The 5 Best Cannabis Strains That Have a Piney Flavor

There are plenty of flavor profiles in the world of marijuana. From tropical tartness to spicy hashiness, marijuana is as well-loved for its diverse tastes as its actual effects.

One of the most recent favorites is pine; this slightly acidic, almost astringent taste has managed to become one of the most popular flavors all over the world. More and more strains are crossbred with other, more piney strains to try and amp up their pine intensity.

But how are you supposed to find the perfect pine strain for yourself? For simplicity’s sake, here are the top 5 marijuana strains that possess a strong pine flavor. Now you don’t have to select strains based on their smell – you know precisely what you’re getting!

1. Green Crack Strain

The funny thing about trying to pin down a specific flavor within marijuana is that it is so commonly a composite flavor. This means that, instead of the flavor coming from one particular source or a particular terpene, the smell is more of an amalgamation of different flavors.

The pine flavor is an excellent example of this, as although the terpene pinene is its main flavor component, it is also often made from other terpenes mixing together.


Green Crack is an excellent example of this, as it doesn’t actually have high levels of pinene, but still has a strong pine taste anyhow. The first tastes here are ones of citrusy lemon, mixed with black pepper. While these two don’t seem like they would mix well, when blending together in the same strain, they taste a lot like pine.

Combine the fresh and intense pine flavor with the beautifully sharp and almost revitalizing mental and physical buzz that this strain gives you, and Green Crack starts to feel like a strong shot of coffee rather than a strain of marijuana.

A great daytime strain for any occasion, this strain will remind you of walking through a pine forest, while at the same time spicing up your palate.

The undercurrent of herbaceousness also helps exemplify the pine flavor. All together, it makes for a truly mesmerizing experience.

2. OG Kush Strain

OG Kush is perhaps the most well-known marijuana strain in the entire world. It is likely that anyone not totally experienced with weed will think of OG Kush first, rather than any other strain.

OG Kush is another strain that manages to achieve a pine flavor without really having a large quantity of pinene. Just like Green Crack, it manages to have a refreshing, slightly turpentine flavor of pine thanks to its combination of citrus and pepper.


OG Kush is practically legendary these days, with intense recognition among even the most marijuana-ignorant people.

Not only is it intensely rich in flavor, but it’s also well known for its significant THC potency. With more than a 20% THC concentration, this is the strain to take when other strains simply don’t seem to work.

Its intensely white trichomes and almost fanciful orange pistils make it incredibly attractive as well, all combining together into an incredibly well-loved strain.

However, the best quality of OG Kush is its ability to help those with mental problems. You should consider OG Kush if you struggle with psychological issues. After smoking a good amount of OG Kush, you will struggle to remember why you were sad or anxious to begin with.

Plus, it has that amazing, piney and dank flavor that we all know and love. What’s not to like?

3. Larry OG Strain

Larry OG is, as the name would clearly imply, a descendent of OG Kush, along with SFV OG, which is itself an OG Kush descendent.

This indica cross is well-known for its super smooth and easy body high, able to help encourage really satisfying relaxation. However, unlike its parent OG Kush, the high will not overwhelm you and leave you unable to operate physically.


Instead, the high is happy and complete, like a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer. It fills you with the wonderful feeling that you would expect weed to give you.

The flavor is surprisingly consistent with its name, maintaining an almost pure quality to its aroma that is remarkably like a pine forest. Composite flavors of citrus and pepper back up the pine, but this one is a bit more like white pepper than other OG strains.

The herbal quality that so many pine strains offer is a bit more pronounced as well, but really only on the exhale. It is like stumbling along a pine forest path, landing face-first in a thicket of heather or a clump of wild herbs. The precise flavors aren’t distinct enough to identify but are still obvious enough to count as incredibly herby.

While the name of this strain is sometimes given as Lemon Larry, the lemon flavor really is more of a back note. In fact, the lemon quality on your first exhale only serves to reinforce the pine flavor that this strain offers up in spades.

4. Dutch Treat Strain

Dutch Treat, or Going Dutch, is a well-known adage meaning to share something or split it equally. But ever since the marijuana world started appropriating terms for strain names, it has a totally different meaning altogether.

Now, people associate Dutch Treat with going to Amsterdam and getting high. If Amsterdam is the Mecca of the marijuana world, then Dutch Treat is its Great Mosque; why go there, if not to try its biggest attraction?


The Dutch Treat strain is all about offering up intense cerebral highs that hit fast and leave quickly but leaves a reminder that lasts for hours. Sensations of energy and a pleasurably positive mood last far longer than you would ever expect from a normal strain.

If you journey around Amsterdam, or indeed any head shop in places where weed is legal, you will definitely recognize the familiar-looking Dutch Treat sitting in a place of prominence. The buds are conical and slightly delicate, while being incredibly intricate and soft at the same time. A beautifully thick layer of white trichomes dots the surface, and it is practically littered with tasty resins.

The flavor of this strain is most easily describable as pine-like, but it is a bit more complicated than that. There is an incredible woodiness to the flavor of Dutch Treat that honestly does taste like biting down on a piece of hardwood.

Many people describe it as a mix between cedar and pinewood, with only a hint of that familiar turpentine flavor that many pine-like strains exemplify.

5. Northern Lights Strain

Sometimes, when you are looking for a pine rich strain, you aren’t just looking for intense flavors, but also intense effects.

For those thrill seekers that want a pungent and potent strain all in one, you should definitely pick up some Northern Lights. This is practically the original pine flavored strain, with incredibly noticeable and potent effects that can leave you reeling if you aren’t careful.

Known far and wide as a strain to be wary of, this strain hits you hard and fast. It induces an incredibly lazy, almost immoveable sensation after exhale. You will want to sit down, eat food, and little else.


It is also rich in pinene and similar terpenes, giving it a super creamy and flavorful pine-like aroma and flavor. It is also full of the familiar flavors of pepper and citrus, which accentuate the pine flavors that you first notice on inhaling the thick smoke of Northern Lights.

The bud looks like a Christmas tree all lit up with lights. The orange pistils only serve as foreshadowing for the intensely blissful effects you are soon to experience after smoking it.

Northern Lights is one of those brilliant strains with a reputation almost as strong as OG Kush. It is the basis for dozens of different phenotypes and crossbreeding experiments. This means that, as long as you have a place where you can easily buy weed, you should find Northern Lights on display.

With a rich, almost decadently pine flavor and effects that are almost too much to handle at any one time, this is a strain that everyone should have on hand to get them through a dull afternoon. Just sit back, smoke only a few tokes, and relax, eventually passing out from the sheer bliss of it all.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Strains That Have a Piney Flavor

The thing to keep in mind about strains with pine flavors is that they are going to be one of two types: Dull and flat, or rich and vibrant.

The dull, flat-tasting pine-like strains only taste like pine because of the presence of heaping quantities of pinene. This is the terpene that makes everything smell like pine needles, but it frankly is not enough to make it taste good.

To really create that vibrant, decadent pine flavor, it needs to be well balanced with other terpenes as well. This is why you will find pretty much every single strain on this list to be typically describable as tasting like pepper or citrus. It is merely the best combination that helps the pine flavor shine.

So, don’t be frightened of ordering a particular strain if you are worried you don’t see ‘pine’ as one of its flavors. As long as it boasts pepper and citrus, it is likely that you will be able to detect hints of pine alongside once you start smoking it.

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