The Best 5 Weed Strains RIGHT NOW!

There are now thousands of cannabis strains available as breeders continue to experiment. The increased legalization of marijuana has also provided growers with more freedom than ever before. Though recreational use continues to prove popular, millions of people use MMJ in the belief it can help alleviate symptoms of a medical condition.

In this guide, we check out five cannabis strains, each one chosen for a specific reason. Please note that at present, there is no clinical evidence that any of the strains in this list are the best for the selected section. The ones we picked are personal preferences. Here is an overview of what we will look at:

  • Sleep
  • Hyperactive Mind
  • All-Rounder
  • Energy Boost
  • Improvement in Mood

Keep reading to discover the best five weed strains RIGHT NOW!

1. The Best Marijuana Strain for a Good Night’s Sleep

Insomnia involves having severe trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. It affects up to 25% of individuals, although 75% of them recover without developing persistent poor sleep.

Many of the pharmaceuticals prescribed by doctors are linked with dependency issues, as well as some adverse side effects. For this reason, cannabis could have the potential to help you fall asleep rapidly and stay asleep for the duration of the night.

A study by Schierenbeck, published in Sleep Medicine Reviews in 2008, looked at the effect of illicit drugs on sleep.  It found that marijuana use reduces the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.

Northern Lights (Indica):

Northern Lights is a knockout strain and is a cross of a Thai sativa mixed with an Afghani indica. It also emits a ton of nostalgia, portraying the sensation of being wrapped up in a warm blanket on a cozy Winter’s evening. First developed in the 1980s, Northern Lights is an old classic featuring a hefty THC content of 18-26%.

northern lights

Are indicas not for you? Try Ogre (Hybrid).

Ogre leaves its consumer in a state of sedated bliss and stems from Bubba Kush and Master Kush. Though it has THC of up to 23%, it isn’t as hard-hitting as Northern Lights and many other sleep-inducing indicas. For this reason, it is an ideal one to smoke an hour or two before your intended bedtime. This process enables you to enjoy the high a little before passing out for the whole night.

2. The Best Cannabis Choice for a Restless or Hyperactive Mind

Aside from the more severe and diagnosable ADD and ADHD conditions, many individuals also deal with restlessness and hyperactivity regularly. There aren’t many options for those who wish to maintain a little extra calm or focus in their daily lives.


However, certain cannabis strains could help you feel calmer and more relaxed. Best of all, you can achieve this feeling while remaining productive and functional.

Research into the effects of MMJ on conditions such as ADHD is limited and generally consists of anecdotal evidence. An example is a study by Mitchell et al., published in PLoS One in May 2016. It researched almost 300 online threads with posts by people who have ADHD. 25% of the posts were from individuals who claimed cannabis helped with their ADHD. Only 8% reported harmful effects.

G-13 Haze (Hybrid)

This strain has an intense THC content of up to 23% and is a cross of Haze and G-13. G-13 Haze is a well-balanced hybrid that helps the mind return to a neutral ground whenever it swings too far in any one direction. For instance, if you are feeling restless and cannot sit still, G-13 Haze assists with concentration and motivation. As a result, you can stay seated for as long as you need to get things done.

If you’re feeling unusually hyperactive, this hybrid assists by possibly bringing a bit more clarity and serenity to your mental state.

Want something a little different? Try Blue Dream (Hybrid).

This famous strain is a cross of Super Silver Haze and Blueberry indica, with a THC level of up to 24%. Irrespective of what the name might imply, Blue Dream does not place you into a sleepy state. Instead, it impacts the consumer with a jolt of energy and focus.

This feeling is not hyperactive or restless but instead balancing and concentration-promoting. This is essential for someone with an ADD/ADHD diagnosis. It could also help anyone who has problems focusing at times.

3. The Best All-Rounder Marijuana Strain

One of the issues with cannabis is the lack of clinical study. Therefore, it is impossible to make medical claims at present. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that MMJ has an enormous array of possible benefits. The impact of cannabinoids like CBD and THC on the endocannabinoid system’s CB receptors can bring the body back to a state of balance.

This helps explain why so many people believe MMJ has dozens of applications. Let’s check out one of our favorite all-rounders that you can use to manage numerous minor symptoms.

ACDC (Balanced Hybrid)

This strain contains a significant level of non-intoxicating CBD. It is a phenotype of Cannatonic and Ruderalis bred by Resin Seeds. On average, it has a 1:20 THC to CBD ratio. Some lab tests have shown that ACDC  contains upwards of 20% CBD. As a result, it could help combat numerous medical conditions.

With such a minuscule THC content, ACDC has little to no psychoactive effects. It is ideal for those who want relief yet must retain the ability to function each day. You may experience a potential break from the pains and challenges of a severe or even debilitating diagnosed ailment.

acdc strain

Want something with a higher THC content? Try Harlequin (Sativa).

Also packed full of CBD, Harlequin offers a possible energy boost.  It could help provide motivation and energy throughout the day and maybe help with some minor issues. It is a cross of Swiss and Thai sativas, mixed with a Nepali indica, and Colombian Gold.

Harlequin offers a THC to CBD cannabinoid ratio of 2:5 in general. This equates to around 6% THC against up to 15% CBD. However, you can get versions that offer close to a 1:1 ratio.

4. The Best Marijuana Strain for an Energy Boost

Fatigue, at both a chronic and moderate level, is often tied to several sources. It can make daily functioning quite challenging. Just like with insomnia, feeling exhausted could lead to many health issues, which can become severe and generate problems.

Going through your day feeling like a lifeless zombie is no fun. It can make something as simple as driving to work or talking to a co-worker a complete nightmare. A growing number of users believe cannabis could provide them with the energy they need to get through the day. Some even choose marijuana in place of a morning cup of coffee.

Durban Poison (Sativa)

According to many users, Durban Poison offers an energizing and uplifting high. Unlike caffeinated drinks, you enjoy a more controlled comedown instead of a crash. It is pure South African sativa with a THC content of up to 20%.

Durban Poison also targets some of the adverse side effects associated with medical conditions like anxiety, stress, and mental or physical pain.

durban poison

Not feeling a sativa? Try Jillybean (Hybrid)

Even if it has a funny name, this is a serious marijuana strain. Jillybean is a cross of Space Queen and Orange Velvet, with a THC content of up to 18%. Users claim they benefit from euphoric productivity that makes it a joy to go through their day. It is an energizing strain, yet does not produce the jitters as some sativas can.

5. The Best Marijuana Strain to Improve Your Mood

Tens of millions of people worldwide live with mental illnesses, mood disorders, and chemical brain imbalances. Countless more experience mild to medium strength mood swings and emotional periods. Whatever the trigger is, feeling sad, depressed, or negative can take a real toll on your quality of life. This is especially the case when these feelings persist over long periods.


Mood altering prescribed pharmaceuticals, such as antipsychotics, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety medications, are not for everyone. They usually include numerous side effects and often require much trial and error to find the perfect dose. In the end, there is still no guarantee that you’ll find one that works. Marijuana is a potential alternative. It could help balance emotions and moods.

An increasing number of people who use ineffective pharmaceutical drugs are turning to MMJ.

A study by Cuttler et al., published in the Journal of Affective Disorders in August 2018, looked at the perceived effects of marijuana on negative affect. It found that cannabis could significantly decrease feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression in the short-term. However, it also suggested that chronic, long-term use could exacerbate feelings of depression in the long-term.

Lamb’s Bread (Sativa)

Lamb’s Bread originates from Jamaica and has a THC content of up to 25%. Those who use it say it encourages a positive and content outlook on life. You may also find that it helps combat feelings of fatigue. There are rumors that Bob Marley used this strain. You may find that it helps reduce feelings of negativity and sadness. At least, that’s what this strain’s growing legion of fans say.

Want something with fewer psychoactive effects? Try Cannatonic (Hybrid)

Some individuals desire a cannabis strain that works to balance brain chemistry, while still allowing them to function. Lovers of Cannatonic say it is a strain that fits these criteria. It is a cross of MK Ultra and G13 Haze. Its THC ranges from 7% to 15%, while it can have a CBD level of 15%. You may find that it helps fight against mood disorders and numerous other symptoms.

Final Thoughts on the Best Cannabis Strains Right Now

If you were wondering which marijuana strains were the best right now, we hope this list helped shed some light. Those who don’t like the ‘winners’ can always choose the runners up. If you don’t want any of the strains on the list, let us know your favorites for each of our five categories in the comments section.

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