbet is definitely a strain that is worth checking out.

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