The BEST Cannabis Strains for Watching Movies | REVIEW

So many marijuana strains exist on the market, so it might seem difficult to choose which one would be perfect for your chill night in. Do I choose an indica or a sativa? What about a hybrid? What’s the best weed strain for watching movies?

Here’s your guide to what’s the best weed strain for watching movies:

Girl Scout Cookies

GSC is the perfect reefer for a chill night in, because it gives you a euphoric and relaxing high. A cross hybrid between OG Kush and Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies fully relaxes your body and sets you in the perfect mood for a movie watching night in. It really goes with some of the best marijuana movies GSC is also aesthetically pleasing, with luscious green sugar leaves and purple strands, accented with orange ganja hairs. Girl Scout Cookies is also the perfect wake and bake weed, great for bringing mellow energy into your morning so that you can enjoy your day in full relaxation.

White Widow

A very well known cannabis strain, but still one of the best strains for watching movies. White widow is a hybrid with a perfect balance, great for your night in with friends or your significant other. Enjoy great laughs and positive vibes with this strain, filling your whole body up with energy. It has a creative and communicative high, perfect for discussing films with those around you. This strain isn’t recommended for a movie alone, but rather a movie with a group of friends. It’s characterized by very crystalline sugar leaves that are a dull greenish silver color, sometimes having purple water leave tips.


A sativa strain, leaning slightly towards a hybrid, characterized with a fiery energy. It’s not ideal for taking any pain away, but it’s perfect for receiving one of the greatest energetic and sultry highs that you have ever experienced. It grabs your attention, specifically important for focusing on your favorite film or stoner movie. These buds are extra frosty with beautiful orange-ish red hairs becoming prominent throughout the bud.

marijuana collage

Lamb’s Bread

A very sativa strain, featuring bright green buds, ideal for moments of high energy and positive thinking. The perfect strain to put you in a good mood, ready to watch your favorite comedy or quirky movie. It really goes with some of the best marijuana movies. This strain is wonderful to enjoy alone or with friends, with its ability to aid in fighting depression and anxiety. This strain brings you pure peace. Its origins are from Jamaica and it is known to give you a giddy and uplifting high, only bringing good ganja vibes to the night-in party.

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Hopefully this guide has brought you a few ideas for your next movie night in so that you can enjoy some pleasant high times with your fellow stoners. To really enjoy a movie you need the best weed strain for watching movies. This upcoming weekend, pick up one of these incredible energizing and uplifting strains and your ideal movie, and enjoy the perfect night in with good laughs, fun vibes and high times!

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