5 of the Best Cannabis Strains to Help You Feel Joy

The Oxford dictionary definition of ‘joy’ is “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.” According to some, however, joy is an inner feeling, whereas happiness is an outward expression.

It is all too easy to allow pessimism to creep into every part of our lives. Stresses related to work and our personal lives can quickly take over, ensuring we spend most of the day feeling unhappy.

Countless people also use cannabis to aid their pursuit of joy.

However, it is a real shame to prevent joy from leaving an indelible mark on us. Finding pleasure in everyday things is a great way to improve your general mood. Countless people also use cannabis to aid their pursuit of joy. While you shouldn’t rely on marijuana to help you achieve this goal, you might find that it helps you in the quest.

We have compiled five great cannabis strains that could bring some much-needed joy into your life.

1 – Green Crack

Snoop Dogg gave this strain its name due to its ability to provide an uplifting high. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s a cross of Sweet Leaf Indica and Skunk #1. Green Crack’s THC varies significantly from as little as 13% to 21%. It only has approximately 0.1% CBD, which isn’t enough to counteract the potent intoxicating high.


The cerebral high you feel hits quickly and provides an immediate improvement in mood. Users report an intense burst of energy akin to consuming several cups of coffee without the sudden crash!

Besides making you feel joyful and appreciative of what life offers, Green Crack enables you to remain focused. As such, you can use it early in the day because the invigorating high doesn’t cloud your mind. Indeed, anecdotal evidence suggests that this strain increases focus. As a ‘wake and bake’ strain to help you start the day with a smile, Green Crack is hard to beat.

 2 – Serious Happiness

This is a balanced hybrid that does exactly what the name suggests. Serious Seeds, a Dutch breeder, is responsible for developing this wonderful strain. It is a cross of Warlock and AK-47 and has a THC content of around 18%. Serious Happiness also has approximately 1% CBD.


According to some users, Serious Happiness’ high gave them the greatest feelings of joy they’ve ever had. Others suggest that this strain makes you act like a child on a sugar rush. The high is extremely fast-acting and provides a level of euphoria that may take you by surprise.

While high on Serious Happiness, you will find it almost impossible to wipe the smile from your face. It could also result in a creativity and productivity boost. Consider using it before spending a day with friends and see what adventures you can get up to.

 3 – Laughing Buddha

This is another example of a strain giving clues to its effects by its name. Laughing Buddha is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s a cross of Jamaican and Thai landrace sativas. As Thailand is one of the best-known countries for practicing Buddhism, this strain’s Thai genetics is probably a reason for the name.


The other reason is the fact that you’ll giggle uncontrollably while high on Laughing Buddha. Its THC content of 18% is reasonable by modern standards, though it seldom has more than 0.4% CBD.

The high is an energizing one that makes you feel ready to get important things done. Laughing Buddha is also an excellent party strain because of how it makes you feel; you may find yourself dancing the night away.

4 – Lamb’s Bread

Also known as Lamb’s Breath, this classic sativa hails from Jamaica. Its THC content is up to 25%, so approach with caution if you’re a novice cannabis user. According to legend, Bob Marley ranked this strain as one of his favorites. It is also known for its distinctive skunky aroma that fills a room.


Lamb’s Bread is another example of a strain you can use during the day. Its fans claim it is the ‘perfect smoke’ because it helps improve your mood while keeping your mind clear. More experienced users find that it represents a superb morning stain.

In general, you can expect to feel invigorated and motivated when high on Lamb’s Bread. Some users claim they feel like exercising once the high takes effect! What you’ll almost certainly notice is how good you feel; whatever it is that’s making you feel down is soon forgotten.

 5 – Black Diamond

Thus far, the strains we’ve mentioned are all ideal for morning and daytime use. Black Diamond represents a departure from this as it is an indica-dominant strain. You’ll immediately notice the marvelous dark purple color that makes this cannabis so aesthetically pleasing.


It is a cross of Diamond OG and Blackberry and has a THC content of up to 24%. Bred in Northern California, Black Diamond also has up to 3.5% CBD. When high on this strain, you’ll likely experience fits of giggles from early on.

Black Diamond is undoubtedly a social strain, as it makes you feel happy to be around others. You should consider using it when chilling out watching movies with friends. However, it does eventually sedate you with its body high, so make sure you have a comfortable place to lie down ready. There is also a chance that you’ll feel extremely hungry once the high dies down.

Final Thoughts on the Best Cannabis Strains to Bring You Joy

The pursuit of joy is arguably one of the hardest things to do successfully. Yet, those who have achieved it often suggest that finding joy was far simpler than they ever imagined. It is perhaps a case of remembering the things you like and eschewing as many stressors as possible.

Those who have achieved it often suggest that finding joy was far simpler than they ever imagined.

Of course, it is easier said than done. Most people have certain responsibilities they dare not shirk. The cannabis strains above don’t guarantee joy and definitely not in the long term. However, you may experience moments of delight during the period of intoxication.

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