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    In the CBD industry, much of the focus lies on sublingual and oral consumption. Products like CBD oil, edibles, and drinks are marketed as “easy to use” and “delicious” forms of the cannabinoid. However, if the goal is to target a specific site on the body, an oil or gummy is inefficient. Fortunately, it’s now possible to benefit from a CBD transdermal patch.

    CBD pain patches are relatively new on the market. However, patients have used other transdermal patches for decades. Famous examples include birth control and nicotine patches.

    Each CBD patch contains a pre-measured dose of CBD in a gel, oil, or isolated solution. It may also include a carrier oil and other ingredients designed to enhance permeation. The CBD is released slowly, and some patches last for several days.

    In this guide, we check out the best CBD patches on the market and provide more information on how they work.

    • CBD patches are a relatively new form of topical. The user sticks the patch to their skin and leaves it for a few days while the cannabinoid is released slowly.
    • Each CBD patch contains a set dose of CBD.
    • Transdermal patches have been used in other areas of medicine for decades. They’re great for CBD users because they have a very high bioavailability rate.
    • Not many brands are selling CBD patches right now, so it’s vital to find a high-quality option among what’s available.

    Not in the mood to read the entire review? Check out our Wayofleaf’s Pick for our team’s #1 overall selection:

    Brand NameLevel Select CBDCBD LivingPure Ratios
    Additional Ingredients9/109/107/10
    Lab Testing9/107/107/10
    Overall Score9/108.5/108.3/10
    Link to
    Coupon Code20% off: LEAF20N/AN/A
    Full Brand ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full ReviewN/A

    Best CBD Patches 2024: One Thing We Liked About Each Brand

    1.Level Select CBDThese patches offer a soothing sensation that feels extremely pleasant when trying to manage post-exercise soreness.9 /
    2.CBD LivingLong-lasting CBD patches that offer the pain relief you need.8.5 /
    3.Pure RatiosThese chemical-free patches last for up to 96 hours.8.3 /

    Top 3 Best CBD Patches Reviews

    1. Level Select CBD
    9 / 10

    This brand focuses on athletes and people seeking an extra edge in their exercise endeavors. As such, it isn’t a surprise that Level Select CBD’s LVL 3 Sport Recovery Patches are highly sought after by anyone hoping to get back in the gym or on the road as soon as possible. There are eight patches per pack, and each contains around 60mg of CBD. They are made with a breathable adhesive designed to make them easier to wear for longer. The lab reports prove that these patches are high in CBD, although more updated information would be nice.

    20% off: LEAF20
    • Each patch has a high CBD concentration
    • Excellent value for money
    • Suitable for anyone looking to recover quicker from athletic pursuits
    • The patches are comfortable and can be worn for a long time
    • The brand’s third-party lab reports are outdated
    Review Comments
    I used the patches on my lower back pain, and it helps to control the pain.
    Patches really helped my left hip. They really stick well.
    Worked very well providing relief all day.
    2. CBD Living
    8.5 / 10

    The last entry on the list is CBD Living, which has entered the market with its Topical Reservoir Patch. Once you wear one of these CBD patches, you can expect it to provide up to four days of extended relief. The patches are made using a medical-grade adhesive that’s also water resistant, so you can live your life normally while the cannabidiol gets to work. Choose between a single patch or a 5-pack and see what this product can do for you. One issue is the contrast between what’s written on the package and the company website. The patch’s packaging suggests there is 100mg of Nano CBD in each one, but the company’s product page says there is 60mg. Then, the lab report shows that there is 75mg of CBD per patch! The 5-pack packaging shows 60mg, too, so it is probable that CBD Living simply needs to update the image!

    • Each patch has an extremely impressive amount of CBD
    • You could feel the benefits for up to four days
    • Outstanding value for money
    • The adhesive ensures that the patch is comfortable to wear with minimal irritation
    • The lab report needs updating, and there is some confusion over how much CBD is actually in the patch
    Review Comments
    The patches gave immediate relief. They last for around 4 days. It really helps on my knee and arm. Thank you.
    Literally takes away all the pain!
    I use this for sleep. It is very nice but always sold out. Please, get back in stock!!
    3. Pure Ratios
    8.3 / 10

    Pure Ratios might be one of the best hemp product sellers that you haven’t heard of! Its 96 Hour Transdermal Hemp Extract Patch is one of the longest lasting on the market. The patch contains a variety of all-natural ingredients, including coconut oil and avocado oil to go along with the 40mg of cannabidiol per patch. Once you put the patch on, you benefit from reservoir technology that ensures you benefit from a steady release of CBD for up to four days! Best of all, it’s sweat proof and waterproof, so you can go about your daily life without focusing on the patch.

    • You can view lab testing results on the Pure Ratios website
    • Potential benefits include pain alleviation and improved joint health
    • As it’s waterproof, you can bathe and exercise while wearing the patch
    • You can buy these patches in bulk to save money
    • Doesn’t contain as much CBD as patches from other brands
    Review Comments
    Tbh I don't know why anyone uses chemical medication anymore. This product is both natural and quick working. No medicine kit is complete without these products.
    When I was working as a nurse one of my patients told me about this company. A close friend had experienced a spinal fracture and months afterwards still was experiencing pain. This patch is a game changer!
    As usual, the screaming low back pain was relieved to tolerable levels within a few hours or patch placement. And over the rest of the day it eased significantly, and a couple days later went dancing for hours, and still no problem the day after that.

    WAYOFLEAF’S CHOICE: Why Level Select Makes the Best CBD Patches

    Level Select’s CBD patches are the best on the market, and it’s easy to see why. The company has built up its reputation over several years, and it should no longer only be seen as a brand for athletes or active individuals.

    It uses American-grown hemp in all its products, ensuring quality in every batch. Furthermore, each patch contains 60mg of CBD and with eight patches per pack, the price per unit is incredibly low when you consider the quality of what you get.

    Overall, the patches match the rest of Level Select CBD’s range because they are of the highest quality and do what you expect them to. Although you can wear them for faster relief after intense exercise, the patches can prove useful regardless of your activity level.

    How Are CBD Patches Made?

    It’s easy to think that all CBD patches are alike, but there are actually two different types:

    • Matrix patches
    • Reservoir patches

    Matrix patches consist of:

    1. A peel-off section
    2. A layer containing the cannabinoid, called the “matrix”
    3. A layer of separation
    4. An adhesive section
    5. A backing layer for protection

    When applied, a matrix patch releases cannabinoids into the skin. The amount of CBD you get depends on how much is in the matrix layer, and the surface area the patch covers. However, they do not offer consistent dosage.

    Reservoir patches consist of a peel-off layer, the adhesive, and a layer of protective backing, with a “reservoir” in the middle containing the CBD.

    Most brands opt for reservoir patches because the manufacturer can control how much cannabinoid is released and at what pace depending on the release membrane.

    How Do CBD Patches Work?

    The best CBD patches move the cannabinoid directly into the skin cells’ endocannabinoid network. Both cell surfaces and cannabinoids are lipids, which means cannabidiol can easily diffuse through the cells and reach the blood vessels. CBD oil patches deliver cannabidiol to the bloodstream via the skin and ensure the cannabinoid reaches the endocannabinoid system (ECS). There, it influences CB1 and CB2 receptors and, in theory, produces an array of benefits.

    A CBD patch must contain permeation enhancers. Human skin is exceptionally adept at keeping toxins and contaminants out, so a well-designed CBD patch must bypass the skin’s protective layers.

    A permeation enhancer promotes the absorption of substances like CBD through the skin temporarily. Such enhancers take numerous forms, including microneedles and chemical solutions. Natural options, such as essential oils and terpenes, are also used.

    How Do You Use a CBD Patch?

    While the process of creating a CBD patch is complicated, they are incredibly easy to use. Take off the protective film and apply the patch to a clean, dry area of skin. The brand should outline how long the patch will last.

    Experts recommend placing CBD patches on a venous part of the body. In such locations, capillaries and blood vessels are close to the skin’s surface. Good options include the shoulders, back of the neck, ankles, and wrists.

    One of the main reasons people use CBD patches is the high rate of bioavailability. Even without an enhancer, an estimated 50% of the cannabinoids make it to the bloodstream; this absorption rate is several times higher than CBD oils or edibles.

    Ultimately, CBD patches are a far more effective consumption method than many others. They last much longer, are highly efficient, and remove the guesswork from the dosing process. Also, putting on and taking off a patch is straightforward. However, they are relatively expensive.

    CBD Patches for Pain

    Studies show that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. As Sota Omoigui, MD, noted in his article for the Medical Hypotheses journal, “the origin of all pain is inflammation, and the inflammatory response.”

    Many people use CBD topical creams for pain management, but the use of CBD patches has become more prevalent in recent years. Many people find that the slow release of cannabidiol offered by a CBD patch is the most effective way to address inflammation and pain. One of the most common reasons for using a CBD patch for pain is to address arthritic pain.

    If you intend to use a CBD patch for pain, it is essential to speak to your doctor beforehand, especially if you are taking any other medications. CBD can interact with certain prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs, so speak with a health professional or a pharmacist to see if using a CBD patch is safe for you.

    Final Summary + Our Team's Top Pick

    CBD patches continue to be a popular yet elusive product. They are not commonly sold in all CBD stores, but users seem to love them for a variety of purposes. They are an extremely efficient way to get CBD into your system, so it’s no wonder people want to give them a go. It’s still essential to find a high-quality and reputable product, though, which is why we put together this guide.

    Level Select CBD, CBD Living, and Pure Ratios are all worthy contenders, but for us, Level Select CBD is the winner in terms of overall effectiveness and value for money.

    20% off: LEAF20
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