CBD Vape Oil UK: The 2022 Review + Guide

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    UK consumers are still facing similar issues to Americans when it comes to finding high-quality CBD vaping products. While a growing body of research that shows the therapeutic benefits of hemp-based compounds has led to a booming industry, it has also resulted in an increase in “overnight” brands in the UK and EU that sell poorly made – and occasionally dangerous – products.

    This article discusses all things UK CBD vape oil-related to help you navigate a tricky market. Our UK team has tried, tested, and analyzed dozens of different CBD vape oils and vape devices, and this review highlights what we believe to be the top three currently available on the market.

    Read on to learn how we conducted our reviews of the best UK CBD vape oils, how we ranked different products, and how you can order top-shelf items that will ensure you get the most out of your hard-earned money.

    • The UK CBD industry, particularly the vape oil market, is still flooded with poor quality and potentially unsafe products.
    • There is little to no government oversight of the manufacture and sale of CBD products in the UK and EU.
    • Vape oils can be dangerous if they contain solvents or thinners such as propylene glycol (PG).
    • The WayofLeaf review team tested and ranked dozens of UK CBD vape oils and highlighted what we felt were the top 3.

    Not in the mood to read the entire review? Check out our Wayofleaf’s Pick for our team’s #1 overall selection:

    Brand nameCBDfx UKKiara NaturalsProvacan
    Flavor Profile10/109.5/109/10
    Duration of Effects9.5/109/109/10
    Online UK Reviews9.5/109.5/109/10
    Lab Analysis10/109/109/10
    Overall Score9.6/109.3/108.9/10
    Coupon Code15% off: FXSAVINGSN/A15% off: 15PROV
    Full Brand ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full Review

    Best UK CBD Vape Oils 2022: One Thing We Liked About Each Brand

    1.CBDfx 500mg CBD Vape PensCBD vape oils from CBDfx UK are hard to beat if you’re purely looking for reliable effects. Relief comes on quickly (typically within minutes) and lasts for hours. Check current CBDfx prices.9.6 /
    2.Kiara Naturals Full-Spectrum CBD Distillate Vape KitKiara products are handcrafted in a Swiss medic-approved facility and used by clinicians for various reasons. These are some of the most naturally flavorful vapes we’ve ever tried. Check current Kiara Naturals prices.9.3 /
    3.Provacan CBD Vape Day/Night BundleProvacan CBD vapes work very well, but they are expensive and don’t seem to last as long as CBDfx or Kiara. Check current Provacan prices.8.9 /

    Top-3 Best CBD Vape Oils in the UK | Reviews

    1. CBDfx 500mg CBD Vape Pens
    9.6 / 10

    CBDfx is a company that’s earned consumers’ trust over the years. The brand’s UK CBD vape oil pens were an obvious pick as they combine affordable prices with clean, potent, smooth-hitting oil. Most importantly, the effects hit hard and come on quickly – and they’ll last for hours. You also get about 800 puffs per pen, which is excellent value, especially compared to other CBD vape oils on the market in the UK.

    15% COUPON CODE:
    • Made with CBDfx’s original terpene blend
    • It comes in authentic cannabis flavors such as OG Kush and Pineapple Express
    • Brilliantly smooth hits
    • Can choose bundle packs with multiple different terpene flavors
    • No free shipping
    • Only broad-spectrum available (does not contain THC)
    Review Comments
    I was hesitant to spend the money on a vape kit but I decided to give it a try because I love CBDfx products. I am so glad I did!! The vape is small and compact and it functions like a dream! Best vape pen I have ever tried.
    First time using CBD in vape form. Easy to use and seems to work and I can feel the effects of it quickly. Will be purchasing more!
    Can't say enough positive things about CBDfx. Great selection of products, very friendly customer service should you have any questions and great discounts too. Overall, 5 stars.
    2. Kiara Naturals Full-Spectrum CBD Distillate Vape Kit
    9.3 / 10

    CBD distillate is a unique form of hemp extract that is purified to contain only the active compounds derived from the plant. This allows for a highly potent product – in fact, Kiara’s CBD distillate vape kit features 55% CBD in addition to THC, CBDa, CBC, and other natural components of hemp. The kit is also extremely convenient for beginner vapers and comes with a reusable vape pen and a charging dock.

    • Made from pure, natural, organic Swiss hemp
    • Handcrafted in a GMP and medic-approved facility
    • Used by practitioners in EU clinics
    • It comes with a 60-day guarantee
    • On the pricey side
    Review Comments
    It's pretty good, as a usual smoker of weed this replaces at some point the need. Nice taste and convenient pen along with the refills. Highly recommended to anyone that wants to quit the usual smoking and having a more chill out process of getting what he needs.
    Pen is great, very discreet . Great quality, nice packaging and charges really fast.
    I have trouble staying asleep at night and since I started to use your vape pods I now sleep deeper and longer.
    3. Provacan CBD Vape Day/Night Bundle
    8.9 / 10

    Provacan’s CBD vape oils are relatively expensive, but there is a good selection of choices. The Day + Night Bundle offers around-the-clock support and contains one VapePod device, a day vape oil, and a night vape oil (72% CBD). Each pod provides 300 puffs of full-spectrum oil. While Provacan is a reputable brand with a loyal customer base, its products are pricey and not always worth the extra money. CBDfx provides highly effective vape products at more affordable prices. However, Provacan is a good option if you’re willing to spend the extra money and like the idea of buying a day/night kit for enhanced effects.

    15% COUPON CODE:
    • The bundle kit comes with two vape pens: One for daytime use and one for nighttime
    • Day vape features beta-caryophyllene, terpinolene, and limonene for focus and stress relief
    • Night pen contains terpinolene, alpha-pinene, and myrcene for enhanced calm and sleep improvement
    • Each vape contains a potent 72% hemp CBD extract
    • Made using Kanabo’s original vape optimization research
    • It falls just under the free shipping minimum
    Review Comments
    Love the taste of this e-liquid, makes smoking it feel less of a chore.
    This is my 3rd order from Provacan and I find their CBD to be a lovely product! My sleep is much improved. The company's communication and delivery are both really efficient. 10/10 all round.
    The product comes with very clear instructions on how to use, and makes me feel so energized and ready for the day. Great for me and my hubby.

    WAYOFLEAF’S CHOICE: Why CBDfx Makes the Best CBD Vape Oil in the UK


    While CBD vape oils in the UK are hard to find, this review and the many products we tested showed that safe, high-quality products aren’t impossible to locate. We uncovered several UK and EU brands worth considering during our review, and each one uses high-quality hemp, clean extraction, and offers complete third-party lab testing.

    However, we felt the vapes from CBDfx were the highest-quality on the UK market when it came down to it. These UK CBD vape oils are for sale online and easily rival some of the best products in the USA. You can expect fast-acting effects for stress relief and excellent value in terms of how much product you get for the price.

    Of course, we felt that Kiara Naturals and Provacan were also worth considering. For beginner vapers, Kiara’s CBD Distillate Vape Kit allows for a seamless and super easy introduction to vaping. Likewise, for people looking for energizing, focus-enhancing effects during the day and calming, sleep-promoting effects at night, Provacan’s Day/Night Bundle Kit is a product that’s hard to ignore.

    The WoL Review Process: How We Ranked the Best CBD Vape Oil UK Brands

    With such a huge assortment of products to choose from and radical disparities between price and quality, it is a massive feat for the average customer to search for the best CBD vape oils in the UK without getting ripped off. We briefly noted above what went into our review process for this article, but here are a few other things of note to help you better understand how we selected the three brands featured in this review:

    Prioritizing Where the CBD Was Sourced From

    When doing this UK CBD vape oil review, we placed a huge emphasis on whether or not the oil was sourced from industrial hemp, as this is the only kind of cannabis plant material that is legal in the United Kingdom.

    Analyzing THC Content in the Lab Report/COA

    While you likely won’t be coming across any CBD vape oils in the UK that contain THC, it is still vital to double-check as you could get in serious trouble if found in possession of high-THC marijuana. Surprisingly, some of the products we tested contained more THC than they should have. This presents a legal issue and also a health issue as a user could potentially experience adverse effects if they use a CBD product that unknowingly has enough THC in it to get them high.

    Whether or Not the Brand Avoids Medical Claims

    As we detail below, CBD vapes and e-liquids in the UK are legal as long as they are extracted from industrial hemp and used as “nutritional supplements.” In other words, they can NOT be advertised as medicine. We made sure the brands we recommend do not make any unwarranted health claims as to the efficacy of their products.

    Which (If Any) Thinning Agents Were Used

    We go into more detail below, but most UK CBD vape oils are unnaturally thinned with chemical agents to make the thick mixture compatible with a vape device. In our review, we made it a point to look out for products that contained VG instead of PG or PEG, as the latter have been known to break down into potentially dangerous chemicals when heated to excessive temperatures.

    The Validity of the Lab Report/COA

    Probably the most important thing we looked out for when doing this UK CBD vape review was whether or not an independent third-party laboratory had verified the product’s contents and ingredients. But we didn’t stop there. We also checked the validity of the laboratories that tested the products and ranked them according to reputation and authenticity.

    A Note on CBD Vape Oil Legality in the UK

    CBD vape oil is legal in the UK as long as UK CBD companies apply for a “novel food authorization.” Also, for a CBD vape oil product to be legal, it must be derived from hemp that contains less than 0.2% THC.

    In 2016, the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) decided to recognize the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol (CBD); however, there is still currently no authoritative government agency that licenses CBD products as medicine. Therefore, you’ll find that CBD vape oil sellers in the UK are not allowed to make any medical claims regarding what their products can do or treat.

    Another thing worth pointing out is that UK law dictates that CBD vape juice must not contain nicotine. Also, note that vaping is banned in most public places in the UK, including in public transport places and most music venues.

    Additional Info on CBD Vape Oils in the UK

    When shopping online or in stores, you’ll soon see that there are two types of CBD e-liquids for sale in the UK and EU:

    • Marijuana-Derived: Containing high amounts of THC
    • Hemp-Derived: Containing high levels of CBD, but a maximum of 0.2% THC

    Most manufacturers in the UK use CO2 extraction to pull cannabinoids, terpenes, and other valuable compounds from hemp. CO2 (carbon dioxide) can adopt a unique state between the liquid and gas phase, known as a “supercritical” state. This means it can become pressurized without being heated to extreme temperatures.

    For this reason, CO2 is the perfect compound for extracting CBD from hemp. It pulls virtually 100% of the active compounds from the plant without denaturing the CBD or leaving the extract laden with toxic solvent residue.

    After the CBD is extracted from the plant, it must go through a multi-stage purification process before being put into a vaporizer and inhaled. Unfortunately, some UK CBD vape oil manufacturers still use butane (lighter fluid) to extract the compound from the plant material.

    Butane is dangerous because, in addition to being explosive and flammable, it leaves behind solvent residue in the end product.

    Therefore, it is crucial to look at the ingredients used and the extraction process when browsing CBD vape oil for sale in the UK.

    Why the Strongest UK CBD Vape Oils Aren’t Always the Best

    Another thing to consider is that, when looking for CBD vape oil in the UK, the concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) isn’t always the most important thing. During our review, we tried products containing an impressive 2000mg of CBD and e-liquids with just 30mg of the compound per ml.

    In terms of using CBD to help with anxiety or pain, the effects seemed to rely much more on bioavailability and the quality of hemp that the compound was made from, as well as supplementary compounds (i.e. THC, terpenes, etc.) that the vape oil contained.

    Also, it is critical to point out that any decent quality CBD oil vape product in the UK will come with a third-party lab report. Also called Certificates of Analysis (COA), lab reports outline the cannabinoid content of the product and let users know if a product has been tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals.

    Thinning agents are another important factor to consider, as they can pose potential risks if they are not present in appropriate amounts in the vape oil.

    Thinning Agents in UK CBD Vape Oils

    Medical experts in the UK are becoming increasingly concerned about the general effect of vaping on the lungs, as well as ingredients called “thinning agents” that are included in many e-liquids.

    Thinning agents are chemicals designed to make it easy to vaporize CBD oil. If you try to vape regular CBD oil, you’ll find it too thick, and it will likely clog your vape pen. Vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), and polyethylene glycol 400 (PEG 400) are all commonly used as thinning agents in UK CBD vape oils. But if these compounds are inhaled at excessively high temperatures, they may pose respiratory health risks.

    For example, research has shown that when heated to 446 degrees Fahrenheit (230 degrees Celsius) or higher, PG and PEG 400 could break down into carcinogenic substances, including formaldehyde, acrolein, and acetaldehyde. This is another crucial reason to be careful when searching for UK CBD vape oils for sale and to only purchase from safe, reputable brands – such as the three we’ve outlined in this review.

    Final Summary + Our Team's Top Pick

    If you skipped to the bottom of the review, here’s the final verdict: after extensive review and consideration of a variety of key factors, our team settled on the decision that CBDfx’s 500mg vape pens are the best and most reliable currently on the market for UK customers. If you want to try them yourself, be sure to browse and order using our exclusive WayofLeaf coupon code, which can be accessed using the link below:

    15% COUPON CODE:
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