The 5 Best Cannabis Strains with a Refreshing Mint Taste

A significant number of people enjoy the cooling taste and aroma of mint. Breeders of marijuana strains are aware of this and use their skills to create some outstanding minty cannabis options. This article outlines five of the best on the market.

However, let’s briefly look at what causes the pleasant mint flavor and smell.

Which Terpenes Can Provide a Minty Taste?

There are an estimated 20,000 terpenes. As it happens, the mint family is laden with terpenes including:

  • Menthol
  • Nepetalactone
  • Thymol
  • Methyl chavicol
  • Carvacrol
  • Beta-phellandrene

When it comes to marijuana, terpenes are responsible for the scent and taste of the strains you use. More than 100 terpenes have been identified in the marijuana plant. However, you won’t find all of the above in the cannabis plant.

When it comes to marijuana, terpenes are responsible for the scent and taste of the strains you use.

Remember, cannabis contains less than 1% of all known terpenes. You may find these terpenes in minty cannabis strains, though:

The Best Minty Marijuana Strains

When seeking a minty cannabis strain, make sure it is high in at least one of the above terpenes. Here are five options that fit the bill.

1 – Mint Chocolate Chip

This balanced hybrid is a cross of Mystery Cookies and Green Ribbon BX. Bred by Exotic Genetix, Mint Chocolate Chip has a THC content of up to 23%. Once you consume this strain, you will likely feel a strong cerebral effect relatively quickly. Many users claim that once they get used to ‘tightness’ in the mind, they start to become more creative.

Within 60-90 minutes of the high’s onset, it moves down the body. You may feel your muscles relax as pains and aches seemingly disappear. At this point, you don’t have much desire to get up and engage in physical activity. As such, it is best to use Mint Chocolate Chip in the early evening.

The main terpenes in this strain include limonene, ocimene, camphene, carene, and caryophyllene. The buds have a herbal and eucalyptus aroma. You only get hints of mint when you perform a closer examination. When smoking Mint Chocolate Chip, you get the minty taste upon the exhale, along with tinges of sourness.

2 – SinMint Cookies

When a world-class parent is involved, there is always a chance that a cannabis strain hybrid will excel. That is certainly the case with SinMint Cookies. This slight indica-dominant strain is one of the best created by Sin City Seeds. It is a cross of Blue Power and the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain. With a THC content of around 16%, it is a strain that shouldn’t cause massive levels of intoxication.

However, because SinMint Cookies takes a while to affect, there is a danger of overusing it. Avoid this by taking a sensible amount and giving it time to work. You can eventually expect an uplift in your mood. After a few hours, the body high takes over, and you begin to feel sleepy. We recommend using this strain in the evening before going to bed.

SinMint Cookies contains pinene, myrcene, ocimene, carene, and camphene. Its fragrance consists of sweet citrus, mint, and hints of baked cookies, just like GSC. After lighting up, you’ll enjoy the taste of mint on the inhale. Upon the exhale, expect lemon, berries, and a noticeable earthy aftertaste.

3 – Animal Mints

This is another evenly balanced hybrid that comes from the GSC family. In this case, Animal Mints is a cross of Fire OG and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. There is also a suggestion that the breeders included Blue Power, which would make this strain similar to SinMint Cookies. Its average THC content is approximately 24%. However, it ranges from 15% to 32%, according to some users.

If you’re looking for a cannabis strain to put you to sleep, Animal Mints is a solid choice. Its effects take hold quickly. Although it does have cerebral effects, it will soon cause sedation and couch-lock. It is best if you settle down for the night before using this strain. This is because you could find it hard to move once the high takes full effect.

The primary terpenes in Animal Mints include limonene, alpha-pinene, and beta-myrcene. The flavor and taste of this strain are very much alike. Apart from a pleasant mint aroma and flavor, Animal Mints offers flavors of pine, cookie dough, and tinges of diesel.

4 – Chocolate Mint OG

Next on our list is this stunning creation by the Humboldt Seed Organization. This company is located in the legendary Emerald Triangle region of California’s Humboldt County. Chocolate Mint OG is one of the collective’s most popular strains. It is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s a cross of Emerald OG and Granddaddy Purple. It is a strong strain with a THC content of up to 24%.

Chocolate Mint OG offers a creeper body high, so be warned! However, the initial cerebral effects are forceful and fast-occurring. Most users say their minds are filled with positive thoughts within minutes of using this strain. Aside from eliminating negative feelings, this strain’s body high ultimately relaxes you. MMJ patients often use it for pain relief due to the potent sedation it causes.

Chocolate Mint OG offers a feast of terpenes. These include limonene, linalool, cineol, alpha-pinene, myrcene, camphene, and beta-pinene. You will probably love the spicy, minty fragrance, which works well with the hints of woodiness. Once you light up, expect to get coffee, chocolate, pine, and spicy herb flavors to go along with your mint.

5 – Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Some would say we have saved the best for last. Thin Mint GSC is a hybrid of OG Kush and Durban Poison. It is a hard strain to get hold of but is well worth the effort. Thin Mint GSC is slightly overshadowed by GSC but has won its fair share of awards. With a THC level of up to 24%, this isn’t a cannabis strain for the novice!


Initially, Thin Mint GSC will likely leave you feeling invigorated and potentially energized. Users say that the euphoria they experience lasts for several hours on occasion. You may also feel extremely focused after taking a few hits of this strain. Although the high also impacts the body, it never threatens sedation. As a consequence, you can potentially use Thin Mint GSC in the afternoon.

The dominant terpenes in this strain include beta-caryophyllene, humulene, limonene, myrcene, and linalool. The scent of Thin Mint GSC helps it stand out from most other strains. Apart from the obvious minty aroma, you will also experience sweet and spicy scents. Once you taste this strain, you will grow to love the combination of nuttiness and mint. It works splendidly with the spicy notes, and the menthol aftertaste will keep you coming back for more.

Final Thoughts on Minty Cannabis Strains

If you desire to smell and taste mint when using marijuana, the five strains above should help. As well as having a refreshing aroma and flavor, each one is recognized as a high-quality cannabis strain. If these five aren’t enough, other options include:

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