The Five Best Cannabis Strains with a Citrus Flavor

The stereotypical view of marijuana is that the herb provides nothing but a strong herbal aroma and taste. In recent times, breeders have focused on providing cannabis strains that consumers look forward to smelling and smoking.

Citrus flavors, in particular, are especially popular. They can invigorate or relax the user while providing a tangy, refreshing smoking experience.

In this article, we check out five of the best citrus tasting cannabis strains in the world. When these buds meet your taste buds, they could cause your mouth to water.

1 – Lemon Thai

This is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid that’s a cross of a Hawaiian strain mixed with a Thai sativa. Lemon Thai has a positive reputation for making users feel refreshed and relaxed. However, you may experience a slight burst of energy initially.


It begins with a cerebral high that helps you feel focused and energized. Indeed, some people report using Lemon Thai before exercise! The high is unlikely to overwhelm experienced users, and it tends to keep a person clear-headed. You may also feel uplifted and ready to face the world. A THC content of 16-22% means inexperienced users must approach with caution.

Few marijuana strains on the market can match Lemon Thai’s glorious aroma. As soon as you open the bag, you should get a strong whiff of sour lemon. The smell only intensifies once you light it. The aroma gives you a good idea of what to expect from the flavor. It is sour and sticky as you inhale, and the sourness persists as you exhale. However, users are rewarded with a sweet aftertaste.

2 – Tangie

This cannabis strain was once the most dominant in the awards marketplace. It won ten prizes in a year at its peak popularity. It is a cross of California Orange and Skunk #1. The wonderful aroma ensures that many users get caught unaware of the potency of this strain. Tangie’s THC ranges from 19% to 22%.


It is a sativa-dominant hybrid that hits you with a strong cerebral buzz minutes after use. Many users report feeling significantly happier after a few hits of Tangie. After a while, the strain begins to work its way down the body. You may experience a feeling of sedation, or at least the numbing of muscles. However, Tangie doesn’t cause couch-lock and may increase creativity.

A single whiff of the sweet and sour orange is enough to entice the user. Smoking Tangie is an absolute pleasure. The wonderful orange flavor titillates the tongue and makes you eager to try more. Tangie is widely regarded as one of the best-tasting fruity strains of all time.

3 – Lemon Tree

A group of unknown breeders in Santa Cruz developed Lemon Tree. This balanced hybrid quickly gained attention for its phenomenal scent and taste. It is a cross of Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel and has a THC ranging from 20% to 25%.

However, Lemon Tree isn’t necessarily as potent as its THC content suggests. The intoxicating high offers rapid effects on the mind and works its way down the body almost as fast. As it is a 50/50 hybrid, this strain provides a nice combination of a cerebral buzz and a body high that potentially soothes and relaxes aches.


This is one pungent strain, with citrus rind, lemon, and skunk, all giving the nostrils a chance to quiver in anticipation of the taste. The flavor follows the smell with lemon and skunk bouncing on the tongue. One final note: Lemon Tree could cause an extremely strong case of the munchies.

4 – Super Lemon Haze

This is another award-winning strain. Its many accolades include the Cannabis Cup. This strongly sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross of Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. With a THC of up to 22%, Super Lemon Haze can provide an extremely potent euphoric high.


Don’t be fooled by this strain’s slow-acting nature. Once the intoxication hits, you will find yourself smiling and generally feeling in a great mood. Super Lemon Haze may also provide you with energy and is renowned as an excellent social strain. Some users also claim that it has aphrodisiac qualities.

Super Lemon Haze’s fragrance is a marvel. The sweet lemon notes invite you in, and you’ll find it hard to resist taking a toke. Once you taste it, you’ll wonder why you waited so long! It offers sharp citrus with a flavor that will surely appeal to your sweet tooth. It also has a mild and pleasant herbal undertone.

5 – Agent Orange

TGA Genetics created this sativa-dominant hybrid. It is a cross of Jack the Ripper and Orange Velvet. Despite the name, Agent Orange doesn’t provide users with anything to fear. It is a classic strain that could help boost creativity and focus.


Most users suggest it provides a classic high that helps you unwind and feel relaxed. However, the sativa edge ensures that you don’t feel sedated or sleepy. Agent Orange acts fast and may cause you to smile without realizing it. Its THC content ranges from 10% to 19%, the weaker of which is ideal for novices.

As soon as you let Agent Orange out of its bag, its orange scent fills a room and remains there for a long time. The scent is an unusual combination of cheese and citrus. The taste, combining cheese, sweetness, and sharp citrus notes is, predictably, a big winner. There is also an orange and herbal aftertaste.

Final Thoughts on the Best Cannabis Strains with a Citrus Flavor

All of the above marijuana strains do a fantastic job of treating your taste buds. Each of them contains a reasonable number of terpenes. These are aromatic compounds that are responsible for the aroma and flavor of strains.

Citrus strains have similar fragrances but varied terpene profiles. For instance, Super Silver Haze contains caryophyllene and limonene. In contrast, Tangie contains plenty of myrcene and a little pinene. Let us know what your favorite citrus strains are in the comments section.

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