Best CBD Drinks – How Do They Compare?

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CBD has long since entered the mainstream with products ranging from oils and capsules to toothpicks and shampoo. It seems as if a horde of companies is now scrambling to make a quick buck in an unregulated industry. As such, customers must remain wary whenever they see a ‘new and innovative’ cannabidiol product hit the market.

One of the items to make waves is CBD water, a liquid infused with the cannabinoid. It is, however, one of the dozens of options, and in this guide, we check out the best CBD drinks. We also determine whether these products are worth your cash in the first place.

What Are CBD Drinks?

As the name suggests, CBD drinks are liquids with added cannabidiol. This sub-niche is marketed as a refreshing way to consume cannabidiol. We reviewed several drinks that definitely provided an excellent taste. Many were most welcome when served cold on a hot day.

However, CBD beverages are unquestionably expensive, exceedingly so in some cases. Whether you want cannabidiol-infused wine, tea, fruit juice, or soda, you can expect to pay handsomely for it. Let’s delve deeper into the CBD drink industry, and see which brand provides the best options.

what are cbd drinks?

Pros and Cons of Using CBD Drinks

  • A convenient method of consuming CBD.
  • Proponents suggest that drinking cannabidiol provides longer-lasting effects.
  • There are lots of delicious flavors available.
  • You are spoiled for choice in terms of the number of potential drinks on offer.
  • As long as the brand can provide third-party lab testing, you know precisely how much CBD you take with each serving.
  • There isn’t a great deal of research into whether drinking the cannabinoid is any better than other forms of consumption.
  • The debate on the efficacy of using nanotechnology continues to rage.
  • In general, the amount of CBD in the average drink is rather low.
  • On average, CBD beverages are exceedingly expensive.
  • You have to be careful to avoid drinks filled with sugar.


In a hurry and want to find out the result? We liked all three but opted for CBDfx. Its Chill Shots give a large amount of CBD (by drinks standards) per serving and taste sensational.

What Are the Different Types of CBD Drinks?

Where do we begin? The list of CBD drinks is lengthy and includes practically any concoction you can think of at this stage. Here is a ‘short’ list of CBD-infused drinks:

  • Water
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Cocktails
  • Energy Drinks
  • Coconut Water
  • Fruit Juices

We have likely missed quite a few! In this section, we’ll focus on CBD soda, water, and alcoholic drinks.

CBD Water

CBD-infused water and CBD sparkling water are the most popular CBD drinks at present. Brands that create it claim that they use nanotechnology to reduce particle size. This process seemingly increases the body’s ability to absorb CBD, and research backs this up. A study published in the Phytotherapy Research journal showed that a water-soluble CBD powder was “4.5 times more bioavailable” than the lipid-soluble CBD powder used in the study.

CBD Soda

CBD soda is a carbonated drink infused with the cannabinoid. It typically comes in a variety of pleasant flavors. As it is ingested and absorbed like CBD oil, it has the same effects in theory. In most cases, makers of this beverage infuse it with CBD isolate or a full-spectrum CBD oil. You can add a few drops of tincture to a soda if you wish. It will float on the surface but could save you a few bucks!

CBD-Infused Alcohol

A growing number of brewers are taking their chances with CBD-infused beer, wine, and spirits. Though plenty of options are already on the market, research into how CBD mixes with alcohol is practically non-existent. Those who have tried the combination suggest it amplifies the experience. Indeed, alcohol and CBD could interact if you take them within 4-8 hours of one another.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Drinks?

Proponents of CBD-infused drinks suggest they have an array of potential advantages over other forms of consumption. For a start, it is convenient for many people to begin their day with a CBD coffee or tea. That said, you can simply add CBD oil to a drink and consume it in that fashion! The main benefit of purchasing a ‘brand’ beverage is that the oil doesn’t float on top!

In any case, you can drink cannabidiol in dozens of forms. It is possible to have coffee/tea in the morning, an energy or fruit drink in the afternoon, and an alcoholic beverage at night. CBD-infused alcohol, in particular, could help take the edge off social anxiety. A small number of studies suggest that cannabidiol also helps offset the adverse effects of excess alcohol.

A study by Liput et al., published in Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior, in October 2013, revealed something interesting. It found that CBD could reduce cellular damage and inflammation after drinking too much alcohol. CBD may also prevent the development of alcohol-induced fatty liver, according to other research.

Those who drink CBD soda, CBD sparkling water, and other CBD-infused beverages claim they feel more relaxed and less anxious. Other claims include the potential to aid in the battle against chronic pain. Although cannabidiol is becoming relatively well-studied, its efficacy in various forms is not. Until then, it is wise to take ‘health claims’ with a pinch of salt.

How Much Cannabidiol Is in CBD Drinks? Is It Worth It?

CBD beverages are worth it if you want a quick, convenient, and sometimes delicious way of consuming cannabidiol. Adding it to a drink you enjoy regularly ensures you don’t ‘forget’ to take it during the day. However, one of the primary issues is the low level of CBD in the average drink.

In some cases, CBD-infused water contains no more than 2-5mg of cannabidiol per 500ml. For most people, this is nothing more than a ‘testing phase’ amount. The majority of users ultimately take at least 20mg a day, though some feel happy with what 10mg does for them. Even so, if you are paying several bucks per drink, it adds up.

Ultimately, a CBD drink is best used as a ‘treat’ rather than a daily method of consumption. If you usually drink a certain beverage, such as coffee, and don’t mind paying an extra couple of dollars, you may enjoy the experience. However, you’re unlikely to experience anything profound.

CBD Drink Brands

Innovative CBD drink brands realized that infusing water and other beverages with cannabidiol offered consumers a convenient new way of meeting their daily CBD needs. Today, in what is testament to the popularity of these niche CBD products, many market-leading CBD brands’ product ranges now include CBD-infused drinks.

We’ve seen CBD drinks brands that offer CBD sparkling water with hemp extract and adaptogens. CBD sparkling water typically comes in a variety of flavors, but our favorite has to be Mad Tasty’s “Unicorn Tears” Pure Sparkling Water, just for the name alone.

However, CBD-infused water is just the tip of the iceberg. CBD drinks brands now offer almost every common beverage you can think of infused with cannabidiol.

CBD Beverages

Earlier, we provided a shortlist of the different types of CBD-infused drinks. We discussed CBD soda and CBD-infused alcohol already, so let’s look at two of the most popular CBD beverages next.


If you’re going to infuse a beverage with CBD then tea has to be right up there near the top of the list. One of the more interesting CBD teas we came across was a green tea and honey shot infused with cannabidiol.

CBD Coffee

As one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, it is unsurprising that CBD coffee is a popular choice among CBD drinks lovers. You can purchase bags of ground coffee beans infused with CBD online. Alternatively, you can simply order a CBD coffee instead of your regular coffee of choice at a cafe if that option is available where you live.

That’s just a snapshot of what’s available on the market. Next, we’ll identify the brands that, in our opinion, offer the best CBD-infused drinks.

Which Brand Offers the Best CBD Drinks?

It was a tough task trying to find the best CBD-infused drinks on the market. However, we eventually narrowed it down to three leading brands, each with a high-quality CBD drink in their product range. Next, we compared these brands across five sections, which we will discuss in detail below.

The three brands that we evaluated were:

  • CBDfx
  • Mad Tasty
  • CBD Living

which brand offers the best drink?

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Best CBD Energy Drink

The energy drink market has taken hold in the last few years, with brands such as Red Bull dominating. Alas, these drinks often contain ungodly amounts of sugar and caffeine. A CBD energy drink offers a healthier alternative in theory. In practice, there are few CBD-infused drinks on the market specifically designed to provide energy. Instead, CBD drinks brands focus on the natural boost offered by cannabidiol.

Those who enjoy the water from CBD Living point out that keeping yourself well-hydrated is one of the best ways to remain energized. There’s little doubt that this is true. However, CBDfx’s Chill Shots contain 200mg of L-Theanine per 2oz bottle. Independently, L-Theanine should help provide an energy boost, though it seems to work better in conjunction with caffeine. Mad Tasty doesn’t contain sugar and instead relies on the energizing effects of hemp extract. Users suggest it keeps them ticking over, though it doesn’t quite provide the same boost as CBDfx.



Best for Refreshment

When it comes to downing a refreshing drink on a hot day, it is tough to beat the CBDfx range. It only gives you two flavors – Lemonade and Berry – but provides you with the right mix of flavor and thirst-quenching properties. The main downside is that you only get two fluid ounces, so you will down it in a heartbeat.

Mad Tasty and CBD Living certainly hold advantages when it comes to the volume of liquid. Each can of Mad Tasty holds 12 ounces and is a good option if you are feeling especially thirsty. You may not get the same ‘hit’ of refreshment as CBfx, but you will probably enjoy the experience for longer. Likewise, it is tough to beat cold, pure CBD Living water (or sparkling water) when the sun is beating down on you. In the end, CBDfx’s Chill Shots are outstanding, but you will probably feel more refreshed after a Mad Tasty beverage.


Best Tasting CBD Drink

This was a tough choice because there is a case to be made for all three brands. Yes, CBD Living’s water tastes fantastic and is the best choice if you are not into sweet flavors. The brand also offers CBD sparkling water, and you can avail of its sample pack, which includes flavors such as Strawberry Lavender and Apple Ginger.

Nonetheless, most users of CBD beverages are searching for a flavor that knocks their taste buds out of the park. Both CBDfx options achieve that: The Berry taste will cause you to freeze for a second and appreciate the marvelous flavors bouncing on your tongue. The Lemonade experience isn’t as profound but is extremely pleasant. None of Mad Tasty’s options are quite as good as Berry CBDfx. Not everyone is a fan of Grapefruit, but the Watermelon Kiwi flavor is nice, as is the new Unicorn Tears offering.



Best Cannabinoid Content Per Serving

Most brands remain in the 5-25mg CBD per serving range, and few stray outside that ballpark. CBD Living’s plain water has a pH of 9.0 and contains more cannabidiol than most water brands. However, 10mg of CBD per 500ml is still relatively low. The Sparkling water range, on the other hand, bumps it up a notch. With 25mg of CBD per 12 oz can, you are getting plenty of the cannabinoid at a reasonable price as well.

Mad Tasty provides you with 20mg of CBD per 12oz, so it only falls behind CBD Living narrowly. Those who like giving to charity will be happy to hear that the brand donates 12 ounces of clean drinking water for every can it sells. CBDfx also contains 20mg of full-spectrum CBD in each serving. On this occasion, however, it packs it into just two ounces. Therefore, CBDfx wins in terms of CBD concentration per ounce but still narrowly misses out on providing the most CBD per serving.


Best Budget Pick

Ultimately, you will not find a ‘cheap’ or even ‘inexpensive’ CBD drink. These brands must pay good money if they want to use high-quality hemp. The preferred CO2 extraction process is also costly. CBDfx is actually the most expensive option at $6.99 per bottle. You can save two bucks by buying a couple of bottles for $11.98.

Mad Tasty sells its drink in a 6-pack for $30, though you can save by entering a subscription plan. CBD Living’s pure water costs $3.99 for a bottle or $89.99 for a case of 24. In terms of CBD per mg, its Sparkling Water range wins the day. You can get a can for $4.99, which is approximately the same cost as Mad Tasty. However, you get slightly more CBD.


Conclusion: Best CBD Beverage

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether CBD-infused drinks are worth the cost and the hype. On the one hand, you benefit from a refreshing, tasty, and convenient way to consume CBD. On the other hand, it is rare to get a large amount of CBD per dose, and it is expensive overall. That said, it is worth having a few bottles or cans of the products we outlined above. CBDfx is the most expensive and has the lowest amount of liquid. However, it provides a refreshing hit, a dazzling burst of flavor, and a decent CBD concentration. Plus, the brand is known for producing high-quality products.


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