5 Best Killer Cannabis Strains for Pro Smokers

There are now thousands of marijuana strains on the market. Breeders continue to experiment and produce some astonishing results. The growing legality of cannabis cultivation in specific states also helps the cause of growers. With a treasure trove of knowledge at their disposal, breeders can now develop strains with particular effects. While you will find some unsuitable, there are a few you have to try.

In this article, we have put together five of the best strains for those who are cannabis experts. These options are also useful if you want to try something a little more hardcore than your regular buds!

Please note that these are potent marijuana strains, and we do not recommend them to novices. They are for individuals with several years’ experience in the use of cannabis. Such people tend to smoke marijuana several times a week and have built up a strong tolerance.

What Happens If I Use Too Much THC?

If you decide to go ahead and use these strains, consume them sensibly! Research suggests that consuming a toxic dose of THC is almost impossible. However, you could suffer serious side effects if you overindulge. If you have a bad reaction, the panic that sets in could result in you doing something hazardous to your health.

A prime example is a young student who died in Colorado in 2014. He consumed 100mg of THC in a cookie and began acting strangely. Tragically, he fell to his death from a hotel balcony. Likewise, using weed before driving or operating heavy machinery is a severe risk and highly illegal!

Here are a few possible effects of excessive THC consumption.

  • White Out: This side effect involves the color draining from your face, followed by nausea and vomiting. You may also fall unconscious for a brief period. If it happens to you, consume something sugary. A chocolate bar or glass of fruit juice could help.
  • Tremors: You may experience the ‘shakes’ for up to half an hour. One possible cause is the stimulating effects of THC on the nervous system. If you get tremors, breath and relax!
  • Cottonmouth: This is an unpleasant feeling where your mouth is so dry that it feels like there is cotton inside. It happens because of the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the submandibular glands. Too much THC blocks the production of saliva. It takes time to get over cottonmouth. It is essential to hydrate as soon as possible.
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Possible Mental Issues

The risk of feeling paranoid or anxious after using too much weed increases if you are already predisposed to such feelings. If you feel paranoia after a smoking session, steer clear of marijuana for a few weeks. Next time, make sure you use a lot less!

In extreme cases, excessive cannabis consumption will cause psychosis. In this case, you could lose touch with reality. Adverse effects include delusions and hallucinations. Once again, you are FAR more likely to suffer if you already have a form of mental illness. If you have psychosis, it is probably safer to use CBD instead of THC.

#1 Tutankhamon – The Smiler Strain

If you consider yourself a cannabis aficionado, then Tutankhamon is a must-try! This sativa-dominant strain is small, but it packs a powerful punch! With THC levels between 16% and 29%, you will get a high like no other.


Tutankhamon isn’t the most accessible strain. However, it is well worth the hunt for those of you after a killer smoke! Pyramid seeds created it, and the strain is apparently an offshoot of AK47. Tutankhamon delivers a potent skunk aroma that you cannot miss! The fruity flavor of this flower makes it a delicious and savory strain that will see you coming back for more.

Alongside the sensory appeals of Tutankhamon are its incredibly intense cerebral effects. We call it the “smiler” strain for a reason! After a few tokes of this bad boy, you will have a feeling of euphoria! Also, it is the perfect daytime smoke as it spurs you into an energetic frame of mind.

#2 Tangerine Dream – The Connoisseurs’ Strain

This uplifting hybrid is a connoisseur’s strain due to its strong, long-lasting effects! Winner of the Cannabis Cup 2010, this citrusy flower delivers intense mental clarity while looking after those aches and pains! This balanced hybrid is a cross of Neville’s Haze and G13, with a THC content of up to 25%.


Those looking to take on Tangerine Dream should do so with caution. Too much of this bud will leave you stuck on the sofa for hours on end. At the right dose, however, you can expect a relaxed high that helps maintain mental focus and energy.

With a wonderfully sweet and intense flavor, Tangerine Dream is the perfect flower for those who have vast experience of cannabis consumption. Also, it’s a highly popular option for daytime smoking, as long as you don’t consume too much!

#3 Y Griega – The Complex Strain

Y Griega (which is the pronunciation of the letter “y” in Spanish) is the sativa strain with a difference. If you are looking for a truly unique high, then this is the strain for you! With THC levels around 28%, Y Griega offers a powerful energetic hit. The initial feeling slowly transforms into a mellow calm that washes over the entire body.


This sativa-dominant hybrid is a beautiful crossbreed between Amnesia Haze and Kali Mist. Y Griega boasts huge resin coated nugs that taste of sweet earth and lemon. There is also just a touch of herbal tea upon exhale.

This is not a strain for the faint-hearted. Its powerful psychedelic effects amplify the senses and result in a long, deep sleep! We would recommend this mostly for a night time smoke, to avoid any “accidental” daytime naps!

#4 Kosher Kush – The Blessed Strain

Kosher Kush is the winner of multiple awards for its delicious flavor and stress-relieving properties. It is a potent indica bud with THC levels averaging between 22-25%. Kosher Kush delivers a wave of relaxation throughout the body and is fantastic smoke for promoting natural relaxation.


It is popular amongst patients for its ability to reduce stress, relieve depression, and help with pain. Kosher Kush is one of the best-known options in our top five! Also, did we mention that a Rabbi has also BLESSED this strain?

In terms of flavor, the aroma of this flower is delicious, and with notes of citrus and pine. Indeed, Kosher Kush is often called the ‘tastiest smoke on earth.’ It is no wonder that it’s so popular amongst cannabis lovers!

#5 Bruce Banner – The Superhero Strain

If you are looking for a hard-hitting high, then Bruce Banner is your man. With THC levels maxing out at 29%, this is a hard and fast smoke. It will leave you feeling euphoric, enlightened, and energetic in all the right ways. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s a cross of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush.

bruce banner strain

This “holy grail” of intense smokes combines a high energy boost that affects the mind and body. Some users say it provides them with a creative boost! You may even find that Bruce Banner helps you conjure up ideas you’ve never considered before.

It is popular amongst those suffering from pain, sleeplessness, or depression. Bruce Banner is a sweet strain that combines citrus and pungent aromas. Fans say it brings them on a cannabis journey that is out of this world!

Final Thoughts on Marijuana Strains for Pro Smokers

Regardless of your bud-smoking experience, we always recommend proceeding with caution with any new strain. This is especially the case with those on our list above. All five strains pack an impressive THC content. We want our readers to get the most pleasure out of their killer strain. Therefore, it is essential to know your limits and proceed with an air of caution! The only question now, of course, is where do you begin?

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