Jamaican Cannabis Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

Jamaican Cannabis Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

A variation on the classic landrace strains endemic to Jamaica, this strain will have you feeling you are on a relaxed Jamaican vacation.

Dominant Terpene:
Calming, Creativity, Energy, Focus, Relaxation, Sleep/Sedation, Social
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painCrampingDepressionFocusSleepStress
Growing Info
An easy grower, this strain only needs a bit of topping and tethering to ensure it grows healthily.

The island nation of Jamaica is often associated with cannabis. So much so that travelers to Jamaica may be disappointed on arrival to discover that you can’t just buy some whenever you like.

However, if you want to experience a little bit of the cultural touchstone that is cannabis in Jamaica, why not try the Jamaican cannabis strain?

Endemic to Jamaica, this landrace strain has all of the unique qualities that help make Jamaican cannabis distinct from the rest of the world.

Let’s take a look at how this strain stands out from the crowd, and just what it means to be a Jamaican cannabis strain.

What Is the Jamaican Strain?

The Jamaican cannabis strain comes, as the name implies, from the small island of Jamaica. Despite the permanent association between cannabis and Jamaica, cannabis is still illegal to consume or buy there. This makes it pretty tricky as a tourist to try and enjoy the hallmark Jamaican experience.

However, Jamaica did recently begin the process of decriminalizing cannabis, meaning that it is now a little bit easier to get some cannabis on this island nation – especially if you practice Rastafarianism. However, if you are traveling to Jamaica specifically to try the Jamaican strain, you are going to be out of luck.

Jamaican weed isn’t commonly found in Jamaica anymore; instead, what remains are plants that emulate the type of cannabis found in Jamaica.

You will find a variety of similar sativa strains, but each still distinct from one another. Everyone has had an experience of trying something in a faraway country and wanting to recreate it back home. Well, the Jamaican cannabis strain is just like that. It’s an effort to emulate the same spacey, cerebral effects of common Jamaican sativas.

Smoking the Jamaican strain is an extremely mental, cerebral experience. The high is at once both intimately chilled out and excitedly buzzing at the same time. Your brain will remain active and engaged the entire time, but you will still feel like you want to sit back and chat with your friends.

Expect to find yourself way more talkative than you’d expect, with a desire to seek people out and talk with them. Perfect for daytime use, this is a strain best kept for social outings in the afternoon, or to encourage more creative thought processes.


The great thing about strains with traditional landrace strains as their ancestors is that they have recognizable, familiar aromas. While experimenting with lots of unique flavor profiles is undoubtedly interesting, sometimes it is comforting to enjoy a familiar aroma from your cannabis.

The Jamaican cannabis strain brings with it all of the familiar, skunky muskiness that traditional sativas are famous for. It is pungent and intense, making your eyes feel a bit overwhelmed and watery. Still, it’s extremely pleasant.

In a way, this strain’s aroma is primarily enjoyable because of its nostalgia – it smells like how weed used to be.

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As you break the buds of this sativa strain apart and smoke it, the same intriguing aroma will fill your mouth and coat your taste buds. Expect a thick sweetness that is almost cloying, riding alongside a slightly too harsh smoke that is just a touch too acrid to be considered pleasant.

The skunkiness can be a bit much to take in at once. It tastes a bit like you have accidentally smoked too much even with a small puff. However, the sweetness helps carry it home and make it into an overall pleasant experience no matter what.


Just like many sativa varieties, especially landrace ones, the Jamaican strain has a thin, almost dry appearance. The leaves and branches of the plant itself are exceptionally thin, looking like they desperately need good watering, no matter what their actual health is.


However, the buds themselves are very healthy looking, boasting a luscious green hue that is almost reflective in its vibrancy. There are plenty of orange trichomes poking through, which help indicate its potency, as well as giving it a softer color to help catch your eye.

This coloration is especially noticeable if you grow some Jamaican cannabis yourself.

Jamaican Strain Grow Info

The Jamaican cannabis strain was developed as a way to bring some of the incredible effectiveness and flavors of landrace strains in Jamaica over to the rest of the world. This means that it was a long, fruitful project among many different growers, resulting in a variety of different phenotypes available for purchase.

While all Jamaican cannabis plants share similar genetics and are distinctively sativa, they will be somewhat different from one another.

Generally speaking, you can find Jamaican seeds at your favorite dispensary. Look to grow it outdoors, assuming you live in a warmer climate.

If you don’t happen to live in the same latitude as Jamaica, you can easily grow it indoors and keep the temperature and humidity high. This is a strain that loves warm, moist conditions, so make sure you give it the love it deserves.

Just like with all sativa plants, you need to make sure you are performing regular maintenance on your plant for better yields.  Sativas generally grow exceptionally tall and thin, resulting in a lot of plant growth and a reduction in total stability.

Keep topping the plant regularly by cutting off the plant’s very tip at a 45-degree angle. This will encourage better lateral growth and result in a lot more usable bud in your final harvest.

Furthermore, you might want to consider securing your Jamaican plants to a trellis. Due to how tall this plant can get, you might find it struggling to stay upright if it grows too tall.

You also need to be careful about what fertilizer you are using for your Jamaican plant. Too much nitrogen, and you will end up with way too much foliage growth and not enough useful bud production.

THC Content – Highest Test

Jamaican cannabis isn’t just grown for its familiarity or nostalgia; it is also well known for its significant potency.

Expect to find your Jamaican cannabis boasting around 21% THC content at the highest level. This is more than enough THC to overcome even the strongest of cannabis tolerances. It can be a bit too strong for beginners if they aren’t careful.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The cannabis developed and grown over centuries in Jamaica was not being selected for its CBD content, but for its THC concentration.

This is why you won’t really find any CBD to speak of in the Jamaican strain. Of course, this lack of CBD isn’t entirely a problem because its copious quantity of THC is more than enough to encourage great effects.

Medical Benefits of the Jamaican Strain

The Jamaican cannabis strain is loaded with THC, so it has the potential for some fantastic medical benefits.

For starters, it can offer great help for those who are struggling with mental health. Jamaican’s profoundly chill and mentally stimulating effects make it very useful in helping suppress feelings of depression or general sadness.

It is also potentially useful as a way to combat anxiety and problematic overthinking. Instead of feeling like you are dwelling on the same negative thoughts and problems, your mind will instead focus on all of the potentials you have within you to accomplish anything and everything put in front of you.

Jamaican also has some use as a way to combat insomnia, primarily because of how much it makes you let go and relax. If you struggle with falling asleep due to negative thoughts, this strain can push out those issues and let you fall asleep. However, this is different from a more sleep-inducing strain as it doesn’t make you fall asleep as an indica might.

Instead, Jamaican cannabis is all about helping you feel relaxed, enriched, and pleased with yourself, able to do and say whatever you wouldn’t normally be able to due to nerves.

Use this strain whenever you feel like you need a mental or social boost, as well as to relax and enjoy yourself.

Possible Side Effects of the Jamaican Strain

Every cannabis strain has a few negatives to go alongside its myriad benefits; it isn’t ideal, but unfortunately, it is the price you need to pay to experience great strains. However, despite the Jamaican strain’s pretty significant THC quantity and numerous effects, it somehow doesn’t have many side effects.

Of course, you will have to deal with both dry eyes and dry mouth, but that comes with pretty much all strong strains. As long as you keep yourself well hydrated and ensure you are never far from something to soothe your eyes, you will hardly notice it.

The only other real side effects of this strain are to do with overuse. If you smoke more than you are capable of handling, you might find yourself struggling with an overabundance of both anxiety and head race.

This might seem odd, considering people use Jamaican cannabis to help treat their anxiety, but this is fairly typical for more potent cannabis strains.

If you smoke too much at once, you put yourself at risk of suffering all of the stereotypical effects associated with an overindulgence of cannabis: dizzying headaches, psychedelic trips, and spatial and time distortion.

Of course, as long as you are cautious with your dosage, you should be fine.

Final Thoughts on the Jamaican Strain

Jamaican is a fantastic example of a strain with all of the beautiful qualities inherent to a unique cannabis family. While a lot of cannabis strains these days share common genetics, landrace strains from islands and more remote countries manage to maintain a lot of genetic integrity.

This is what produces the distinct and noticeable “type” of cannabis that people associate with Jamaica. This strain, designed to mimic and pay homage to all of the wonderful sativa-leaning Jamaican strains, does an excellent job.

It is a beautiful way to inspire creativity and joy in your life, all the while allowing you to experience what it would be like to enjoy cannabis in Jamaica.

While it might not be the same as many of the more popular landrace strains in Jamaica, this is a great way to get started.

Use this strain to relax or to open up and be friendlier in social situations. Or, even better, as an inspiration to encourage you to take the trip of a lifetime to Jamaica so that you can try it for real.

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