Haze | Cannabis Strain Review

Haze | Cannabis Strain Review

The Haze strain's name is a bit misleading. While many users may imagine a high that is body and mind numbing, this is not the true picture. Haze strain induces energetic and uplifting effects, perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or a night out with friends. It also features some tasty flavors, including spicy citrus and pine.

Dominant Terpene:
Creativity, Euphoria, Happy, Social, Uplifting
Common Usage
Growing Info
This strain has a long growing time of up to 14 weeks. It can grow both indoors and outdoors.

When looking at a menu in a coffee house or the online store of cannabis retailers, the word Haze seems to pop up all across the page. It is rare to find a menu that does not include at least a few strains that have Haze worked into their name, as a clue to their lineage.

Haze has become one of the most popular strains for breeding, and as a result, there are countless strains that can claim some link to the original 1960s Haze strain; and most do so in their name.

While members of the Haze family can be found in almost every store that you go into, what is not so common to see is the strain that started it all: Haze itself. There is surprisingly little information about Haze and why it has become a go-to strain for breeders across the world.

Let’s look at Haze in a little more detail and find out why it is such a popular strain among breeders.

What is the Haze Cannabis Strain?

The Haze cannabis strain can be traced back to 1960s Santa Cruz and is thought to be the result of four sativa strains being bred together: South American, Thai, Mexican, and South Indian. The result is a strong sativa strain known for its energetic and creative high. Haze has since been used for breeding and has resulted in an entire family of Haze strains. It has played a huge part in shaping the cannabis industry.

Being a sativa strain, Haze’s high is very much focused on mental effects as opposed to being a physical high. The lack of physical effects makes it ideal for those times when you still need to feel 100% in control of your body and cannot afford to lose several hours at a time-locked to your sofa, unable to make the most of Haze’s mind high.

Haze is often used to help you find the motivation needed to make it through to the end of a long workday or to take on challenging tasks. Providing an energetic and upbeat high, Haze is also popular in social settings, making for chilled out and relaxed time with friends.

Haze is known for its strength, with just a few puffs being enough to transport your mind to a blissfully uplifting high. It is very easy to overestimate exactly how much Haze you need to smoke, with many people finding that their first experience of Haze is much stronger than they intended. For novice smokers, sometimes even just one long puff of Haze is enough for several hours of Hazy bliss.

The initial effects of Haze can feel like your brain is working at 100 miles an hour. Everything around you feels as though it is moving extremely fast and that you need to do the same in order to keep up.

Haze also acts as a mood enhancer, adding a positive shine to everything around you and making it feel as though anything is possible. People often use this early stage of the high to work through tasks or push their limits at the gym, making the most of the sudden burst of energy.

Some people find that Haze really enhances social situations, especially when you feel slightly awkward. It feels much easier than normal to talk to people, and conversations just seem to flow naturally.

Despite Haze producing an energetic high that can leave you feeling motivated and ready to go for hours at a time, the effects as the high start to wear off have a very different effect.

As Haze starts to leave your system, you will notice a sudden drop in energy levels, and this can leave you feeling extremely sleepy and unmotivated. Given the mind race that is a Haze high, it is no real surprise that once such feelings start to disburse your body realizes just how tired it is and crashes.


Haze is famous for its spicy aroma filling the air with a sense of warmth, similar to toasting marshmallows over an open campfire. As you grind Haze buds, the complex aroma is unleashed, resulting in a fresh yet spicy smell.

As Haze burns the combination of different spices mixed with a very traditional cannabis smell are released into the air creating a cloud of pleasant smoke. As you exhale, you start to notice a slightly sweet citrus aroma, something you would not expect from such a spicy strain.

Haze produces a smooth smoke which is easy to inhale, even for novice smokers, making it a popular choice for those who find that smoking a joint normally leaves them coughing uncontrollably. Haze can linger in the air for some time after smoking and this is worth considering when smoking indoors.

How does the flavor profile of Haze compare to its spicy-sweet aroma?


Haze is a joy to smoke with its smooth, sweet taste; even novice smokers are able to breathe deeply as the smoke travels down into your lungs and fills your senses with a warm mix of spicy sweetness.

As you inhale your first puff of Haze, a wave of spicy citrus washed across your taste buds, bringing back memories of cozy Christmas afternoons sitting around the tree with a fire burning in the corner.

As the smoke works its way through your body, you are able to unpick the different flavors that feel as though they are dancing around in your mouth, competing for your attention. A subtle earthy flavor hangs in the background, allowing the much stronger citrus notes and spices to fight it out.

As you exhale, all of these different flavors seem to come together, leaving a warm yet fresh feeling in your mouth.


Haze buds stand out due to their olive green coloring combined with thin orange pistils which cover the buds. The orange pistils add to the plant’s overall appearance and give the impression that there is a layer of orange hairs covering each bud and giving it an almost fluffy appearance.

Haze plant leaves look almost as though they belong on a plastic plant rather than a real cannabis plant; this is due to their solid deep green coloring that is almost too perfect to be real. The lack of texture on the leaves gives them their fake appearance, although when studying a Haze leaf closely you notice very fine pale green lines running throughout.

Haze plants tend to grow long and thin, with leaves that randomly stick out in places adding volume to what would otherwise be a remarkably thin plant. It is the plants’ height and thin stature that gives it the famous elegance that makes it stand out when planted close to other strains.

Haze Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Haze is famous for its long growth time, taking up to 14 weeks when grown indoors before it is ready for harvesting, this has not stopped Haze from becoming one of the most popular strains within the industry, however.

As a result of its longer than average growth time, Haze is not the ideal strain for new growers who are looking for a quick reward for little effort. Only those who are willing to put in a little extra time and effort for a big pay off at the end should consider growing their own Haze plants at home.

Haze plants can be kept outside but require a warm climate that resembles that of Santa Cruz and its surrounding area, where the strain originates. For those who live in colder climates, Haze plants can also be grown indoors where you have much more control over the temperature.

Haze plants tend to be resistant to the majority of molds that can damage and affect the growth of cannabis plants, but as with any plant, it is always a good idea to check your plant’s leaves on a regular basis.

Haze can be a temperamental plant at times and as a result, may feel overwhelming for novice growers. Growing your own Haze plants is definitely a labor of love, but one that is more than worth the time and effort in the end.

THC Content – Highest Test

Haze has an average THC content of 21%, placing it on the higher end of the scale for a sativa strain. Its higher than average THC content explains the strong mind high that takes hold with even just a few puffs of Haze. Novice smokers and those with a low THC tolerance should use Haze with caution, ideally sticking to just a few puffs at a time.

How does the CBD content of Haze compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

The exact CBD content of Haze is unclear, with it being generally assumed that there is little more than trace amounts. The lack of CBD in Haze is to be expected given that it is a strain with a relatively high THC content, and it is extremely rare to find a strain that manages to pack both a high THC and CBD content.

While Haze contains almost zero CBD, it still manages to have a number of potential health benefits that make it a strain worth considering for medicinal purposes. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you might want to try Haze to improve your health.

Medical Benefits of the Haze Cannabis Strain

Haze is recommended for those who suffer from attention deficit disorders, as the burst of energy and an increased sense of focus make it ideal for completing tasks without being distracted. For similar reasons, Haze can also be used to treat both stress and depression and make even the impossible feel possible.

The uplifting mood high of Haze allows for those who suffer from severe depression to go about normal daily tasks and routines in a way that does not normally feel achievable.

Haze provides a sudden burst of energy and, as a result, is often recommended for treating fatigue. A few puffs first thing in the morning makes for the perfect start to what would otherwise be a difficult day, helping to push the effects of fatigue to one side.

Haze is also used to increase your appetite, making it the perfect strain for those who are looking to counter the effects of medications that suppress your appetite. The uplifting effects of Haze are also the perfect mood boost needed when dealing with challenging illnesses.

Haze is sometimes used to help fight insomnia as a result of the drowsy, sleepy sensation that takes over your body as the high wears off. This does, however, require some forward planning as the initial effects of Haze come with a wave of energy which actually makes it harder to fall asleep.

Some people find that taking Haze a few hours before bed allows them to benefit from both the strain’s energetic high and sleep-inducing after effects, giving them the chance to tick a few chores off of their to-do list before bed.

Possible Side Effects of the Haze Cannabis Strain

Smoking Haze can leave you feeling dehydrated and result in dry mouth, and in some cases, even dry eyes. It is a good idea when smoking Haze to have a glass of water on hand to help you stay hydrated and minimize such effects. Both dry eyes and dry mouth should not last more than a few hours and have no long term health effects.

When taken in larger doses, some people report experiencing a sense of paranoia and an increased feeling of anxiety after smoking Haze. This could, in part, be due to the strain’s higher than average THC content combined with the larger dosage. For those who have a tendency towards either anxiety or paranoia, it is recommended that you stick to smaller doses of Haze to start with in order to help your body adjust.

In rare cases, Haze can cause dizziness, making everything around you feel distorted almost as though walking through a maze of magic mirrors at a carnival; this in part could be due to the mind race that is often experienced when smoking Haze.

Final Thoughts on the Haze Cannabis Strain

It is clear why Haze is such a popular choice among breeders; its distinctive sativa effects make it ideal for combining with indicas for a perfectly balanced hybrid strain. Haze offers users a classic sativa high with a rush of energy and motivation, making it the perfect strain to help you work through chores and creative tasks.

Haze is not limited to productivity, however, and is also an enjoyable strain in social situations, creating a fun and laid back environment where everyone can just be themselves and have a good time. Haze can even be enjoyed on a lazy afternoon when you want to lose yourself in the strain’s strong psychoactive effects and just see where your mind wanders.

In recent years Haze has become a common pick for medicinal users as a result of its wide-ranging health benefits and energetic high. Haze is a must-try strain for lovers of the Haze family of strains, for a chance to experience the effects of Haze in their purest form.

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